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Ordinary Jews Are Human Shields, Behind Which The Zionist Evil Operates!

  • I do not subscribe to the view that it is a Jewish conspiracy. The paranoid view that: “It is the Jews! They are the cause of the world’s problems!”. This is false, it is an Illuminati conspiracy across all racial, religious, political … lines. This is not to say that there aren’t Jews involved in the Illuminati or at the top echelons of the hierarchy. There obviously are. But if you observe carefully, the Jewish sheeple, the majority do not know what is going on. Because of their Talmudic / tribal upbringing, they have been brainwashed into behaving a certain way. It is simply trauma based mind control, psychological abuse to reinforce tribal survival instincts for the agenda of the Illuminati. A large part of their indoctrination, programming are falsehood. It is fear and hate mongering against non Jews.
  • You cannot deny the grip of the occult on these people. They are made to swear allegiance constantly to the Star of David, Satanic ‘666’ Hexagram flag! In the final analysis, they are all deceived useful idiots just like the rest of the sheeple. The Illuminati want non Jews to attack Jews. This reinforces the tribe. Historically, anti-Semitism is largely fomented by Zionist Jews. When non Jews respond by attacking/blaming Jews for all the problems we are facing in the world, they fall into the Illuminati trap: divide and conquer. Jews are convenient patsies and a front for the Illuminati. Most of these so-called Illuminati Jews are not even Jews. It is all a deception. The Illuminists masquerade themselves as Jews, Christians, Muslims … whatever cover suit their needs.
  • The gist of the following article is largely correct. Note: Zionism like Communism is created by Illuminist social engineers. It is Satanism masquerading behind Jewish Nationalism. The objective is the Satanic World War 3, Clash of Civilazations: Zionist world vs Muslim world BS. I assert again Zionist ‘666’ Israel is a Satanic counterfeit and not the Israel of the Bible!

    Ordinary Jews are human shields, behind which the Zionist evil operates! 
    Nathanael Kapner sums up the whole Libya lie in just over five minutes (see video top of post) Nathanael Kapner was raised Jewish but turned to Christianity and fights to expose the Talmudic menace. His style is certainly unusual, but if he gets the massage across, then that isn’t so important.

    It is good to see a member of the tribe responsible for the great ills afflicting the world, standing up and exposing the criminals of his own bloodline. Bravo Nathanael. The success of the Zionist terror stems from the hold it has over the people who call themselves Jews. If we can break that hold, we can expose Zionism as an enemy of all humanity, including the ‘Jews’.

    The Talmud is the root of all our misery; from it comes Qabalah and the profoundly disturbing Sabbatean and Frankist cults which have spawned anti-human multi-culti materialism. Torah Jews are not the problem; in reality they are as much victims as humanity at large, perhaps more so. When retribution comes for the crimes of Zionists, ordinary Jews, (and specifically Israelis) will pay the price, whilst the Rothschilds, Windsors, and the other leaders of the Zionist cabal continue unaffected. Fighting the internationalist menace requires a focus on the real enemy. Ordinary Jews are but patsies and useful idiots. We need to liberate the human shield from the Zionist puppet masters and attack the beasts in control.

    The notion of all Jews being implacable enemies of humanity serves only to bolster support for the Talmudic tyrants amongst the enslaved Jewish masses. The term ‘anti-Semitism’ was invented by the Rabbinical elite to terrify ordinary Jews into remaining within the Jewish fold, at a time when many were Jews were abandoning the superstition of the Rabbis and marrying into gentile families. This threatened to destroy the power base of the Rabbis, leaving them with no choice but to work as the rest of humanity, rather than preach insane nonsense and receive an income for a pointless and worthless existence. Without a Jewish community to feed from, the parasites in the Synagogues would have had to do real work, which simply would not do!

    The racial supremacy of the Talmud was an invention of the Rabbis designed to inculcate a loathing for those deemed of lower races. The elite of the Windsor clan certainly believe this sick fantasy and dictate to the common people in the manner of gods. All Monarchies are founded on the absurdity of the ‘Divine Right’ to rule. There is no Divine Right, only a man-made blasphemy used to subjugate the masses. In Libya the Royal Family which persecuted Libyans until it was thrown out by Qaddafi in 1969, is set to return to once again reduce the Libyan people to serfs in their own lands. As with all ‘Royal’ families, the Libyan one is related to the Windsor clan through common Khazar ancestry. ….

    The conquest of Iraq, and the ongoing war in Libya are Zionist operations. In the town of Sirte, between Tripoli and Benghazi, Libyans are under attack by Zionist forces which are determined to ethnically cleanse all resistance to international imperialism. The death toll will be as horrendous as the butchery in other nations occupied by the Zionist war machine. Such is the reality of the war to protect civilians. The war was never intended to help anyone save for the international bankers and oil companies which were losing the economic struggle for Africa, thanks to the great deeds of Qaddafi.

    If this war hasn’t exposed the lies of international Zionism and their mercenaries in NATO, what will it take? Our oppressors act with impunity because we let them. We are so busy chasing shadows created by THEM (the enemy enslaving mankind), that we fail to attack the real enemy. Our oppressors do not live in remote parts of the world, they sit in the offices in the City of London; in the headquarters of the banking institutions; in Buckingham Palace; in Westminster; in other related places in plain sight. They take their power from us in the manner of financial and spiritual vampyrs.

    We need to withdraw all support for the Establishment. The Police in the UK have murdered over 300 people and no one has been held to account. The British government are taxing the people to death and implementing ‘austerity’ measures which are destroying our way of life, telling us we have to cut expenditure to pay the money ‘we’ owe the international bankers. Yet these same creatures happily spend £32 million per week arming the Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya who are raping and murdering children, and reducing a proud nation to rubble in order for the same international bankers to loan it money for reconstruction which it only needs due to British terror bombing. We will be further taxed to pay for the post-war occupation of Libya.

    The British Establishment is the founder of Zionism. All the crimes of Tel Aviv ultimately have their origins in the City of London. The war against Gaza differs from the wars against Libya only insofar as the jets used to murder Palestinian Arab civilians carry the Israeli emblem, whereas the airborne terrorists over Libya fly under NATO colours. Israel was created as a focal point for global opposition, to enable the criminals in the City of London to build their financial empire whilst the resistance was distracted. Israel is but a subsidiary of the Talmudists who rule the UK. When people finally rise up against Zionism, it will be Israel which is destroyed. The criminals in chief will continue in London as before.

    Zionism is a tool of the London cabal. Like all Talmudic fronts, Zionism has become a focal point for the purpose of keeping attention away from the real enemy. Just as with Soviet Communism, Zionism is nothing more than a smokescreen. The ordinary Jews of Israel and elsewhere are human shields. The true enemy is the Establishment, and it is our duty to expose it; especially those of us who live in the UK and are tied to the criminals by association. Ordinary Britons are no more NATO butchers than ordinary Jews are Zionists. Certainly there are collaborators in each case, but it is a mistake to attack the sycophantic masses and leave the elites unhindered. The likes of Nathanael Kapner are proof that the Talmudists cannot control the Jews if they refuse to accept their rule. We should welcome those who defect to our side, and expose those who support our common enemy.


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