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Von Greyerz: Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & Social Unrest !

The world will crash and burn sooner or later!

  • It is becoming painfully obvious what is about to happen in 2012, excerpts:

    Von Greyerz – Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & Social Unrest ! 
    “It was very clear to me, .. well before 2002, that this was going to end badly.  There was no chance the world would survive with the banking system intact or even the financial system intact. …
    There were two alternatives, a deflationary collapse, which would mean that no bank would survive and that would be very good for gold.  The more likely scenario, … is we would have hyperinflation because governments need to print unlimited amounts of money. … that’s why we told clients this is the only way to protect your assets, by putting up to 50% of your assets into gold and to store it outside the banking system … everything else is paper which will decline dramatically against gold. …

    We have an unprecedented situation in the world.  There has never been, in world history, a situation where all major sovereign countries are bankrupt.  And, in addition, the whole financial system is bankrupt. ….
    What will happen is speculators will go after one currency at a time.  So currencies will become worthless and this is what will create hyperinflation..”

    … for the entire article click here!


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