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The World Continues Preparations for The End of The Global Dollar-Based Ecosystem!

If we're going down, we're going down in flames, baby! No half ass failure but total collapse!! Woohoo??!!

  • The reign of the USD is coming to an end. But it will not go quietly. People who think that it will be a simple transition to multi regional currencies are mistaken. They do not understand the geo-political situation and the dark forces behind it. The western Illuminati will not give up their world monetary hegemony. It is the main source of their power by which they exert financial and economic control over all countries.
  • The Illuminist global central banking cartel do not want a Chinese Yuan world reserve currency as replacement. This is obvious from their rejection of moves by the Chinese for more say / representation in the IMF. War is brewing between the western Illuminati and all challengers to their global hegemony! It is about One World Currency, World Government and Global Supra-National Central Bank. It is about who has the control over it: western Illuminati or Chinese Illuminati?

    The World Continues Preparations for the End of the Global Dollar-Based Ecosystem! 
    By Dan Collins, 
    As the Western world enjoyed their Christmas holidays, news broke in Asia of something that was reported in the media but received very little attention. History may treat this event as something all together of much larger importance than is currently understood. Future Americans will ask why the U.S government could not see the writing on the wall? That is, tools are being put in place that will end the global dollar-based ecosystem.

    Asian Nations Start Currency Reforms to End their Use of Dollars
    On December 25, 2011 it was reported that the world’s second and third largest economies will open currency swap lines in a move to side-step the U.S dollar and conduct trade in their own currencies. In a meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Chinese Premier Wen Jianbao they officially announced their governments’ intentions to conduct bilateral trade in yuan-yen without using U.S. dollars. The Japanese government said direct yen-yuan settlement should reduce currency risks and trading costs. Japan also announced it will start buying Renminbi bonds to hold as a reserve currency.

    China and Japan, long time adversaries who disagree on most issues with regards to foreign policy can agree on one thing…to stop using dollars. Japan also topped off a busy week by signing a currency swap agreement with India with the same stated goal of moving bilateral trade between the two countries out of the USD.

    Chinese Yuan Continues Toward Convertibility
    James Rickards in his fantastic new book, Currency Wars, writes that the next currency war will be fought between the Dollar and Yuan. At the China Money Report, we believe that the Chinese Renminbi will become the only major competitor to the U.S. Dollar. China is now the world’s largest trading nation and the world’s largest creditor. The IMF predicts that the Chinese economy will surpass the U.S. by 2016.

    We believe the world highly underestimates Chinese economic power and that the Chinese economy is actually already much larger than the U.S. economy. The U.S. has a $15 Trillion GDP where as China’s GDP just passed $7.5 Trillion in 2011. This would mean according to standard GDP calculations that the U.S. economy is twice as large as China’s. Yet, China produces 10 times the amount of steel that the U.S. produces. China produced 20 million cars in 2011 with a market heading toward 35 million per annum. In 2011, the U.S. sold 12 million vehicles but only actually produced 7 million vehicles domestically. Virtually everything an American buys is made in China. The Chinese computer, cell phones, and luxury goods markets are now multiples of the size of the U.S.

    This raw economic power wielded by China will bring the Chinese Yuan to global reserve currency status quicker than anyone can imagine. Recently, the U.S China Economic and Security Commision reported to the U.S. Congress saying, “it is no longer inconceivable that the RMB could mount a challenge to the dollar, perhaps in the next five to ten years.”

    Central Banks Across the World Scramble for Gold Led by China
    Central Banks across the world are buying gold, none more than China. China is cash rich and gold poor. They know that and are in process of changing that status. China has been doing clandestine gold purchases for years through their banks and sovereign wealth fund but now the numbers and speed of purchases will start to shock. In October of 2011, gold imports into China through Hong Kong grew 484%. November numbers just released grew 20% on top of that.

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The Anglo-Saxon Mission: The Illuminati’s Plan for World War 3 in 2012 !?

World War 3 at the door steps?

  • This is the transcript of the interview done by Bill Ryan ( on which his video “The Anglo-Saxon Mission” was based on. See: Flashback: Ex. British Military – The Illuminati Plans World War 3 in 18 – 24 Months! 2012? Note: the actual audio/video of this interview is not provided.
  • Although I believe the Satanic World War 3 will likely happen this year, I do not believe it is the endtimes Armageddon. This war is the prelude to the coming of the Anti-Christ. I do not believe that Christians will be raptured away and escape this coming war. This war is the period before the final 7 years of Biblical prophecy. How long will this period last is the question (6-8 years?). This period will end with the Anti-Christ signing the covenant ie. peace treaty with many countries lasting 7 years.
  • The Illuminati can plan and scheme all they want. But that does not mean they will be successful. So, understand their plan but know that they are not God. Although they may think they are the children of the gods, they are really the seed of the serpent.
  • This interview was done in Jan 2010. A (Ex. British Military officer) senior financial officer working in the City of London, ie. an insider, happened to attend a Masonic meeting by accident in June 2005. There were 25-30 people, all Masons, all well-known figures in Britain including aristocrats, senior politicians, policemen and military. They were discussing the plan for World War 3. The west will attempt to provoke Iran and China into a nuclear attack. Ethnic specific biological weapons will be used against the Chinese: “the Chinese will catch a flu”. Finally, all hell will break loose and full nuclear war is triggered. Excerpts:

    The Anglo-Saxon Mission
    Witness Audio interview recorded January 2010

    Start of interview
    BILL RYAN (B): I want to thank you for coming forward with what was immediately clear to me, once I’d read your written debrief, that you have some highly significant information that needs to be shared. And it’s our job at Project Camelot to assist you in reaching people who are aware enough to understand what you’re saying, why it’s important, and to put it in perspective with other information that they may have.

    And to introduce all of this, I wonder if you could say what it is that you’re prepared to say on record about your background, about your history… just in general what you think is okay to share about how it is that you’ve actually been positioned to get a hold of the information that you’re going to be reporting.

    WITNESS (W):  Okay. Well, the information I’ve shared with you already, I feel, it’s not Earth-shattering. I feel it’s something that a lot of people will already have grasped with the amount of information that is getting put out on the internet already.

    If there’s any uniqueness within the information that I’m providing to you, that I feel should be shared, is that it’s first-hand information and it’s given to you freely for those who wish to use it and to inform themselves. I think that that’s my initial position on this.

    For my part, I’ve spent a long time in the military and then held a senior position in the City of London, and within both institutions I became very intimate with events that were being manufactured secretly, covertly, on behalf of a group of people — I can’t say it’s on behalf of a nation or a community because it’s certainly none of that — but it’s certainly something is to do with a group of people whose interests lie within themselves and what they’re doing to coerce a series of events to happen.

    Looking back with hindsight now, I can see quite clearly they’re being most successful in doing what they’re doing. And I feel, because of what I know, that time is running out for these people. So the timeline that I’m going to describe is somehow … and that’s an apt title, really, because a timeline starts somewhere and it ends somewhere and these people are very well aware of it.

    We’re coming up to a critical time now, which everybody’s discussing at the moment. I’m very well aware of that. But the information I’ve brought may put some flesh on the bones for other people to consider themselves.

    And as for the veracity of it, I can only tell you that what I’m going to tell you is truthful, albeit lots of people may think it’s a perception. I’m quite happy with that, too. But it’s been my experience, and it’s that experience that I’m going to share.
    B:  Right. Now, if you could just add a little bit of detail about the group that you referred to. Does this group have any kind of name that they’re calling themselves? Is this a group that other people reading this would recognize when cross-referencing information?

     W:  I’ve had difficulty myself in trying to describe these people. I’ve called them like a “Band of Brothers.” I’ve also called them an “over-government”. There’s also other names I could call them, some of them derogatory, and that would be deserved. [laughs] But I think the best way, the most sensible way to describe these people so that people can understand what they’re like, is they’re like an over-government, because that’s what they’re doing.

    B:  Are you talking about British people here, or international people?
     W:  The meeting that I will refer to later, it was all British, and some of them are very well known characters who people in the United Kingdom will recognize immediately. Those who are international who might read this might have to do bit of research on them. But they are national figures, some of them.

    B:  Are they political figures? Or are they figures in the “noble classes”, so to speak?
    W:  Yes, there is a bit of aristocracy there, and some of them come from quite aristocratic backgrounds. There’s one who I identified at that meeting who is a senior politician. Two others were senior figures from the police, and one from the military. Both are known nationally and both are key figures in advising the present government — at this present time.

    B:  And inasmuch as there’s a political component to this, does this political component go across both parties?
    W:  No, this senior political component belongs to the right-wing party in Britain, the Conservative Party.

    B:  Okay. For the benefit of American readers, that would be the equivalent of the Republicans.
    W:  Yes.

    B: All right. So, it’s an insider group that functions in Britain as many American readers of this transcript would recognize by analogy — it’s like the American secret government. You’re talking about politicians behind the scenes who are still very influential, links with the police, links with the military. Are there also American military links in there?
    W:  Yes.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  One significant military figure, now retired, but active in advising government.

    B:  Okay. Are you aware of or did you hear any discussion of any participation by church authorities or the Vatican or any of the religions of the world? Was this mentioned as part of their strategic planning for all of this?
    W:  No. Not at all, but I know the Church of England, especially, is complicit in everything that’s going on, totally complicit.

    B:  Okay. And you know this because of the close relationship between senior figures in the Church of England and the group that you met with in the City of London?
    W:  Absolutely. You don’t need a forensic expert to find that one out. That’s quite open.

    B:  Okay. Is this all fundamentally Masonic?
    W:  Absolutely. There’s no question about that. Everybody is vetted through that process, through the Masonic process, and then they get to meet one another.

    That’s something that people need to understand. There are levels in Masonry. You know, most Masons don’t really know anything at all, and they’re out there doing good work for the most part and they get the benefit of a kind of “club,” as it were. But that goes through various levels. Some people call it by “degrees” or whatever. But it’s a Who’s Who. That is — who can be trusted, who can be brought together, who’s holding power, who’s likely to develop more power.

    And these people attract one another and they get together because they all have a single cause. But it’s not exactly like a Masonic cause, you know. It’s something that can be likened to it, but not the same as it.

    B:  Could you explain that a little more clearly?
    W:  Well, I think the best way to explain this is:  Masonry, is to my knowledge, is just a vehicle for these people. It allows them to come together quietly, in secret, behind closed doors, get to know one another, feel safe and secure knowing confidently that what’s said in these meetings go no further than those meetings. So it’s got that Masonic element to it, but this goes to an entirely different level altogether.

    Now, the meeting that I’m talking about, I don’t even consider these people to be a significant level — significant enough for me at the time — but they were discussing things that were already agreed upon and planned and dictated. They were really getting together to share information, to find out how well it was going and what was needed to keep it on track.

    B:  So things had already been decided at an even higher level than this. Is that what you’re saying?
    W:  That was very clear. From what I heard, they weren’t a decision-making group. They were like an action group. They were people who needed to come together now and then to discuss together what needs to be done, or what is getting done, and what should be getting done. And then they disperse and go back and do what they need to do, as a result of these meetings.

    B:  Okay. And you attended one meeting?
    W:  Only one.
    B:  And in what capacity did you attend this meeting?
    W:  By sheer accident! I thought it was a normal three-monthly meeting because I looked at the e-mail list, which had familiar names on it, and I was on it. But by that time, because of the senior position I held within the City, I just thought it was quite normal for me to be earmarked for this kind of meeting.

    So when I went to the meeting, it wasn’t the same venue as before. It was a livery company venue, which is quite unusual, but not too unusual to wonder why. I went to this meeting and it was not the meeting that I was expecting. I believe I was invited… it was because of the position I held and because they believed that, like themselves, I was one of them.
    B:  Was it like a formal chaired meeting around a table, with notes and water glasses, and all of that kind of stuff?
    W:  None of the sort. There were no notes taken — nothing. It was really a behind-closed-doors meeting with people talking over one another, some people holding the audience, spelling out what their concerns were, catapulting onto other things that they thought were of concern to them.

    And then describing, which I can only say is the “timeline of events” that they had anticipated to be happening, to be on course, and lots of concerns because it wasn’t. And what was meant to happen on the timeline that hadn’t happened, and what actions were going to be taken for it to happen. And this is where things started to get quite surreal — because I’d never been in the company of people like this, talking like that.

     Now, the group of people who I was most familiar with, the people who do the work within the City, they belong to various well known financial committees; some of them quite diverse committees, but they all belong to the same organization. These are people who go unseen; most people don’t know who they are. I know them. I know them by sight, know them by name. I know them by what they do.

    It was the other people who were there at the time that surprised me. Three others in particular. There were more people there who were at their type of level as well who I couldn’t really identify, but three of significance, certainly.

    B:  Okay, now when was this meeting? Let’s put a date on it.
    W:  Okay. We’re talking 2005. It was after the May general election — that’s when Blair was voted back in again. That meeting definitely took place some time in June of that year.
    B:  All right. Now I wonder then if you could spell out what it was that was discussed at that meeting.
    W:  Well, as I mentioned, I was quite surprised to see the amount of people who were there. The meeting ranged from several discussions covering several items or things that were happening at the world in the time, so there was quite a big discussion about security within the country. And one of those three key persons there has now assumed the role over this… is actually doing it now. He’s there now. He’s in that position right now.

    The big thing at the time was Iraq. That was on their agenda, but also, surprisingly, there was lots of conversation and talk about Iran. And what surprised me and really raised my eyebrows, was mention, open mention — this was people talking comfortably to one another, not arguing or shouting — but talking comfortably about the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action. That was something that really raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

    And it seemed as if the Israeli government was tied onto what was going on here and had a role to play which was being dictated outside Israeli borders. A year later, Israel attacked Iranian-backed Hezbollah bases in Lebanon. And then the second thing that came out that I recall quite clearly was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the Chinese financial sectors.

    I really couldn’t understand why they were talking about that and why that had any importance. What I picked up from this seemed to be the Japanese government, or those in Japan, being coerced or ordered into doing something that would wreck or slow down the Chinese rise to financial power.

    It was mentioned that China was growing too quickly and the main beneficiary of that growth was the Chinese military, which was getting modernized, mostly through the money that they were getting from the world market.

    And then things… and this is where I can’t help but be subjective, Bill. Because at the time I recall I started to feel quite sick about what was being spoken about, and very anxious about what was being said.

    I was on the periphery of this meeting and I could feel the anxiety just rise up inside me because this was stuff that was getting spoken about off the cuff. It wasn’t getting announced to anybody. This was things that they already knew about.

    So then there was open talk about the use of biological weapons, where and when they would be used, and the timing. And timing always appears to be crucial. And then there was more talk centered on how Iran must be engaged militarily in order to provoke the desired military response from China.

    There was a clear expectation of goading Iran into some sort of armed conflict with the West, with China coming to the aid of Iran. Through this goading, either China or Iran would use a tactical nuclear weapon of some sort.

    And, as I mentioned, these people weren’t making decisions. They were discussing something that had already been planned, so they were simply sharing their information between themselves. And it became clear as these discussions went on that the central issue of this meeting was when the balloon would go up — when all this would happen.

    Other talk centered on dealing with finances, resources, protection of assets, and a control of these resources and bringing in outlying assets. And I can go through this chain of events with you now, Bill, if you like.

    B:  I’d be really happy to go into as much detail as you feel you can.
    W:  Okay. Now, as I previously mentioned, they needed either the Chinese or the Iranians to be guilty of the first use of nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage.
    B:  Understood. And what you’re going to go on to talk about is how this cooperation between Iran and China was going to be used as a way to get at China — because China’s the main target. Is this correct?
    W:  That’s correct.  China has been the main target since at least the mid 70s — and again, this information it’s through third parties so I can’t give you any direct first-hand evidence of this — but it’s always been China. It was always China that is to be the big one in this timeline.

    B:  Mm hm.
    W:  It’s China that they’re after right now, and it’s all about how to coerce and create the scenario where this type of — well, it’s going to be war, Bill; there’s going to be a war — how this can be realized and how it can be made credible to everybody here living in the West? And the way it’s going to be made credible is by a state like Iran being used as a patsy to use a nuclear weapon in order to elicit an exchange.

    B:  And the whole justification of this, then, is to provide or to trick China into a war, with what reason?
    W:  China will then come to the aid of Iran, very quickly. …
    B:  Okay. So what you’re saying, then, is that there’s a long-term plan which has being decided quite a while ago to set up the situation, to set up the chessboard, the global chessboard, so that there will be a war with China. This is what you’re saying.
    W:  Yes, in a nutshell. You’ve got it. It’s a whole series of events, and a lot of them have been realized. And again I can only emphasize that time seems to be critical.

    B:  What has happened, and what is yet to happen, and what is the eventual roll-out plan that they want to happen if everything that they wanted were to occur?
    W:  Well, the plan is for the fuse to be set off in the Middle East again, in a way that would make the previous conflicts in the Middle East look like playground scraps. It will involve the use of nuclear weapons and, again, it’s to create an atmosphere of chaos and extreme fear, not just in the West but throughout the world, and to put in place what I’ve mentioned as unified totalitarian Western governments; and to do this China needs to be taken out, politically and socially, for this to happen.

    B:  So what they’re doing here, they’re killing two birds with one stone. They’re using this as a justification to create what many on the internet have called the One World Government, except that’s not including China. You’re talking about the Western nations in lockdown alliance against this new threat.
    W:  It’s specifically the Western nations, but I think we’ve also got to include Japan in this too.

    B:  And how about Russia? Where does Russia stand?
     W:  I believe Russia is a player, but I’ve got no evidence. For some reason or other Russia really doesn’t get a look in here; and it’s just an assumption of mine that that Russian government that’s in place at the moment is hand-in-hand with the controlling players that are here in the West.

    B:  Hm. So you’re saying that because in this meeting that you attended, Russia wasn’t mentioned as a major factor.
    W:  No, none at all. The only way it was mentioned is that the whole idea is to create a condition of chaos throughout the world. It would mean the later use of biological weapons, widespread food shortages, which will affect vulnerable countries across the globe, followed by mass starvation and disease.

    The only mention that Russia gets in here is an odd one which I can’t explain and maybe someone else can. I can’t really get my head around this. But within this meeting it was mentioned: “to cause the Chinese military to attack Eastern Russia”. Now, I can’t qualify that and why that was mentioned at the meeting — I just don’t know.

    B:  Okay. So just to go back to what I mentioned a minute ago, about two birds with one stone. One goal here, then, is to establish a united alliance of Western countries with a kind of totalitarian “emergency war footing”, heavy control aspect to it. And the other aspect is actually to light the fire of this war, which will result in all kinds of chaos and presumably an enormous number of people dying somewhere.
    W:  Yes.

    B:  The Chinese population? Or everyone on the planet? Is this part of the population reduction plan? What did they say?
    W:  Well, there was talk about biological agents being used, described as being flu-like and it would spread like wildfire. Now, they didn’t mention it at this meeting, but I know now that it will attack people genetically, not everybody together. How that would happen… I’m not a geneticist, I really don’t know. One can only assume that it’s linked to DNA in some way.

    B:  Mm hm.
    W:  And the differences that are found in DNA. These differences have been identified and the viruses can be made that could kill a person off and do it quite quickly.

    B:  And so the viruses are genetically targeted is what you’re saying?
    W:  Yes.

    B:  Genetically targeted for racial type, or more specific even than that?
    W:  Racial type. I can be quite definite on that. They’re talking about extinction of a whole part of the human race, doing so genetically.

    B:  Really? Did they mention that in this meeting, in those terms?
    W:  Not exactly. Those are my terms. But this is how it was mentioned, and this is my recall of it and how this came out and how I’ve interpreted it.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  But that’s what it most definitely alluded to.

     B:  Are they talking about getting the Chinese out of the way because they’re an inconvenient major group that’s not playing ball with the global plans? Or are they talking about this as an excuse to thin down the entire world’s population, including that in the Western countries?

    W:  Well, it’s a very good question and as far as I can see, it’s a hypothetical one. Again, I can’t give you an answer to that one. From a personal point of view, it definitely appears to be a thinning of the world’s population and it’s getting it down into a controllable size for this government that’s going to come, in order for them to have the control that they wish for. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have it.

    It even sickens me to speak about this now, it really does. It sickens me no end that they would go ahead and do this sort of thing; that such things have actually been spoken about. They’re bringing the population down to what they coldly believe to be a “manageable level”.

    B:  Can you reference in this meeting that you attended to those levels, or the numbers, or the percentages, or anything tangible that you can remember?
    W:  Yes. They’re talking about half.

    B:  Wow. That’s a lot of people.
    W:  Yes. It is.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  That’s bringing it back down by half.

    B:  So that’s more than the Chinese, then. That answers that question, doesn’t it?
    W:  Well, in a nuclear exchange — and I believe there will be a limited nuclear exchange — there will be some sort of ceasefire. That was spoken about; they anticipated a quick ceasefire, but not before millions had already died, principally in the Middle East.

    So we’re probably talking about Israel here, the population in Israel being sacrificed. Also places like Syria, Lebanon, possibly Iraq, definitely Iran, you know, the towns and major cities, power plants and so forth, that sort of thing. And then a ceasefire before it goes full-out.

    B:  A cease…? Wow. Sorry, I’m interrupting you, I do apologize. A ceasefire before it goes full-out?
    W:  Yes, it’s like some sort of game of poker where they already know what hands are going to be dealt. They know what’s going to be dealt. They know that scenario could be brought about and that scenario can be ended again with a ceasefire. So we’ll have the ceasefire, and it’s during this time of the ceasefire that events will start to really take off.

    B:  Do you know how?
    W:  Yes. This is when biological weapons will be used.

    B:  Oh…
    W:  This will create the conditions where biological weapons can be used. And here you’ve got to imagine a world, now post-nuclear war, or limited nuclear war, in chaos, financial collapse, totalitarian governments coming into place.

    B:  And a lot of damage to infrastructure.
    W:  People living in total fear and panic — this is what’s going to happen next. You’ll have a scenario… and this again was talked about, and I can go into some detail about how people will become more controllable with no one coming out in contention about what’s going to happen because their own safety and security has now being placed firmly in the hands of those who are saying they can protect it best.

    And it’s in this ensuing chaos of a post-nuclear exchange that these biological weapons will be deployed in such a fashion where there will be no structure, no safety-nets, for anybody to counter this type of biological onslaught.

    And it should be mentioned, for those who are not aware, that biological weapons are just as effective as nuclear ones; it just takes a while longer — that’s all.

    B:  Yes. Now, the deployment of the biological weapons following the ceasefire, is that something that happens covertly, like all of a sudden people will start getting ill and no one knows where it came from? Or is this an overt weapon deployment that would be very obvious?

    W:  I don’t think it would be overt, because the Chinese people are going to be hit by the flu! So there’ll be a worldwide flu epidemic, perhaps, with a country like China — or China, because China is mentioned — being the one that’s going to suffer most.

    B:  Okay. Now, if you were a Chinese military commander, what would you do in this situation? Presumably you would retaliate.
    W:  Yes, indeed. The type of retaliation the Chinese armed forces could provide is not the same as those that are held in the West. The type of weapons that the West can deploy very, very quickly far outstrips anything that’s within the technological grasp of the Chinese armed forces at the moment — although they’re getting better as time goes on.

    But when I’m talking about China, we’re talking about the People’s Liberation Army, the People’s Army, getting together quite quickly, and you’re talking about mass movements of troops somehow into zones where they can engage with their opposite number.

    And in this type of exchange that’s going to be nuclear… that’s why I mentioned right at the very beginning… there will be a conventional war to begin with, then it will quickly go to nuclear with either Iran or the Chinese being provoked into first use, is because they won’t be able to be in a position to defend themselves properly against what the West can deliver conventionally without going nuclear first.

    B:  Okay. So the Chinese are going to be obliged to go into a preemptive strike.
    W:  Yes, all their options will be taken away from them… the retaliatory options will be taken away from them quite quickly and they wouldn’t have time to recover.

    B:  Okay, now, what you were describing there was the situation before the ceasefire, when China was going to be provoked into using nuclear weapons.
    W:  I think it’s best to look at this in stages. So we’re talking about a conventional war of sorts; that war then eliciting the use of a nuclear weapon either by the Chinese or by the Iranians.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  Probably more likely by Iran, to stop it going any further. Then we’re talking about an exchange of weapons and then a ceasefire before we have something that’s no longer confined to a geographical area.

    B:  What does that look like? Is this global? For instance, are you talking nuclear weapons on American territory, in Europe, and so forth?
    W:  No. Global nuclear war wasn’t mentioned.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  It was just purely geographical, Middle East.

    B:  Okay. So actually some people would refer to this as the Armageddon war, the war that’s been prophesied.
    W:  Yes. That’s right. For those who are looking down those roads, you know, it certainly highlights a time where this sort of thing is going to occur. But probably not the way they thought, because I can’t emphasize this too much: people in general are going to be placed into such a state of panic and fear that they’re going to wish for a strong government everywhere.

    They won’t call them totalitarian governments; they’ll be military governments with the civil government still there but in a redundant mode. The military will call the shots — the same way as a general does in Afghanistan, or previously in Iraq. The general in command takes over the scene. He makes the calls.

    So we have to imagine the same sort of thing within a country where you’ve got a military-based civil government, calling the shots, with the so-called elected government almost redundant. The military-based government will provide the security for the people who are living in these countries who have yet to be affected by this type of onslaught.

    B:  Okay. What’s the timing for this series of events, as best you know?
    W:  As best I know… 18 months. It’s definitely before 2012.

    B:  Okay.
    W:  Or around 2012, sometime in that year.

    B:  Now somebody reading this will ask: Okay, so this is what they were discussing in 2005. How can you know that this plan is still on track, that things haven’t changed radically, that they haven’t abandoned it completely, that there hasn’t been some big U-turn or epiphany here? What makes you so certain that this is still on track?

    W:  Because of the events that have taken place since 2005. I think that’s probably the most coherent way to look at it. We’ve already had a so-called financial collapse. It wasn’t a collapse at all. It was a centralization of financial power. That’s happened. It’s certainly happened in the United States. It’s most certainly happened in the United Kingdom. It’s most certainly happened in France and in Germany. So all the key players in the Western world centralized their financial assets.

    … for the entire transcript click here!


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Mossad Insider: Iranian Scientist Assassination A “Precursor To A Military Strike”!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • The Illuminist plan is for World War 3. It is not peace they are after. This world war has been planned for many decades. An attack on Iran will trigger this world war 3. The Anglo-American-Zionist west are provoking Iran via covert war. The aggressor is not Iran. The country which is under existential threat is not nuclear armed Zionist ‘666’ Israel. It is Iran. Iran does not have nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons program.

    Mossad Insider: Iranian Scientist Assassination A “Precursor To A Military Strike” 
    by Steve Watson, 
    The Sunday Times reports (from behind a pay wall) that Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was assassinated last week by the Israeli intelligence network Mossad as part of a “precursor to a military strike”.

    The Times claims that a reliable source, a Mossad insider, says he was part of a group that killed Roshan last week in Iran as he made his way to work at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. The source told the Times that the operation was planned months in advance and a Mossad team had been monitoring Roshan’s activities and taking note of his schedule, so as to decide when and where to kill him. “There is zero tolerance for mistakes. By nature, every failure not only risks the neck of the agents but also risks turning into an international scandal,” said the Israeli source.

    From Ha’aretz:

    According to the Sunday Times, Roshan, 32, was monitored from a makeshift control room in a safe house nearby as he was preparing to leave for work. Israeli agents were also watching the entrance to Iranian intelligence headquarters in the city center, when they noticed a number of cars and people running, followed by police rushing into the nearby streets. Another agent monitoring radio traffic between the Tehran police and security forces confirmed unusual activity, said the paper.

    The report states that as Roshan’s bodyguard was driving him to Natanz uranium enrichment site, where he served as director, a masked person on a motorbike weaved through traffic, planting a bomb on the car shaped to deliver its full force at the passenger.

    Both British and U.S. officials have denied any role in the assassination. “We were not involved in any way with regards to the assassination that took place there,” said Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, adding that he had “some idea” of who was.

    Last week, another Mossad source indicated that the assassination also incorporated the CIA-backed terrorist group Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK). 

    The Iranian regime says it too has direct evidence that Mossad, as well as the CIA, was involved in the assassination. Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said attack “has been carried out by the planning or support of CIA and Mossad (spy) services, like all other crimes of the network of international state terrorism”.

    The Iranian Fars News Agency reported today that Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi described the assassination as a “futile action” and that Iran would make those responsible regret their “terrorist actions”. “They want to stop the Islamic Republic through assassination but they will repent (their actions),” Rahimi said Tuesday. “The Islamic Republic has proper ways and mechanisms for giving them a response,” Rahimi added.

    Back in November, reports suggested that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu believed that Israeli plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities were leaked by Mossad insiders who did not wish to see an attack take place. The reports, out of Kuwait, suggested that the plans drawn up by Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the defence minister, had moved from the stage of discussion to implementation. “Those who oppose the plan within the security establishment decided to leak it to the media and thwart the plan,” the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida reported.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Greece Fails To Reach Agreement With Creditors!

The Eurozone sovereign debt time bomb!

  • The Eurozone sovereign debt time bomb is ticking away!

    Greece fails to reach agreement with creditors! 
    By , 
    Greece failed to reach an agreement with its international creditors on Wednesday, further extending the critical bondholder talks.

    The Institute of International Finance (IIF), which is representing hedge funds and banks in the tortuous process, confirmed the first day of the resumed talks had failed to reach a conclusion. A spokesman for the group said: “A lengthy meeting was held today with Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and with Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos and discussions will continue tomorrow.”

    Greece is under intense pressure to get its private bondholders, which hold billions of euros of Greek debt, to agree to voluntary losses of at least 50pc. International officials from the troika – the International Monetary Fund   (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union (EU) – also want to see bondholders accept artificially low coupons on new Greek bonds.

    Without an agreement, Greece could forfeit the €130bn bail-out agreed by leaders last year, without which Athens is likely to default on a bond   repayment in March. The talks collapsed last Friday but have resumed with urgent demands from all sides that an agreement is reached before the European finance ministers meet on Monday.


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Alex Jones: SOPA/PIPA, Internet 2 And The Trojan Horse of Control !

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ron Paul Moves To Repeal NDAA Police State Provisions!

Vote Ron Paul

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Infowars News: Return to The Gold Standard !?

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Ron Paul: Repeal Infamous Section 1021 of NDAA. The Right To Detain Americans Indefinitely Without Due Process or Trial !

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Stephen Leeb: Why Gold & Silver are About To Soar!

  • The world financial system is in a precarious situation. I can’t tell you when it will collapse. But it will. The Illuminists are lining up the pieces and when they are ready, they will pull the plug! Got physical gold/silver yet?

    Stephen Leeb – Why Gold & Silver are About to Soar! 
    … Here is what Leeb had to say:  “What people don’t realize about silver is how illiquid silver is, and how little physical silver that is available in the market.  Now you have the Canadian, (Eric) Sprott, who has really been spot on for more than a decade, Sprott has just raised money and needs to take delivery of another 10 million ounces of silver.  My question is, from whom?  That’s the question. …. you haven’t seen anything yet in the way of a bull market in silver.  There’s no way of saying how high silver is going to go, but this is going to become an exceptionally scarce commodity. ”

    “I’m going to tell you right here that I think gold will end the year close to $3,000.  Silver will end the year at all-time highs.  My guess is the price of silver will end 2012 at $60, $70 or $80, and that will surprise a lot of people.”

    … click here for the full article!


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Head of UniCredit Securities: The Euro Is Practically Dead ! A Greek Default Will Trigger an Immediate “Magnitude 10” Earthquake Across Europe!

It is coming!!!

  • Are forecasters like me annoying doomsayers and delusional? Is the global economy out of trouble? Is the world financial system sound? Are we nuts for forecasting the collapse of the global financial system? How about  you take the words of  Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, head of UniCredit Securities and former Chairman of the Hungarian stock exchange? Mega financial tsunami dead ahead ! It is getting pretty close! Got physical gold yet?

    Step Aside BBC “Trader”: Head Of UniCredit Securities Predicts Imminent End Of The Eurozone And A Global Financial Apocalypse! 
    by Tyler Durden, 
    Either the YesMen have infiltrated Italy’s biggest, and most undercapitalized, bank, or the stress of constant, repeated lying and prevarication has finally gotten to the very people who know their livelihoods hang by a thread, and the second the great ponzi is unwound their jobs, careers, and entire way of life will be gone.

    Such as the head of UniCredit global securities Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, and former Chairman of the Hungarian stock exchange, who has written an unbelievable oped in the Hungarian portal which, frankly, make Alessio “BBC Trader” Rastani’s provocative speech seem like a bedtime story. Only this time one can’t scapegoat Szalay-Berzeviczy “naivete” on inexperience or the desire to gain public prominence. If someone knows the truth, it is the guy at the top of UniCredit,…

    Among the stunning allegations (stunning in that an actual banker dares to tell the truth) are the following: “the euro is “practically dead” and Europe faces a financial earthquake from a Greek default“… “The euro is beyond rescue”… “The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits.”….”A Greek default will trigger an immediate “magnitude 10” earthquake across Europe.“…”Holders of Greek government bonds will have to write off their entire investment, the southern European nation will stop paying salaries and pensions and automated teller machines in the country will empty “within minutes.” In other words: welcome to the Apocalypse… But wait, there’s more. From Bloomberg:

    The impact of a Greek default may “rapidly” spread across the continent, possibly prompting a run on the “weaker” banks of “weaker” countries, he said. “The panic escalating this way may sweep across Europe in a self-fulfilling fashion, leading to the breakup of the euro area,” Szalay-Berzeviczy added.

    Szalay-Berzeviczy has just arrived in Hungary from a trip abroad and can’t be reached until later today, a UniCredit official, who asked not to be identified because she isn’t authorized to speak to the press, said when Bloomberg called Szalay-Berzeviczy’s Budapest office to seek further comment.

    And now, for our European readers (first) and everyone else (next), it is really time to panic. Full op-ed from, google translated from Hungarian. Some of the nuances may be lost, but the message is bolded. If any one our Hungarian-speaking readers have a better translation, please forward it to us asap.

    Europe’s common currency is virtually dead. The euro’s doomed situation. The only open question now is, that European governments and the European Central Bank’s desperate rearguard action even number of days to keep the spirit in Greece. For the moment, when Athens is declared bankrupt, a “10 magnitude” earthquake will shake Europe, which will be the overture to a whole new era in the life of the old continent.

    Indeed, Greece is not only bankruptcy will mean that the Greek government securities holders did not get back their money invested, but also to the interior of the state will not be able to meet its debts.

    From the moment only Greek teachers, doctors, police, army, ministry and local government employees will not receive a salary, just as the seniors did not expect nyugdíjukra good time. The ATM is emptied in minutes. The local banks are stuck holding government securities, an immediate liquidity crisis, devaluation of the Greek banking system in total collapse. Thus the savings of depositors is totally wasted because the Greek government deposit insurance or guarantee was now living. Bankkártyájukról since then, not only at home will not be able to withdraw some money, but the world’s only automatájából not. The benzinkutakból run out of fuel, as well as food from the grocery store. Greece is practically a full stop at least a decade of life and dramatic drop in poverty in the country as a whole.

    The problem is that in this case, the disaster can not stop at the Greek border, but great speed and momentum tovagy?r?z?dik then the entire euro zone, Europe, and finally shake the world. Channel for the spread of infection, of course, such a scenario would also back the banking system. Indeed, the international banks in Greece suffered hundreds of billions of euros t?kevesztésükön too soon be forced to lock hitelkereteit other banks, which will have to do with a country where – according to investors’ expectations – the Greek thunderbolt strike again.

    And when the banks no longer trust each other, not to lend to each other, the international financial markets stop. This in turn means that all financial institutions left alone with clients.

    … for more click here!


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