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Jerome Corsi: White House Running Scared Over Latest Discovery of Obama’s True Origins!

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Bob Chapman: A Higher Cost of Living And A Weaker Economy The Reality!

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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Weather Warfare – ‘West Plots To Cause Drought in Iran’!

United Nations 1976 Weather Warfare Convention. Yes, such weapons exist! Click on image to goto PDF file!

  • Quote: 
    The ENMOD Convention: prohibiting use of the environment as a means of warfare
    The ENMOD Convention is specifically intended to prevent use of the environment as a means of warfare, by prohibiting the deliberate manipulation of natural processes that could produce phenomena such as hurricanes, tidal waves or changes in climate
    As examples, the Understandings also include a non-exhaustive list of phenomena that could result from the use of environmental modification techniques: earthquakes and tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones and tornadic storms); changes in climate patterns; changes in ocean currents; changes in the state of the ozone layer and changes in the state of the ionosphere.
  • President Ahmadinejad is not the nut job that the west tries to portray him as. He understands what is really going on than most sheeple in the west. The Illuminists are using weather warfare to cause ‘natural’ disasters worldwide!
    Weather Warfare: ‘West plots to cause drought in Iran’
    Global Research, May 19, 2011, Press TV
    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Western countries are plotting to generate drought in some areas of the world, including Iran.
    “According to reports about climate, whose authenticity has been verified, the European countries have used certain equipment to discharge clouds and prevent rain-bearing clouds from reaching regional countries such as Iran,” President Ahmadinejad said on Thursday.

    He made the remarks in the inauguration ceremony of a domestically-built dam in the central Iranian province of Arak. Ahmadinejad said the matter would be pursued by Iran’s legal authorities, IRNA reported.
    The Iranian president said such measures by European countries are aimed at creating tension and hostility in the maritime borders of regional countries. “Just as it was said before, I believe that the war of the future will be the war over water.”
    On May 16, President Ahmadinejad inaugurated a 484-megawatt solar thermal combined cycle power plant in the Iranian province of Yazd. The solar thermal combined cycle power plant is the world’s first combined cycle plant that has used natural gas and solar energy.


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Silver Pros Discuss Silver Manipulation, Higher Prices Ahead, Crimex, Shortage ….

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European Central Bank Threatens To Pull The Plug on Greek Lending!

The central bank is vehemently opposed to a restructuring of Greek debt, worried about a possible chain reaction through Europe's financial system and the losses it would face on the up to ?50bn of bonds on its own books. Photo: EPA

  • What is this really about? Illuminist central banksters want to steal hard assets from Greece by forcing them to use their national treasures, land, infrastructure, ports, roads … as collateral for new loans!
  • Greece is better off defaulting on its debts (like Iceland) and the Greeks should not be paying the debts of private banks! Of course, the Illuminist banksters do not want to see this happen. But with Greece’s 10 year government bond yield at 16.75%, default is an absolute certainty. Only question is when. See: Greece hit by Fitch debt downgrade . Greeks should just stand up and say ‘NO’ to the Illuminist banksters and say ‘To Hell’ with the Eurozone! ECB’s threats are just propaganda! It is whether they bite the bullet earlier or later, after the banksters have ‘raped’ /stolen their treasures!
    European Central Bank threatens to pull the plug on Greek lending
    By Emma Rowley , 
    The European Central Bank has threatened to stop lending to banks using Greek government bonds as collateral if Athens changes the terms of the debt, a move which could bring down the country’s banking system.

    The eurozone’s central bank has played its “last card” in an attempt to prevent the debt restructuring it fears, said analysts. The cost of insuring Greek sovereign debt rose to more than €1.33m to protect every €10m of bonds as the threat laid bare the divisions in Europe over how to resolve the crisis.
    The Mediterranean nation is struggling to carry out the reforms agreed under its €110bn EU/IMF bail-out, prompting fears Athens will not be able to repay its debts, currently totalling about €340bn. EU officials have been floating the idea of a “soft” restructuring of the debt, whereby the holders of the bonds see the terms extended.
    However, Juergen Stark, ECB chief economist, said that if the country altered its repayment terms, the eurozone’s central bank would not be able to lend to Greek banks putting up government bonds as collateral.
    “A sovereign debt restructuring would undermine the eligibility of Greek government bonds,” he said. “A continuation of liquidity provisions would be impossible.”
    If the ECB did follow through with its threat, the country’s banking system would fail, said Jacques Cailloux, an economist at Royal Bank of Scotland. Greek banks have borrowed some €88bn from the ECB. “This is the last card in the hands of the ECB in warning about the implications of a restructuring,” he said.
    The central bank is vehemently opposed to a restructuring of Greek debt, worried about a possible chain reaction through Europe’s financial system and the losses it would face on the up to €50bn of bonds on its own books.
    Most thought the ECB was unlikely to carry out its threat. “It is a way by which the ECB expresses its disagreement,” said Luca Cazzulani, a stategist at UniCredit.
    …. click here for more!


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Dimon: U.S. Debt Default Could Be ‘Catastrophic’!

  • I do not believe that QE will ever end. They will QE to infinity but call it by some other name or process. The reality is: foreign governments no longer have confidence in US Treasuries. Governments are fleeing the USD to gold. You will hear of more and more gold purchases by foreign central banks. Who is going to finance US government debts? Obviously, only the FedRes via money printing and debt monetization!
  • QE is really about saving the banks and not the sheeple! JP Morgan is one of the major shareholder of the FedRes. His statements below suggest QE will never be stopped.
    Dimon: U.S. Debt Default Could be ‘Catastrophic’
    By Adam Samson, 
    A U.S. default on its sovereign debt could have a “potentially catastrophic” effect on the global economy, JPMorgan Chase (JPM) chief executive Jamie Dimon said Thursday evening, according the Associated Press
    The U.S. reached its so-called debt ceiling, which is essentially a legal borrowing limit, of $14.3 trillion this week, prompting the Treasury to take extraordinary measures to continue funding government activities.  Congress has been arguing for weeks about raising the ceiling, with Democrats and Republicans fighting over the specific terms.  
    The Treasury will have to make some tough choices, one of which is potentially not making interest payments to holders of U.S. bonds, if Congress can’t agree on raising the ceiling, a very unlikely scenario. 
    But a U.S. default on its loans could create an economic disaster that “will dwarf Lehman,” Dimon said, referring to the collapse of credit markets that occurred when the investment banking giant went bankrupt in September 2008. 
    U.S. bonds are generally considered very low risk assets, and are, therefore, the basis for many financial instruments.  If the U.S. defaulted, it would likely cause interest rates to spike on U.S. bonds, causing a cascade throughout the entire financial system, economists say. 
    Treasury officials and economists alike have warned that broad advances in interest rates will make lending more difficult in a myriad of economically-critical areas, including: the already-ailing mortgage market, the auto sector and student loans.  Indeed, dramatically higher interest rates are likely to severely damper the effects of the Federal Reserve’s expansionary monetary policy. 


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GEAB N°55: Global Systemic Crisis – Confirmation of a Major Alert for The 2nd Half of 2011 – Explosive Fusion of World Geopolitical Dislocation And The Global Economic And Financial Crisis!

Comparative progression of the United States and China’s share of world GNP (2001-2016) (in purchasing power parity) - Source: IMF / MarketWatch, 04/2011

  • Although the schedule for total economic collapse is around end 2012, do not for a moment think that everything will be A Ok until then. The economic, financial and monetary earthquakes will get larger and larger. The global geo-political situation will get worse. We are on the cusp of a major war between America and Pakistan. I see the greater Middle East War between Zionist ‘666’ Israel and the Muslim World as starting in 2012. To sum it all up, yes, World war 3 is almost here!
  • The Illuminati plan appears to be as follows:
    – Economic, financial and monetary collapse by end 2012
    World War 3: US,NATO and its allies vs China and its allies
                                  Greater Middle East War: Zionist Israel vs 
                                  Muslim World

    – 4-7 comets/asteriods flyby in 2011/2012. Undoubtedly some
       fragments will hit earth. Maybe even a large asteriod. ‘stars falling
       onto earth’.
    – Planned endtimes Hoaxes: Ezekiel 38, Armageddon, 2nd coming of
      Jesus Christ,
    Muslim Mahdi, Buddhist Maitreya … which will end in
      destruction of
    Zionist ‘666’ Israel and turn into a UFO-Alien
      Invasion/Arrival ie. ‘good’
      Aliens to ‘save humanity. Christians will
      be shocked with the outcome! The Great Falling Away!
      destruction of Christianity and Islam?! As much as 50-75% will fall
      away from the Christian faith but Christianity will survive.

     – Ushering in of the Luciferian New World Order. World Government,
       One World Currency –> ‘666’. Killing of all who reject micro-chipping
       with RFID ‘666’ starts, mostly Christians!

    – Rapture of Church? Grafting back of the semitic biological
       descendents of
    Israel (the true Israel of God)? End of the Age of
       Gentiles? Start of final 7 years??

  • GEAB highlights the major economic tectonic events in the coming months. Take the warning seriously! Got gold yet?
    GEAB N°55 is available! Global systemic crisis – Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 – Explosive fusion of world geopolitical dislocation and the global economic and financial crisis 
    Almost a year ago LEAP/E2020 identified the second half of 2011 as a new critical point in time in the development of the global systemic crisis. Just like our February 2008 anticipation highlighted a major shock affecting the US economy in September 2008, our team confirms in this GEAB issue that all the conditions have now been met for the second half of 2011 to be the stage for the explosive fusion of two fundamental trends underlying the global systemic crisis, namely world geopolitical dislocation on the one hand and the global economic and financial crisis on the other.
    In fact, for several months the world has experienced an almost unbroken succession of geopolitical, economic and financial shocks which, according to LEAP/E2020, constitute the warning signs of a major traumatic event that we analyze in this issue.
    At the same time the international system has now passed the stage of structural weakening to enter a phase of complete decay where old alliances are breaking down, whilst new communities of interest are emerging very quickly.
    Finally, any hope for significant and lasting global economic recovery has now evaporated (1) whilst the Western pillar’s indebtedness, especially the US, has reached a critical level unparalleled in modern history (2).
    The catalyst for this explosive fusion will obviously be the international monetary system, or rather international monetary chaos which has been further exacerbated since the disaster that struck Japan last March and in front of the inability of the United States to face the requirement for an immediate and significant reduction of its huge deficits.
    The end of QE2, the symbol of and factor in the explosive fusion now underway, represents the end of an era, that where the “US Dollar was the currency of the United States and the rest of the world’s problem”: from July 2011, the US Dollar will openly become the main threat weighing on the rest of the world and the United States’ crucial problem (3).
    Summer 2011 will confirm that the US Federal Reserve has lost its bet: the U.S. economy has, in fact, never left the “Very Great Depression” (4) which it entered in 2008 despite the trillions of dollars injected (5), as the vast majority of Americans are perfectly aware of (6). Unable to launch a QE3 (even unofficially through its Primary Dealers as it used to do until the world became too closely interested in the US Treasury Bond market), the Fed will helplessly watch interest rates rise, US government deficit costs explode, the world dive into an intensified economic recession, stock exchange collapse and the US dollar show erratic behavior, making short-term saw-tooth movements, depending on the influence of these events, before suddenly losing 30% of its value as we anticipated in the last issue (7).
    At the same time Euroland, the BRICS and commodity producers will rapidly strengthen their cooperation while launching a final attempt to salvage the international institutions created by Bretton Woods and the world dominated by the US /UK duo. This will be the last since it is unrealistic to imagine Barack Obama, who has shown no major international stature so far, proving himself to be a statesman and thus take major political risks in a presidential election year.
    Barriers, security, export embargos, diversification of reserves, frenzy over commodities, widespread rising inflation … the world is preparing for a new economic, social and geopolitical shock 
    China has just announced that it is halting all diesel exports to try and stop a rise in fuel prices that recently caused a series of strikes by road hauliers (8). May the Asian countries that depended on these Chinese exports manage, just like Japan has done in the aftermath of last March’s disaster!
    Russia has also stopped exporting certain oil products to limit domestic shortages and price increases (9), an export halt added to that on cereals imposed several months ago.
    Across the Arab world, instability continues to prevail against the backdrop of the rising cost of basic food commodities (10), whilst questions over the extent of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves and production capacity have resurfaced (11).
    In the United States, any weather event out of the ordinary immediately causes the risk of shortages due to the lack of a security “buffer” in the US distribution system, except to call upon strategic stockpiles (12). Meanwhile, the population reduces its spending on food in order to fill the tanks of their cars at more than 4 dollars a gallon (13).
    In Europe, the decline in social security and extreme austerity measures implemented in the United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, … will cause an explosion in the number of poor.
    The EU has more or less surreptitiously just reinforced its customs arsenal to withstand Asian imports in particular. First, it has reviewed its whole paraphernalia of preferential tariffs to eliminate all emerging nations, China, India and Brazil first of all. Second, at the end of 2010, it discreetly passed legislation to facilitate the implementation of anti-dumping and safeguard measures, because now a simple majority is sufficient to pass such a proposal with the Commission, whilst previously a qualified majority was needed, often difficult to marshal (14).
    Meanwhile, central banks continue to buy gold (15), announcing more or less clearly that they are diversifying their reserves (16) whilst they are taking increasingly inconsistent and dangerous steps, increasing interest rates to counter inflation in a context of weak economies or in recession to counter the influx of liquidity generated by the US Federal Reserve’s policies (17). To paraphrase the title of an article by Andy Xie, published in Caixin of 04/22/2011, “Rising inflation makes central bankers mad” (18).
    And the US side is completely in dreamland: whilst the country has reached unsustainable levels of debt, the leaders in Washington have made this topic an election issue, as illustrated by the question of the Federal debt ceiling which will be reached on May 16 (19). Comparisons abound in the US and international financial press with the Clinton years where a similar problem had arisen without major consequences. Obviously a sizeable part of the US elite and financiers haven’t yet taken on board the fact that, unlike the 90s, the United States today is seen as the “sick man of the world” (20), in which any sign of weakness or serious inconsistency can trigger uncontrolled panic.
    Crazy central bankers, world leaders without a roadmap, economies at risk, inflation rising, currencies in trouble, frenzied commodities, uncontrolled Western debt, unemployment at its highest, stressed societies … there’s no doubt, the explosive fusion of all these events will really be the memorable event of the second half of 2011! 

Percentage of the male population employed within the seven major Western economies (1970-2009) - Source: The Economist / OECD, 04/2011


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BS Alert: Iran Accused of September 11 Role!

Can you smell it??

  • This article is without a doubt propaganda, outright lie and psyop! The Illuminist snakes are itching to start this war with Iran for the complete conquest of the Middle East (Oil). 9/11 was an inside job by the CIA and Mossad. There are no evidence that Afghanistan and Iraq were involved in 9/11 and yet the 2 countries were illegally invaded and bombed to bits. George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice …are all lying war criminals!
    Iran accused of September 11 role
    by Benjamin Weiser, Scott Shane, 
    NEW YORK: Two defectors from Iran’s intelligence service have testified that Iranian officials knew in advance about the attacks of September 11, 2001, says a US court filing that seeks damages for Iran’s ”direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most deadly act of terrorism in American history”.
    One of the defectors also claimed that Iran was involved in designing the attacks, the filing said. The defectors’ identities and testimony were not revealed in the filing but were being submitted to a judge under seal, said lawyers who brought the original suit against Iran on behalf of families of dozens of September 11 victims.
    The suit says Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group with close ties to Tehran, helped al-Qaeda with planning the attacks and with the hijackers’ training and travel. After the attacks, the suit says, Iran and Hezbollah helped al-Qaeda operatives and their families to escape, in some cases providing them with a safe haven in Iran.
    Read more:

George Bush, Cheney, Rice, & Rumsfeld caught in Lies over 9/11 & WMD


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European Zeitgeist 2011 Economic Forum: The End of the Eurozone?

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