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Jim Rickards: CDS Derivatives Financial WMD, Greek Default Armageddon Scenario, Gold Backed Currency ….

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  • This is an excellent interview on of Jim Rickards. For those of you who want to understand what the derivatives market is all about, Jim Rickards does a marvellous job. CDS, Credit Default Swap, is essentially an insurance policy against default by countries. Jim explains how derivatives like CDS are being abused in an unregulated financial casino market. It is an opaque market which could cause the world financial market to go into meltdown. Derivatives are the financial weapons of mass destruction which could destroy the entire world economy.


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  1. There’s that derivatives word, again. After 2007, there was talk of the derivative threat imploding into nothing. This is an issue that has financial institutions whistling past the graveyard. If cooking the books won’t keep this story chained in the basement, all currencies will jump out of the fiat frying pan, into the Global fire. The end of National Sovereignty will announce the end of the age. Corporatism is building the government that Hitler dreamed of. I nwrote about it in “From Babylon To The United Nations: Road Map To Armageddon”

    Comment by georgesblog360 | June 28, 2011

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