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Bill Deagle & Tim Alexander: Preparations Underway for Nuclear & Biological World War 3!

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Author Rosa Koire: Corporatocracy – The U.N.’s Anti Human Agenda!

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Bailout Sellout: Germany Desperate To Chop Greek Gangrene!

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Greece Riots: Athens Burns, Police Fire Tear Gas as Violence Flares Up!

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Greece Doomed, Economy Total Farce & Fiction!

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G. Edward Griffin: “The Federal Reserve is a Private Banking Cartel” !

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Pentagon Plans Attack on Syria Despite The UN ! US Selling Arms To Syrian Rebels?

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30,000 Drones To Police U.S. Airspace!

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Stephen Lendman: Iran Declares Israel Bombed its Own Embassy!

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Steve Quayle & Tom Horn: Transhumanism, Interdimensional StarGate, Return of The Nephilim Giants, ‘Resurrection’ of Nimrod-Gilgamesh-Apollo, Fallen Angels, 2012 UFO-Aliens and The Vatican ….

  • Nimrod-Gilgamesh 
    Nimrod was the originator of Sun Worship. His name (in Hebrew “Na-marood”) has been derived from the Hebrew verb “Marad” which means “To rebel”. Nimrod was born in 3275 BC. about 95 years after the flood.

    He claimed to have the wisdom of the world that was before the flood. He told them, “I know the truth, and I know the mysteries and the secrets.” Nimrod and Semiramis revived occult practices that caused the flood in the first place. They claimed to be the wise ones. When you see a Pagan god with two faces such as, Janis, it represents the knowledge of the secrets of the world before the flood and the secrets after the flood. The person who holds these secrets is the eternal keeper of the kingdom and the gatekeeper to hell and the underworld, so the legend goes. In the bible only Jesus had this authority. Nimrod probably did know the secrets. The Nephilum were still on the earth and there are various sources that state that he acquired the knowledge from two fallen angels. Those fallen angels were called Horus and Marduk. He also had incredible magical powers given to him by those fallen angels. Nimrod set himself up as superior to God in every conceivable way.

    Nimrod, the great astronomer, and astrologer, traced the circular path followed by the Sun in the sky during the various seasons to complete the annual solar cycle. This is called the Zodiac, which he divided into twelve more or less regular portions or months, to be able to forecast more accurately what could best be grown in that particular period, what influence it would have upon plants, animals and even human beings. He claimed that each of these constellations of the Zodiac controlled and guided the lives, career, health, character, behaviour, marriage and destiny of that person, who was born during its corresponding period of influence.

Nimrod-Gilgamesh the Nephilim giant. Note the lion under his right arm.

  • Nimrod-Gilgamesh .. continue..
    He gave to each of these twelve guides or satellites of the Sun an appropriate name, sign and period of influence. The names have changed with the changes of languages but the principles have remained the same throughout these 4,000 years.

    The offering of human sacrifice was common in these rituals in Nimrod’s day. Anybody who refused to accept Nimrod teachings was tortured and if he still dissented then he was put to death. A reign of tyranny was started against the believers in the God of Noah. Nimrod wiped out all opposition to his Anti-God teachings. He took the truth of God and perverted it, changed it into a lie.

    When Shem, Nimrod’s great uncle, saw what was happening he became troubled. He knew this to be the same sin that brought the destruction of the world through the flood. He raised an army with 72 co-conspirators to destroy Nimrod. In the battle Nimrod was captured and his body was hacked into pieces. Shem told his co-conspirators each to take a piece of Nimrod’s body and distribute it to a city under his rule. The pieces were sent throughout the kingdom with the message to show that Nimrod was not a god and if any were found in the same practice as Nimrod, their fate would also be the same. The dismembering of Nimrod is opposite to no bones being broken of Jesus Christ at his death.

    Since Nimrod was the leader of a great empire you would expect to find other details about him in other literature. In Sumerian history there is a story about a man who fits his description. Likewise the same person is mentioned by the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Assyrians and even in Palestine. That person was Gilgamesh. The first clay tablets naming him were found among the ruins of the temple library of the god Nabu (Biblical Nebo) and the palace library of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh. Gilgamesh was a vile, filthy, man. Yet the myth says of him that he was “2/3 god and 1/3 man.”

    Legend has it that he wore the clothes of Adam. The clothes that God had made in the garden of Eden. These clothes had been handed down to Seth who then handed them down through the generations to Noah. The legend says that when Adam wore the clothes the animals obeyed him. Nimrod got possession of these clothes and he discovered that he then had the same affect on the animals hence why he was called the great hunter and conqueror of wild animals.

    This is what Josephus writes about Nimrod: “He also said he would be revenged on God, if he should have a mind to drown the world again; for that he would build a tower too high for the waters to be able to reach! and that he would avenge himself on God for destroying their forefathers (Ant. 1: iv: 2). What Josephus says here is precisely what is found in the Gilgamesh epics.

    Nimrod’s followers were frightened because they worshipped him as a god who would live forever. Now that he was clearly dead, the continuation of his religion was in question. Cush, his father, was already shamed for his actions. He was not able to, once again, unite the people under this Babylonian system of old. But this would be accomplished by another character in Babylon: a woman.


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Riots Follow Greece Austerity Bill !

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Will Iran Be Attacked?


  • The short answer is Yes. It appears the Anglo-American-Zionist west will start the war around Sep/Oct 2012. Quite obviously, they are trying to provoke Iran into a military response and paint Iran as the aggressor. This is of course false! The Anglo-American-Zionist west are the aggressors. If they fail to provoke Iran to respond, they will likely get Zionist ‘666’ Israel to initiate the attack. The Zionists will be the deceived useful idiots falling into the trap of their own making! Zionist ‘666’ Israel will not survive this war!

    Will Iran be Attacked?  
    By: Paul Craig Roberts,
    Washington has made tremendous preparations for a military assault on Iran. There is speculation that Washington has called off its two longest running wars – Iraq and Afghanistan – in order to deploy forces against Iran. Two of Washington’s fleets have been assigned to the Persian Gulf along with NATO warships. Missiles have been spread amongst Washington’s Oil Emirate and Middle Eastern puppet states. US troops have been deployed in Israel and Kuwait.

    Washington has presented Israel a gift from the hard-pressed american taxpayers of an expensive missile defense system, money spent for Israel when millions of unassisted americans have lost their homes. As no one expects Iran to attack Israel, except in retaliation for an Israeli attack on Iran, the purpose of the missile defense system is to protect Israel from an Iranian response to Israeli aggression against Iran.

    Juan Cole has posted on his blog a map showing 44 US military bases surrounding Iran. (see top of post)

    In addition to the massive military preparations, there is the propaganda war against Iran that has been ongoing since 1979 when Washington’s puppet, the Shah of Iran, was overthrown by the Iranian revolution. Iran is surrounded, but Washington and Israeli propaganda portray Iran as a threatening aggressor nation. In fact, the aggressors are the Washington and Tel Aviv governments which constantly threaten Iran with military attack.

    Neocon warmongers, such as David Goldman, compare the Iranian president to Hitler and declare that only war can stop him. Washington’s top military officials have created the impression that an act of Israeli aggression against Iran is a done deal. On February 2 the Washington Post reported that Pentagon chief Leon Panetta believes that Israel is likely to attack Iran in two to four months.

    Also on February 2, Gareth Porter reported that General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, informed the Israeli government that the US would not join Israel’s aggression against Iran unless Washington had given prior approval for the attack.

    Porter interprets Dempsey’s warning as a strong move by President Obama to deter an attack that would involve Washington in a regional conflagration with Iran. A different way to read Dempsey’s warning is that Obama wants to hold off on attacking Iran until polls show him losing the presidential election. It has generally been the case that the patriotic electorate does not turn out a president who is at war.

    On February 5, President Obama canceled Dempsey’s warning to Israel when Obama declared that he was in “lockstep” with the Israeli government. Obama is in lockstep with Israel despite the fact that Obama told NBC that “we don’t see any evidence that they [Iran] have those intentions [attacks on the US] or capabilities.” By being in lockstep with Israel and simultaneously calling for a “diplomatic solution,” Obama appeased both the Israel Lobby and Democratic peace groups, thus upping his vote.

    As I wrote previously, this spring is a prime time for attacking Iran, because there is a good chance that Russia will be in turmoil because of its March election. The Russian opposition to Putin is financed by Washington and encouraged by Washington’s statements, especially those of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Whether Putin wins or there is an indecisive result and a run-off election, Washington’s money will put tens of thousands of Russians into the streets, just as Washington’s money created the “Green Revolution” in Iran to protest the presidential elections there.

    On February 4 the former left-wing British newspaper, The Guardian, reported a pre-election protest by 120,000 anti-Putin demonstrators marching in Moscow and demanding “fair elections.” In other words, Washington already has its minions declaring that a win by Putin in March can only signify a stolen election. The problem for Obama is that this spring is too early to tell whether his re-election is threatened by a Republican candidate. Going to war prematurely, especially if the result is a stiff rise in oil prices, is not an aid to re-election.

    The willingness of peoples around the world to be Washington’s puppets instead of loyal citizens of their own countries is why the West has been able to dominate the world during the modern era. There seems to be an infinite supply of foreign leaders who prefer Washington’s money and favor to loyalty to their own countries’ interests.

    As Karl Marx said, money turns everything into a commodity that can be bought and sold. All other values are defeated – honor, integrity, truth, justice, loyalty, even blood kin. Nothing remains but filthy lucre. Money certainly turned UK prime minister Tony Blair into a political commodity.

    … for more click here!


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False Flag? Israel Blames Iran for Convenient Bombing!

  • I am rather surprise that the Iranians have not responded to all the terrorism, assassinations, provocations and covert war against them. They are showing remarkable restraint against American and Israeli aggression. Keep in mind that the Zionists-Illuminists want a military respond from Iran so that they can pin the blame on Iran and start their Satanic World War 3. Could the recent attack in India be a false flag by the Mossad. It would not surprise me. That is how they have operated in the past. Their motto is : “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Conduct War!”

    False Flag? Israel Blames Iran for Convenient Bombing! 
    By Tony Cartalucci, The Intel Hub 
    No deaths, just long sought after provocations; a geopolitical gambit executed with the proficiency of Mossad.

    “…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be.

    Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.) “
    -US foreign policy makers in the Fortune 500 funded Brookings Institution’s 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” report, pages 84-85.

    “U.S. officials said they have seen no intelligence to indicate that Iran is actively plotting attacks on U.S. soil. But Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. said the thwarted plot “shows that some Iranian officials — probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.”

    The warning about Iran’s more aggressive stance was included in written testimony that Clapper submitted to Congress on Tuesday as part of the intelligence community’s annual assessment of the nation’s most serious security threats.”
    – “Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds,” Washington Post, January 31, 2012

    “We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and ‘soft’ sites,” read the memo, with soft sites interpreted to mean potential targets such as synagogues and other Jewish community buildings. The letter was circulated by the head of security for Israel’s Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States, ABC News said.”
    -”‘Soft’ Target Threat Gets Community’s Attention,” The Jewish Week, February 7, 2012

    Quite clearly, there is a premeditated conspiracy working ceaselessly to provoke Iran into a war it neither wants nor will benefit from in any conceivable way, and upon failing to provoke Iran, provocations will be manufactured in their stead, as seen in the recently botched “plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador on US soil,” later revealed to be a US sting operation involving DEA agents and a duped, entrapped patsy.

    Now Israel is blaming two attacks on their own embassies, one in New Delhi, India and another failed attack in Tbilisi, Georgia, squarely on Iran. There were only minor injuries reported in the New Delhi attack which was carried out in a similar manner to those targeting Iranian scientists in Iran – attacks now admittedly the work of Israeli Mossad agents and US-funded, armed, trained, and harbored Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) terrorists.

    Iran clearly has nothing to gain by bombing Israeli targets abroad, especially in nations like India where such an act would not only give the West the provocation it is on record trying to “goad” out of Tehran for years, but also one that would unsettle relations with India which would directly effect the conflict in Afghanistan festering on Iran’s eastern border.

    Conversely, a non-lethal attack on Israeli targets gives the Wall Street-London-Tel Aviv corporate-financier elite the exact provocation they have been fishing for on record since at least 2009.

    Reuters reports, “a bomb wrecked a car carrying the wife of the Israeli Defence attache as she was going to pick up her children from school.” All the emotional plot points exist to manipulate public opinion against Iran, and behind a Western attack that has so far been perpetually stalled by a world increasingly irate over the West’s global warmongering.

    The degree to which this likely stunt will be successful in serving as a pretext for war (or at least further escalation) for an axis that has been waging a campaign of terror against Iran for years remains to be seen.

    This Wall Street-London-Tel Aviv axis has openly admitted they seek to provoke war with an unwilling adversary, and all three are experts at manufacturing provocations for otherwise unjustifiable acts of aggression.

    Iran is an aggressive though not reckless nation – so says the US policy think-tank Brookings Institution in their own “Which Path to Persia?” report. Iran does not lack an accurate understanding of global public opinion, evident in their English news service, PressTV. Should Iran choose to finally strike out against the West for their blatant and consistent acts of war, they would most likely do so with global public opinion in mind – likely excluding the possibility of targeting a mother on her way to pick up her children from school.

    As in any crime, big or small, the first and most pressing question to answer is, “cui bono” or, “to whose benefit?” An axis of Western powers desperately seeking a pretext for a war they’ve tried to start for years?

    Or a nation desperately trying to avoid war, weathering constant and overt acts of aggression directed at their economy, infrastructure, civilians, military leaders, and politicians, only to end up bombing an Israeli mother on her way to pick up her children from school?

    With this in mind, and with Iran squarely denying any responsibility for the attacks, the burden of proof lies entirely on Israel.

    Tony Cartalucci is an independent journalist and frequent Intel Hub contributor. He writes on his own blog, the Land Destroyer. 
Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

"kee betachbulot ta'ase lecha milchama" Translation: "With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war!" or By way of deception, thou shalt do war'!


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Former SEAL Team Six Commander: Israel Responsible for Global Terror!

  • Zionist ‘666’ Israel is not the Israel of the Bible. The Christian sheeple are being deceived by Illuminist ‘Christian’ preachers. Zionist ‘666’ Israel is a neo Nazi state practising genocide and ethnic cleansing for the past 64+ years against the semitic Palestinian people. It is an expert in false flag terrorism and psyop. Because the western MSM is Zionist controlled, western Christians (in particular Americans) are easily duped by this Satanic counterfeit.
  • Having said this, I do not subscribe to the view that it is a Jewish conspiracy. This is incorrect. The paranoid view that: “Jews are the cause of the world’s problems!” is a LIE. It is a Satanic Illuminati conspiracy. If the Illuminists cannot get you to hate and kill Muslims, they will get you to hate and kill Jews. They masquerade themselves as Jews, Christians, Muslims … to foment fear, hate, violence and death … to divide and conquer the sheeple. God does not teach us to hate and kill anybody. But to love them, to love, even our enemies!

    Former SEAL Team Six Commander: Israel Responsible for Global Terror!   
    By Dave Gahary, 

    On January 23, AMERICAN FREE PRESS conducted an exclusive interview with Charles Patrick “Chuck” Pfarrer, III, author of the New York Times Best Seller, SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden, to get a better understanding of this elite fighting unit.

    Pfarrer went through Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S) in 1981 and spent eight years as a SEAL, and was the Assault Element Commander of SEAL Team Six. He witnessed the 1983 Marine barracks bombing in Beirut and was one of the SEAL Team leaders responsible for the apprehension of Abu Abbas and the hijackers of the cruise ship Achille Lauro. He is now a successful author and Hollywood screenwriter with several of his works adapted for the silver screen, including Navy SEALs, Red Planet and The Jackal. He also serves as a consultant to government and industry on terrorism and counter-terrorism, special operations, terrorist operational methodology, counter-proliferation and terrorist employment of weapons of mass destruction.

    His time in the Middle East gave him unique insights into the root cause of the troubles and violence in that region. Recounting the Shabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon, where between 2,000 and 10,000 innocent “old men, women and children” were murdered “in two nights of violence” by a Christian militia group, Pfarrer said that “during the massacre the Israelis fired flares over the camps so that the Christian militias could see what they were doing.” This event, he explained, “had a galvanizing effect on Arab opinion, and on the opinion of a 26-year-old college dropout named Osama bin Laden.” Pfarrer explained that “Israeli investigations found that Ariel Sharon was not just complicit but responsible for the massacre.”

    Another event that was significant in the minds of many Arabs was the October 1983 Marine barracks truck bombing in Beirut, “the largest non-nuclear explosion in the history of warfare,” where, as Pfarrer recounts, “My SEAL team, we were in a bunker about 300 yards away.” As he writes on page 82 of SEAL Target Geronimo, “It is one of the ironies of history that the most emblematic weapon of Islamic terrorism, the truck bomb, was invented not by a Muslim fundamentalist but by a radical Jew,” Menachem Begin.

    AFP asked if he agreed Israel’s refusal to retreat to the agreed-upon borders that existed prior to the 1967 Israeli-Arab War is the main reason behind terrorism directed at the U.S.

    “Well, I would,” said Pfarrer. “This is an ongoing problem compounded by the fact that the Zionist state has never talked seriously to the Palestinian diaspora about allowing the almost 2 million dispossessed Palestinians to return to their property.”

    “The Israeli/Palestinian problem is the mainspring for the clockwork of the trouble in the Middle East,” he continued, “and it’s in the best interests of America to help solve this problem.”

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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An Engineered Collapse Of The Economy Would Trigger A US Police State!

  • Anyone who studies history will not fail to notice the similarity of the current situation to Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Fascism is taking hold of America. The Illuminist Wall Street banksters who financed Hitler are doing the same thing to America. America is being setup for a catastrophic collapse. After which the western Illuminati will ead America to WW3! All the recent legislations, in particular NDAA, spell police state and martial law!
  • The Illuminists want to destroy America, thereafter re-engineer, remake, enlarge it via wars … and finally merge it into their Luciferian New World Order, World Government, Global Fascist Militarized-Police State. They are following their centuries old plan to bring back the Luciferian Neo-Atlantis Antediluvian world. It is a feudal system based on a master race (ie. seed of the serpent Nephilim race) and a slave race (the rest of humanity). It is a reversion to the Days of Noah.

    An Engineered Collapse Of The Economy Would Trigger A US Police State 
    By Tim Watts, The Intel Hub 
    This article was originally published in early January and has been posted here due to its increasingly important message. This is part 3 of an exclusive series on NDAA. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here. 

    In September I wrote a piece titled The Fascist Takeover of the United States. It was my assessment that the current economic meltdown was no accident. It was a devious, meticulously calculated plot to sink the United States and the world to its knees, to bring about the long planned new world order dreamt about by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

    It wasn’t rocket science to figure out. All you had to do was look at the facts of the crisis and then examine the recourse taken by the Federal Reserve. Our best and brightest financial minds took a 180 away from the best option to stimulate the economy, choosing instead to bypass the taxpayer, retail and manufacturing, and going right to the crooks that created the disaster in the first place.

    That was my first clue that something was awry, that something was terribly amiss. It is impossible to think that our best and brightest economic minds somehow missed the impending collapse of 2008. It is unfathomable to consider that the financial geniuses of this country, people highly educated with master’s degrees in economics and finance, didn’t see this coming, nor understand the proper approach in how to dig ourselves out.

    The fact that they took the backward approach to the bailouts was a huge tip-off for this reporter. They chose to compound the problem with hyperinflation and to reward the crooks that are responsible for the collapse. So that was question one for me that something was terribly wrong.

    The next red flag that stood out was the renewal of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012 (NDAA). Normally a defense spending bill, but this time it had a new twist added, the indefinite detention of people “suspected” to be terrorists, including American citizens.

    This was puzzling to me because there are already other acts that allow for this, such as the Patriot Act and the Homegrown Terrorism Act, among others. So I spent a couple of weeks studying the NDAA. What became readily apparent to me, aside from the strange redundancy among terrorism bills, was one key difference, that law enforcement was omitted and replaced with the military.

    This was a deafening siren of alarm for two reasons. Number one, it went against the long standing Posse Comitatus Act which expressly forbids the military from civil law enforcement in the US. Number two, with only one terrorist attack in ten years, it was totally unnecessary.

    The House version of the bill was HR-1540 and the Senate version was S-1867. Both legislative bodies passed the bill with flying colors, despite the reservations raised by many, including this author. Fortunately some in Congress, such as Congressmen Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Ron Paul (R-TX), both had a keener insight than their peers, choosing to vote no on the bill.

    Nevertheless, both versions of the bill passed and went through reconciliation and then President Obama signed the treasonous bill.

    … for more click here!


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