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Pastor Lindsey Williams: Timeline To America’s Total Destruction!

“The dollar will be dead by the end of 2012. The financial collapse will take place worldwide. It won’t only be the American dollar, it’s gonna be the Euro, it’s gonna be the currencies of the world …. Worldwide Collapse! … A worldwide (collapse) not only America, Euro, other currencies ..” – Lindsey Williams 40:00 onwards

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Max Keiser: US Headed for Dollar Crisis!

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BRICS’ Move To Unseat US Dollar as Trade Currency!

If we're going down, we're going down in flames, baby! No half ass failure but total collapse!! Woohoo??!!

  • The USD collapse is coming!

    Brics’ move to unseat US dollar as trade currency! 
    by Thandeka Gqubule and Andile Ntingi, 
    South Africa will this week take some initial steps to unseat the US dollar as the preferred worldwide currency for trade and investment in emerging economies.

    Thus, the nation is expected to become party to endorsing the Chinese currency, the renminbi, as the currency of trade in emerging markets. This means getting a renminbi-denominated bank account, in addition to a dollar account, could be an advantage for African businesses that seek to do business in the emerging markets.

    The move is set to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar. This, experts say, is the latest salvo in the greatest worldwide currency war since the 1930s. In the 30s, several nations competitively devalued their currencies to give their domestic economies an advantage over others.

    And this led to a worldwide decline in overall trade volumes at the time. The north will be pitted against the entire south in a historic competitive currency battle – whose terrain has moved to the Indian capital New Dehli – where the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa) nations will assemble next week.

    China seeks to find new markets for its currency and to lobby to internationalise it throughout the Brics states. For China this is not a new game. In 2009, senior Chinese banking officials issued a statement that the international monetary system was flawed owing to an unhealthy dependence on the US dollar and called for a “super-sovereign” international reserve currency.

    Experts say Beijing’s first step is to internationalise its currency (by expanding its reach beyond China), liberalise it (to allow its value to be determined by the market instead of actively managing it as they currently do) and then make it a reserve currency for many nations in the developing world.

    Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank, says in a research document: “We expect at least $100 billion (about R768 billion) in Sino-African trade – more than the total bilateral trade between China and Africa in 2010 – to be settled in the renminbi by 2015.”

    The bank anticipates that the use of the renminbi will lower transaction costs in Africa, thus lowering the barriers to doing business.

    It also says that the Chinese will be more successful in transacting in renminbi in Africa than anywhere else because most currencies are weak and somewhat localised.

    Not only will the US dollar be challenged, but also the entire international financial regime – led by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund – which has been dominant since the end of World War II.

    … for more click here!


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Doug Riggs & Stan Monteith: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) – Highly Demonized Hybrids/Nephilim Involved !

  • This is a highly interesting but deeply disturbing interview of Pastor Doug Riggs ( Listener beware! If you can’t handle Satanic topics below, avoid. See also:

    Generational Sin and Demonization within the Framework of SRA/DID
  • Topics discussed:

    Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) & Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
    – Satanic bloodlines, European Black Nobility … House of Windsor.
    – SRA/DID in generational Satanists for mind control, Satanic empowerment, sex slavery, Manchurian candidate/assassins …
    – Satanic trauma based mind control and brain washing ..
    – Infiltration of church by mind controlled, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)Satanists to destroy the church.
    – Modern ‘Alien’ Abduction/Hybridization is really not Alien but the work of Watchers, Fallen Angels … same as Genesis 6.
    – The modern Nephilim hybrid engineered to look like normal human beings and not like the Giants of Genesis 6. Highly demonized humanity 2.0. Transhuman ‘Super’ man, transgenic … They are here!
    – Pentagon’s Super Soldier program, CIA mind control MK Ultra …
    – The final drama leading up to the Return of Jesus Christ. The plan for the New World Order. We are close to the endgame.
    – The engineering of a Nephilim army to fight against Jesus Christ on His 2nd Coming!
    – The breeding of the demonic bloodline for the Anti-Christ.
    – Nephilim demonized bloodlines involved in mind control and programming of Satanists.
    – Child/Human sacrifice in the Vatican, United Nations, Jerusalem ….etc.
    – Occult rituals amongst the ruling Satanic elites and during important G20, United Nations … meetings.
    – Satanic sacrifices below the Jerusalem temple mount in Zedekiah’s cave. Is this the seat of the power of Satan, the Satanic throne?
    – History of mind control/programming, Josef Mengele Nazi ‘Angel of Death’, programming for MPD …
    – and many more issues…


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Richard Russell: Gold & Silver Being Bought Up By Billionaires!

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!

  • Richard Russell – Gold & Silver Being Bought Up By Billionaires! 
    With gold remaining in a trading range below the $1,700 level, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, had this to say about what is happening with regards to gold, silver, stocks, inflation and the Fed: “Technically, both the US and Europe are dead broke, and their GDPs would have to run wild on the upside to make the debt to GDP ratio more acceptable. How will it all end? It will end with the central banks churning out junk fiat inflation-adjusted money in order to service the debts. Meanwhile, the precious metals and other tangibles are being bought up by millionaires and billionaires as they await their turns to feast on the remnants.”

    The feature of the day (Friday) was gold, with April gold closing up almost $20. And little mister silver up almost a dollar. Are they thinking about inflation somewhere ahead? I think so. Remember, the precious metals may rise well before obvious signs of inflation. They call it discounting.”

    … for more click here!


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Israel Targets Palestinian Solar Panels in Bid For West Bank Dominance!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Life a Burden? After-Birth Abortion Outrage Sparked in UK !

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‘Don’t Attack Iran!’ Nationwide Anti-War Protest Held in UK !

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Silver Update 3/25/12: The Illusion of Recovery!

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Saudi Arabia: House of Saud, Falling House of Cards!

  • The western Illuminati is attempting to foment regime change in Saudi Arabia via the CIA engineered ‘Arab Spring’. However, The Saudis have been very successful in putting down (rather violently) all protests and uprising both in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. There are no love lost between the Saudi snakes and the American snakes.
  • The Anglo-American-Zionist Illuminati want the Muslim Brotherhood (Masonic Brotherhood really) to take over Saudi Arabia. This is in preparation for the Satanic World War 3 Plan. Of course, the House of Saud do not want to give up their kingdom. Sooner or later blowback by the Saudi will come against America. They will abandon the USD !

    Saudi Arabia: House of Saud, Falling House of Cards! 
    by Finian Cunningham,
    Saudi rulers are struggling to contain a new wave of public protests that has erupted across the Arabian kingdom as security forces open fire on unarmed civilians.

    The big question: is the House of Saud finally beginning to collapse like the fragile house of cards that this creaking, ruling monarchy represents?

    The irony is rich indeed. For the past year, the Saudi rulers have done their utmost to crush the slightest dissent in their country, while at the same time they have backed Western interference, aggression and regime change in Libya and Syria – under the guise, wait for it, of advocating democratic freedom and human rights.

    At least two people have been reported dead from Saudi police violence against an outpouring of crowds who have taken to the streets in the kingdom – a female student and a man, described as a well-known human rights activist, are the latest victims. Many others have been injured or arrested as state security forces mobilise in what appears to be a desperate bid by the rulers to contain spreading protests.

    The irony is that Saudi Arabia is one of the most vocal members of the Arab League to denounce Syria for alleged human rights violations against protesters in that country. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has even called on Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad to step down and give way to greater democratic reforms.

    The irony comes in at least two parts: Saudi’s King Abdullah presides over an absolute monarchy that is brutally suppressing all and any peaceful dissent in his country calling for democracy; and, two, Saudi Arabia is funding and arming subversive groups in Syria who are accused of committing assassinations, kidnappings and many other terrorisms to bring down the secular Assad government.

    For the past year, Saudi Arabia – the world’s biggest oil producer and a key Western ally – has witnessed persistent protests against the ruling House of Saud. Up to now, the demonstrations calling for democratic freedoms have been mainly located in Saudi’s oil-rich Eastern Province, principally in the city of Qatif.

    But, most worryingly for US-backed King Abdullah and his entourage of brothers and half-brothers, there is this week growing public dissent in all quarters of the kingdom.

    Major street demonstrations are reported in the capital, Riyadh, in the Central Province. Protests are also taking off in the north, such as the city of Ar’ar, the western port of Jeddah and in the southern university city of Abha.

    When other Arab countries saw mass protests last year against their dictatorial rulers, Saudi Arabia was also embroiled in the regional ferment. However, Saudi Arabia appeared peripheral to the momentous changes sweeping the Arab region with few media reports of any substantive popular uprising.

    This can be explained partly by the ruthlessness of the Saudi authorities in crushing any incipient sign of protest in the kingdom. At least 10 people have been killed over the past year from Saudi state forces attacking peaceful demonstrations. Another explanation for the apparent low-key public protests in Saudi Arabia is the under-reporting of such events by the Western mainstream media.

    The popular dissent in Saudi Arabia against its rulers is to be sure there; it is just not being reported by the Western corporate media. That is because Saudi Arabia is a major strategic ally of Western governments, for example in supplying oil, buying huge amounts of weapons, and advancing geopolitical agenda in support of the garrison state of Israel or facilitating the NATO conquest of Libya, hammering Syria, and trying to destabilise Iran.

    The so-called free press and media in the West take tacit orders from their governments. The corporate media also take, depend on, lucrative advertising money from Saudi and Gulf Arab super rich entrepreneurs and state Sovereign Wealth Funds. Reporting on protests in Saudi Arabia and more especially reporting on state brutality is for the more accurately termed unfree media tantamount to cutting off the hand that feeds.

    But, despite the suppression of protests and information, the people of Saudi Arabia are on the move against their Western-backed despotic rulers. And the grievances are as abundant as the oil in that country.

    For a start, the Eastern Province has a large Shia Muslim population – perhaps 50 per cent compared with 10 per cent overall in Saudi Arabia. The Shia have been grossly discriminated against by the Wahhabi rulers of the House of Saud. Despite possessing the vast oil wealth of the Arabian Peninsula, poverty is rampant among the Eastern Province Shia.

    … for more click here!


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Lindsey Williams & Stan Monteith: Global Financial & Economic Collapse Soon ie. 2012! But Not In April, May or June!

  • Issues discussed:

    – The Illuminists are setting up the global financial collapse soon. But it will not happen in April, May or June this year. (Aug – Oct 2012??)
    – The US dollar will be dead by the end of 2012!
    – Saudi Arabia is building the biggest oil refinery with China. Saudi Arabia is abandoning the USD in the oil trade with China.
    – Japan and China have signed a currency swap agreement to bypass the USD for trade settlement between the 2 countries.
    – Prepare for US$6-7/gallon gas.
    – The Illuminists are still creating a massive amount of debts to enslave the sheeple.
    – The sheeple will be so poor that they will not be able to resist the New World Order and they will accept the One World Currency.
    – Ignore the stock market as it is being manipulated to give the illusion that things are ok.
    – Don’t be too concerned with Greece, Spain, Italy .. ie. Eurozone sovereign debt crisis. They will fall but they are not indicators of when the Illuminist will pull the plug and trigger meltdown.
    – The world financial meltdown will be triggered by the collapse of the financial derivatives market. This is the thing to watch.
    – Get out of all paper assets. They will be worthless once the collapse is triggered. Buy physical gold/silver.
    – Obama may not be re-elected as the Illuminati is pissed off with him for not signing the Keystone pipeline bill. However, it appears Obama may be compromising and giving way to the Illuminist by allowing the southern portion of the pipeline to be built.
    – The Illuminists control all the MSM.
    … and many more issues..


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Israel To Strike Iran in Three Months?

Stop the war!

  • Zionist ‘666’ Israel is not the Israel of the Bible. It is a Satanic construct. It flies a Satanic ‘666’ Hexagram flag. Ashkenazi Khazars (90+% of modern Jewry) are not semitic and not the descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel. Zionist ‘666’ Israel is a Rothschild (Satanic bloodline) military fiefdom. Many naive, gullible Christian sheeple will fall when this Satanic counterfeit is destroyed!

    Israel to strike Iran in three months? 
    As Washington and Tel-Aviv continue to debate the possibility of a preventive attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, there are some indications that Israel may strike in as soon as three months.

    ­Defense minister, Ehud Barak, says that if Israel plans to attack Iran it should act quickly, DEBKA-NET-Weekly’s sources say. Barak spoke of a three-month deadline for Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions.

    Meanwhile former Mossad chief Meir Dagan has said that Israel will know when Iran moves to the stage of nuclear weapon production, such as enriching uranium to a degree of 90 per cent, the Haaretz newspaper reports.

    However, speaking at an event in Haifa on Wednesday, Dagan said that Israel must not attack Iran for the time being, and that a preventive strike should be the last resort. He said the Israeli Air Force has the capability to significantly damage Iran’s nuclear facilities but admitted that such an attack would have serious repercussions.

    He warned that hundreds of missiles would be launched at Israel as well as strikes from Gaza and Lebanon-based Hezbollah. Tensions are rising high in the region with strong rhetoric heard from both sides. A senior Iranian lawmaker has warned that any move – even the “slightest of errors” – which could be considered a hostile act against the Iran will jeopardize the very existence of the Israel. “In the case of any venture against our country, the aggressors will face a swift, resolute and serious counter-measure,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said, according to Press TV.


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Israel Committed To Attacking Iran in June?

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • This coming war with Iran has nothing to do with Iran being a nuclear existential threat to Zionist ‘666’ Israel. Netanyahu and his fellow politician snakes are lying. It is about Iran selling oil but not using the USD. It is about Iran not playing along, not accepting the global hegemony of the western Illuminati. Freemason Netanyahu will lead Zionist ‘666’ Israel down the path to the Satanic World War 3 Plan: Zionist ‘666’ Israel vs Muslim World. Both will be destroyed in the process. Zionist ‘666’ Israel is a Satanic counterfeit !
  • The Illuminists are setting up a massive hoax. They are about to pull a fast on the Christian sheeple. They will use their Illuminist ‘Christian’ preachers to ratchet up the rhetoric about how the God of the Bible will manifest Himself supernaturally to defend Israel as in Ezekiel 38. How the endtimes the 2nd coming of Jesus, the Rapture of the Church … is about to happen. However, it will not happen. Many gullible Christian sheeple will fall when they see Zionist ‘666’ Israel destroyed. There is a strong likelihood that the Illuminists will pull out their UFO-Alien Invasion SCAM to hoax the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, the coming of the Muslim Mahdi, Maitreya …. etc. This is the strong delusion of 2 Thess 2:9-12 !
  • Israel Committed to Attacking Iran in June!?
    by Kurt Nimmo, 
    In an exclusive report, Jerusalem-based DEBKAfile reports that both Israel and the United States are on the same page in regard to launching an attack on Iran.

    “American and Israeli intelligence evaluations of the state of Iran’s program are in accord – contrary to the impression gained from Obama administration officials,” DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported on March 22. “Both are of one mind on the imperative to paralyze that program even by force if Iran refuses to give up its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.”

    On Friday, it was reported that the United States, European allies and Israel agree that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. “Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is probably years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead,” the National Post reported. Despite this evidence, the Israeli government has decided to attack Iran.

    According to DEBKAfile, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a radio interview on Thursday that if Israel is resolved to attack Iran, it will have to do so within three months. In February, it was reported that Israel would carry out an attack in June and would use Saudi Arabia as its base.

    DEBKAfile claims Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has convinced a majority of his Security and Diplomatic Cabinet of the urgency of an attack. “He is now backed by the two deputy prime ministers, the defense, foreign affairs, interior and finance ministers, while Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor and Minister without Portfolio Benny Begin are unconvinced. Netanyahu can therefore go ahead and safely put the military option to the vote in the cabinet for the first time,” DEBKAfile reports.

    With this consensus, Barak sent IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz to Washington to meet Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin E. Dempsey. Gantz told Dempsey Israel would “be happy if the US halts Iran’s nuclear program in its tracks, no matter whether this is done by economic sanctions, an oil embargo, negotiations between Tehran and the world powers, or secret US-Iranian diplomacy.” The effort, however, would need to fit within the three month timeline.

    Israeli officials then met “discretely” with leading members of Congress and told them about the three month timeline. DEBKAfile states, however, that Israel “may have to part ways with the United States on the Iranian issue the first time in its short history” and attack Iran “before it is too late.”

    Israel is now committed to an attack on Iran that will occur during the height of campaigning for the 2012 U.S. presidential election. The Republican national convention will be held on August 27-30 in Tampa, Florida, and the Democrat convention will be held on September 3-6 in Charlotte, North Carolina. If Israel attacks Iran in June, it will undoubtedly be the dominant issue during the convention and the election in November.

    Republican candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have all expressed their support of an Israeli attack on Iran. Ron Paul is the only candidate who opposes an attack. A poll conducted earlier this month revealed that a majority of Republicans believe the U.S. will attack Iran this year. Obama said on March 5 that the U.S. would always “have Israel’s back”but said there was still time for diplomacy.

Be careful of all the Zionist propaganda to drive us to war with Iran!


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Chris Duane: War With Iran is About The Global Petrodollar Hegemony! Not Nuclear Weapons!

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Dutchsinse Vindicated: HAARP Rings/Scalar Squares, Volcanic Plumes, Man Made Earthquakes.. Stanford University Paper on Weather Modifications!

  • To all those who insists that HAARP weather modification, man-made: weather disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, torrential rain … do not exist: Shut The Hell Up!

    A very special thanks to all those who stood behind me even when there was NO additional supporting evidence… oh what a difference a few months makes !! This past week has vindicated us on many levels… a .PDF paper from Stanford University… FULLY COVERING THE PHENOMENON that we’ve been documenting since last year… the ‘HAARP ring’..’stairstep pattern’.. and ‘Scalar Square’ RADAR signature patterns. VERIFIED via scientific paper directly relating to HAARP.

    Here is the full .PDF…. Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater…. used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather.

    Turns out these are what ‘THEY’ call these same HAARP signatures …. Square Wave, Sawtooth Pattern, and Circle Sweep mode. If you haven’t put it together yet… Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.

    2nd thing to be vindicated this week was PREPLANNED EARTHQUAKES / Man made events …. the mexico 7.9 magnitude was indeed pre-planned for over a month before hand…. to the DAY, MINUTE, HOUR, exact COUNTRY, exact magnitude … Here is the full post PROVING this to be the case: 

    And also proved correct on volcanic plumes coming from dormant volcanic spots: 

Click on image to goto Stanford University on HAARP ELF-VLF Weather Modification paper.

Hurricane Irene being steered or intensity reduced? Click on image to goto MIMIC microwave website to see full moving image!


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