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To Bomb or Not To Bomb? US Schizo Over Iran Attack !

  • All these ‘news’ about whether or not the US will do Zionist Israel’s bidding by attacking Iran is just political theatre. They want to provoke Iran into a military attack but Iran is not falling for the trap. So, IMO, the western Illuminati has decided on Plan B: Zionist ‘666’ Israel will attack Iran using the false excuse that Iran is an existential threat. If this plan fails ie. Zionist Israel refuses to do so, the western Illuminati will very likely provoke a religious war by using their terrorists to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Then, it is a Greater Middle East War ie. Zionist ‘666’ Israel vs Muslim World. It is obvious who the useful idiots are going to be: Zionists!
  • The only way Iran can survive is with the support of Russia and China. If Iran starts the war and is viewed as the aggressor, Russia and China will find it hard to defend Iran. If US were to attack Iran pre-emptively, it will be WW3 as both China and Russia will join the war immediately. So, America is distancing itself publicly from an attack on Iran. In reality, it is just a charade, the useful idiots Zionist Israel will be used and sacrificed for this Greater Middle East War. US, NATO, Russia, China … will fight via their proxies in the Middle East. And let them destroy each other. The question is: what will happen after this Greater Middle East War? How are they going to fight each other or will there be an unwinnable nuclear stalemate?


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