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Juncker: “Greece May Need A Third Bailout”!

  • The Illuminists banksters are taking over Europe via financial warfare. This is not about bailing out Greece. It is about the destruction of national sovereignties, implementing a fascist EU 2.0 and financially raping the sheeple. Once nations are in abject poverty, the sheeple will have no power to resist the coming Luciferian New World Order!

    Juncker: “Greece May Need A Third Bailout”! 
    by Tyler Durden, 
    If we have to go through one more year of endlessly repetitive and utterly worthless European bullshit, rumors, headlines, and other subterfuge whose only point is to extend and pretend the fact that Europe is utterly broke, just so the effete Greek citizens can pretend they give a rat’s ass about their independence, when in reality they will gladly pay 80% of their salary to keep European banks solvent simply to retain the illusion that their retirement funds are still worth more than diddly squat, we are done.

    Reuters has the story that needs no commentary:

    The head of the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Juncker, said on Friday he could not rule out that Greece may need a third bailout.

    Asked in a television interview if he could be sure Greece would not need a third bailout, Juncker said: “You cannot really exclude that, although we should not have as a starting assumption that a third program will be (needed).”

    “We made it clear last Tuesday in Brussels that we are standing ready to support Greece even beyond the time period of this program but I have good reasons to believe that we should now not engage ourselves in a debate on a ‘maybe’ third program. We should now … implement the second one,” he said, interviewed by David Frost on Al Jazeera.

    Asked about some experts’ view that a Greek default is inevitable, Juncker said: “I don’t see that Greece would go for a default.”

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