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Afghan Rampage: Cold-Blooded & Calculated Atrocity! Upto 20 US Troops Involved !

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FBI: Paying Cash for Coffee? You Are a Terrorist !

All scams are based on deception and mis-direction! '666' is coming!

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Russian Peace Makers Told To Send Iran a Little Message: “The Invasion Will Happen Before Year’s End !”

World War 3 soon?

  • Russian Peace Makers – Told to Send Iran a Little Message!  (emphasis mine)
    After a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in New York on Monday, a Russian diplomat told newspaper Kommersant Daily about the message the Russians were asked to send to Iran.

    Russian diplomats agree that the rhetoric has changed from ‘if’ to ‘when.’

    “The invasion will happen before year’s end. The Israelis have put U.S. President Barack Obama in this interesting position–”either he supports the war or loses the support of the Jewish lobby,” according to the diplomat.

    On the record, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov felt that the “last chance” ultimatum surrounding inspectors returning to Iran is “unprofessional” adding, “a war will not solve any problems, but will create a million new ones.”

    “There is no such thing as a last chance. It’s an issue of political will, and Russia does everything to foster such will rather than let it wane,” he told the newspaper.

    Noting the negative trend in the conflict, Ryabkov suggested that “those tempted to use military force should restrain themselves and search for a diplomatic solution.”The U.S. administration position, as articulated by the teleprompter-in-chief, “The window for solving this issue diplomatically is shrinking…I am determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

    As commonly understood, every window has a frame, and with the dimensions of said window ‘shrinking’ it appears that any searching, as suggested by Ryabkov, is for reasons to engage in further defense of the dollar for oil standard. See: Iraq, Libya.

    The meeting in New York could better be charachterized as fact-finding, seeking a permission slip signature by daddy Russia. In exchange, the U.S. appeased the world’s largest crude oil producer, playing down the idea of engaging Syria, where Russia maintains their navy presence in the Mediterranean.

    The 3rd U.S. aircraft carrier will be arriving in the next few days, along with the 2nd mine-sweeping ship in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, joining 2 other aircraft carriers, and a big-deck amphibious warfare ship. How does one maintain purchasing power and protect wealth prior to the next Federal Reserve War?

    … for more click here!

Stop the war!


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The Jewish Talmud Exposed !

  • The modern religion of Judaism is not the religion of the old testament Bible. It is really the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. It is racist, supremacist, Anti-Christ and Anti-Christian. It is obvious who Jxxxx and Chxxxt is.:

    “Jxxxx is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement” (Gittin 57a).
    “Mary, the mother of Jxxxs, was a whore and played the harlot with carpenters” (Sanhedrin, 106a,b).
    “[Chxxxt] practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy” (Sanhedrin, 43a).
    “Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament” (Shabbath 116a).
    “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old” (Sanhedrin 54b).
    “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing” (Kethuboth 11b).
    “A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest” (Yebamoth 59b).
    “All gentile children are animals” (Yebamoth 98a).
    “Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile” (Baba Kamma 113a).
    “When a Jew murders a gentile (‘Cuthean’), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin 57a).


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The Bolshevik Jews Behind The Deaths of 40+ Millions During The Communist Revolution!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Ugandan Girl Exposes KONY 2012 Film!

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Patrick Henningsen: KONY 2012 Campaign – The Ultimate Act of Desperation!

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Chomsky: Are We About to Get Embroiled in a Nightmare War With Iran?

Who is threatening who? Each star represents a US military base for a total of 45!

  • Chomsky: Are We About to Get Embroiled in a Nightmare War With Iran?
    By Noam Chomsky, 
    As tensions escalate, there are eerie echoes of the run-up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    The January/February issue of Foreign Affairs featured the article “Time to Attack Iran: Why a Strike Is the Least Bad Option,” by Matthew Kroenig, along with commentary about other ways to contain the Iranian threat.

    The media resound with warnings about a likely Israeli attack on Iran while the U.S. hesitates, keeping open the option of aggression – thus again routinely violating the U.N. Charter, the foundation of international law.

    As tensions escalate, eerie echoes of the run-up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are in the air. Feverish U.S. primary campaign rhetoric adds to the drumbeat. Concerns about “the imminent threat” of Iran are often attributed to the “international community” – code language for U.S. allies. The people of the world, however, tend to see matters rather differently.

    The nonaligned countries, a movement with 120 member nations, has vigorously supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium – an opinion shared by the majority of Americans (as surveyed by before the massive propaganda onslaught of the past two years.

    China and Russia oppose U.S. policy on Iran, as does India, which announced that it would disregard U.S. sanctions and increase trade with Iran. Turkey has followed a similar course.

    Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. In the Arab world, Iran is disliked but seen as a threat only by a very small minority. Rather, Israel and the U.S. are regarded as the pre-eminent threat. A majority think that the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons: In Egypt on the eve of the Arab Spring, 90 percent held this opinion, according to Brookings Institution/Zogby International polls.

    Western commentary has made much of how the Arab dictators allegedly support the U.S. position on Iran, while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of the population opposes it – a stance too revealing to require comment.

    Concerns about Israel’s nuclear arsenal have long been expressed by some observers in the United States as well. Gen. Lee Butler, former head of the U.S. Strategic Command, described Israel’s nuclear weapons as “dangerous in the extreme.” In a U.S. Army journal, Lt. Col. Warner Farr wrote that one “purpose of Israeli nuclear weapons, not often stated, but obvious, is their ‘use’ on the United States” – presumably to ensure consistent U.S. support for Israeli policies.

    A prime concern right now is that Israel will seek to provoke some Iranian action that will incite a U.S. attack. One of Israel’s leading strategic analysts, Zeev Maoz, in “Defending the Holy Land,” his comprehensive analysis of Israeli security and foreign policy, concludes that “the balance sheet of Israel’s nuclear policy is decidedly negative” – harmful to the state’s security. He urges instead that Israel should seek a regional agreement to ban weapons of mass destruction: a WMD-free zone, called for by a 1974 U.N. General Assembly resolution.

    Meanwhile, the West’s sanctions on Iran are having their usual effect, causing shortages of basic food supplies – not for the ruling clerics but for the population. Small wonder that the sanctions are condemned by Iran’s courageous opposition.

    The sanctions against Iran may have the same effect as their predecessors against Iraq, which were condemned as “genocidal” by the respected U.N. diplomats who administered them before finally resigning in protest. The Iraq sanctions devastated the population and strengthened Saddam Hussein, probably saving him from the fate of a rogues’ gallery of other tyrants supported by the U.S.-U.K. – tyrants who prospered virtually to the day when various internal revolts overthrew them.


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Brent At $126 As Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran!

  • War with Iran is coming, probably Aug-Oct 2012 time frame. It appears the Zionists are going to launch a pre-emptive strike as Iran refused to be provoked into a military first strike!

    Brent At $126 As Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran! 
    by Tyler Durden, 
    Looking at the tranquil sea that is the S&P one may be forgiven to ignore the rapid intraday surge in Brent which was up over $3 in a few hours, approaching $126 once again. But why? After all the FOMC minutes were oh so very slightly hawkish, and not to mention that the Fed’s scribe Hilsenrath told everyone at best the Fed would proceed with sterilized QE which would leave risk prices untouched. Maybe it has something to do with this. According to Israel’s NRG, in a just completed cabinet vote, for the first time Netanyahu has gotten a majority (8 over 6) supporting an Iran attack. NRG also notes that at this point Israel has decided to not wait until the US elections in November before proceeding with sending crude to the stratosphere.

    From NRG (google translated): “Israeli political sources believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a majority Cabinet support Israeli military action against Iran without American approval….He announced that he would not hesitate to perform the operation without the approval of President Obama mentioned the precedent of the decision to attack the Iraqi reactor, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and with the comments heard yesterday some cabinet ministers say privately that “It sounds like a speech preparation for attack.” Political – Security Cabinet 14 ministers. According to estimates, at this stage tend to support Netanyahu and
    Barak’s approach eight ministers, and six against it
    (including the traditional opponents octet: Moshe Ya’alon, Dan Meridor, Benny Begin and Eli Yishai).” So… $4.00 gas is just around the corner. As is, probably, $5.00 gas. And $6.00 gas.

    … for more click here!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Syria: Israeli-Made Weapons Seized in Homs!

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The Nation: Obama Moving U.S. Closer To a War With Iran!

  • War with Iran is no walk in the park. Russia and China are standing on the sidelines ready to reply. It will very likely be the start of the Satanic World War 3!

    The Nation: Obama Moving U.S. Closer to a War With Iran! 
    by Sherwood Ross, 
    Although President Obama says “now is not the time for bluster” about Iran, his administration “has adopted a strategic approach that is moving the United States closer to war,” “The Nation” magazine warns in a March 26th editorial.

    While Iran has the right to enrich uranium under international law, Mr. Obama has made it U.S. policy to stop Iran from doing so despite the fact all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies say Iran has abandoned its earlier nuclear weapons program.

    “Another questionable proposition” (embraced by the Obama administration”) is that “an Iranian nuclear weapon is a threat to Israel, and therefore Israel and the U.S. have the right to launch a preventive military strike,” the magazine says in its lead editorial.

    “This approach embraces the Bush administration’s illegal doctrine of preventive war—the claim that a country can start hostilities to pre-empt imminent attack but merely to forestall a potential threat.”

    “Such talk may only encourage Tehran to pursue nuclear weapons as a deterrent, because it is the same rhetoric that led to the invasion of Iraq,” the magazine continued. The Editors added that an Israeli military strike against Iran “would almost certainly draw the United States into a new conflict in the Middle East and send oil prices soaring.”

    The liberal weekly called for “a new approach” by the U.S. that involves “sustained diplomatic engagement” with Iran. The editorial concluded: “The White House should pursue the recently announced renewed talks without onerous conditions or ultimatums…” and call a halt “in the drift toward war.”

    In a related development, Editor Michael Lerner of “Tikkun” magazine and a San Francisco rabbi, placed a full-page advertisement in the “New York Times” March 7th stating that the media “has distorted what has been going on between Obama and (Israel Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, by representing Obama as “a hero for peace.”

    “Actually what happened (at their Washington meeting) is that Obama legitimated a first strike and preemptive attack on Iran, arguing with Netanyahu about the timing of such an attack, seeking to allow coercive economic sanctions to work first, but stating explicitly that Israel should not be constrained in any way to follow what it decides to be in its best national interest in regard to a strike on Iran.”

    The Lerner add warned, “Obama has now fully embraced the militarist position of George W. Bush who argued that it was legitimate for the U.S. to take a preemptive attack on Iraq based on the suspicion that they had nuclear weapons, just as Obama two months ago gave the green light to legislation that allows the US to imprison for life without a trial U.S. citizens the government suspects to be cooperating in some way with terrorists, and just as he has taken the lead in developing drone technology aimed at civilians (which Pentagon militarists say may soon be used inside the U.S.).”

    Lerner’s ad asserted, “The media ignores this significant tilt toward militarism in the policies and rhetoric of Obama, and its potential for building even more support for the right wing policies that were once considered extremist in US politics.”

There are no evidence that Iran has nuclear bombs nor a nuclear weapons program. The Zionists are trying to drag America into another unnecessary war!


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Shoot In The Foot: Iran Oil Ban To Recoil on EU !

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JOSEPH KONY, AMERICA’S PRETEXT TO INVADE AFRICA: US Marines Dispatched to Five African Countries!

US Africa Command ! The invasion of Africa begins!

  • Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
    23 “Thus he said:
    ‘The fourth beast shall be
    A fourth kingdom on earth,
    Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
    And shall devour the whole earth,

    Trample it and break it in pieces.

  • The latest Kony 2012 psyop, propaganda is falling apart. The alternative media is tearing it apart and many people are waking up to the genocidal game. It is all about promoting wars without end using mis-direction, false enemies … etc. The western Illuminati is about to play its last card: world war, in the face of its collapsing financial and monetary empire!

    JOSEPH KONY, AMERICA’S PRETEXT TO INVADE AFRICA: US Marines Dispatched to Five African Countries! 
    by Michel Chossudovsky, 
    The hidden agenda in Uganda, Central Africa and the Horn of Africa is the conquest of oil and strategic mineral resources. Going after Joseph Kony and protecting Ugandan children is a cynical smokescreen, a pretext for a “humanitarian intervention” in a region where US sponsored “civil wars” (Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia) have in the course of the last 20 years resulted in more than eight million deaths:

    “Through AFRICOM, the United States is seeking a foothold in the incredibly resource rich central African block in a further maneuver to aggregate regional hegemony over China. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is one of the world’s largest regions without an effectively functioning government. It contains vast deposits of diamonds, cobalt, copper, uranium, magnesium, and tin while producing over $1 billion in gold each year. It is entirely feasible that the US can considerably increase its presence in the DRC under the pretext of capturing Joseph Kony.” (Nile Bowie, Merchandising and Branding Support for US Military Intervention in Central Africa,
    Global research, March 14, 2012)

    In a recent decision, the Pentagon confirms the sending in of Marine Special Forces to train Ugandan troops in the fight not only against Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) but also against Al Shabab in Somalia. Joseph Kony is being used as a pretext for outright military intervention in five African countries.

    “So far, the task force has deployed small teams to five African nations, including some threatened by the terror group al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, according to a Marine news release” (Stars and Stripes, March 15, 2012 ).

    Officially, the underlying framework is “peacekeeping” to be achieved through US sponsored “counterterrorism operations”. The stated objective is to transform Ugandan soldiers into “counterterrorism engineers”, namely Special Forces under US supervision, “who will then deploy to Somalia in support of infantry battalions.”(Ibid)

    The sending in of US Marines to Africa is upheld as “part of a new Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-12 based out of Sigonella, Sicily” which will dispatch small teams of Marine forces throughout the African continent. The initiative was launched in 2011 “as part of an effort to prepare African militaries to conduct counterterrorism operations” under US guidance.

    What this initiative also implies is the direct involvement of Ugandan troops and special forces in the civil war in Somalia:

    Related US officials see progress in squeezing Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa US weighs response as extremist group expands reach across Nigeria

    “The genesis of this mission was operations in Mogadishu, Somalia, where African Union peacekeepers experienced IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and other complex obstacles, which exposed them to ambushes by al Shabaab,” said Maj.Charles Baker, a spokesman for the Marine mission, in a news release issued by the U.S. Embassy in Kampala.

    “The soldiers on training will use the acquired knowledge in war-torn Somalia and in the hunt down of fugitive LRA commander Joseph Kony, wherever he is,” said Ugandan People’s Defense Force Lt. Col. Richard C. Wakayinja, in a separate Marine news release. (Stars and Stripes, March 15, 2012)


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UGANDAN OIL: US Africa Command a Tool To Recolonise The African Continent !

  • Big Oil (and most large MNCs) are owned by the 13 Satanic bloodlines. Oil is a method of enslaving the sheeple. By controlling the Middle East and oil production/sale, the western Illuminati exert their control over the world. It should come as no surprise that America wants to conquer Africa. AFRICOM (US African Command) was created for this purpose. America is simply a tool for the conquest of the world by the western Illuminati.
  • The major power most at risk when oil is cut off is: China (and India). Russia is not affected because it is the #1/#2 exporter of oil and natural gas. Some kind of conflict will come about between China and the west.

    UGANDAN OIL: US Africa Command a tool to Recolonise the African Continent! 
    by Dr. Motsoko Pheko, 
    The USA Africa Command, which America calls ‘Africom’, is a military structure of the Defence Department of America. Africom was formed in 2007 during President George W Bush’s second term of office. That was two months after America had bombed a small African country, Somalia, destabilising it to the ashes it is today and to the danger it now poses to Africa and international trade. The coast of Somalia is infested with sea piracy and kidnappings. This is as a result of the earlier American invasion of Somalia, in pursuit of its illegitimate economic interests in Africa. The political instability of Somalia has now caused the problem of ‘terrorism’ for East African countries such as Kenya.

    In October 2011, the Institute of Security Studies held a seminar in Pretoria, South Africa, on United States’ security policy in Africa and the role of the US Africa Command. The main speaker was the American Ambassador to South Africa. He presented what was a ‘non-military insider’s perspective on the United States’ Africa Command.’ This way he was supposedly to ‘separate facts from fiction and rumours and deal directly with misconceptions and misapprehensions about Africom.’

    The American apologists of Africom suggested that the creation of this American military structure under the American Defence Department ‘has turned out to be different from what the USA government had originally envisioned and what the United States of America had originally perceived, having quickly foresworn locating its headquarters in Africa.’

    It seems that even in this 21st century the United States of America government does not respect the sovereignty of African states and the territorial integrity of the continent. If it did, it would know that Africans have national and continental interests and the right to protect them. Assistance should be solicited. Those who need assistance know what kind of assistance they want. The United States of America has no right to prescribe Africom on Africa even at the expense of dividing Africa and weakening the African Union. America wants its own interests to prevail over those of Africa.

    Africans have a painful history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, racism and colonialism by nations that claim to be ‘civilised’ but have behaviour that is contrary to civilisation. They dehumanised Africa’s people and saw nothing wrong with that. They have never shown any remorse for their inhuman deeds to Africans or offered any reparations for the colossal damage they inflicted on Africans. America’s persistence to impose Africom on Africa proves this beyond reasonable doubt.

    Uganda suffered unspeakable atrocities under Idi Amin’s government that was installed by Britain under Prime Minister Edward Heath. The British government did not like the socialist policies of President Milton Obote. Idid Amin killed many Ugandans. They included the Anglican Archbishop Janani Luwum.

    After the overthrow of Idid Amin, there emerged Joseph Kony, leader of what he calls the Lord’s Resistance Army. Kony has murdered thousands of Ugandans. This included kidnapping hundreds of Ugandan children who he forced to join his army to fight the Ugandan government. Many of those children were killed in the senseless war. This has gone on for over 20 years.

    The US government never approached Uganda or the African Union or its predecessor, the Organisation of African Unity, to ask how the United States could help. Now there is discovery of oil in Uganda. Almost immediately, there are reports that US government has sent an army to Uganda to find Joseph Kony and rescue Uganda’s children. Why did America not make this offer long before Uganda discovered this oil wealth? Acquisition of Africa’s resources is the chief purpose of Africom, not the development of Africa.

    Some African countries have been threatened with sanctions and ‘regime change.’ One of them is Libya, where Colonel Maummar Gaddafi was killed under the dark cloud of NATO and United States of America. When Africans raise concerns about ‘Africom’ they are said to suffer ‘misconceptions, misapprehensions, rumours, and fiction.’ Now, is the United States of America government prepared to allow Russia or China to establish their own ‘American Command’ and call it ‘Americom’ in pursuit of their national interests in America? How would Americans react to this? Would they go to the streets and say, ‘Welcome messiah!’

    Anyway, the architect of ‘Africom’ President George W Bush has said that the United States’ Africa Command ‘will co-ordinate all United States security interests throughout Africa.’ If this is not imperialist arrogance and contempt for the sovereignties of African States, then the proponents of ‘Africom’ must be sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

    … for more click here!


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Engdahl: Arab Spring a Pentagon Strategy!

  • The entire Arab Spring is fomented by the western Illuminist government and executed via CIA-Pentagon. The plan is to destroy the Middle East as we know it via wars.


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