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It Appears My Blog Is Under Attack! Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command Postings Not Mine!

  • It appears someone is attacking my blog by inserting postings of Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light by Greg Giles – !
  • Ashtar Command ie. Ashtar – the shortened form of Ashtaroth is:

    Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot, and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.
  • The Galactic Federation, in my assessment, is occult psyop pushing the Alien, UFO, Ascended Masters, Ascension ie fake rapture meme. This Galactic Federation of Light is a group of fallen spiritual beings/Angels.
  • This is all part of the endtimes psyop – the strong delusion of 2 Thess. 2:9-12. Ignore all such postings. I will delete them when I see them. I am not sure why someone is doing this. I must be doing something right about this endtimes strong delusion issue.


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  1. They are running scared now. I reckon they figured they’d have more supporters than they really do.

    Comment by Contrary Mary | March 2, 2012

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