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Britain Draws Up Plans To Rescue Expats if Spain And Portugal are Hit by Financial Oblivion!

  • Looks like the Brits are set for the Euro collapse. I seriously doubt the British pound will survive. Misery loves company!

    A financial Dunkirk: Britain draws up plans to rescue expats if Spain and Portugal are hit by financial oblivion! 
    By Wil Longbottom,
    Evacuation plans for British expats stranded in Spain and Portugal if their banking systems collapse are being drawn up by the Foreign Office. The contingency plans are being put in place to help thousands of Britons if they were unable to get to their money in the event of a catastrophic banking collapse in two of the most vulnerable eurozone economies.

    Around one million British expats live in Spain, particularly around Marbella and Malaga, and some 50,000 in Portugal. The Foreign Office is concerned that those who have invested savings in their adopted countries would face losing their homes if banks called in loans and they were unable to access money.

    Last week ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded 10 Spanish banks, including Banco Popular. Among options being considered for a ‘nightmare scenario’ include sending planes, ships and coaches to evacuate expats – some through Gibraltar.

    Small loans could also be made available to stranded Britons and pressure would be exerted on the Spanish and Portuguese governments to allow access to funds to pay for everyday essentials. Both countries have a deposit guarantee, like the UK, which means depositors are covered for up to €100,000. But in the event of a collapse, most banks would limit withdrawals.

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End of Nations: Canada, The US And The “Security Perimeter”! The North American Union (NAU) !

  • End of Nations: Canada, the US and the “Security Perimeter”
    by James Corbett 
    When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama announced the much-anticipated border agreement between the two countries at a press conference in Washington last week, those mainstream media outlets that bothered to cover the story at all compensated for the lack of details about what specifically is going to be accomplished by this accord by focusing on issues of no practical significance.

    The Globe and Mail, for example, ran an entire article about how Harper and Obama’s personal “friendship” allegedly effected the deal, which was in reality and admittedly struck by bureaucrats in months of closed-door negotiations.

    A variety of trade magazines and corporate websites released vague laudatory statements about the “streamlining” of the border. But the story itself, which generated few headlines at all in the American media, was not about what specifically will change at the border so much as the border is increasingly being redefined as just one part of a broader security perimeter that in fact encompasses both the US and Canada.

    The agreement in fact comprises two so-called “action plans,” one entitled Beyond The Border and the other the Regulatory Cooperation Council. The former plan focuses on border security with the explicit aim of creating a security perimeter that encompasses both countries. The latter is meant to harmonize regulations for business, facilitating cross-border trade.

    The security agreement uses the threat of terrorism, crime and health securities to announce an increasing merger of the two countries’ border security, including an integrated entry-exit system that will involve full sharing of individuals’ biometric details between the two governments by 2014 and even the creation of integrated cross-border law enforcement teams with authority to collect intelligence and conduct criminal investigations on either side of the border.

    The regulatory plan, meanwhile, aims to standardize agricultural regulations on such items as maximum pesticide residue limits as well as develop standards and regulations for potential future products and industries like nanotechnology.

    Although the plans detail certain steps that can be or are being taken, the majority of the information is about agreed-upon shared values and the possibility of cooperation. In light of the relative paucity of detail about these “action plans,” media outlets chose to illustrate the general points of the agreement with seemingly random examples, such as this one about breakfast cereals.

    Keen-eyed observers of this trivial example of the effects might have noted a striking similarity to the way that Prime Minister Harper tried to deflect criticism of the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement that sought to merge the governments, security forces and regulatory framework of the US, Mexico and Canada, back in 2007 by talking about jellybean regulations.

    On one level, reducing these agreements to regulations on cereals and jelly beans marginalizes the legitimate criticism and fears about the erosion of national sovereignty implicit in these talks. It also serves to keep the public disinterested in the issues by painting them as dry and unimportant talks about bureaucratic affairs.

    What this similarity in rhetoric unwittingly reveals, however, is how this latest agreement is in fact nothing new, and can only be properly understood as the latest point in a continuing process of merging the bureaucratic, regulatory and military functions of Canada and the US that has in fact been taking place for a decade.

    In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the two countries began work on reshaping the nature of the world’s longest undefended border. This resulted in the Canada-US Smart Border Declaration, an agreement signed in December 2001 that contained much of the same rhetoric as the recent agreement, including vows to coordinate security and law enforcement efforts in the name of facilitating the flow of people and goods between Canada and the States.

    This led into the Security and Prosperity Partnership, a trilateral framework between the governments of the US, Canada and Mexico that began a process of regulatory integration. Formally launched in 2005, the SPP quickly caught the attention of the public on both sides of the border, and as freedom of information requests shed more light on the process, including the almost total domination of the partnership in closed-door meetings by big business, the SPP’s annual summit quickly became a flashpoint for political activism.

    In the light of public scrutiny, the SPP was shelved in 2009, but many of its initiatives and recommendations continue on behind the scenes. SPP documents, for example, show how Canada’s controversial no-fly list was in fact part of a trilateral agreement, with the 2006 report to leaders in fact mandating the program’s June 2007 launch date.

    Meanwhile, the military merger of Canada and the US has proceeded in its own series of mutual agreements, beginning with the creation of NORTHCOM, the United States Northern Command, in 2002, which charged the US military with the protection of the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada.

    In February of 2008, the Canadian and American militaries signed an agreement allowing troops of either country to cross the border and carry out operations in the other country in the event of an emergency, such as civil unrest.

    In 2010, the two countries signed the shiprider agreement, allowing the operation of specially designated vessels to patrol the shared waterways of the two countries by joint crew, consisting of both Canadian and American law enforcement. This agreement is cited in the new border proposal as an example of how cross-border policing can be implemented.

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ESM: European Stability Mechanism – Full Bankster Takeover of Europe!

Daniel 7:7 - " ... behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns."


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Hillary Clinton Admits The (Illuminati) Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Runs America!

The white horseman logo of the Illuminati Council on Foreign Relations. They labour to lay the foundation for the coming of the white horseman, the fake messiah, the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace of Revelation 6.

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The Reality of War in Iraq!

  • The Iraqi war is an illegal war of aggression. There were no evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11. 15 out of 19 of the hijackers were Saudis, why didn’t America invade Saudi Arabia? No Iraqis or Afghans were ever involved ! There were ZERO evidence of WMDs in Iraq. It was a total lie by the Bush administration! Do not support any of these Illuminist generated wars!
  • 9/11 was an inside job, planned by the Illuminist shadow government and executed via the CIA and Mossad ! It is world conquest to establish their Luciferian New World Order upon the lives of young Americans (as cannon fodder).
  • General Smedley Butler:
    WAR is a racket. It always has been.
    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

    In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

    How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle? How many of them dug a trench? How many of them knew what it meant to go hungry in a rat-infested dug-out? How many of them spent sleepless, frightened nights, ducking shells and shrapnel and machine gun bullets? How many of them parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy? How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?

    Out of war nations acquire additional territory, if they are victorious. They just take it. This newly acquired territory promptly is exploited by the few — the selfsame few who wrung dollars out of blood in the war. The general public shoulders the bill. And what is this bill? – This bill renders a horrible accounting. Newly placed gravestones. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Depression and all its attendant miseries. Back-breaking taxation for generations and generations.

    For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out.

      …. to continue reading click here! War Is A Racket

Seven of the 9/11 WTC Hijackers found alive!


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Professor Anthony B. Sanders: The Eurozone is Teetering on Collapse!

Trillions for banksters out of thin air! But no money for John Q Public! It's all a SCAM !

  • Let me assure you that the FedRes and other Illuminist central banks (and their politician puppets) will create a massive amount of money out of thin air to bail out all their Illuminist banks. It will be QE to infinity! This financial/banking collapse is intentional. It allows Illuminist banksters to consolidate the banking system into fewer but larger Illuminist banks! It is a controlled demolition, accumulation / centralization of power, review situation, repeat process … until finally the plug will be pulled.
  • The whole system is coming down. It will start in the PIIGS, radiate across Europe, UK, Japan … and finally USA. All fiat currencies are scheduled for destruction. How do you get countries all over the world to abandon their national currencies and accept the coming One World Currency? By destroying all fiat currencies via hyper-inflation! (emphasis mine)

    by Anthony B. Sanders
    Distinguished Professor of Real Estate Finance, George Mason University, and Senior Scholar, Mercatus Center at George Mason University
    United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs

    The Eurozone is teetering on collapse, and this has been decades in the making. The cause of their problems is

    1) excessive government spending leading to
    2) excessive government debt coupled with
    3) slow GDP growth.

    The core European Union countries (i.e., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and Portugal) are expected to have real GDP growth of 1.3% for 2012 and unemployment in 2012 of 9.9% (see Figures 1 and 2). The IMF also produced a longer term real GDP forecast. I have outlined growth for France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and they are all projected to have real GDP growth in 2016 of less than 2% (actually, France is forecast to barely break 2%).

    At the same time, the European core countries have excessively high government debt-to-GDP ratios (see Figure 3), with Greece at 145% and Italy at 118.4% government debt-to-GDP. The other Eurozone nations have government debt-to-GDP ratios in excess of 80%.

    If we look at household and financial debt in addition to government debt, the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) debt-to-GDP ratio exceeds 900%. Japan is over 600% and Europe has almost 500% debt-to-GDP. The U.S. is over 300%. In summary, Europe, Japan, and the U.S. are drowning in debt. And a recent article from economists at the European Central Bank (ECB) finds:

    “…we analyse a wide set of 108 countries composed of both developed and emerging and developing countries, using a long time span running from 1970-2008, and employing different proxies for government size… Our results show a significant negative effect of the size of government on growth. …Interestingly, government consumption is consistently detrimental to output growth irrespective of the country sample considered (OECD, emerging and developing countries).”

    The European Union will unify, break up, or downsize. But regardless of what option they choose, they still have too much spending and debt relative to their ability to pay for it: GDP growth. But additional debt is not the answer. It is the problem.

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Why The Euro Turkey is Well And Truly Stuffed !

  • Before I get caught up with all the festivities and forget: Merry blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the blessed Son of God, Jesus Christ bless you and your family and keep you prosperous and safe!
  • 2012 looks like the year all the fireworks will be lit. Global collapse leading to World War 3 by Sep/Oct 2012? Take care. More important than physical gold/silver: there’s power in the blood of Jesus Christ. (emphasis mine)

    Why the euro turkey is well and truly stuffed ! 
    By ,
    The coming break-up of the single currency makes Britain’s veto seem a mere sideshow, writes Jeff Randall.

    As George Osborne prepares his response to the Vickers report on banking reform .., there’s a growing sense in the City that while Britain upgrades its sprinkler system, a fireball has already engulfed our neighbours. Much-needed changes to UK financial legislation, recommended by Vickers, will be enacted by the end of the current parliament, with the overhaul completed by 2019. Nothing wrong with long-term planning, except that with the eurozone in disarray and sovereign defaults looking all but certain, even getting to next Christmas without a fresh banking crisis may prove a wish too far for Santa.

    Those who had bet on a seasonal gift of salvation from this month’s Brussels summit have already lost their wager. With a gun to the head of monetary union, European ministers, in effect, invited bond markets to pull the trigger. Without a new mechanism for very large and permanent fiscal transfers – from the prudent to the profligate – the euro turkey is stuffed.

    The sideshow of David Cameron’s veto will soon be upstaged by the single currency’s combustion and the immolation of its weaker members’ economies. Confounded by the triumph of remorseless debt over political will, EU leaders have succumbed to collective delirium, promising that future government budgets will be “balanced or in surplus” and that annual structural deficits will “not exceed 0.5 per cent of nominal gross domestic product”.

    There is not one chance in a million that this can be achieved by more than a handful of EU states. When fantasy masquerades as action, the end is nigh.

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Infowars Nightly News: Internet Kill Switch = Death of Free Speech on the Web!

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Fake Withdrawal? ‘US Won’t Leave Iraq Oil To Iran’ !

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Iran Hysteria: Israel Wants US To Attack First !

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Accusing Iran of 9/11 Echoes Iraq Scenario!

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America The New Gitmo?

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