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The Hexagram Bullet Designed To “CLEANSE” The Lower 48?

  • Why would Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) buy so many bullets: 450 million of 0.4 hollow tip rounds? During the Bolshevik-Communist Revolution as many as 200 million people were murdered by the Masonic, Illuminist, Synagogue of Satan. Dr. A True Ott:

    The Bullet Designed to“CLEANSE” the Lower 48? 
    According to a story from UPI (United Press International) – the 50,000+ “agents” of Homeland Security will have their sidearms loaded with a very lethal projectile:

     “Dale” writes to me in an e-mail: “The massive U.S. Department of Homeland Security contract with ATK Inc., to produce 450,000,000 (yes, 450 MILLION) rounds of very special .40 caliber S&W pistol ammunition, specifies that the cartridges be loaded with the costly, personal defense (anti-personnel) projectile known as Federal HST. The technology of the “HST” is, effectively, that of the Winchester “Ranger-T” product and the much-reviled Winchester “Black Talon.”

    If I have to point-out the odious implication inherent in the U.S. Government’s purchase of this much ammo, of a kind not even used by the military — not to mention the incomprehensible sum required to fund the manufacture of these specialty rounds — then ignore this post because you merely deserve what is coming.

     Notice in this video above the specifically-engineered shape the fired bullet forms upon impact.  Notice the clear 6-pointed Death Star it forms?   Isn’t this yet another form of the demonic HEXAGRAM – the “Synagogue of Satan’s” (Edomites) killing “Star of David”?  Is this mere coincidence?  I personally doubt if friends!

    Indeed- could this wonderfully-designed hexagram human-killer be the prescribed bullet designed to cleanse the Lower 48?


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  1. if you resist your enslavement – you are “anti-semitic”.
    in fact the true meaning of “anti-semitic” is “anti-Jewish Bolshevik”.
    “anti-semitism” was defined as a capital offense
    as soon as the Jewish Bolsheviks hijacked Russia 90-odd years ago.
    and these devils have us so intimidated today
    that we are afraid to know – or speak of – this simple historical truth.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn documented these atrocities in his book
    “two hundred years together” –
    but the powers that be have ensured
    that this book can’t be published in English.
    it’s available at – in Russian only.
    American Jews who have undivided loyalty
    to our Country and our Constitution
    are not the problem here.
    they aren’t the ones constantly hollering “anti-semite !”
    it’s the Jewish Bolsheviks in our midst
    who use this intimidation factor –
    and who must be purged –
    sent to their very own “promised land” in the middle east.
    wake up America –
    your days of life and liberty and pursuit of happiness are numbered.
    charles ranalli

    Comment by charles ranalli | April 29, 2012

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