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US-Backed Sunnis Push Arab Spring To Rule Muslim World !

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Iranophobia: ‘Why Negotiate When West Can Cash In on Crisis?’

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China Slams New EU Sanctions on Iran’s Oil, Calling it ‘Blind Pressure’!

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Tears of Gaza! Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing By Zionist ‘666’ Israel !

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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OKC Bombing Was An Inside Job!

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Dr. Mayer Eisenstein: The Dangerous History of Pharmaceutical Drugs!

  • Murder By Injection – The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America!  (emphasis mine)
    by Eustace Mullins
    …. But how was this goal to be achieved ?  The Merlin who was to wave his magic wand and bring about this dramatic development in the medical profession turned out to be none other than the richest man in the world, the insatiable monopolist, John D. Rockefeller.  Fresh from his triumph of organizing his gigantic oil monopoly, a victory as well-blooded as any ancient Roman triumph, Rockefeller, the creature of the House of Rothschild and its Wall Street emissary, Jacob Schiff, realized that a medical monopoly might bring him even greater profits than his oil trust.  In 1892, Rockefeller appointed Frederick T. Gates as his agent, conferring upon him the title of “head of all his philanthropic endeavors.”  As it turned out, each of Rockefeller’s well-publicized “philanthropies” was specifically designed to increase not only his wealth and power, but also the wealth and power of the hidden figures whom he so ably represented.

    Frederick T. Gates’ first present to Rockefeller was a plan to dominate the entire medical education system in the United States.  The initial step was taken by the organization of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.  In 1907, the AMA “requested” the Carnegie Foundation to conduct a survey of all the medical schools of the nation.  Even at this early date, the Rockefeller interests had already achieved substantial working control of the Carnegie Foundations which has been maintained ever since.  It is well known in the foundation world that the Carnegie Foundations (there are several), are merely feeble adjuncts of the Rockefeller Foundation.  The Carnegie Foundation named one Abraham Flexner to head up its study of medical schools.  Coincidentally, his brother Simon was the head of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.  The Flexner Report was completed in 1910, after many months of travel and study.  It was heavily influenced by the German-trained allopathic representation in the American medical profession.  It was later revealed that the primary influence on Flexner had been his trip to Baltimore.  He had been a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. 

    This school had been established by Daniel Coit Gilman (1831-1908).  Gilman had been one of the three original incorporators of the Russell Trust at Yale University (now known as the Brotherhood of Death).  Its Yale headquarters had a letter in German authorizing Gilman to set up this branch of the Illuminati in the United States.  Gilman incorporated the Peabody Fund and the John Slater Fund, which later became the Rockefeller Foundation.  Gilman also became an original incorporator of Rockefeller’s General Education Board, which was to take over the United States system of medical education; the Carnegie Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundation.  ….  Not surprisingly, the American people found themselves saddled with even more debt and an even more oppressive federal bureaucracy, all the result of Daniel Coit Gilman’s Illuminati prospectus.
    Chapter 4 extracts:
    One of the few doctors who has dared to speak out against the Medical Monopoly, Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, dramatized his stand against Modern Medicine by defining it as a Church which has Four Holy Waters. The first of these, he listed as Vaccination. Dr. Mendelsohn termed vaccination “of questionable safety.” However, other doctors have been more explicit. It is notable that the Rockefeller interests have fought throughout the nineteenth century to make these Four Holy Waters compulsory throughout the United States, ignoring all the protests and warnings of their dangers.

    Of these four items, which might well be termed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because they too are known to bring death and destruction in their wake, the most pernicious in its long-term effects may well be the practice of immunization. This practice goes directly against the discovery of modern holistic medical experts that the body has a natural immune defense against illness. The Church of Modern Medicine claims that we can only be absolved from the peril of infection by the Holy Water of vaccination, injecting into the system a foreign body of infection, which will then perform a Medical Miracle, and will confer life-long immunity, hence the term, “immunization.”

    The great­est heresy any physician can commit is to voice publicly any doubt of any one of the Four Holy Waters, but the most deeply entrenched in modern medical practice is undoubtedly the numerous vaccination programs. They are also the most consistently profitable operations of the Medical Monopoly. Yet one physician, Dr. Henry R. Bybee, of Norfolk, Virginia, has publicly stated, “My honest opinion is that vaccine is the cause of more disease and suffering than anything I could name. I believe that such diseases as cancer, syphilis, cold sores and many other disease conditions are the direct results of vaccination. Yet, in the state of Virginia, and in many other states, parents are compelled to submit their children to this procedure while the medical profession not only receives its pay for this service, but also makes splendid and prospective patients for the future.” …..


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Under NDAA, Obama Can Release Death Squads on Americans!

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Bob Chapman: Gold & Silver Will Continue To Rally! Police State America!

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The Real State of The Union!

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Peter Schiff: “Europe is The Warm Up, But America is The Main Event” !

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Deindustrialization of America!

  • In 1969, Rockefeller Official Said US Would Be De-industrialized !
    On March 20, 1969, Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored “Planned Parenthood” told a meeting  that American industry will be sabotaged and shown to be uncompetitive. In view of the recent bankruptcy of General Motors, his remarks are especially pertinent.

    “The stated plan was that different parts of the world would be assigned different roles of industry and commerce in a unified global system. The continued preeminence of the United States and the relative independence and self-sufficiency of the United States would have to be changed… in order to create a new structure, you first have to tear down the old, and American industry was one example of that.”

    “Each part of the world will have a specialty and thus become inter-dependent, he said. The US will remain a center for agriculture, high tech, communications, and education but heavy industry would be “transported out.”

    These remarks to the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society were reported by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh pediatrician who died in Jan. 2004. The speech described “A New World System” already in place which would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day wanted the 80 or so physicians present to be prepared. The transcript of Dunegan’s recollections has been posted here and should be read in full. …


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India Pledges To Continue Buying Oil From Iran!

  • So much for the EU oil embargo. Iran will have no problems selling its oil to China and India. Both countries are smart enough to understand that they should mop up all excess supplies to build up their oil reserves, in preparation for the coming conflict.

    India pledges to continue buying oil from Iran! 
    by Andrew Buncombe , 
    India could be on a collision course with the United States and European Union after officials in Delhi made clear they intended to carry on importing oil from Iran, despite the imposition of Western sanctions against Tehran.

    S Jaipal Reddy, India’s Oil Minister, said yesterday that the country was still considering how best to make payments for the $12bn of crude oil it annually imports from Iran, and which it pays for using a Turkish bank as an intermediary. Delhi is concerned that the US will seek to persuade Turkey to block this option as the West steps up pressure on Iran.

    Drawing a very clear distinction between UN sanctions and those imposed by the US, Mr Reddy told reporters: “We will scrupulously adhere to the sanctions imposed by the UN. No less, no more. We will continue to explore various options of payment to Iran. As of now, supplies are on and Iran has been very positive and we are still optimistic.”

    A team of Indian experts recently visited Tehran to assess the best way to continue to make payments. Unconfirmed reports suggest the options include the rupee, which is only partly convertible, and the Japanese yen. One report suggested India would pay for the oil using gold. Mr Reddy declined to comment on the outcome of the discussions. “We cannot disclose such things,” he said.

    … for more click here!

Be careful of all the Zionist propaganda to drive us to war with Iran!


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EU Ratchets Up Pressure With Greek Default Threat !

Euro coffin ready for burial. Photo: AFP

  • Alot of noise in this ongoing Eurozone sovereign debt crisis political theatre. The Illuminists will pull the plug on the Eurozone when they are ready. The Euro will collapse triggering a global monetary crisis, this is the plan. The Anglo-American Illuminati want to move the west into their One World Currency backed by gold. To do this they have to engineer the collapse of all major fiat currencies via hyperinflation and collapse of the world financial system. Minor currencies will not survive the onslaught for long. The Anglo-American-Zionist west will go to war against all who resists their New Monetary Hegemony.

    EU ratchets up pressure with Greek default threat! 
    By , 
    European Union officials have stepped up pressure on Greece and its creditor   banks in a complex game of three-way brinkmanship, signalling that they will   allow a Greek default to run its course unless both sides accept more pain.

    Austria’s finance minister Maria Fekter said patience with Athens is   exhausted. “Greece has failed its austerity targets by a wide margin. The Greeks have made decisions, but they weren’t implemented. They have   agreed to austerity measures, but costs haven’t come down. This situation has caused great consternation,” she said at a meeting of EU finance minister in Brussels.

    “We’re sending a direct message to Greece that the community expects more. We’re not pleased and only when there’s a written message on the table in front of us, can further assistance be discussed,” she said.

    The head of the European Commission’s economics team Mario Buti said Brussels is prepared to allow credit default swaps (CDS) on Greek bonds to come into play if talks fail to reach a deal that gives Greece enough debt relief to claw its way back to viability. “Triggering CDS may have to be considered,” he said.

    The comment is a clear warning to private creditors holding €206bn (£172bn) of Greek debt that the EU will not step in with fresh money to prevent a default on March 20, when Greece must make a €14.5bn debt payment.

    The EU authorities are demanding that banks, insurers, and pension funds accept a cut in the interest rate on new bonds to 3.5pc – on top of the 50pc haircut agreed – to reflect the drastic deterioration in Greece. The creditors are holding out for 4pc. EU officials would leave Greece’s debt at 125pc of GDP by 2020, above the 120pc level deemed the maximum tolerable burden.

    … for more click here!


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NATO Drilling For Nuclear Attack On Iran And Syria?

World War 3 at the door steps?

  • War with Iran is a certainty. The Anglo-American-Zionist west do not want peace. Iran has made concession after concession for peace. But the west have rejected them. This has nothing to do with nuclear bombs/weapons. Iran does not have any and has stated publicly they will not pursue nuclear weapons. This is unlike the genocidal, neo Nazi state of Israel which has refused to sign the NNPT, refused to agree to international inspections and has at least 400 nuclear bombs. The aggressors: America and Zionist ‘666’ Israel are pretending to be victims while Iran is the nation facing existential threat. It is all about global monetary hegemony, the Petrodollar, Global Supra-National Central Bank and the coming Luciferian New World Order!

    NATO Drilling For Nuclear Attack On Iran and Syria? 
    Tim Earl of Stirling, Contributing Writer Activist Post, January 18, 2012
    Yesterday, I carried a story on a crash between a French Air Force Mirage and a Royal Saudi Air Force F-15. The story confirmed that the Saudi pilot and the two French pilots were safe. Little additional information was available. Today, I am able to report that the two-seat Mirage was in fact either a French Air Force Mirage 2000-D or a 2000-N. Both aircraft, in their later variants are virtually identical and are used for the long-range nuclear strike role by the French Air Force.

    This begs the question, is NATO preparing to ‘go nuclear’ in the coming General Middle East War against Iran and Syria? There are hundreds of allied fighter-bombers available in the Middle East that can hit targets in Iran and Syria. Why bring in the specialized long-range nuclear capable Mirages?

    Currently, within the last week or so, the following battle forces have been assembled by NATO in the Middle East. A massive war armada is sitting just south of the Strait of Hormuz, it consists of three US Navy super-carrier battle groups: the USS Carl Vinson; the USS John C. Stennis; and the USS Abraham Lincoln. Each battle group generally has four or five Aegis air defense cruisers and destroyers, and usually one to three other destroyers and/or frigates, plus a large support ship and one or two hunter-killer nuclear submarines.

    Additionally, there are up to three other large flat-tops, US Navy assault carriers and their battle groups. These include the USS Makin Island with its USMC Harriers and various Marine attack and assault helicopters. The Makin Island has the capability to off load Marine amphibious assault crafts and its battle group is accompanied by the USS New Orleans and the USS Pearl Harbor, both very powerful assault ships capable of launching large numbers of Marine amphibious crafts.

    Additionally, the French Navy has brought in its top-of-the-line nuclear carrier, the Charles DeGaulle, with its battle group. The British Royal Navy has added to its local fleet its most powerful warship the Type 45 Air Defense Destroyer the HMS Daring. The combination of the French carrier and the US super-carriers means that fully one-third of all the nuclear powered aircraft carriers on Earth are now assembled near the Strait of Hormuz

    In addition to all of this, the US Army has rushed into Kuwait three combat brigades. Two are powerful mechanized brigades (one from the First Cavalry Division; the other from the MN National Guard) and the third is a Army aviation brigade with its vast numbers of attack and assault helicopters. Thousands of USAF troops were airlifted into Israel along with the most advanced anti-missile technology that America has over the last two weeks.

    Both Russia and China have been very vocal in opposing any new war in the Middle East. However, Russian warnings have been very clear, stating that any attack on Tehran would be considered an attack on Moscow. To make this point crystal clear, the Russian Strategic Missile Forces have suddenly begun a ‘High Alert Drill’ according to RiaNovosti this “drill” involves the latest and most dangerous nuclear-armed Russian ICBMs. [Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are holding a series of exercises to practice putting road-mobile missile systems on high alert, SMF spokesman Col. Vadim Koval said.

    … for the full article click here!


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Harley Schlanger: Goldman Sachs, City of London, Wall Street Coup! Destroying Nations & Depopulation! Middle East Nuclear War ….

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