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Exclusive: Secret EU Summit Document Shows First Step To Banking Union!

Daniel 7:7 – ” … behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns.”

  • What we are witnessing is the formation of the 10 Horn Beast of Biblical prophecy. The plan of the Illuminists is to destroy the current Eurozone and to rebuild it into a tighter confederacy of European nations. Of course, I do not believe they will be entirely successful in their attempts to bring the 17 nations into 1 union. In the end, only 10 will survive.
  • The Illuminists are consolidating their power into fewer and fewer banks. Their intent is to have 3-4 global super banks that dominate nations. And these banks will work under their Global Supra-National Central Bank (very likely a re-engineered IMF 2.0). They want a Luciferian World Government and a New Financial Order –> ‘666’. (emphasis mine)

    Exclusive: Secret EU summit document shows first step to banking union! 
    By , 
    A classified draft of next week’s EU summit conclusions is the first step on an emerging “roadmap” to a banking union, pooling debt via eurobonds and   political union via EU treaty change over the next 10 years.

    The “limite” text – published exclusively by The Daily Telegraph,   is secret, restricted for the “eyes only” of diplomats and officials preparing for the 28 and 29 June European Council in Brussels. Most of the text, the annexed “Compact for Growth and Jobs”, are deals on project bonds and other small scale EU initiatives that FranCois Hollande is trumpeting as a €120bn “growth pact”.

    The first draft is relatively uncontroversial because the eurobond and “banking union” issues are currently all too sensitive to be committed to paper for officials. Other so-called “non-papers” are circulating at a top secret level between national capitals and Brussels.

    The difficult issues not included in the draft are the “p.m” items in the draft: “other financial stability measures” and “PEC report on EMU”. Translated from the Brussels jargon, the PEC – president of the European Council – report will be Herman Van Rompuy’s preliminary text of the future of “Economic and Monetary Union”. This will be circulated in sealed envelopes next week.

    The separate text will set out a “roadmap” to a banking union, polling debt via some kind of eurobonds and political union via EU treaty change over the   next 10 years.

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The Elite’s Eugenics Agenda with Lord Monckton!

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Israeli Strike on Iran Means New War for US !

“Iran doesn’t frighten me and I don’t think it should frighten the American people. They don’t have a bomb. They haven’t made a decision to build one. They don’t have the means to deliver one. And the Israelis have 300 atomic bombs! I mean who presents the existential threat to whom?” – Pat Buchanan (7:58 onwards)

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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David Morgan: Silver Hyperinflation…The Demise of America!

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The Impending Economic Collapse with Survivalist James Wesley Rawles!

  • The Impending Economic Collapse with Survivalist James Wesley Rawles
    Alex speaks to former U.S. Army intelligence officer, survivalist-author, and proprietor of James Wesley, Rawles about the upcoming vote in Greece, the groundwork being laid for an intentional banking crisis in Europe, and the necessary awareness of and preparedness for an impending internet attack…but first, is there a blatant total acceleration of open world government being announced?


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Bank Holidays Begin in France? Banque Postal Stops Wires & Cash Transactions Friday!

  • Bank Holidays Begin in France? Banque Postal Stops Wires & Cash Transactions Friday! 
    Contagion fears and panic appear to have reached France’s shores ahead of Sunday’s Greek vote, as Max Keiser has received a first-hand account that France’s large Banque Postal stopped outgoing bank wires due to ‘technical glitches’, and also stopped cash transactions beginning at 8am Friday!

    A global financial collapse and subsequent bank run could occur within minutes-hours once the trigger is detonated- which appears to be a possibility (although likely remote) with this weekend’s rhetoric from numerous Central Bankers stating they will provide whatever liquidity is necessary .

    As a precaution, we recommend readers take the time Sunday to ensure they have a minimum of 1-3 months supply of necessities on hand, and as always, protect your financial assets with PHYSICAL gold and silver held in your own possession.

    From Max Keiser:

    Banque Postal is in in very bad position (Dexia accounts) i received this and this friday and saturday. The mail says that my reader went to the bank in the morning and asked 250 euros the lady answered “i am sorry, i just have 180 euros”… The guy understood that his account had only 180 euros so he asked again : – ) she explained that she only had 500 euros to open her desk and 180 left !!! The reader made 3 Banks Postale before getting his money.

    The picture below (taken by an another reader on friday in Maison-Alfort, parisian suburb) shows another Banque Postale saying that there will be no cash transaction on friday from 8h to 14h30 !

    Other friends are reporting to me that (whatever bank) they are not able to do wires due to “computer technical problems blabla”) ! something big and dangerous is going on here in France with Bank Postale one of the most important banks of the country Click here for more:


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Greek, Spanish Savings Flee Eurozone Crisis!

Global economic, financial and monetary collapse super storm is coming!

  • Greek, Spanish savings flee eurozone crisis! 
    ATHENS, Greece — In Europe’s most economically stricken countries, people are taking their money out of banks as a way to protect their savings from the growing financial storm.   

    People are worried that their savings could be devalued if their country stops using the euro, or that banks are on the verge of collapse and that governments cannot make good on deposit insurance. So in Greece, Spain and beyond they are withdrawing euros by the billions — behavior that is magnifying their countries’ financial stresses.

    The money is being hoarded at home or deposited in banks in more stable economies. It’s a steady bank “jog” at the moment, not a full-bore run. But it threatens to undermine the finances of those countries’ already-stressed lenders.  And if it does turn into a full bank run after Greece’s crucial election on Sunday, it could hasten financial disaster in Europe and help spread turmoil around the world.

    Since the Greek debt crisis broke in late 2009, deposits have fallen by 30 percent. Savers have slowly pulled some €72 billion ($90.24 billion) from local lenders, with total household and corporate deposits standing at €165.9 billion ($207.94 billion) in April, according to the latest data from the Bank of Greece.

    Spanish deposits have fallen about six percent over the past year. They dipped suddenly in April by about €3.1 billion, or 1.8 percent, to €1.624 trillion as problems with the country’s troubled banks started to grow to alarming proportions. This is despite the fact that deposits are guaranteed by the government up to €100,000 across the eurozone.

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The Global Financial System is in Extreme Peril Because of Financial Derivatives Collapse And Not The Bankruptcy of Greece!

Financial derivatives: A falling house of cards!

  • I have highlighted this before. The collapse of the Eurozone is to provide cover for the implosion of the quadrillion dollar financial derivatives market. This is a fraudulent market controlled by the Illuminist banksters! (emphasis mine)

    Someone Is Lying:  How Can Greece Bring Down The Global Economy? 
    It was noteworthy that George Soros, the world’s most successful currency speculator, was revealed this week to have tripled his position in gold in the first quarter of this year. That he is a man who knows his currencies is without question. That he chooses gold speaks volumes.   – David Galland, Casey Research

    I’m confused.  I’m not really sure why the world should be in fear of a Greek systemic collapse and exit from the EU/euro LINK .  So, while most of the world’s hoi polloi chooses to accept news that is fed to them like hungry ducklings with their beaks open waiting to be fed by momma duck (the elitists), I prefer to look under the “hood” of a proposition that, prima facie, seems absurd.  Furthermore, unless I’m missing something, the world is being willingly fed a gigantic lie by the elitists.

    Now I’m even more confused.  How could the collapse of such a seemingly economically insignifant country in comparison to the rest of the world cause global systemic/financial turmoil?  Before you read on, please see this report regarding Greek derivatives:  LINK 

    The Truth of the matter is that the situation with Greece is being used as the cover-job to mask the truth about the catastrophic derivatives exposure of the world’s biggest banks.  I demonstrated a couple days ago how looking at just Greece in isolation could lead to tens of billions in losses for the biggest banks – primarily JP Morgan – if Greece leaves the EU and reinstates the drachma as its currency.

    The fact of the matter is that if proper OTC derivatives regulations and oversight had been in place – more importantly, properly enforced – then the situation in Greece would barely be newsworthy.  Zimbabwe went through a financial/monetary collapse a few years ago which culminated in a “do-over” for its curency and most people in the world probably never even heard of Zimbabwe or could tell you where it is.  What’s the difference between Greece and Zimbabwe?   Off-balance-sheet OTC derivatives.

    Once again – just like the 2008 bailout of the U.S. Too Big To Fail Banks – we are being fed a gigantic lie by the political and banking elitists.  The global financial system is in extreme peril because of the catastrophic loss-exposure embedded in the near-quadrillion OTC derivatives positions of the world’s biggest banks, which are primarily U.S.-based.  JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America,  Deutche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays and Society Generale.  Those are your culprits – not Greece.

    And the Greek situation – just like the Lehman collapse provided a cover-story for the massive mult-trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street’s finest in 2008 – is nothing more than an insidious cover-story to enable the Fed/ECB/BOE to print up and inject several more trillion in paper fiat currency in order to bail  out the big banks listed above out of their catastrophic insolvency, rendered largely by moral hazard-enabled investment failures made worse by the layering of 10’s of trillions in derivatives over the bad investments.

    That’s the bottom line and that’s the Truth that you will never hear about from any politician or any mainstream media source. And here’s what the non-western Central Banks are doing about the political/financial disaster over which they have no control:  LINK  You’ll note that since 2008, the BRIC Central Banks and other peripheral Asian/South American countries have become big net buyers of physical gold (not GLD and not CEF/GTU).  The charts in that article do not include China.  China not only does not allow the export of the 300+ tonnes of gold internally mined, it is now the world’s largest importer of physical gold bullion.  In other words, China is aggressively and voraciously accumulating physical gold.

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Glass-Steagall or Hyperinflationary Blowout; Central Bankers Opt for Hyperinflationary Madness!

We will all be trillionaires but can’t afford breakfast !

  • Emphasis mine:

    Glass-Steagall or Hyperinflationary Blowout; Central Bankers Opt for Hyperinflationary Madness! 
    In the wake of the Spanish blowout, there has been a non-stop series of panicked crisis meetings among European heads of state, Eurocrats, and central bankers — all aimed at one objective: Getting German Chancellor Angela Merkel to cave in to a German bailout of the euro. In statements covered prominently in the Financial Times today, Merkel flatly refused to cave in to the pressures, warning that “German resources are not unlimited,” and that she rejects the kind of “big bang” proposals coming from the likes of Timothy Geithner. She also reiterated that the eurobond scheme is unconstitutional under Germany’s postwar constitution.

    On Monday, at Los Cabos, Mexico, on the sidelines of the G-20 heads of state summit, Merkel will hold a meeting with Monti, Hollande, Rajoy, Cameron, Von Rompuy, Barroso—and Obama, where they will make one final stab at getting Germany to pick up the tab on all of Europe’s gambling debts. French President Hollande flew to Rome on Thursday to meet with Mario Monti, where the two agreed on the urgency of eurobonds, and arranged to meet with Merkel and Cameron next week after the G-20 summit but before the scheduled European Union heads of state meeting.

    The “Big Five” central banks have all signed on to the hyperinflationary panic. The Fed, the Bank of England, the ECB, the Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of Japan all issued statements on Thursday and Friday, indicating that they were prepared to inject an unlimited amount of liquidity to bail out the banks. The Swiss extended their zero-interest rates, the BOE and British Ministry of Finance announced two separate “quantitative easing” programs to inject an additional 100 billion pounds sterling into the British banks — for starters, and the Bank of Japan made similar announcements about massive yen purchases to drive down the value of the Japanese currency. The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets next week, but it is no secret that the Fed is already pouring money into Europe through swap windows and other mechanisms.

    A senior City of London banker told EIR this morning that he expects the entire trans-Atlantic situation to blow up in the immediate days ahead, starting with a Spanish explosion next week, to be immediately followed by the long-feared Italian debt crisis. He emphasized that the big Wall Street banks are heavily exposed to the eurozone collapse, because all those US banks bet on the survival of the euro and the reduction in bond yields. This is why, the London banker said, Obama is in a total panic. “This may be the last normal weekend we ever have.”

Feel fee to wipe your ass with it !


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Lyndon LaRouche: A General Economic Breakdown of The Trans-Atlantic System! Hyperinflation The Most Likely Event !

  • As Trans-Atlantic System Collapses, Asian Nations Go to Space and Go Nuclear! 
    by Meghan Rouillard,
    While Europe and the U.S. are consumed with fears this weekend of the outcome of the Greek elections and the collapse of the Euro, a glimpse of what man’s future could be is exemplified by several developments in Asia this weekend.

    China announced yesterday at a press conference with the Shenzhou-9 crew that lift-off for their nearly two-week mission was scheduled for 6:37 PM Saturday local time, or 6:37 AM EDT.  Today, the Shenzhou 9 capsule lifted off as scheduled from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the edge of the Gobi Desert.  All systems functioned normally and the launch was declared a success by space program chief Chang Wanquan.  The crew will dock with the Tiangong-1 space module, which has been in orbit since September, and will spend 10 days working in the small module. As expected, joining the two men is rookie astronaut Liu Yang, China’s first female space flyer. Air Force Major Liu enlisted in the People’s Liberation Army in 1997, and was chosen as an astronaut in the second batch of recruits in May 2010.

    One of the two male astronauts will remain in the Shenzhou-9 capsule during the mission, in case of emergency, and Liu and the third crew member will spend a planned 10 days carrying out experiments in Tiangong-1. The proto-type station module successfully docked twice automatically with the unmanned Shenzhou-8 spacecraft last November. During this up-coming mission, the docking will be done manually by the crew, with the automatic docking capability available as a back-up. Demonstrating the manual docking of spacecraft in orbit is a necessary prerequisite to enable the construction of large space stations, and, later, multi-craft missions to the Moon and beyond.

    Although this is only the fourth Chinese manned orbital mission since 2003, each has been carefully crafted to increase the capabilities of the crew members and the equipment. Next year, Shenzhou-10 will dock with Tiangong-1, perhaps for a longer stay in orbit, and China is readying a more capable and enhanced Tiangong-2 prototype station module, with the plan for a larger station complex to be completed by 2020.

    And today in Japan the resumption of nuclear power operations at two reactors was approved, the first to come back on line after they were all shut down following the “Fukushima crisis.”   Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda had announced the government’s decision at a meeting with key ministers, giving the go-ahead to two reactors operated by Kansai Electric Power Co at Ohi in western Japan, and this decision could open the door to more restarts among Japan’s 50 nuclear power reactors.   Massive pressure was put on Japan after last year’s powerful earthquake to halt nuclear operations, an insane and diversionary response to what should have been cause to increase focus on the science of earthquake forecasting.

    While these impulses do not represent the predominant global policy trend, they point us in the direction of where man should be headed, once we leave behind us the bankrupt imperial system, its associated structures, and most importantly the mentality which it represents.  Man must rather embrace his identity as a “creature of Prometheus” and utilize the “power of fire,” as these developments in Asia can remind us.


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Alasdair MacLeod: Quiet Bank Runs Taking Place in Europe Now!

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Syria: Impending False Flag Media PSYOP On The Horizon!

  • Syria: Impending False Flag Media PSYOP On The Horizon! 
    By Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post
    With the Syrian crisis heating up amidst heightened agitation by NATO powers and the announcement by Russian officials that two military combat divisions and one brigade of Russian troops are being readied in order to support the Assad government, very disturbing reports are now being echoed by reliable sources such as Thierry Meyssan and Webster Griffin Tarpley regarding a potential false flag in the region.

    The event, which would take the form of staged massacres, rebellions, and resignations, using television studios and the commandeering of Syrian television, would serve the purpose of both spreading disinformation across the world and a campaign of demoralization against the Syrian people.

    According to Meyssan, the event could take place as early as Friday, June 15, at noon. Meyssan states that, although the time and date are not set in stone, the plan, which has been in the works for months, has been accelerated due to the recent announcements made by Vladmir Putin. Meyssan writes:

    Studio-shot images will show massacres that are blamed on the Syrian government, people demonstrating ministers and generals resigning from their posts, President al-Assad fleeing, the rebels gathering in the big city centers, and a new government installing itself in the presidential palace.

    The plan, according to Meyssan, has been largely organized by Ben Rhodes, US Deputy National Security Advisor For Strategic Communication and speechwriter for Barack Obama.

    Meyssan states that the Arab League has officially asked satellite operators Arabsat and Nilesat to stop broadcasting Syrian media, regardless of whether those broadcasts are government-based or private. However, although Syrian media will be cut, television broadcasts presenting the staged scenarios mentioned above will replace the regularly scheduled programming.

    Meyssan says that, according to his sources, several international meetings were held in the last week where a discussion took place regarding how to coordinate the disinformation operation. He claims that the first meeting held in Doha, Qatar, was of a technical nature and the third meeting, held in Riyad, Saudi Arabia dealt with political ramifications. Meyssan writes:

    The first meeting assembled PSYOP officers, embedded in the satellite TV channels of Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Fox, France 24, Future TV and MTV. It is known that since 1998, the officers of the US Army Psychological Operations Unit (PSYOP) have been incorporated in CNN.

    Since then this practice has been extended by NATO to other strategic media as well. They fabricated false information in advance, on the basis of a ‘story-telling’ script devised by Ben Rhodes’s team at the White House. A procedure of reciprocal validation was installed, with each media quoting the lies of the other media to render them plausible for TV spectators.

    The participants also decided not only to requisition the TV channels of the CIA for Syria and Lebanon (Barada, Future TV, MTV, Orient News, Syria Chaab, Syria Alghad) but also about 40 religious Wahhabi TV channels to call for confessional massacres to the cry of ‘Christians to Beyrouth, Alawites into the grave!’

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US Attempting To Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria!

  • US Attempting to Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria! 
    by Tony Cartalucci, 
    June 17, 2012 – Over the last week, the US has been outright caught lying – admittedly by Pentagon officials, regarding Russian gunships being shipped to Syria. In New York Times’ “Copters in Syria May Not Be New, U.S. Officials Say,” a senior defense department official admitted when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her fraudulent claim regarding Russian weapon shipments, she “put a little spin on it to put the Russians in a difficult position.”

    The New York Times continued by stating, “Mrs. Clinton’s claim about the helicopters, administration officials said, is part of a calculated effort to raise the pressure on Russia to abandon President Bashar al-Assad, its main ally in the Middle East,” indicative of the campaign of propaganda and lies orchestrated by the US State Department, the British Foreign Office, and Western and Gulf State news outlets around the world to demonize both the Syrian government and its extensive allies around the world, contrary to the facts on the ground. 

    Also adding to the torrent of propaganda was Human Rights Watch (HRW) and US State Department-run Amnesty International, both of which are funded by convicted criminal, Wall Street speculator George Soros, which attempted to level charges of “abuses” by Syrian forces, as always based solely on the “witness accounts” of admitted members of the opposition. The United Nations as well attempted to frame Syrian forces for using “children” as human shields. Despite having 300 monitors on the ground in Syria, again, the report was compiled solely using opposition “witness accounts,” reminiscent of a late 2011 UN human rights report also compiled from opposition hearsay, in Geneva – not even Syria – and compiled by Karen Koning AbuZayd.

    AbuZayd is concurrently a member of the Washington D.C. based Middle East Policy Council, along side current and former associates of Exxon, the US military, the CIA, the Saudi Binladin Group, the US-Qatari Business Council and both former and current members of the US government – illustrating an immense conflict of interests and devaluing the UN’s credibility to unprecedented lows.

    However, as evidence continues to point the finger at opposition sectarian extremists for the massacre at Houla, Syria, and at NATO-armed foreign fighters filtering into Syria to repeat atrocities now fully documented in Libya, organizations like Amnesty, HRW, and even the UN itself are increasingly losing credibility to convince all but the weakest of minds.

    Despite this, the West continues to seek ways of arming sectarian extremists operating in Syria under the banner of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), with the Washington Post confirming in their article, “Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination,” that weapons, cash, and logistical support is indeed being provided to terrorist forces in Syria by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf States even as the West berated the Syrian government for “violating” the terms of a ceasefire allegedly being brokered by Kofi Annan. The West is doing in reality what they admittedly are lying about Russia doing for the sake of “raising pressure,” with Russia in turn leveling much more credible accusations against the US for arming sectarian extremists in Syria.

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Pentagon Finishes Contingency Plans for Syria Invasion!

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger (Committee of 300?).

  • Pentagon finishes contingency plans for Syria invasion! 
    Officials with the US Department of Defense have confirmed that the Pentagon has finalized procedures that outline how American forces could soon combat the government of war-torn Syria and officially involve itself in that state’s bloody uprising.

    After months of rumors suggesting that the US has unofficially made efforts to weaponize rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, officials with the Defense Department tell CNN that the Pentagon has finished drafting blueprints that lay-out just how the US military could aid in ousting the leader with America’s own troops.

    In their report, CNN cites Defense Department officials speaking on condition of anonymity; in a separate sit-down however, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey confirms to the outlet that intensifying violence overseas in recent months has prompted the Pentagon to expedite establishing a role for US forces.

    The violence “gives us all pause that have been in Iraq and seen how these issues become sectarian and then they become civil wars and then they become very difficult to resolve,” Dempsey tells CNN this week.

    “There is a sense that if the sectarian violence in Syria grows, it could be worse than what we saw in Iraq,” he adds.

    Although the issue of involving US forces in the war against Assad’s regime has been on the table since the beginning of the uprising, authorities in Washington — off the record — have all but officially thrown their hat in the ring in regards to offering assistance. RT reported earlier this week that intelligence forces have revealed to Israel’s Debka news agency that the US was believed to be readying the establishing of a no-fly zone in Syria, and last month discussed murmurings that suggested US President Barack Obama had quietly approved a shipment of anti-tank weapons to Syrian rebels.

    CNN’s report confirms that the military has indeed drafted instructions that lay-out the implementation of the no-fly zone. Additionally, officials say that a large number of US troops could soon be installed overseas to aid in the war.

    As early as March of this year, lawmakers including John McCain (R-Arizona) began rallying together to ask Congress to consider authorizing strikes on Assad. Without the permission of the United Nations, though, the US has been hesitant to offer any formal assistance.

    “NATO took military action to save Kosovo in 1999 without formal UN authorization. There is no reason why the Arab League, or NATO, or a leading coalition within the Friends of Syria contact group, or all of them speaking in unison, could not provide a similar international mandate for military measures to save Syria today,” Sen. McCain told Capitol Hill constituents earlier this year.


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Russia Announces It Will Send Warships To Syria!

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  • Will the Anglo-American-Zionist Illuminist empire light the Syrian fuse? It sets the world on the path to thermonuclear war. The Russian bear is not Afghanistan or Iraq. My take is that US and NATO will not confront Russia directly over Syria. They will use their loose cannon: Zionist ‘666’ Israel to attack Syria. This will, of course, turn into a Greater Middle East war. All these war manoeuvres are signs that the global economic, financial and currency meltdown is imminent ie. within months! (emphasis mine)

    Russia Announces It Will Send Warships to Syria

    by Kurt Nimmo, 
    On Friday, the Russian General Staff announced it will send warships from the Black Sea Fleet to the Syrian coast. The deployment will protect the Russian logistics base in Tartus, Syria.

    Russia has historically maintained a strong bilateral relationship with Syria. Its only Mediterranean naval base for the Black Sea Fleet is located in the port of Tartus. “Several warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, including large landing ships with marines aboard, are fully prepared to go on the voyage,” the General Staff told Itar-Tass.

    In late May, Russian and Western media reported that the Russian-flagged bulk cargo vessel Professor Katsman docked at the Syrian port of Tartus and delivered weapons to the al-Assad regime. The Ford Foundation funded NGO Human Rights First also made the claim. Amnesty International, a Soros funded NGO, has called on the Russian government to cease the transfer of arms to Syria in compliance with UN Security Council recommendations.

    “Either the U.S. intelligence service works poorly or they have a poor knowledge of geography,” a source with the Russian General Staff remarked in response to the allegation.

    On Sunday, The Telegraph reported that the United States has enlisted the help British officials to stop an alleged shipment of MI25 helicopters from the Russian Baltic port of Kaliningrad. The MV Alaed, a Russian-operated cargo vessel, is said to be sailing across the North Sea en route to Syria. The U.S. wants the ship’s insurance cover removed under the terms of a European Union arms embargo against Syria. Removing the MV Alaed’s insurance would make it difficult for the cargo ship to dock in port.

    In April, a German cargo ship was prevented from docking at Tartus. The ship allegedly carried a cargo of munitions sent by Iran to the al-Assad regime. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. ambassador Susan Rice used the claim to accuse Russia of arming the al-Assad regime.

    “The new Russian weapons supplies add to Syria’s massive arsenal of hundreds of Soviet-built combat jets, attack helicopters and missiles and thousands of tanks, other armored vehicles and artillery systems,” the AP reported after Clinton’s accusation that Russia had sent attack helicopters to Syria. “Russia said it also has military advisers in Syria training the Syrians to use the Russian weapons, and has helped repair and maintain Syrian weapons. Some experts alleged that the helicopters Clinton said were en route to Syria could be old ones that underwent maintenance in Russia.”

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denied the accusation. In a statement on June 15, he said that “many years ago” Russia sold helicopters to Syria, but is now only repairing the helicopters.

    Former Clinton bureaucrat and United Nations ambassador Bill Richardson used the accusation to call for arming Syrian rebels “in an effort to protect civilians against government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad,” according to Fox News.

    The Free Syrian Army now active inside Syria is supported by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad. The rebel group held talks with the NSC last week in an effort to acquire heavy weapons, including surface-to-air missiles. According to witnesses and other evidence, the FSA is responsible for the massacre in al-Houla, Syria, not the al-Assad regime as was widely reported by the media in the United States and Europe.


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