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Spain in a State of ‘Total Emergency’!

The Eurozone Titanic is sinking!

  • Things are unravelling rapidly in the Eurozone. There are a great deal of rumours swirling that JP Morgue is going down big time and with it the world financial system. The derivatives collapse has been triggered. It appears to be unstoppable. The Illuminists may think they are gods but they are not. All their scheming, scamming, planning, control … will mean nothing when the markets get out of hand. It will blow up in their faces! Get out of paper assets. Move to hard assets like physical gold/silver immediately!
  • Even though I still think the collapse will start in the Aug-Oct 2012 time frame. I have been out of paper assets for some time now. Never time this type of thing to the month or day. I have been wrong before. The consequences of being wrong this time round is too severe to muck around.

    Spain in a state of ‘total emergency’! 
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    Spain is in a state of ‘total emergency’, the country’s former prime minister has warned, with Madrid facing punitive borrowing costs and the prospect of needing a Greek-style bail-out.

    Felipe González, the country’s elder statesman, said: “We’re in a situation of total emergency, the worst crisis we have ever lived through.” Global financial markets lurched yesterday at the spectre of the eurozone’s fourth biggest economy being locked out of international capital markets and being unable to fund itself.

    Spanish borrowing costs soared, while the Madrid stock market fell 2.6 per   cent, the euro sank to a 22-month low against the dollar and the price of Brent crude dropped 2 per cent. Meanwhile, global investors fled to “safe havens” sending UK bonds to another low. The FTSE 100, however, dropped 1.7 per cent, along with European and American stockmarkets.

    The rout on global markets paused briefly around midday when the European Commission published a report calling for radical new support for “sinner states” across the eurozone.

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    Spain faces ‘total emergency’ as fear grips markets! 
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    Spain is facing the gravest danger since the end of the Franco dictatorship as the country is frozen out of global capital markets and slides towards an epic showdown with Europe.

    “We’re in a situation of total emergency, the worst crisis we have ever lived through” said ex-premier Felipe Gonzalez, the country’s elder statesman. The warning came as the yields on Spanish 10-year bonds spiked to 6.7pc, pushing the “risk premium” over German Bunds to a post-euro high of 540 basis points. The IBEX index of stocks in Madrid fell 2.6pc, the lowest since the dotcom bust in 2003.

    Chaos over the €23.5bn rescue of crippled lender Bankia has led to the abrupt resignation of central bank governor Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, who testified to the senate that he had been muzzled to avoid enflaming events as confidence in the country drains away.

    Markets are on tenterhooks as Spanish yields test levels that forced the   European Central Bank to respond last November with its €1 trillion liquidity blitz. “Nobody is short Spanish debt right now because they are expecting ECB intervention,” said Andrew Roberts, credit chief at RBS. “If it doesn’t come — if we take out 6.8pc — we’re going to see a hyberbolic sell-off,” he said.

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Harvey Organ: JP Morgan IR Swaps Derivatives Crisis Can Bring Down The World Financial System! Gold Rehypothecation Fraud !

  • SilverDoctors : 
    The Doc sat down with Harvey Organ over the holiday weekend to discuss the escalation of the European debt crisis, JP Morgan’s derivatives crisis, and the gold and silver markets.

    In this explosive interview, Harvey discusses the cartel’s re-hypothecation of physical gold bullion, and documents how the bullion banks are running a shell game by re-hypothecating/ swapping/ leasing Arab investors’ gold bullion deposited at the Bank of England to the GLD and other ‘gold depositories’.

    Essentially the GLD vaults hold physical gold metal, but it’s not owned by the GLD.  It has to be re-swapped back to the Bank of England.   The Bank of England has basically swapped the gold to the GLD, and it’s not even the Bank of England’s gold, it’s Arab investor’s gold! It’s an obligation on the part of the Bank of England to get it back!  This goes along with the whole hypothecation/ rehypothecation story of MF Global.   The same ounces of gold are going from one place to another to another. The COMEX, the LBMA, the Bank of England- it’s ONE INVENTORY!!  It serves three masters, and the fun begins when they all want it back!
  • Harvey Organ: JPM Unwinding IRSwaps, Losses ‘COULD BRING DOWN THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM’! 
    The Doc spoke with financial/metals analyst Harvey Organ this weekend to discuss the escalation of the European debt crisis, JP Morgan’s derivatives crisis, and the gold and silver markets.

    Harvey believes that the panicked reactions of multiple federal regulatory agencies indicates that JP Morgan’s losses are likely much more critical and severe than the mere $8 billion lost in the IG9 tranche, and states the data indicates JP Morgan is unwinding a portion of its $50 Trillion in interest rate swaps.

    Harvey fears that the losses on JP Morgan’s interest rate swaps could already be $100 billion, and ‘COULD BRING DOWN THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE WORLD!

    Harvey states ‘If JP Morgan’s involved it really is The Fed itself, and if The Fed’s blowing up that will just about be THE explosion heard throughout the world.‘ When asked what type of risk JP Morgan’s derivatives crisis currently poses to the financial system Harvey responded:

    We’ve been following this (JP Morgan’s derivatives) for quite awhile.  Rob Kirby in 2009 wrote a great paper The Elephant in the Room, where he describes the huge amount of interest rate swaps that JP Morgan has underwritten, and it’s probably in excess of $50 trillion- of the $70 trillion in derivatives that they hold.

    These interest rate swaps are really a bet where they go long on long term rates (T-bonds), and short the short term treasury bills. That forces the purchase of bonds, which in turn causes long term rates to fall. That’s basically why long term rates are low for the United States, but Europe’s rates are higher: it’s because of the manipulation by JP Morgan.

    What Jim Willie has shown is that JP Morgan right now is unwinding some of these interest rate swaps.  If they’re unwinding these things, together with the huge losses from the IG9 (which were losses from the underwriting of the European credit default swaps), THIS COULD BRING DOWN THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE WORLD!

    If it’s $100 billion, then that blows up everybody.  This is scary- and it probably will explain why JP Morgan was forced to come out on a Thursday night rather than let the world know on a Friday evening- the regulators certainly forced them to make their statement on Thursday.   It probably will explain why the FBI are involved.  JP Morgan probably told them what is coming, so the FBI is now doing a criminal probe.  It will also explain why the CFTC has their enforcement arm coming in on the derivatives side.  And the SEC also began a probe on these trades the moment it was announced.

    So if you look at these trades and realize JP Morgan earned $20 billion, and all of a sudden announce a loss of $2 billion- that shouldn’t cause this much of a scare.   But probably these regulators know the truth, JP Morgan probably told them ‘we have a major problem here’ , and that’s why all these other regulatory bodies have started coming in. If JP Morgan’s involved it really is The Fed itself, and if The Fed’s blowing up that will just about be THE explosion heard throughout the world.

    This is huge, and it will probably really explain why these three regulatory bodies all of a sudden came in all at once.  JP Morgan’s been fooling around in all these derivatives for years and now they’re suddenly worried about the customers?  The probe didn’t start with MF Global, I didn’t see the FBI coming in when JP Morgan stole customer money there!   But they came in now, and it’s immediate!

    There’s some strong merit here that JP Morgan’s losses are huge – NOT from the losses they had in Europe with the IG9 tranche, and $8 billion is so huge!   But I think that the scare is the huge losses that are unwinding on their interest rate swaps.


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In The Belly of The Beast at Bilderberg 2012 with Charlie Skelton!

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Bilderberg is The New World Order: Mark Anderson Reports!

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Jim Tucker: A Coming World Treasury!

  • The Illuminist plan appears to be: Global Supra-National Central Bank – likely to be the IMF with the BIS as backup; World Treasury, Ministry of Finance – likely to be the World Bank!


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Pastor Sentenced To Prison Over Bible Verse!

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Dr. Deagle & Harley Schlanger: Eurozone Sovereign Debt Meltdown, Global Financial Collapse, Bank Holiday, 75% Devaluation of Dollar, World War …

  • Spanish Collapse Can Bring Down the Trans-Atlantic System this Weekend! 
    Abruptly, but lawfully, the Spanish debt crisis has erupted over the past 48 hours into a systemic rupture in the entire trans-Atlantic financial and monetary facade, posing the immediate question:  Will the European Monetary Union and the entire trans-Atlantic financial system survive to the end of this holiday weekend?

    Late on Friday afternoon, the Spanish government revealed that the cost of bailing out the Bankia bank, which was nationalized on May 9, will now cost Spanish taxpayers nearly 24 billion euro—and rising.  Many other Spanish banks are facing imminent collapse or bailout; the autonomous Spanish regions, with gigantic debts of their own, are all now bankrupt and desperate for their own bailout. Over the last week, Spanish and foreign  depositors have been pulling their money out of the weakest Spanish  banks in a panic, in a repeat of the capital flight out of the Greek  banks months ago.

    The situations in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland are equally on the edge of total disintegration—and the exposure of the big Wall Street banks to this European disintegration is so enormous that there is no portion of the trans-Atlantic system that is exempt from the sudden, crushing reality of this collapse.

    Whether or not the system holds together for a few days or weeks more, or whether it literally goes into total meltdown in the coming hours, the moment of truth has arrived, when all options to hold the current system together have run out.

    Today, in response to this immediate crisis, American political economist Lyndon LaRouche issued a clarion call to action. Referring to the overall trans-Atlantic financial bubble,  in light of the Spanish debt explosion of the past 48 hours,  LaRouche pinpointed its significance as follows:

    “The rate of collapse now exceeds the rate of the attempts to overtake the collapse.  That means that, essentially, the entire European system, in its present form, is in the process of a hopeless degeneration.  Now, this is something comparable to what happened in Germany in 1923, and they’ve caught themselves in a trap, where a rate of collapse exceeds the rate of their attempt to overtake yesterday.

    “So therefore, we’re in a new situation, and the only solution in Europe, in particular, is Glass-Steagall, or the Glass-Steagall equivalent, with no fooling around.  Straight Glass-Steagall — no bailouts!  None!  In other words, you have to collapse the entire euro system.  The entirety of the euro system has to collapse.  But it has to collapse in the right way; it has to be a voluntary collapse, which is like a Glass-Steagall process.  This means the end of the euro, really. The euro system is about to end, because you can’t sustain it.

    “Everything is disintegrating now in Europe.  It can be rescued very simply, by a Glass-Steagall type of operation, and then going back to the currencies which existed before. In other words, you need a stable system of currencies, or you can’t have a recovery at all!  In other words, if the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of your bailout, then what happens when you try to increase the bailout, you increase the hysteria.  You increase the rate of collapse.  In other words, the rate of collapse exceeds the rate of bailout.

    “And now, you have Spain, and Portugal implicitly, and the situation in Greece.  Italy’s going to go in the same direction. So the present system, which Obama’s trying to sustain, in his own peculiar way, is not going to work.  There’s no hope for the system.  Nor is there any hope for the U.S. system in its present form.  The remedies, the problems, are somewhat different between Europe and the United States, but the nature of the disease is the same.  They both have the same disease:  It’s called the British disease. It’s hyperinflation.

    read more!


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CrossTalk: War Unlimited !

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger (Committee of 300).

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Romney Pledges To Expand Military!

  • Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
    23 “Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast shall be
    A fourth kingdom on earth,
    Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
    And shall devour the whole earth,

    Trample it and break it in pieces.

  • Daniel 11:36-39 (New King James Version)
    36 “Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished; for what has been determined shall be done. 37 He shall regard neither the God[a] of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things. 39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.

US: Money only for wars and banksters!

The US ‘defence’ budget is easily above US$1Tillion for 2011 when all the discretionary spending are added !


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Bilderberg 2012: Secretive Summit Kicks-Off in Virginia!

The Western Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

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Israel Takes Back Promise To Obama Not To Attack Iran Before The Election!

  • This ‘disagreement’ between Zionist ‘666’ Israel and America is an illusion for sheeple consumption. America wants to distance itself from Zionist ‘666’ Israel‘s coming attack on Iran. This is to sell the idea that it is an independent act by rogue Israel and America (and NATO) is not responsible for it. US and NATO are hitting a brick war ie. the Russian Bear which threatens nuclear war. China has also weighed in by saying they do not support military action in Syria (and Iran obviously).
  • What we have is an unwinnable thermonuclear war, should the major powers decide to have a go at each other. Everybody dies! So the Anglo-American west is going to Plan B. This is to use Zionist ‘666’ Israel to fight the Satanic World War 3, Greater Middle East War. The unspoken intent is also to destroy all oil supplies, all Middle Eastern oil powers. China will thus be defeated.

    Israel takes back promise to Obama not to attack Iran before the election! 
    Sources from inside Washington, DC are telling the international media that Israeli leadership is upset with US President Barack Obama’s handling of Iran’s alleged nuclear threat and may take military action before the November election.

    The Debka news agency quotes sources from America’s capital that say Israel has withdrawn its earlier promise to avoid striking Iran before the upcoming US presidential election this fall. The reason, reports Debka, heavily revolves around President Obama’s refusal to side with Israel’s demands in dealing with the rumored emerging threat of a nuclear program in Iran.

    Previously, authorities in Israel told the White House that they would refrain from striking Iran until after Election Day as to avoid marring the race by possibly involving the US in an international war. Because President Obama has not put his foot down on Iran’s alleged nuclear warhead procurement plan, Israeli officials are not reportedly willing to attack at any moment.

    “There is no need to tell us what to do, and we have no reason to panic. Israel is very, very strong, but we do know that the Iranians are accomplished chess players and will try to achieve nuclear capabilities,” reads a translated statement from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak delivered this week in Hebrew. “Our position has not changed. The world must stop Iran from becoming nuclear. All options remain on the table.”

    Minister Barak offered his statement on May 23, less than a week after attending a meeting in Washington. On May 17, Barak spoke with US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the Pentagon outside of Washington to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran, at which point Debka reports he was told that Obama had rejected the Jewish state’s plea. Debka’s sources say Obama was unwilling to demand that Iran halt their “high-grade uranium enrichment, export its stocks of material enriched higher than 3.5 percent grade and shut down production at the Fordo nuclear plant near Qom.”

    Debka adds that, after the meeting with his US counterpart, Defense Minister Barak spoke with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon over the ongoing Iran issue but was unable to have either member of the Obama administration aid in Israel’s plea to sanction Iran.

    Previously, President Obama has gone on the record to say that he stands by America’s alliance with Israel and told The Atlantic earlier this year, “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.”

    “I also don’t, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are. But (both) governments recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say,” added Obama.

    President Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Washington back in March during the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, where the Iran issue was a major topic of discussion. Despite urging from overseas, however, the White House yet refused to formally side with any military strikes on Iran.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Leon Panetta: Pentagon ‘Prepared’ To Attack Iran!

Stop the war!

  • Illuminist puppet lap dog Leon Panetta is pushing the Illuminist  agenda. They want to start their Satanic World War 3, Greater Middle East War with an attack on Iran! All the talk about Iran being a nuclear threat is BS! Iran does not have any nuclear bombs nor a nuclear weapons program. Their leaders have publicly and repeatedly denounced nuclear weapons as against their religion Islam and will not seek it! If they are really keen on solving nuclear weapons proliferation why don’t they go after India, Pakistan and Zionist ‘666’ Israel? Countries proven to have nuclear bombs and have refused to sign the NPT!
  • This is about the coming global economic, financial and currency meltdown. It is about the western Illuminati going to war to maintain their global currency (petrodollar) hegemony. It is about creating a distraction, a false pretext with which they can blame the problems on. It is about using a World War for the mass culling of the sheeple (the Illuminists’ enemy). It is about destroying the current order/system to set the stage for the coming fake messiah, the bringer of false peace, the Anti-Christ, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

    Revelation 6:1-4 New King James Version (NKJV) 
    First Seal: The Conqueror
    1 Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals;[a] and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

    Second Seal: Conflict on Earth
    3 When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.”[b] 4 Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.
  • Revelation 6 gives us the chronology of the final 7 years of this age! It opens with the image of the white horseman, a conqueror with a bow but no arrows given to him. This is the image of the Anti-Christ, the fake messiah out to conquer the world with peace! The next red horseman is war, so this also confirms that the white horseman is a conqueror using peace. The white horseman ‘went out conquering and to conquer‘ with peace. This implies that when the Anti-Christ appears, the world will be in a period of global wars! IMO, we are about to enter this period of global wars!

    Pentagon ‘prepared’ to attack Iran – Panetta! 
    Leon Panetta has stated that the US is ready to do everything it can to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. The American envoy to Israel earlier said that the military option is “fully available” and the necessary planning has been done.

    ­“We will do everything we can to prevent them from developing a weapon,” Panetta told ABC News. Panetta thus confirmed US Ambassador Dan Shapiro’s comments on Israel’s Army Radio on May 17, that Washington has a military contingency plan in case “diplomatic talks” fail to “pressure” Iran successfully. Shapiro said the option is not only “fully available”, but “ready.”

    Now, a week on, Panetta said US officials “have plans to be able to implement any contingency we have to in order to defend ourselves.” However, Panetta said that the US still hopes that the conflict over Iran’s nuclear ambitions can be “resolved diplomatically.”

    Israel is the only country insisting on using military force to pressure Iran away from a suspected atomic weapon. Tel Aviv reaffirmed its position on May 23, the first day of a new round of talks between the P5+1 group and Iran. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the negotiations only let Iran to buy time and get in the way of Washington and Tel Aviv.

    The next day, even before the negotiations were officially ended, Israeli leadership backtracked on a promise not to attack Iran before America’s November presidential election.

    Meanwhile, IAEA suspicions towards Iran remain unresolved. Straight after the two days of negotiations in Baghdad, the IAEA suspected that Iran had raised its enrichment threshold slightly closer to weapons-grade level. The reason for such accusations was traces of uranium enriched up to 27 per cent reportedly found at the Fordo plant. However, Iran responded that the find was a technical glitch. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Tehran’s envoy to the IAEA, said the finding’s been blown out of proportion for political reasons.

    Iran’s nuclear chief Fereidoun Abbasi said on Sunday that there was no need to halt production of uranium enriched to 20 per cent, as Iran produces “only as much 20 per cent material” as it needs. The statement came in response to the group of six’s demands that Iran suspend 20 per cent enrichment in exchange for a US-supported package that would include radioactive material and spare civilian plane parts. But Tehran said they offered too little in return.

    Abbasi also touched upon a possible visit to the Parchin military site by IAEA observers, saying it would not come any time soon. “We haven’t been convinced yet. No reasons and documents have been presented to enable us to arrange a visit to Parchin, which is a military site,” he was quoted by ISNA as saying.

Why is genocidal madman Netanyahu screaming for war with Iran? It is all about the global petrodollar hegemony!

Zionists-NeoCons have been lying about Iran for the better part of 25 years!

What is all the BS about Iran being a nuclear threat? It is pure propaganda and outright lies by the Zionists!


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When The Derivatives Market Crashes (And It Will) U.S. Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook!

Fraudulent financial derivatives collapse super storm is coming!

  • My American friends: open your eyes to see who is screwing you, your country, your children … children’s children! They are Illuminist Masonic Wall Street banksters and their Illuminist politician puppets! (emphasis mine)

    When The Derivatives Market Crashes (And It Will) U.S. Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook! 
    Warren Buffett once said that derivatives are “financial weapons of mass destruction”, and that statement is more true today than it ever has been before.  Recently, JP Morgan made national headlines when it announced that it was going to take a 2 billion dollar loss from derivatives trades gone bad.  Well, it turns out that JP Morgan did not tell us the whole truth.  As you will see later in this article, most analysts are estimating that the losses will eventually be far larger than 2 billion dollars.

    But no matter how bad things get for JP Morgan, it will not be allowed to fail.  JP Morgan is the largest bank in the United States, so it is essentially the “granddaddy” of the too big to fail banksIf JP Morgan gets to the point where it is about to collapse, the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve will rush in to save it.  Because of this “security blanket”, banks such as JP Morgan feel free to take outrageous risks.  Today, JP Morgan has more exposure to derivatives than anyone else in the world.  If they win, they win big.  If they lose, U.S. taxpayers will be on the hook.  Not only that, but thanks to Dodd-Frank, U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for bailing out the major derivatives clearinghouses if there is ever a major derivatives crisis.  So when the derivatives market crashes (and it will) you and I will be left holding a gigantic bill.

    Derivatives almost caused the complete collapse of insurance giant AIG back in 2008.  But instead of learning our lessons, the derivatives bubble has gotten even larger since that time. A Bloomberg article that was published last year contained a great quote from Mark Mobius about derivatives….

    Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management’s emerging markets group, said another financial crisis is inevitable because the causes of the previous one haven’t been resolved.

    “There is definitely going to be another financial crisis around the corner because we haven’t solved any of the things that caused the previous crisis,” Mobius said at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo today in response to a question about price swings. “Are the derivatives regulated? No. Are you still getting growth in derivatives? Yes.”

    Never in the history of the world have we ever seen anything like this derivatives bubble.
    But instead of getting it under control, we just allowed it to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

    read more!


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Signs of Panic Spreading as Europeans Face Inevitability of Collapse!

Financial Armageddon dead ahead !

  • Brace yourself! Stock up on food (3-6 months supply?). Abandon paper assets. Accumulate physical gold and silver. Hold as little fiat currency in the bank as possible. Make sure you have more cash in your wallet. You do not want to be caught in the event of a bank holiday ie. nobody can withdraw cash! Financial Armageddon dead ahead ! The west is heading towards riots, social collapse, violence, hyperinflation … and even civil war (America in particular)!

    Signs of Panic Spreading as Europeans Face Inevitability of Collapse! 
    May 28 (LPAC)—As the frontline Spanish situation was imploding over the past 24 hours, the following indications of panic, and the dimensions of the crisis surfaced.

    * British Prime Minister David Cameron held an emergency meeting today at 10 Downing Street, including head of the Bank of England, Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne, FSA chairman Lord Turner and a number of others. The Daily Telegraph story says it’s to discuss “contingency plans” for the Eurozone collapse.

    * Yesterday, on Meet the Press, CNBC wildman Jim Cramer ranted against imminent catastrophe as a result of the European crisis, predicting “financial anarchy” and “bank runs” in Spain and Europe. Of course, the latter are aleady going on.

    * Most perceptive is a column which appears in the Huffington Post by Simon Johnson (a former IMF economist) and Peter Boone, under the title “The End of the Euro: A Survivor’s Guide.” The title is misleading, as no solution is offered, but the long article is a fairly well-documented elaboration of how the “Greek exit” will inevitably lead toward chaos, detailing a much fuller extent of its debts, including the whole Target2 payments system which puts billions in bad debt on the books of the German banks.

    Johnson figures Greece leaving the euro will mean default on EU121 billion of official creditor debt, EU27 billion to the IMF, then EU155 billion owed to the euro system, of which EU110 are through the Target2 system. So, he says, “between Target2 and direct bond purchases alone, the euro system claims on troubled periphery countries are now approximately EU1.1 trillion (this is our estimate based on available official data). This amounts to over 200% of the (broadly defined) capital of the euro system.” They also amount to about 43% of the German GDP.

    Later in the article, Johnson and Boone spin out the way this bankruptcy collapse might affect the “global financial markets” in a way much worse than 2008. European government will face insolvency — and if you look at the euro-denominated derivative contracts outstanding, they amount to a $185 trillion market, and this will lead to massive turmoil. Note that they are talking only about an estimate of the euro-denominated derivatives—and in all cases, these are estimates undoubtedly being incomplete.

    Johnson and Boone don’t go all the way, in terms of how this will blow up this side of the Atlantic as well, but they see the chaos coming, need for an orderly plan. However, despite their denunciations of all fantasies and “bedtime stories” at the conclusion of the article, they fail to mention the one solution that will work: the immediate and ruthless application of a strict Glass-Steagall.


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Now, It’s Italy’s Turn As Spain Continues To Break All Records!

Illuminists are lining up the dominoes for a collapse of the Eurozone!

  • The contagion is spreading like wildfire amongst the PIIGS. How long do you think this will last? My guestimate is: in Aug-Oct 2012 the detonations will start, the fuse is already lit. The Eurozone will implode triggering a massive global economic, financial and currency meltdown. This is the Illuminist plan to drive the world to their Luciferian New World Order, World Government, One World Currency, Global Supra-National Central Bank –> ‘666’! Their Satanic methodology: Order Out of Chaos!

    Now, It’s Italy’s Turn As Spain Continues To Break All Records! 
    by Tyler Durden, 
    … Spain’s 10 year just hit a record 6.72%, a spike of nearly 30 bps on the day, and just shy of the apocalyptic 7.00%, at which point everyone will quietly move to the bomb shelter (and JPM is not helping things, saying the total Spanish bank bailout may hit €350 billion even as the Spanish bailout fund has just €4 billion left in it…), even as the 2 Year rises above 5% for the first time since December 2011 on some rapid curve inversion moves. No: today the market simply had one of those epiphanies where it sat in front of a map, and finally remembered that last year as part of the continental contagion spread that forced the November 30 coordinated global central bank intervention, Italy was at the forefront.

    Sure enough, 2011 is once again becoming 2012. Today’s catalyst was an Italian sale of €5.73 billion in 5 and 10 year bonds, less than the maximum €6.25, where €3.391 billion of the 5 Year was sold at a 5.66% yield, compared to 4.86% on April 27, and the BTC of 1.35 vs 1.34. But the optical killer was the €2.341 billion in 10 Years which priced above 6% for the first time in a long while, coming at 6.03% compared to 5.84% in April, and a dropping BTC of 1.40 compared to 1.48 before. The result is a blow out in the entire Italian curve, with the 10 Year point widening by 28 bps, and sending Italian CDS wider by 21 bps to 543 bps. In other words: welcome to the party Italy. You have been missed. Some perspectives on the first of many ugly Italian bond auctions:

    “Those figures are really unconvincing. The 10-year benchmark has been issued (at a price) below secondary levels and the bid/cover for the new bond doesn’t look too strong. All these on the back of quite a concession into the auction.

    “The auction doesn’t provide any arguments to become bullish on peripherals again. We’re seeing Italy being taken hostage by the Spanish concerns. The market does not discriminate anymore, it is either ‘risk on’ or ‘risk off’, you either buy periphery as a whole or you sell it. “The market isn’t happy with this auction.”

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