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Fritz Springmeier: The Illuminati World System!

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Fritz Springmeier: The Inner Workings of Secret Societies!

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US Jobs Revival Myth?

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Alex Jones: Ritual Blood Sacrifices of The Luciferian, Global Elite!

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Mainstream Media Drivel on War Plan Iran: Endemic US/Israeli Double-Think Is Now “Normal Discourse”!

  • Be wary of all the Zionist propaganda driving us to war with Iran. Iran does not have a nuclear bomb nor a nuclear weapons program. They have stated publicly they do not want nuclear bombs as it is against their Muslim religion. Iran has not invaded any country or started any wars in a few centuries.
  • The real nuclear rogue state in the Middle East is Zionist ‘666’ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit. It has at least 400 nuclear bombs and has refused to abide by international laws, refused to sign the NNPT and refused to submit to international inspections by UN-IAEA. It is constantly at war and is committing acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people!
  • It is Iran which is under existential threat from the Anglo-American-Zionist west and not Zionist ‘666’ Israel. This genocidal, war mongering state is going to drag the entire world into WW3!

    UNCRITICAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA DRIVEL War Plan Iran: Endemic US/Israeli Double-Think Is Now “Normal Discourse”
    By: Finian_Cunningham,
    Thanks to a subservient mainstream media, we are now fed a constant diet of preposterous double-think from American political leaders and their Israeli minions with regard to Iran and its alleged threat to world security. In this inadvertently valuable service, the pliant uncritical mainstream media is giving full vent to the most outrageous drivel dressed up as serious discourse.

    By acting as mouthpieces rather than critical interlocutors, the media are allowing such political figures to indict themselves with their own baseless, contradictory and hypocritical words. A few recent examples: Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper Jr in congressional testimony this week asserted that Iranian leaders are “now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived US actions that threaten the regime”.

    The Washington Post reported the “intelligence” briefing with the headline: ‘Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on US soil, US intelligence report finds. Yet Clapper, the US nation’s supposed intelligence supremo, presents no evidence to support his reckless claim that Iranian forces are preparing such attacks. Indeed, the Washington Post notes in the same paragraph quoting the Director of National Intelligence: “US officials said they have seen no intelligence to indicate that Iran is actively plotting attacks on US soil.”

    Then the paper goes on to amplify the unfounded accusations and assertions, by writing: “The warning about Iran’s more aggressive stance was included in written testimony that Clapper submitted to Congress”. Note how the paper in the space of few words moves effortlessly from acknowledging that there is no evidence to support Clapper’s claptrap premise to peddling the claptrap conclusion that Iran has taken a “more aggressive stance”.

    Rather than taking Clapper to task to justify his hyperbole about Iranian “threats on American soil” and possibly misleading Congress and the American people, the Washington Post passively goes along with the flow of what appears to be out-and-out propaganda. This meekness and complicity of the media in conditioning public opinion for a baseless war on Iran has echoes of the elusive, non-existent weapons of mass destruction that US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister were allowed to lie about by the same media for their criminal war on Iraq. But, as noted, this abject “churnalism” may eventually be a good thing. For it allows political leaders and their advisors to hang themselves with their own words.

    Another recent star-turn on the propaganda stage was that of US Defense Secretary Leon E Panetta who told CBS 60 Minutes programme at the weekend that Iran may be “one year away” from acquiring an atomic bomb. “That’s a red line for us, and it’s a red line, obviously, for the Israelis,” said Panetta. Yet only a few weeks ago Panetta admitted on national media that Iran was not trying to build a nuclear weapon. “

    Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No,” he said then. However, in no time at all, Panetta has pirouetted over Iran, and yet the mainstream media permit the farce to be aired instead of ripping it apart, exposing what could be criminal misinformation. Only last week the pirouetting Panetta told the Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon needs to redesign its 30,000-pound bomb known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator in order to take out Iranian nuclear facilities. US workers and their families will be throwing more of their taxes into the coffers of Lockheed Martin to facilitate the Pentagon’s phallic fantasies – all on account of lies and deception, or at least no evidence to provide a modicum of justification. Finally, Israeli President Shimon Peres weighs in with this ridiculous rant, given prominence by the Haaretz newspaper. This week Peres claimed that Iran’s ‘evil’ leaders cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, calling the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions the world’s single most important issue, according to Haaretz.

    … for more click here!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics?

  • The Bureau of Lying (ahem Labor) Statistics is pulling out all the stops in their manipulated propaganda! The MSM is complicit in selling lies.

    I Can’t Take It Anymore! When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics? 
    On Friday, the entire financial world celebrated when it was announced that the unemployment rate in the United States had fallen to 8.3 percent. That is the lowest it has been since February 2009, and it came as an unexpected surprise for financial markets that are hungry for some good news. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfarm payrolls jumped by 243,000 during the month of January. You can read the full employment report right here. Based on this news, pundits all over the world were declaring that the U.S. economy is back. Stocks continued to rise on Friday and the Dow is hovering near a 4 year high. So does this mean that our economic problems are over? Of course not. A closer look at the numbers reveals just how fraudulent these employment statistics really are.

    Between December 2011 and January 2012, the number of Americans “not in the labor force” increased by a whopping 1.2 million. That was the largest increase ever in that category for a single month. That is how the federal government is getting the unemployment rate to go down. The government is simply pretending that huge numbers of unemployed Americans don’t want to be part of the labor force anymore. As you will see below, the employment situation in America is not improving. Yet everyone in the mainstream media is dancing around as if the economic crisis has been cancelled. I can’t take it anymore! It is beyond ridiculous that so many intelligent people continue to buy in to such fraudulent numbers.

    The truth is that the labor force participation rate declined dramatically in January. For those unfamiliar with this statistic, the labor force participation rate is the percentage of working age Americans that are either employed or that are unemployed and considered to be looking for a job.

    As you can see from the chart posted below, the labor force participation rate rose steadily between 1970 and 2000. That happened because large numbers of women were entering the labor force for the first time.

    The labor force participation rate peaked at a little more then 67 percent in the late 90s. Between 2000 and the start of the recent recession, it declined slightly to about 66 percent. Since then, it has been dropping like a rock. The chart below does not even include the latest data. In January, the labor force participation rate was only 63.7 percent. That is the lowest that is has been since May 1983. So keep that in mind as you view the chart.

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The REAL Inflation Adjusted High for Silver – US$500/oz And Gold – US$8500/oz!

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Jeffrey Tucker Makes The Case Against The Federal Reserve And The Banking Cartel !

  • At the heart of the Illuminists’ power is their global monetary hegemony. Their principal currency the USD, the world reserve currency, is the standard by which all other fiat currencies are measured/priced. By manipulating the USD, creating massive amounts of it out of thin air, they can buy up the world, bankrupt countries, destroy economies, impose poverty …. etc. You get the idea?
  • Of course, they will not give up this global fiat currency hegemony to another. They lose all their power. The idea that they will allow the CNY to become the new world reserve currency is naive! Even the suggestion that their Euro becomes an alternate world reserve currency is viciously attacked. Remember: Saddam Hussein sold oil in Euros before Iraq was invaded. Their solution is an international One World Currency backed by gold ruled by their Global Supra-National Central Bank (IMF 2.0). All challengers to their hegemony will be met with war!


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Greg Hunter: Israel Attack on Iran by Spring 2012, Alf Fields on Silver and Gold & More!

  • I still think the schedule is Sep/Oct 2012 for the Iran war to become hot! The Illuminists want this war to support Obama’s election at end 2012. However, I may be wrong. Recent events: India, China, Russia abandoning USD for trade settlement and oil settlement … using gold, may force their hands to protect their global monetary hegemony earlier!

    Israel Attack on Iran by Spring 2012, Alf Fields on Silver and Gold & More! 
    by Greg Hunter, 
    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Israel might attack Iran by spring! Why he felt he had to put that out there, I’ll never know. Why the Mainstream Media (MSM) buried this story is another question altogether. This is huge and has some frightening implications. What if the Iranians feel they want to beat Israel to the punch and attack first? What if the Israelis have no intention of attacking Iran? What if Israel now feels the element of surprise is gone after spring and it moves up their time table? I do not see how this announcement helps calm down the situation in the Persian Gulf. Not that an attack by Israel is out of the question.

    Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defense Minister, was in Davos this past week gaging support for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and says the West is basically running out of time. In other news, the MSM made a big deal out of Donald Trump endorsing Mitt Romney. Who cares? The MSM ignored the new Gallup poll that says Congressman Paul has about the same chance to beat Obama in the fall as Romney! There was not a peep about that from the corporate controlled media.

    … for more click here!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Eurozone Bail-Out Funds Not Enough, Warns OECD!

The Eurozone is on fire!

  • This entire Eurozone bailout is a charade, a political theatre. It is performed for sheeple consumption. What is really going on are: financial rape of the sheeple, piling on more debts upon existing debts, destroying national sovereignties, consolidation of power …. laying the groundwork for a catastrophic collapse of the Eurozone. They are engineering a massive collapse to bring about chaos, to set the stage for their One World Currency, Global Supra-National Central Bank and Luciferian New World Order. The people behind these are Illuminists, CFR members, Trilaterists, Bilderbergers ….. 13 Satanic Bloodlines! Do not be deceived.

    Eurozone bail-out funds not enough, warns OECD! 
    By , 
    International debt inspectors believe they have found another €15bn (£12.5bn) black hole in Greece’s public finances caused by the deepening recession, delivering the crippled nation another devastating blow.

    With pressure growing over talks with private investors about the terms of a €100bn debt write-off, officials calculated that to bring the country’s debts to a sustainable level at 120pc of GDP the international community would need to find an extra €15bn, raising the prospect of a Greek default.

    Sources told news organisations in Brussels that weak growth will make it even more difficult for Greece to resolve its debt problem, leaving the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund with the prospect of an even larger bail-out than the €130bn planned. The warning came as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said the emergency bail-out funds are not big enough.

    The international think-tank said the European Financial Stability Facility’s (EFSF) €440bn (£366bn) firepower “is not enough” to support the lending requirements of indebted countries, particularly given that it “has not found it easy to raise funds with low yields”. Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain need to repay a total of €700bn this year and €400bn next year.

    … for more click here!


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Proof That The Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want a Cure – Even if it’s a Pharmaceutical !

  • You will never find a cure for cancer coming out of Big Pharma. It is a highly profitable business. It is about profits not saving lives. When you trace the history and shareholders of Big Pharma, you find the same 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Rockefeller and Rothschild. Their religion is a cult of death.

    Proof that the cancer industry doesn’t want a cure – even if it’s a pharmaceutical 
    by P.F. Louis, 
    A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That’s because DCA is no longer patented. (1)

    That research also confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. But the medical mafia doesn’t want you to hear about it. But it confirms what most alternative cancer therapists already know.

    Since Nixon declared the “war on cancer” in the 1970s, the cancer industry has succeeded with raising money for researching very expensive chemo substances at $50,000 to $100,000 per round or more for toxic therapies that rarely work. (2)

    Chemo drugs usually lead to demanding more business with drugs to ease terrible side effects ( Meanwhile, more are getting cancer and more are dying from it, mostly because of the toxic treatments.

    Explaining DCA research results
    Evangelos Michelakis and the Alberta University research team tested DCA on human cancer cells outside the body and in cancerous mice with profound success. DCA was once used for unusual metabolic disorders. The worst side effects, which rarely occur, include some numbness and an affected gait.

    The mice were fed DCA in water, and in weeks they had remarkable tumor shrinkage. This indicates DCA can be taken orally. DCA works by restoring the cells’ mitochondria. Michelakis and his team had discovered that the mitochondria in cancer cells are not permanently damaged and irreparable. This is what mainstream medicine thinks.

    With mitochondria malfunctioning, cancer cells use glucose fermentation for survival energy. This fermentation occurs when glycolysis (glucose conversion) occurs in an anaerobic cellular environment, which can be created by benign tumor masses, toxins, and low pH levels.

    … for more click here!


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Chinese ‘Gold Rush': Country Diversifying Assets!

  • Chinese ‘Gold Rush': Country Diversifying Assets! 
    China is the world’s fifth-largest holder of gold and seems to be in the market for more. Analysts believe Beijing snapped up around 500 tons of gold in 2011, double what it bought in 2010.

    China does not release official gold trade figures, but the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department announced last month that in November alone, China imported 102,779Kg of gold from Hong Kong which comes as a significant increase from October’s 86,299Kg.

    Experts say in 2011 China bought not less than 490 tons of gold, while the figure for 2010 was only 245 tons. Financial expert Francis Lun told RT that the reason for the Chinese “gold rush” is simple – the country wants to diversify its assets.

    For several years now there were critics and all Chinese economists wanted the government to diversify its holding of foreign exchange,” he said. “China has the largest foreign exchange holding of any country in the world – about one trillion US dollars and most of them in US dollars.”

    Starting 2007 there have been calls that China should buy some gold to diversify its foreign exchange holdings and it was not until 2010 that China actually bought some gold and the prices peaked much higher than in 2007 which was something like US$700 per ounce,” Francis Lun added. Francis Lun also observed that it will take about 15 years for China to overtake the US economically.

    China’s economy is still about one third of that of the US but of course China has a much better balance of payments, and much larger foreign exchange holdings. Its fiscal deficit is much smaller and the national debt is much smaller and, above all, China has about 9 per cent economic growth while the US has about 1.9 per cent,” he said. “It is really only a matter of time, about 15 years, that China will overtake the US as the largest economy of the world.”


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Syria: The Lies of The UN Security Council Are Revealed !

  • Syria: The Lies of the UN Security Council are Revealed
    by grtv
    The draft resolution on Syria under discussion at the UN Security Council is reportedly being softened to take into account Russian concerns. It’s likely to have references to President Assad stepping down, and an arms embargo removed from the text. RT’s Marina Portnaya reports from New York.


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Syria Resolution: Proxy War Against Iran!

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