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Doug Riggs & Stan Monteith: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) – Highly Demonized Hybrids/Nephilim Involved !

  • This is a highly interesting but deeply disturbing interview of Pastor Doug Riggs ( Listener beware! If you can’t handle Satanic topics below, avoid. See also:

    Generational Sin and Demonization within the Framework of SRA/DID
  • Topics discussed:

    Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) & Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
    – Satanic bloodlines, European Black Nobility … House of Windsor.
    – SRA/DID in generational Satanists for mind control, Satanic empowerment, sex slavery, Manchurian candidate/assassins …
    – Satanic trauma based mind control and brain washing ..
    – Infiltration of church by mind controlled, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)Satanists to destroy the church.
    – Modern ‘Alien’ Abduction/Hybridization is really not Alien but the work of Watchers, Fallen Angels … same as Genesis 6.
    – The modern Nephilim hybrid engineered to look like normal human beings and not like the Giants of Genesis 6. Highly demonized humanity 2.0. Transhuman ‘Super’ man, transgenic … They are here!
    – Pentagon’s Super Soldier program, CIA mind control MK Ultra …
    – The final drama leading up to the Return of Jesus Christ. The plan for the New World Order. We are close to the endgame.
    – The engineering of a Nephilim army to fight against Jesus Christ on His 2nd Coming!
    – The breeding of the demonic bloodline for the Anti-Christ.
    – Nephilim demonized bloodlines involved in mind control and programming of Satanists.
    – Child/Human sacrifice in the Vatican, United Nations, Jerusalem ….etc.
    – Occult rituals amongst the ruling Satanic elites and during important G20, United Nations … meetings.
    – Satanic sacrifices below the Jerusalem temple mount in Zedekiah’s cave. Is this the seat of the power of Satan, the Satanic throne?
    – History of mind control/programming, Josef Mengele Nazi ‘Angel of Death’, programming for MPD …
    – and many more issues…


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