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Obama Is Going For War, He Is Unfit To Be President, Says LaRouche!

  • Obama Is Going For War, He Is Unfit To Be President, Says LaRouche! 
    All world media is churning out an Obama statement from Monday afternoon which threatens a US military invasion of Syria, if Syria “moves” or uses its chemical weapons.  “We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people,” Obama said.  Economist Lyndon LaRouche responded that “Obama is one of the irresponsible people who cannot be trusted with such weapons.

    “I’ve said again and again that he has a Nero complex.  I pointed it out when he first launched his homicidal healthcare policy.  Since then, he has not improved, but has only gotten worse. “He is unfit to be President.  Some people should finally wake up to this.”


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Bibi’s (NUTenyahu’s) Plan B is for Global War: Attack on Lebanon!

  • Emphasis mine:

    Bibi’s Plan B is for Global War: Attack on Lebanon! 
    Middle East sources warn that Israel has put together operational plans to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age, regardless of whether or not Netanyahu and Barak order an attack on Iran before the U.S. elections in November.  According to the sources, there is far more of a consensus within the Israeli defense and intelligence establishment for action against Hezbollah in Lebanon than there is for military action against Iran, which is opposed by U.S. and Israeli military.  Since Israel failed to defeat Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon war, Hezbollah has amassed an estimated 40-50,000 missiles and rockets that can reach targets inside Israel. 

    Clearly there is growing concern about such an Israeli attack on Lebanon.  Hezbollah leader Sheik Nasrallah issued a warning on Saturday that an attack on Lebanon would be “very, very, very costly” for Israel.  “We can turn the lives of millions of Israelis in occupied Palestine into real Hell.  The Israelis must realize that the cost of an aggression on Lebanon will be very high and cannot be compared to the cost of war in 2006.” 

    Lyndon LaRouche commented Sunday that the entire situation in the region is so fragile that any one of a number of actions could trigger a regional war, leading to global thermonuclear conflict. 

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked to meet with President Obama when he is in the U.S. to address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 27.  According to news reports, an Obama-Netanyahu meeting is scheduled to take place in Washington on Oct. 1.  While some news reports in Israel suggest that this means Netanyahu will not order an attack on Iran or Lebanon before the meeting, any such assumption would be foolish.


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Netanyahu ‘Determined To Attack Iran’ Before US Elections, Claims Israel’s Channel 10!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • NUTenyahu is hell-bent on starting the Satanic World War 3! All the talk about preventing a nuclear armed Iran are propaganda BS. This is about the western Illuminati initiating their world war for global conquest for their Luciferian New World Order. It is about their collapsing global financial and monetary empire. It is about destroying ME oil supplies to cause a global collapse and thus conquer major powers like China! NUTenyahu and Ehud Barak do not serve the Israeli people. They serve their Synagogue of Satan, Illuminist masters! The Illuminists want to foment chaos, wars, collapse, famine … all over the world in preparation of the coming of their fake messiah, the Anti-Christ, the Bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6.

    Albert Pike’s Satanic World War 3 Plan
    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… more!
  • Texe Marrs:
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated (see the Israeli publication Shishi, Spring 1994) that he was initiated into the Masonic Lodge while in the United States. The La Republica newspaper stated that Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was active in Masonry and estimated there are 4,000 Israeli Freemasons, divided into 76 lodges. Most Israeli judges and religious figures are Masons. Rothschild-supported Hebrew University in Israel has erected an Egyptian obelisk, symbol of Freemasonry, in its courtyard, and inside the new Israeli Supreme Court building is a law library architecturally designed in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid.

    Messianic Jew Jerry Golden:
    In the United States you have the York and Scottish Rites but in France you have the Mizraim Lodge. It is from the Mizraim Lodge of Freemasonry that you will find the Illuminati. It is in fact, the heart and soul of the Synagogue of Satan. What is even more disturbing, you will find that every Mason in Israel, that includes most of the Politicians and Supreme Court Judges all are Freemasons from the Mizraim Lodge, the ones who wrote the Protocols of Zion, the enemies of the Jewish people. So those who have planned the destruction of Israel are now in control, in Israel.
  • Emphasis mine:

    Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10! 
    TV reporter adds: ‘I doubt Obama could say anything that would convince PM to delay a possible attack’

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is determined to attack Iran before the US elections,” Israel’s Channel 10 News claimed on Monday night, and Israel is now “closer than ever” to a strike designed to thwart Iran’s nuclear drive.

    The TV station’s military reporter Alon Ben-David, who earlier this year was given extensive access to the Israel Air Force as it trained for a possible attack, reported that, since upgraded sanctions against Iran have failed to force a suspension of the Iranian nuclear program in the past two months, “from the prime minister’s point of view, the time for action is getting ever closer.”

    Asked by the news anchor in the Hebrew-language TV report how close Israel now was to “a decision and perhaps an attack,” Ben-David said: “It appears that we are closer than ever.”

    He said it seemed that Netanyahu was not waiting for a much-discussed possible meeting with US President Barack Obama, after the UN General Assembly gathering in New York late next month — indeed, “it’s not clear that there’ll be a meeting.” In any case, said Ben-David, “I doubt Obama could say anything that would convince Netanyahu to delay a possible attack.”

    The report added that Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak believe Obama would have no choice but to give backing for an Israeli attack before the US presidential elections in November.

    There is considerable opposition to an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the report noted — with President Shimon Peres, the army’s chief of the General Staff and top generals, the intelligence community, opposition leader Shaul Mofaz, “and of course the Americans” all lined up against Israeli action at this stage.

    But, noted Ben-David, it is the Israeli government that would have to take the decision, and there Netanyahu is “almost guaranteed” a majority.

    Other Hebrew media reports on Tuesday also said Netanyahu had despatched a senior official, National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror, to update the elderly spiritual leader of the Shas ultra-Orthodox coalition party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, on the status of the Iranian nuclear program, in order to try to win over Shas government ministers’ support for an attack.


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War Crimes in Syria with George Galloway!

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Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-Up Exposed !

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Mike Adams: We Are on The Verge of Financial Armageddon!

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Stephen Lendman: AIPAC (Zionist Israel) Wants War on Iran!

  • Emphasis mine:

    AIPAC Wants War on Iran! 
    by Stephen Lendman, 
    AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent. It calls itself “America’s Pro-Israeli Lobby.” It’s represented Israeli interests since 1953. Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so is a career-ender. It has enormous influence over US Middle East policies affecting Israel, including war and peace.

    It disseminates disinformation, lies and hate. It viciously attacks opponents. It calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is racing toward a nuclear weapons capability.”

    It manufactures threats to promote fear. It wants the Islamic Republic destroyed. It targets other regional states. It wants unchallenged Israeli regional dominance.

    James Petras says its sole purpose “is to ensure Israel’s unchallenged military and political power over a huge region from North Africa to the Persian Gulf.” Its annual meeting “is the most outrageous public display of Zionist-Jewish power as it shapes US foreign policy.” It threatens “to drag the US into another major war in the Middle East – this time against Iran.” Doing so is lawless, madness, and self-destructive.

    Its web site says “While the World Talks, Iran Enriches; More Pressure Needed.” A litany of disinformation and lies followed. Negotiations failed. Iran got more time “to advance its nuclear program and cleanse a suspected nuclear site.” The international community “must dramatically” increase pressure. Iran “is believed to have carried out experiments on nuclear explosives.”

    “Satellite images indicate Iran has been working to cleanse (a suspect) site by removing buildings and soil.” Iran’s nuclear capabilities have advanced. It fuel stockpile approaches nuclear weapons production capability.

    “America must make clear that it will act to prevent Iran from achieving the capability to build a nuclear weapon at a time of its choosing.” Contain(ing) a nuclear Iran” is inadequate. US policy must reject any possibility of Tehran developing nuclear weapons. All options must be considered, including “military action.”

    Economic sanctions must be “accelerated” and “crippling.” Washington should do whatever it takes to prevent a nuclear Iran.

    AIPAC is a destructive, malevolent, evil force. It’s heading Washington for war. Waging one on Iran assures losers, not winners. Israel may self-destruct in the process. Catastrophe will affect the region. America won’t escape harm.

    War on Iran may go nuclear. Weapons of mass destruction may be used against a nonbelligerent state. The potential economic and human consequences are staggering. At issue is either stopping this madness or be consumed by it.

    Nuclear war leaves no middle ground. General Omar Bradley said the only “way to win an atomic war is to make certain it never starts.” It may be closer than most imagine.

    Congressional and administration sentiment reject containment. Preventing an Iranian nuclear capability is prioritized. Doing so heads America closer to war. Timing alone is unknown.

    read more!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Paul Craig Roberts: Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? Stumbling Towards Nuclear War!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • Emphasis mine:

    Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? 
    by Paul Craig Roberts, 
    The morons who rule the american sheeple are not only dumb and blind, they are deaf as well. The ears of the american “superpower” only work when the Israeli prime minister, the crazed Netanyahu, speaks.  Then Washington hears everything and rushes to comply.

    Israel is a tiny insignificant state, created by the careless British and the stupid americans. It has no power except what its american protector provides. Yet, despite Israel’s  insignificance, it rules Washington.

    When a resolution introduced by the Israel Lobby is delivered to Congress, it passes unanimously. If Israel wants war, Israel gets its wish. When Israel commits war crimes against Palestinians and Lebanon and is damned by the hundred plus UN resolutions passed against Israel’s criminal actions, the US bails Israel out of trouble with its veto.

    The power that tiny Israel exercises over the “worlds’s only superpower” is unique in history. Tens of millions of “christians” bow down to this power, reinforcing it, moved by the exhortations of their “christian” ministers.

    Netanyahu lusts for war against Iran. He strikes out against all who oppose his war lust.  Recently, he called Israel’s top generals “pussies” for warning against a war with Iran. He regards former Israeli prime ministers and former heads of the Israeli intelligence service as traitors for opposing his determination to attack Iran. He has denounced america’s servile president Obama and america’s top military leader for being “soft on Iran.”  The latest poll in Israel shows that a solid majority of the Israelis are opposed to an Israeli attack on Iran. But Netanyahu is uninterested in the opinion of Israeli citizens. He has Washington watching his back, so he is war mad. It is a mystery why Israelis put Netanyahu in public office instead of in an insane asylum.

    Netanyahu is not alone.  He has the american neoconservatives in his corner. The american neoconservatives are as crazed as Netanyahu. They believe in nuclear war and are itching to nuke some Muslim country and then get on to nuking Russia and China. It is amazing that no more than two or three dozen people have the fate of the entire world in their hands. The Democratic Party is helpless before them. The Republican Party is their vehicle.

    The Russians, watching Netanyahu push Washington toward dangerous confrontations keep raising their voices about the danger of nuclear war. On May 17 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the West against launching “hasty wars,” which could result  “although I do not want to scare anyone” in “the use of a nuclear weapon.”

    On November 30 of last year the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia warned of nuclear war with NATO.  General Nikolai Makarov said that NATO’s eastward expansion meant that the risk of Russia coming into conflict with NATO had “risen sharply.”  General Makarov said, “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.”

    Here is Russian president Medvedev (currently the prime minister) describing the steps toward nuclear war that Russia has taken pushed by the crazed warmongers in Washington wallowing in their insane hubris: 

    With regard to the american missile bases on Russia’s borders, “I have made the following decisions. First, I am instructing the Defense Ministry to immediately put the missile attack early warning radar station in Kaliningrad on combat alert. Second, protective cover of Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons will be reinforced as a priority measure under the program to develop our air and space defenses. Third, the new strategic ballistic missiles commissioned by the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy will be equipped with advanced missile defense penetration systems and new highly-effective warheads. Fourth, I have instructed the Armed Forces to draw up measures for disabling missile defense system data and guidance systems. These measures will be adequate, effective, and low-cost. Fifth, if the above measures prove insufficient, the Russian Federation will deploy modern offensive weapon systems in the west and south of the country, ensuring our ability to take out any part of the US missile defense system in Europe.  One step in this process will be to deploy Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad Region. Other measures to counter the European missile defense system will be drawn up and implemented as necessary. Furthermore, if the situation continues to develop not to Russia’s favor, we reserve the right to discontinue further disarmament and arms control measures.”

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has said, as politely as possible, that the US seeks to enslave the world, that the US seeks vassals, not allies, that the US seeks to rule the world and that the US is a parasite on the world economy. It would be difficult for an informed person to take exception with Putin’s statements.

    Putin told the politicians in Washington and Western and Eastern European capitals  that surrounding Russia with anti-ballistic missiles “raises the specter of nuclear war in Europe.” Putin said that the Russian response is to point nuclear armed cruise missiles, which cannot be intercepted by anti-ballistic missiles, at the US missile bases and at European capitals. The American move, Putin said, “could trigger nuclear war.”

    read more!


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“Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?” Paul Craig Roberts Issues an Alarm!

World War 3 is near?

  • “Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?” Paul Craig Roberts Issues an Alarm! 
    Former Nixon Administration Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts, who has excoriated the Bush and Obama presidencies for their illegal wars and pointed to the need for Glass-Steagall, took up the danger of the U.S. push toward thermonuclear war in a column for published Aug. 17. “Is Washington Deaf as Well as Criminal?”, he asks, in his column entitled “Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?

    After attacking Netanyahu’s “lust” for war, Roberts accuses “American neoconservatives” of being just as “crazed.” He writes: “They believe in nuclear war and are itching to nuke some Muslim country and then get on to nuking Russia and China. It is amazing that no more than two or three dozen people have the fate of the entire world in their hands.”

    Substitute the British Empire and their tools like Obama for “American neoconservatives” (who, of course, are British tools), and he’s got it right.

    Roberts then, as if reading from EIR‘s Global Showdown Special Report, reviews the evidence from the mouths of the Russians—from Medvedev, to Putin, to Makarov—about how NATO’s actions are leading directly to a thermonuclear confrontation. He goes back as far as 2006, quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings about the perverted U.S. policy under Bush, and now Obama. He also notes that China has “caught on.”

    His conclusion is stark: “Washington will do what it can to assassinate Putin and effect regime change through the Russian ‘opposition’ that Washington funds. Failing that, Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony has run up against a brick wall. If the fools in Washington with their hubris-inflated egos don’t back off, that mushroom cloud they have been warning about will indeed blossom over Washington.”


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Lindsey Williams: History of Big Oil Price Manipulation, Abiotic Oil, Middle East Crisis ….

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Max Keiser & John Kim: Kill JP Morgan Buy Physical Silver! Gold & Silver Price Manipulation!

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Silver POPS, Is JPM’s Alleged Short Position in Trouble?

  • Silver POPS, Is JPM’s Alleged Short Position in Trouble? 
    After almost 9 weeks of trying to break over $28, silver closed over over $28 on Thurs/Friday and, after a concerted and blatant attempt by the silver manipulating banks to take silver below $28 this morning, it inexplicably shot up like a roman candle at 11:12 a.m. EST time.

    We know that at some point in the future that JPM’s paper short position in silver is potentially the equivalent of a small nuclear device embedded deeply the bank’s bowels.

    The trigger will be the point at which counter-parties to JPM’s short position demand physical delivery of the silver JPM is derivatively short on the Comex, LBMA and OTC derivatives market.

    Submitted by Dave in Denver:
    But gold has risen with only slightly more than 1% of the world’s assets in gold.  Right now the world’s assets are about $150 trillion.  Of that number, $60 trillion is in cash, $40 trillion is in bonds, and $40 trillion is in stocks.  But, remarkably, only $2 trillion or just a bit over 1% is in gold.

    With inflation headed higher, institutions, which have virtually no allocation to gold today, they will have to increase their allocation to gold.  There have been several studies over the last few months that have suggested that institutions will need to put part of their funds in gold.

    If you look at world financial assets, a 1% increase in allocation to gold of the world’s financial assets would require 12 years of gold production at today’s prices.  There simply isn’t the gold available at today’s prices to facilitate even a small move by institutional money into the sector.  Of course they can never get a sizable commitment into gold at these prices.

    I would also add that over time they will put a lot more than 1% into gold.  The studies I reference also suggest that institutions will improve their risk vs return situation by moving money into gold.  So I am convinced that there will be a big inflow of institutional money into gold over the next two or three years

    read more!


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Heard The Rumour: China is Buying 6,000 Tonnes of Gold? It May Not Be as Crazy as It Sounds!

  • Jim Willie ( is warning that China will be launching their gold-backed currency! Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!

    China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency?! 
    China is well along an ambitious plan to recast large gold bars into smaller 1-kg bars on a massive scale. A major event is brewing that will disrupt global trade and assuredly the global banking system. The big gold recast project points to the Chinese preparing for a new system of trade settlement. In the process they must be constructing a foundation for a possible new monetary system based in gold that supports the trade payments. Initally used for trade, it will later be used in banking. The USTBond will be shucked aside. Regard the Chinese project as preliminary to a collapse in the debt-based USDollar system. The Chinese are removing thousands of metric tons of gold bars from London, New York, and Switzerland. They are recasting the bars, no longer to bear weights in ounces, but rather kilograms. The larger Good Delivery bars are being reduced into 1-kg bars and stored in China. It is not clear whether the recast project is being done entirely in China, as some indication has come that Swiss foundries might be involved, since they have so much experience and capacity.

    The story of recasting in London is confirmed by my best source. It seems patently clear that the Chinese are preparing for a new system for trade settlement system, to coincide with a new banking reserve system. They might make a sizeable portion of the new 1-kg bars available for retail investors and wealthy individuals in China. They will discard the toxic USTreasury Bond basis for banking. Two messages are unmistakable. A grand flipped bird (aka FU) is being given to the Western and British system of pounds and ounces and other queer ton measures. But perhaps something bigger is involved. Maybe a formal investigation of tungsten laced bars is being conducted in hidden manner. In early 2010, the issue of tungsten salted bars became a big story, obviously kept hush hush. The trails emanated from Fort Knox, as in pilferage of its inventory. The pathways extended through Panama in other routes known to the contraband crowd, that perverse trade of white powder known on the street as Horse & Blow, or Boy & Girl.

    Heard the rumour China is buying 6,000 tonnes of gold? It may not be as crazy as it sounds! 
    by Frik Els, 
    Hedge fund gurus George Soros and John Paulson and central banks around the world are jumping back into the bullion market. At MarketWatch, Myra P. Saefong, speaks to Kevin Kerr, president of Kerr Trading International, Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter and Mark O’Byrne, executive director at GoldCore about “unconfirmed speculation” that China – the world’s number one producer and second-placed consumer (at the moment) – is gearing up to buy up to at least 5,000 to 6,000 tonnes starting before the end of the year.

    There is also “the potential for greater demand from unreported purchases by the People’s Bank of China, should they decide to again report an increase in their gold holdings,” [O’Byrne] said.

    [Kerr said] “If China buys this much gold, that would exceed annual, global production of gold, he said. “We do not have enough gold for China to buy that much, and it will take China time to purchase this amount of gold.”

    “There’s a significant discrepancy between domestic gold demand in China and the level of Chinese gold imports and production, and apparently this gap is being made up by central bank gold purchases,” said Lundin.

    “We will know in time, but the bottom line is that China is … consuming an ever-growing portion of global gold production,” he said. “This forms a floor under the gold price, which is why the most pessimistic assumption of downside targets in gold corrections have always been far off the market.” Global gold mine production has averaged roughly 2,600 tonnes per year over the past five years, according to the World Gold Council.

    Central banks went from net sellers to net buyers during 2009 while recycled gold supply has declined over the same period to constitute around a 1,000 tonnes or less than a third of annual supply.

    China produced 380 tonnes of gold during 2011 – over a 100 tonnes more than its nearest rival. The country is preparing to launch direct interbank gold trading – a banned activity at present – at the end of August as part of a broader set of banking reforms.


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Greg Mannarino: People Are Going to Suffer on a Biblical Scale!

  • Greg Mannarino – People Are Going to Suffer on a Biblical Scale! 
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Greg Mannarino is a former Bear Stearns floor trader in the mid 1990’s.  He has written seven books on the ongoing financial crisis.  His latest is called “The Politics of Money.”  Mannarinois a rising star on the internet for his YouTube commentaries.  He says, “The global debt bubble is the biggest in all of mankind, and every single one has burst in the past.”  He thinks what has been going on since the 2008 financial meltdown, “Is theft on a scale that is unimaginable.”   When this debt bubble bursts, Mannarino thinks, “People are going to suffer on a Biblical scale. . . . People are not going to be able to acquire basic resources.”

    He predicts, “I am certain we are going to see violent crime erupt on a global level.”  Mannarino shucked it all to go to medical school, and today he is a practicing physician’s assistant.  He’s back on the internet to warn people of what he sees coming in the not-so-distant future.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino.


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Reggie Middleton: Collapse in Europe is Absolutely Unavoidable!

  • Reggie Middleton Interview: Collapse in Europe is Absolutely Unavoidable! 
    by Greg Hunter, , 1 July 2012
    The big headlines, last week, would lead you to believe the European debt crisis is on its way to being fixed. Reggie Middleton of says, “Europe is insolvent,” and nothing is fixed.  Middleton contends, “Collapse in Europe is absolutely unavoidable.  It’s a foregone conclusion.” Why should you listen to this entrepreneurial investor?

    He has made many stunning calls. He said Bear Stearns was insolvent when its stock was trading for well over $100 per share.  He warned about Lehman Brothers and predicted the financial crisis of 2008 long before they happened.  Now, he says, “Europe is coming to the end of the road very soon,” and a “system crash is the only way to fix the problem.”  Greg Hunter goes “One-on-One” with Reggie Middleton.


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