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Severe Weather Alert: HAARP Rings Appear @ WA, OR, ID, MO, TN, LA, TX, AL, KY, NY = Severe in 24-48hrs!

  • Illuminist snakes are screwing America! HAARP weather modification weapons exist. They are being used right now. See evidence below. 1976 UN Convention on Weather Modification.

Click on image to goto pdf file!

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  2. This article is disinformation at its best (worst). Trying to sucker people into something so easily debunked.
    The rings are NOT HAARP SIGNATURES! They are returns from the local DOPPLER RADARS used for weather reporting. Go to the following site to see where these radars are installed.

    These radars have a max range of about 150 miles and an effective max range of about 130 miles on a FLAT SURFACE with the radar mounted about 100 feet above that surface. Doppler Radar is line of site, it does not bend corners or see through large dense structures, whether natural or man made. Terrain will effect the over all shape of the return envelope. It is also tuned to see the largest return from water suspended in the atmosphere, varying with drop size, drop density and general drop position.

    About the Pendleton, OR/Boise, ID example with the ‘mysterious’ gap. Pendleton is 1266 feet above sea level; Boise is 2709 feet above sea level. There is a MOUNTAIN RANGE, the Blue Mountains (4,000 to 10,000 feet), between the two cities and their radar installations. Hence the gap!

    Don’t believe everything you read. Do some basic research.

    Comment by dragonfish | May 26, 2011

    • Hi,

      I suppose you feel also that the 1976 UN ENMOD is a fake.
      You need to do more research. Radar signatures that are circular, square … and it so happen bad weather occurs as predicted?


      Comment by mosesman | May 27, 2011

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