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Disturbing, I’m Sick of ABC Practicing Israel’s War on Iran!

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    “I was visiting ABCNews the other day to see a friend who works on graphics. When I went to his room, he showed me all the graphics he was making in anticipation of the Israeli attack on Iran; not just maps, but flight patterns, trajectories, and 3-d models of U.S. aircraft carrier fleets.

    “But what was most disturbing — was that ABC, and presumably other networks, have been rehearsing these scenarios for over 2 weeks, with newscasters and retired generals in front of maps talking about missiles and delivery systems, and at their newsdesks — the screens are emblazoned with “This is a Drill” to assure they don’t go out on air — (like War of the Worlds).

    “Then reports of counter-attacks by Hezballah in Lebanon with rockets on Israeli cities — it was mind-numbing. Very disturbing — when pre-visualization becomes real.” [ “A CounterPunch informant reports”… ]… 

    “The results of an attack on Iran could be horrendous. After all, according to a recent study of “the Iraq effect” by terrorism specialists Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank, using government and Rand Corporation data, the Iraq invasion has already led to a seven-fold increase in terror. The “Iran effect” would probably be far more severe and long-lasting. British military historian Corelli Barnett speaks for many when he warns that “an attack on Iran would effectively launch World War III.” – Noam Chomsky
    “seven-fold increase in terror”


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