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David Irving: Exposing Holocaust Lies!

Daily Express 1933: Only 600,000 Jews in Germany!

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    1923: out of the 161 banks in Berlin 150 are Jewish-owned. The International Jewish Banks in New York cause the German Reichsmark to crash, bankrupting the country within weeks.

    1924: The German currency (Reichsmark) which is tied into the International Exchange rate, plunges into a dive. Within months the Reichasmark is worthless. Unable to feed their families or pay rent millions of Germans are forced to sell all they own. The altered exchange rates means that $1 US dollar is worth many TRILLIONS of Reichamark for only a few dollars. Jewish-American investors bought German Businesses,industries,homes,lands,art works and the Jewish investors become incredibly rich.

    By the end of the year the German government manages to create a new currency and the madness is halted. Millions of Germans have lost everything they own and many tens of thousands have starved to death. The Germans still do nothing against these speculators. Just the opposite. Many of the Jews gain high political and respectable positions in Germany society.

    Jewish influence and material wealth was so great during the time of the Weimar Republic that some Germans referred to it as the “Judenrepublik” (Jewish Republic) although Jews comprised only about 1% of its population. To mention only one small example. Over 30% of the faculty of the University of Berlin was Jewish in 1932.  ….

Do you really believe in all the Illuminist propaganda?

Auschwitz deaths reduced to 1 Million!


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