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New York Times Promoting War on Iran!

  • The western Illuminist MSM’s role is to support the war agenda. They are not neutral, neither are they dis-interested observers. They are active and biased participants serving the Illuminati’s goal of Satanic WW3. History shows that the MSM is owned by Illuminist corporate interests and they sell the corporate agenda even to the harm of the public.

    New York Times Promoting War on Iran! 
    by Stephen Lendman, 
    Longstanding Times policy supports imperial US wars against nonbelligerent countries posing no threats. It backed American-led NATO aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Using scandalous language like “Assad’s butchery,” it wants killer gangs armed and greater Western intervention.

    A Syrian (unnamed for his safety) emailed this information:

    It’s believed “the National Syrian Army caught 12 French Officers and one high-ranking officer in Homs. The French Ambassador came back to Syria to re-negotiate. Reports suggest 22 Jihadists from Afghanistan had been caught in Idlib yesterday.”

    “A christian friend of mine ran away to Damascus because they informed him within 2 days to go out of Hama before they start slaying his family.”

    “Another person’s sister was kidnapped. The gang asked for 2 million SYP to return her. They paid. She’s home now but they raped her.”

    “They use Kidnapping Strategy to earn more money because the Syrian National Forces are attacking the weak points on the border of Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. We should never forget Daraa on the border of Jordan.”

    “I saw a couple of times “Free Syrian Army” members when I was visiting a friend of mind in Damascus. They are totally RUBBISH, UNEDUCATED OUTLAWS!”

    He also mentioned a spurious Arabic language video circulating. It alleges Syrian army force attacks on peaceful demonstrations. “Activists explain lying in this video using unequivocal evidence.”

    New York Times and other major media scoundrels suppress these reports. For months, The Times also stoked spurious fears about an alleged Iranian threat and need to confront it. On January 5, it claimed “a recent assessment by the International Atomic Energy Agency (says) Iran’s nuclear program has a military objective.”

    In fact, no such report exists. Too bad Times readers don’t know it. Its January 12 editorial said:

    “The United Nations Security Council demanded that Iran stop enriching uranium more than five years ago.”

    Fact check
    Unsaid was that doing so complies fully with Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) provisions. Other countries operating nuclear reactors do it. It’s entirely legal.

    “Iran claims it only wants access to nuclear technology for electricity and other peaceful purposes. But that excuse is hollow.”

    Fact check
    Hollow? It’s true. US intelligence and IAEA say no evidence suggests an Iranian nuclear weapons development program.

    “The major powers have said that power generation would be guaranteed if Iran abandons its weapons ambitions. Instead, Iran is still enriching uranium and mastering other technologies that would allow it to build a nuclear weapon.”

    Fact check
    No evidence whatever corroborates these claims. However, repeating them often enough gets most people to believe them. A recent Pew Research Center poll cited 58% of those surveyed saying America should use military force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Only 30% want confrontation avoided.

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