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Chinese Official Warns About Excessive Holding of Dollar!


  • The Chinese are caught in a web of their own making. They are stuck with as much as US$1.5T of USD denominated assets (mostly US treasuries). You cannot dispose of such a large amount of USD without creating a dollar collapse. They know it. They also know that they will lose. It is a question of how much that is all. They are quietly accumulating hard assets and gold behind the scenes (dumping the USD), fearing an overnight dollar collapse.
  • Statements by this Chinese official about excessive USD holdings may just indicate that the Chinese may be ready to cut their losses and run. It is more likely that they are giving the Chinese sheeple early warning and also preparing the rest of the world of this eventuality. They do not want to be seen as the ‘bad guy’ who causes the coming global monetary crisis. Whatever the reasons, a global currency collapse is coming. No country is immune to economic and financial collapse when the Eurozone, Japan, UK and US tank!

    Dollar Index at 1-Month Low as China Warns on US Assets
    By: Reuters
    The dollar fell to a one-month low against a basket of currencies on Tuesday and a record low against the Swiss franc after a Chinese official said the greenback would continue to weaken versus other major currencies.

    The head of the international payment department at the Chinese forex regulator also warned about the risks of excessive holdings of U.S. dollars. The dollar index … fell to a low of 73.601, the lowest since May 5, while the greenback fell to 0.8328 Swiss francs on trading platform EBS a record low.

    “China has been growing its share of U.S. securities quite aggressively in the past, and the threat that they will be  selling these holdings has always been there,” said Adam Myers, senior forex strategist at Credit Agricole. “But this is not a credible threat as a sell-off will lead  to a steepening of the U.S. yield curve which will hurt the U.S. and the Chinese, who are dependent on the U.S. economy. But I do agree that the dollar is headed lower in the long term.”


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Top Bilderberger: Eurozone Collapse Threatens Global Currency Agenda!

  • The Illuminists may think they are children of the ‘gods’ but they are not God. Whatever scam they plan, they are in it way over their heads. Things can just unravel and all hell break loose. Greece will default sooner or later. And when it does the rest of the PIIGS will begin to quake. Spain will be the country which brings down the Eurozone.
  • It is all about control. The Illuiminists want to destroy both the Euro and USD and then introduce their One World Currency managed by a Global Supra-National Central Bank. Very likely to be the IMF 2.0 (or BIS). However, when things get out of hand, the rest of the world and in particular Asia may just tell them to goto hell. China has enough ‘muscle’ to pull Asia, Africa, Latin America, Russia … into their sphere of economic influence and destroy the western Illuminist fiat currency hegemony.
  • The Illuminist plan is fraught with danger and they know it. Success is not assured. I believe their plan B is a full brute force frontal assault ie. World War 3! Submit and comply to this new monetary hegemony or they will bomb you till kingdom come! Will the western Illuminati give up their financial, economic and monetary hegemony? Absolutely not! They want to microchip everyone with a RFID ‘666’ tag. They want a Luciferian New World Order, Global Fascist Military-Police State to welcome their master: Satan!

    Top Bilderberger: Eurozone Collapse Threatens Global Currency Agenda
    by Paul Joseph Watson ,
    Harvard Professor reveals globalists are panic-stricken about Greece debt  default threat to survival of single currency.

    A top Bilderberg member has revealed that globalists are panic-stricken about a potential eurozone crisis caused by a Greek debt default that could precipitate the collapse of the Euro and also derail the wider agenda for multi-regional currency unions and eventually a global currency system.

    Appearing on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker said that the Euro will again be the subject of crisis talks at this years globalist confab in San Moritz, Switzerland, with power brokers desperate to rescue the single currency from a collapse that numerous financial analysts see on the horizon.

    “They’re afraid of the Euro going down and afraid the Euro will simply disappear,” said Tucker, noting that several European countries’ intention to abandon nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster could cause a crisis for the single currency.

    During  last year’s Bilderberg conference in Sitges Spain, when the Euro was in free fall following the austerity riots in Greece, globalists were panicked that the single currency could face a total collapse. Although the Euro has made significant gains against the crumbling US dollar over the past year, many financial analysts are still predicting that the single currency faces a massive crisis that will threaten its very existence. Indeed, just last month representatives  of the European Commission held an emergency crisis meeting following  reports that Greece was considering exiting the eurozone and creating its own  currency.

    The European Central Bank’s exposure to struggling  European economies could  send the ECB into bankruptcy, especially if Greece defaults on its debt  which many see as a likely scenario. According to ratings agency  Moody’s, “Greece is 50% likely to default on or restructure its debts in the  next five years.”

    Writing  in the Financial Times, which is routinely represented at Bilderberg though refuses to report on the meeting, Bilderberg member and Harvard Professor Kenneth  Rogoff reveals how elitists are deeply concerned that a “eurozone collapse” will derail the wider agenda for multi-regional currencies like the Amero, which would act as a unified currency under the North American Union.

    “The euro experiment has also brought us to a crossroads in the whole international monetary system,” writes Rogoff. “Will our grandchildren inherit a world with a huge number of national currencies, or a very small number of multi-country currencies?”

    … for the full article click here!


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Jim Sinclair: Gold To Exceed US$12,500 To Balance US Debt!

  • Gold is going higher than most people think possible. Maestro, Mr Gold Jim Sinclair is absolutely correct. My own forecast calls for at least US$10,000/oz! This summer may be the parabolic upward move in gold I have been waiting for. This is a must read to understand the titanic economic forces behind the price of gold. QE or no QE, gold will go alot higher!

    Jim Sinclair – Gold to Exceed $12,500 to Balance US Debt
    With continued volatility in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed the legendary Jim Sinclair to get his take on the markets. Sinclair surprised KWN by discussing a price target for gold that to some would seem unimaginable.  When asked about trading for gold this summer Sinclair stated, “I think most of your analysis of secular trends will look and say no, no, summer time doldrums nothing happens.  Well we could have something very significant happen and for a very clear reason.  It’s becoming obvious even to our talking heads that this great recovery which we’ve questioned for a considerable period of time is in fact more in people’s minds than in reality.  The economy is turning down again and turning down hard, there’s no question about that.”

    “Quantitive easing is the only tool that the Fed has had available to them.  The Fed has pumped in trillions of dollars and the result of that pump-priming in the monetary sense has been only at best a modest recovery, and certainly making trillionaires out of some bankers, billionaires out of many of them.

    We’ve come to a point now where if QE were to be stopped, you would see an implosion in the general equity markets…And yes gold would go down, the market would go down hard.  The dollar would go up slightly to begin, but then fall back down again as the management of the economy was seen to have been ineffective and inefficient.

    Gold would then start moving back up again and I think if QE was to cease, the recovery on gold from a modest reaction would be multiples upon multiples of that reaction and would lead the way to Harry’s $2,400, to Alf’s $3,000 to $6,000.

    You can’t stop quantitive easing.  If you stop quantitive easing the stock market will return to its recent low or lower.  That alone by its impact on decision making will cause an economic implosion.  We’re tied into this monetary stimulation, there is no way out of monetary stimulation.  If there was any attempt to get out of monetary stimulation it would cause an economic accident which would require central banks to go right back where they were.  That would be again, loss of control…

    for the entire interview click here to goto the excellent KingWorldNews website!


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James Turk On The Gold Price And US Dollar!

  • YouTube:
    James Turk of the GoldMoney Foundation speaks about currency devaluation and the rising gold price. How the gold price is rising against all major currencies and monetary policy is political, having abandoned all pretence of seeking monetary stability. He warns of the dangers of a hyperinflationary crisis. James also explains why gold should be considered money and not an investment.

    He also talks of the coming dollar collapse and the waterfall decline in the dollar, especially since Ben Bernanke’s words on QE. He talks of different examples of hyperinflation from paper money hyperinflation in Weimar Germany to deposit currency hyperinflation in Argentina. The presentation was held on 29 April 2011 in Munich, Germany.


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Secret History: Zionist Terrorism!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Zionist ‘666’ Israel Was Created By Terrorism!

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David Duke: Israeli Terrorism Against America!

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Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn aka Adam Pearlman(Jew) & Yousef al-Khattab aka Joseph Cohen (Jew)!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Dead In The Water: The Sinking of The USS Liberty By Zionist ‘666’ Israel !

  • Zionist ‘666’ Israel is the country which most consistently betray and attack America! This is in rememberance of all those US servicemen who died on that fateful day in 1967. Google Video :

    During the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed in the two-hour assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats. Israel claimed that the whole affair had been a tragic accident based on mistaken identification of the ship. The American government accepted the explanation. For more than 30 years many people have disbelieved the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it convincingly.Now, Dead in the Water uses startling new evidence to reveal the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable attack. The film combines dramatic reconstruction of the events, with new access to former officers in the US and Israeli armed forces and intelligence services who have decided to give their own version of events. Interviews include President Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara, former head of the Israeli navy Admiral Shlomo Errell and members of the USS Liberty crew.

"kee betachbulot ta'ase lecha milchama" Translation: "With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war!" or By way of deception, thou shalt do war'!


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USS Liberty Memorial: 8 June 1967 Zionist ‘666’ Israeli Massacre of 34 Americans and 171 Wounded !

  • Zionist ‘666’ Israel is not America’s friend. It is in fact America’s greatest enemy! It is a master of false flag attacks to manipulate America into fighting unnecessary wars. As for those American snakes that lick the boots of the Zionists and covered up the whole affair, they need to be prosecuted.

    On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.

    The Attack
    After surveilling USS Liberty for more than nine hours with almost hourly aircraft overflights and radar tracking, the air and naval forces of Israel attacked our ship in international waters without warning. USS Liberty was identified as a US naval ship by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft nine hours before the attack and continuously tracked by Israeli radar and aircraft thereafter. Sailing in international waters at less than five knots, with no offensive armament, our ship was not a military threat to anyone.

    The Israeli forces attacked without warning and without attempting to contact us. Thirty four Americans were killed in the attack and another 174 were wounded.   The ship, a $40-million dollar state-of-the-art signals intelligence platform, was later declared unsalvageable and sold for scrap.

    The Cover Up
    Despite a near-universal consensus that the Israeli attack was made with full knowledge that USS Liberty was a US Navy ship, the Johnson administration began an immediate cover-up of this fact. Though administration officers continued individually to characterize the attack as deliberate, the Johnson administration never sought the prosecution of the guilty parties or otherwise attempted to seek justice for the victims. They concealed and altered evidence in their effort to downplay the attack. Though they never formally accepted the Israeli explanation that it was an accident, they never pressed for a full investigation either. They simply allowed those responsible literally to get away with murder.

    In an ongoing effort to reveal the truth about the attack, the USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed with the Secretary of the Army in the manner prescribed by law a detailed, fully documented Report of War Crimes describing the circumstances of the attack on our ship and evidence that it was a crime under international law. In accordance with international law and treaties, the United States is obligated to investigate the allegations. So far, the United States has declined even to acknowledge that the report has been filed. The full text of the report can be found at :

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Sweet Justice: Bank of America Forecloses on Home Owner That Paid For Home With Cash! Owners Sue And Forecloses on BofA!

  • Don’t let the Illuminist banksters screw you and your family! If you have a mortgage, make sure the bank actually own the deed to your property. Otherwise, you may actually be paying to the wrong party. In this case, you may not own your home even when you have paid 100% of your loan. If the bank cannot prove ownership of the property, don’t pay your mortgage.


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Brother Nathanael: Growing Up Jewish!

  • May God bless brother Nathanael and all true Jews with strength, peace and love for Y’shua HaMashiach. May God keep true Israel strong for the Lord !
  • The modern religion of Judaism is not the religion of the old testament Bible. It is really the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. It is racist, supremacist, Anti-Christ and Anti-Christian. Freemasonry has its roots in Judaism. Freemasonry is Satanic! Proof (It is obvious who Jxxxx and Chxxxt is.):

     “Jxxxx is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement” (Gittin 57a).
    “Mary, the mother of Jxxxs, was a whore and played the harlot with carpenters” (Sanhedrin, 106a,b).
    “[Chxxxt] practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy” (Sanhedrin, 43a).
    “Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament” (Shabbath 116a).
    “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old” (Sanhedrin 54b).
    “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing” (Kethuboth 11b).
    “A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest” (Yebamoth 59b).
    “All gentile children are animals” (Yebamoth 98a).
    “Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile” (Baba Kamma 113a).
    “When a Jew murders a gentile (‘Cuthean’), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin 57a).

    “To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (of the 33rd degree), we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd , 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.  … Yes, Lucifer is God … “
    Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871 (blasphemy)

    One of the unheralded and least known facts about Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge is its Jewish origins and nature. The religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Cabala (or, Kabala), an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, form the basis for the Scottish Rite’s 33 ritual degree ceremonies.
    – Freemasonry is Jewish Magic, Texe Marrs

    “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?”

    Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”
    – Rabbi Isaac Wise

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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