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This Is Europe’s Scariest Chart !

Things are getting better in the Eurozone? I don't think so!

  • The Illuminists are executing their Hegelian Dialectic: create the Problem, wait for the desired Reaction and provide the Pre-Planned Solution. This entire economic crisis is engineered by Illuminist banksters for the consolidation of power. It is to drive Europe and the world forward to their vision of a World Government and Luciferian New World Order in preparation for the coming of the Satanic capstone. This is the ‘One’ who will complete their Novus Ordor Seclorum, Satanic World Empire project: the Anti-Christ, the capstone filled with the spirit of Horus, the ‘All Seeing Eye’ ie. Satan.

    This Is Europe’s Scariest Chart ! 
    by Tyler Durden, 
    Surging Greek and Portuguese bond yields? Plunging Italian bank stocks? The projected GDP of the Eurozone? In the grand scheme of things, while certainly disturbing, none of these data points actually tell us much about the secular shift within European society, and certainly are nothing that couldn’t be fixed if the ECB were to gamble with hyperinflation and print an inordinate amount of fiat units diluting the capital base even further.

    No: the one chart that truly captures the latent fear behind the scenes in Europe is that showing youth unemployment in the continent’s troubled countries (and frankly everywhere else). Because the last thing Europe needs is a discontented, disenfranchised, and devoid of hope youth roving the streets with nothing to do, easily susceptible to extremist and xenophobic tendencies: after all, it must be “someone’s” fault that there are no job opportunities for anyone.

    (top of post) we present the youth (16-24) unemployment in three select European countries (and the general Eurozone as a reference point). Some may be surprised to learn that while Portugal, and Greece, are quite bad, at 30.7% and 46.6% respectively, it is Spain where the youth unemployment pain is most acute: at 51.4%, more than half of the youth eligible for work does not have a job! Because the real question is if there is no hope for tomorrow, what is the opportunity cost of doing something stupid and quite irrational today?

From: Vintage 'Trees' music video. Humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ !


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