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Jim Willie: The Entire Financial System of The Western World is Imploding! Exponentially Rising Risk!

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“Absolute desperation sinking in … Alot of big European banks in trouble … Fed widened facility … because they are staring at 20 Lehmans in Europe! 20 different big financial firms! I’ve been saying the big 3 in France are all going to go bust … 4 or 5 big Italian banks .. are all going to go bust .. 20 Lehmans almost happened and the Fed rushed in ..! “

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  • This is a must listen for all who wants the truth of how bad the real situation is!

    Jim Willie: “The Public Will Not Wake Up Until At Least One Million Private Accounts Are Stolen”! 
    by Tekoa Da Silva,, 
    I had the chance to speak with the “Golden Jackass” this afternoon out of Costa Rica, namely, Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter. It was a riveting interview, as Jim’s global information and news sources paint a blackening financial future for participants in the Western financial system.

    According to Jim, US & European investors are at incredible risk. “The entire financial system of the Western world is imploding,” said Jim. “There is exponentially rising risks for individuals and their money…the risk right now–is people losing their entire life savings. I cannot seem to get people to understand this”

    As we began discussing the MF Global collapse, Jim articulated his belief in a financial slight-of hand originating from “notice to deliver” requests for gold and silver submitted through MF before the collapse, which had the potential to cause a Comex delivery default. “Comex was ready to default on gold and silver in November, and rather than honor the notices for delivery, JP Morgan stole the funds in the accounts that were calling for delivery…notices for delivery were replaced by stolen accounts.” The evidence of this according to Jim is that, “JPM increased the amount of silver in their registered vaults by precisely the amount that was suppose to be delivered…JPM effectively averted both a Comex default and a European Sovereign Debt implosion.

    Before closing Jim provided a stark warning, saying, Several million private accounts may vanish–Brokerage accounts, Pension funds, Mutual funds, they’re all at risk. We are getting into the middle stages of implosion, where I believe the public will not wake up until at least one million private accounts are stolen, and completely vanish.

    This was a truly sobering interview, and given the real losses borne by MF Global account holders in the past month, Jim’s comments cannot be taken lightly.


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