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U.S. Fighting On The Same Side as Three Terrorist Groups In Syria!

  • “All wars are based on deception!” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  • Muslim fundamentalism/terrorism has its roots in western Illuminist intelligence agencies: CIA, MI6, Mossad … etc. It should more correctly be termed as Illuminist terrorism and not Muslim! The Illuminist US shadow government controls these terrorists groups.  By using these terrorist groups, the Illuminists engineer the fake Global War on Terror. They then have a pretext for invading other countries and world conquest.
  • No evidence were ever found proving that Iraq or Afghanistan were ever involved in 9/11. No evidence were ever found of WMDs in Iraq. The wars against Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal, pre-emptive wars of aggression. The greatest war criminals and terrorists are found in the US government! Keep in mind: these people are Illuminists-Satanists! I do not blame the American people because they are misled and deceived constantly!
  • Hamas is controlled opposition founded and to a certain extent still controlled by Zionist Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is really the Masonic Brotherhood ie. an Illuminist organization in cahoots with western Illuminist intelligence agencies. It was created/founded by British Intelligence MI6. Only Hezbollah is not IMO directly under western control. It is under Iran’s. It is debatable whether they are a terrorist organization or not. America will call anyone opposing them a terrorist. Nevertheless, Hezbollah is a military or para-military organization with political savvy. Some have compared them to the early Jewish militia which formed the beginnings of the IDF. Ie. to be respected and feared as an opponent.

    U.S. Fighting On the Same Side as Three Terrorist Groups In Syria
    by Washington’s Blog 
    Al Qaeda is supporting the Syrian opposition. So is the Muslim Brotherhood. And Hamas.

    This is curious, given that the U.S. is supporting the Syrian opposition (and see this), considering military options for ousting the Syrian government, American allies Britain and Qatar allegedly already have foreign troops inside Syria, and the U.S. has been planning regime change in Syria for over 50 years.

    I thought Al Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood were America’s mortal enemies. Why are we backing terrorists?

    If Hezbollah joins the opposition, it will be a clean sweep.

Where are the evidence that Afghans or Iraqis were involved? There is NONE!


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  1. Hamas was definately founded and funded by the Zionists because they wanted to create an organisation to rival and get rid of the PLO. However Hamas grew and bit the Zionists on their arses.. they are no longer tied to Zionists other than being exploited as ‘terrorists’ … They are also democratically elected by the people of Palestine.

    Think of it this way… look at Ireland and the English invasion, from that grew The Irish Brotherhood, which was actually made up of both Catholic and Protestant members… they joined the British army to learn military skills and when leaving took a lot of arms and weaponary with them! The eventual split of IRA and UDA came later and is another story… Anyone with any intelligence can understand and work out the reason I highlight this fact pertaining to Hamas.

    George Galloway has often said ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’

    Comment by Guest | March 1, 2012

  2. The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are as far from being ‘Muslim’ as a chicken is to growing teeth! They are wahhabis, funded by the British to destroy the Kilafah in order that the Brits may invade, conquer and colonise the Arab countries.. including Turkey where they planted Mustapha Kamal who was a Zionist. The Sauds are the most corrupt dogs of the Arab countries, destroying all the sacred shrines in Mekka and Madinah… wahhabis are currently murdering Sufi, Shia and Sunni Muslims in a number of coutries from Somalia to Egypt. These devils claim to be Sunni Muslims… but look into the history of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab and you will understand how they are operating under the ‘guise’ of Sunni Islam just as Zionsim operates under the guise of Judaism and Christianity… its a perfect game strategy and very clever, because to the sheeple these ‘religions’ are against one another and fighting, however the truth is they are ALL cut from the SAME cloth. True Muslims do not hate Jews or Christians (the people of the book) and vice vera… the illuminati plan is to make it appear like ‘religion’ is the cause of the conflict when in reality it is not.

    All religions have been infiltrated by the illuminati… Wahhabism is the Islamic infiltration. They have not only changed the true teachings of Islam, which includes removing Hadiths which prove their deviant sect as ‘wrong’ and all with the Saud stamp of approval… the Sauds have always funded the spread of this deviant sect, and in the last few years must have litterally pumped billions into the spread, catching uneducated Muslims, young nieve and also converts. They are aggressively building Mosques and schools claiming them to be ‘Sunni’ … real Sunni Mosques in the UK are more likely to be a house that has been bought by the people in that community and funded by their voluntary payments, and not the elaborate Mosques which are shown in the media… Green Lane Mosque for example in London is 100% WAHHABI.

    Wahhabis stand on the streets preaching (and shouting) at passers by… these devils believe that dressing up like a Muslim makes them Muslim. They protest against soldiers, burn poppies and burn flags, they shout jihad and spit out extremist views…. the media (Zionist owned & controlled) love and adore this because wahhabis are ‘playing their game’ just as they are programmed to do… when journalists cameras are clicking and film crews cameras are rolling, you can guarantee its always ‘wahhabis’ they speak to and highlight.. even some programes and articles which ‘appear’ to have a ‘fair’ view… any normal minded individual can only but take gross offence to the words and views these wahhabi devils spit out like viperous snakes! As the REAL Muslims are very rarely given a voice of highlighted in the media, the sheeple believe that ALL Muslims are the likes of these wahhabi deviants… In actual fact the wahhabi ‘cult’ is only 250 years old and they are the ‘minority’ .. the ‘majority’ of Muslims worldwide despise wahhabis… type in ‘wahhabi’ on Youtube and see just how many Muslims are exposing them for what they are. In short wahhabis are part of the illuminati sytem and a huge danger to Islam and the world!

    Incidentally everytime I indulge myself on your blog my pc starts jamming and running soo slow. It usually lasts for around a week or two, but I have a feeling it is supposed to deter anyone from TRUTH!

    Keep up your great work!!

    Comment by Guest | March 1, 2012

  3. More information about wahhabis from a Muslim:

    Comment by Guest | March 1, 2012

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