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The Silent War: Zionist ‘666’ Israel’s Illegal, Immoral, Neo Nazi Blockade of Gaza!

  • The Christian sheeple are particularly brainwashed when it comes to Zionist Israel. Anything this Satanic counterfeit says is credible. Any criticism/attack on Zionist ‘666’ Israel is an act against the God of the Bible. This is of course nonsense! The reality is: the Christian sheeple have had their perception of reality filter in their brain messed up by Illuminist psyop and propaganda!
  • If an army flies a ‘666’ flag, is it an army of God or Satan? Obviously Satan! If an army plants a ‘666’ flag on land conquered, is the conquest for God or Satan? Obviously Satan! If a person has a ‘666’ mark on him, is he of God or Satan? Obviously Satan! When a country flies a ‘666’ flag, that country Zionist ‘666’ Israel is not of God. It is obviously of Satan! Do not be deceived !
  • The Zionist Illuminists creates anti-Semitism as a means of controlling and brainwashing the Jewish sheeple (and the Christian sheeple to a lesser extent). Zionists have been fomenting anti-Semitism from day 1, so that they can drive the Jewish sheeple into their Satanic plan of a counterfeit Israel.
  • The Illuminists always create 2 opposing forces and use the ensuing conflict to achieve their aims. Fact: Hamas was founded and funded by Israel ! It is, IMO, still a tool to impede the peace process and to generate false flag terrorism, so that the Zionist can continue to kill the semitic Palestinians people! If you think an imprisoned Palestinian people, barely surviving, totally controlled, living in a police state, martial law state, having no freedom to import anything, kept on minimum food sustenance, having no army of their own, or military supplies … is a threat to the 4/5th strongest military in the world with at least 400 nuclear bombs, if you think this is true, you are an IDIOT !

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing by Zionist '666' Israel !!!


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