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Israel’s Vice PM Advocates Supporting Terrorism Against Iran!

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    Israel’s Vice PM Advocates Supporting Terrorism Against Iran! 
    by Madison Ruppert, The Intel Hub 
    Statements from Israeli officials tend to be veiled (admittedly, the veil is quite thin indeed) in order to retain at least some semblance of legitimacy in the eyes of the international community. That was dashed today with statements from Israel’s Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, at the closing day of the Herzliya Conference.

    He said that the international community still had many tools ready to be utilized in the West’s efforts to stifle the Iranian nuclear program (which does not have military applications, something which Panetta has reluctantly admitted on no less than two separate occasions which you can read about here and here).

    Most of these were to be expected, including economic sanctions (many of which are already in place), international pressure (which is already being applied), military actions (which are being prepared for with the American naval presence in the region and the troop buildup along with arming of surrounding states), and most noteworthy “support of Iranian opposition.”  While that phrase might sound innocuous to the uninformed, to someone like me and my readers, it rings alarm bells the size of Texas.

    The United States and Israel have been busted funding so-called Iranian opposition, which would be regarded as terrorists and nothing else were they operating in any other country. Most recently, it was revealed that Israel had been coordinating with the Pakistani terrorist organization Jundallah, while pretending to be Americans.

    The United States itself also has a long history with the Mujahideen-e Khalq, or MEK, something which Tony Cartalucci and many others have covered in great detail. Ya’alon was quite clearly referring to this activity and advocating that this strategy of supporting terrorism in an attempt to destabilize Iran and hopefully enact regime change not end but indeed be increased.

    This is especially ironic seeing as one of the most tired accusations leveled at Iran and their leaders is that they support terrorism abroad. Seeing how Israel and the United States do this, and are now openly advocating ratcheting up the practice, there really could not be a more absurd thing to condemn Iran for.

    Ya’alon also made some interesting statements which hinted at infiltration of the Iranian nuclear program by intelligence agencies or assets of said agencies, like the Mossad, CIA, or British intelligence. Ya’alon stated that “any facility protected by humans can be infiltrated by humans. It’s possible to strike all Iran’s facilities, and I say that out of my experience as IDF chief of staff.”

    This is especially noteworthy when considered with the statements made recently by United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in which he said even the United States’ heaviest and most powerful “bunker buster” bomb could not reliably penetrate into and thus completely destroy Iran’s underground nuclear facilities.

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