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Lindsey Williams: The Gradual Illuminist TakeOver of America! Middle East War, Silver COMEX Default, Skyrocketing Gold And Silver Prices, $4-5/gallon Gas, Euro And Dollar Collapse ….

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Federal Reserve Bank Orders Oklahoma Bank to Remove All Symbols of Christian Faith. Now Who is Next?

  • Illuminist banksters are Anti-Christ.The Anglo-American Illuminist cabal is Luciferian. You should have no doubts they want to microchip everyone with ‘666’.
    Federal Reserve Bank Orders Oklahoma Bank to Remove All Symbols of Christian Faith. Now Who is Next?
    What right does a privately owned bank. Not a government agency have the jurisdiction to tell another privet owned bank to remove all vestiges of Christianity from this bank. That is what has happened in Perkins Oklahoma. They were ordered to remove anything that said Merry Christmas and Bible verse of the day. Employees could not wear any crosses or pins resembling the Christian faith. 
    Now I say who is next? Under the new banking reform law that passed congress and signed into law this year.Is this part of the new Financial dictatorship of the Federal Reserve telling the country who is the boss?Who are the winners and losers in this new economy? Will they tell me who has a mortgage I can not have home bible studies and have to take down any crosses in my Home since they hold the bank note. If I run a business selling lamps.I have a cross and a painting of Jesus preaching in the sermon on the mount.Will I have to remove the expression of my faith from my place of business by the order of this new economic dictator called the Federal Reserve Bank? This Central Bank which congress turned over its constitutional authority to.
    These Bankers have thrown people out of there homes,they have looted our nation and they robbed the dignity of the common person. Now they want to take away the faith of many people. There religious freedom they cling to. They want to rob the people of any hope. Today they go after a bank. Tomorrow what privet business will they attack next? Telling them they can not have any form of Christianity. We must stop them here. If we allow them to tell banks what to do. Who will they go after next?


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S510 Fake Food Safety Bill Passed by Senate In Late-Night Sneak Attack on Small Farmers and Food Freedom!

  • The Illuminist snakes are doing a complete takeover of America and turning it into 1984 George Orwell police state! Apparently, even collecting rain water  is a crime!
    S510 Fake Food Safety Bill Passed by Senate In Late-Night Sneak Attack on Small Farmers and Food Freedom
    The infamous S.510 “food food safety bill” was passed by the US Senate last night in a sneaky, last minute voice vote. All Senators voted for it, Republicans and Democrats alike. Not a single U.S. Senator — not even Coburn — objected to its passage. With this vote, the US Senate now sends the bill back to the House of Representatives where it is due for a final vote as HR 2751 that would then send the bill to the White House for a presidential signature. This House vote could take place as early as tomorrow (Tuesday).
    A betrayal of food freedom
    This last-minute sneak vote of unanimous consent is widely considered a betrayal of food freedom by the few Republicans who had opposed this bill. posted their report on this unexpected turn of events late last night
    (…) and has since been overrun by comments from steaming mad members of the public who feel utterly betrayed by their Senators.
    The Natural Solutions Foundation posted a blog entitled, “Betrayed by the GOP” which blasts Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike for approving this bureaucratic monster that will grow the size and power of the FDA
    The Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund also posted an urgent action alert
    (…) urging people to call their representatives in Washington and oppose HR 2751.
    The betrayal
    It’s important to understand the depth of betrayal that has just been committed by the GOP members of the US Senate. Democratic members of the Senate, of course, have always voted for S.510 because it’s a bill that expands the power of government and will unleash an army of FDA inspectors who roam the countryside harassing farmers and small growers. The expansion of government power over the People has almost always been unanimously supported by Democratic Senators.
    But Republicans have been reluctant to see such a sudden expansion of FDA power and personnel. Some GOP members have opposed this bill because they see it as too overreaching, too powerful and too threatening to the food freedoms upon which this country was founded. So they tried to oppose the bill in order to keep the FDA out of our farms, gardens and greenhouses. And for a long time, Sen. Tom Coburn effectively blocked this bill from becoming law.
    But Senator Harry Reid — the King of Corruption in the Senate, in my opinion — kept pushing this bill, backed by Big Agribiz corporate supporters who can’t wait to see small farms buried under the burden of compliance that would be unleashed under the bill. And no, all small farms are NOT exempt from this bill. In the world of agriculture, a small family farm growing food on as little as twenty acres can easily exceed $1 million a year in revenues (without much profit, because there isn’t much profit in most crops) and thereby be subjected to FDA tyranny under S.510.
    S.510 is the Patriot Act of farming. And the reason it got so much support from the large corporations is because it will effectively destroy many small, local organic farms by suffocating them under a new regulatory burden — even when they’re not the problem to begin with! Food safety is only a problem because of the factory animal operations that comingle with large, corporate food operations, thereby contaminating fresh produce with animal-grown bacteria. E.coli, for example, cannot multiply in plants! It can only grow in the intestines of animals.
    Passed in the darkness of night
    It is especially noteworthy to observe that the US Senate passed this bill in the dark of night, during a late Sunday night session when they hoped nobody was watching. This is an action they simply could not take in broad daylight during a normal business day when people might be paying attention. So they pulled a “quarterback sneak” and thrust this bill forward in a late-night session where nobody — and I mean nobody — had the courage to take a stand and vote against it.
    This whole scheme has been fabricated from the start, by the way. The food safety scare stories were intentionally exaggerated to make it seem as if we were all about to die from eating fresh spinach. The food recalls were hyped up by the mainstream media in a huge way, without any honest reporting on the fact that you are statistically ten thousand times more likely to be killed by an FDA-approved drug than from eating fresh produce.
    Then the legislators got involved. And there’s no problem they don’t arrogantly think they can’t solve by expanding the power and reach of the federal government. So they got to work figuring out how to take the most dangerous and dishonest agency in the history of America
    (…) and give it more power!
    This is sort of like handing an arsonist a can of gasoline and a flamethrower. Gee, what do you think the FDA is going to do with all this power? They’re going to run rampant with it, of course. Give the TSA power and they reach down your pants and sexually molest your children. Give the FDA power and they’ll use it to crush small, local organic farms in order to protect the profits of big business because
    the FDA has always sought to protect the profits of big business.
    How to crush small, local organic farms
    So for all you Americans who love to eat local food, or if you buy food from a local CSA or farmer’s market, you can kiss your local food goodbye in the near future. Once the FDA revs up its army of jackbooted thugs to start crushing small organic farmers, you are going to see a massive increase in the price of local food because supplies will begin to dwindle as small farmers are forced out of business by the Food Safety and Modernization Act.
    This is, of course, exactly what the FDA and Big Agribiz wants — a wipeout of the competition from small, local farmers. They want to dominate the food industry in the same way that Monsanto has dominated the seed industry. And that means crushing the small, independent food producers and family farm operations.
    So once again, our U.S. Senators have betrayed the very freedoms they swore to protect. It appears that when our forefathers wrote the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they neglected to add one provision that they never could have imagined would be necessary: The right to food freedom and the right to grow your own food on your own land, then sell that food to members of your local community without being harassed by federal government agents who come knocking on your greenhouse door and demand, “show me your papers.”


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European Sovereign Debt Crisis Set to Spread … Government Bonds at Risk!

Damn if they bailout, damn if they don't! France and Germany are in deep deep trouble!

  • Although, the financial MSM is making alot of noise about the crappy situation the Eurozone is in, America is in an even worse state. All the ‘news’ reports about the problems in the EU has allowed the USD to strengthen. The belief that the USD will not collapse will be tested in 2011. All the major currencies are essentially toast: USD, EUD, JPY, UKP…the minor fiat currencies will not survive the coming global currency crisis!
    European Sovereign Debt Crisis Set to Spread … Government Bonds at Risk!
    Foreign Exposure to PIGS Debt
    Is a Major Threat
    The BIS’s latest quarterly review contains a tabulation of exposure, broken down by nationality, to debt of the four most problematic countries: Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. The grand total: A staggering $2.2 trillion! Nearly one quarter — $513 billion — is held by German investors. U.S. investors are on the hook for $353 billion and U.K. investors for $370 billion. These are humongous numbers.
    Conservatively speaking, these debts will need at least a 30 percent haircut for the PIGS to have a realistic opportunity of getting out of the hole they’re in. And if that 30 percent is the result of defaults, the international banking system would again be severely wounded.
    That’s why I called the Greek bailout earlier this year another banking system bailout. And that’s why the international community claims bailouts are the best choice. There is always an alternative. But in this case, the political will is obviously lacking. So as analysts and investors we have to accept it as a reality and ask ourselves where this may lead.
    The Difference between a Liquidity Crisis
    and a Solvency Crisis
    I have always made the case that the political reaction to the housing and banking crisis of 2007-2009 was not solving, nor addressing, the underlying problem of too much debt. By adding more debt you can buy some time and kick the can. But in doing so the problem only gets bigger, which is what has happened.
    Back then we had banks and other corporations on the brink of collapse. Now many countries are in the same boat! To understand what was going wrong then and what is going wrong now you have to distinguish between a liquidity crisis and a solvency crisis …
    A liquidity crisis is a temporary inability to pay. The debtor is sound enough to service the debt. In such a case you might have a good reason for a bailout. A solvency crisis is a different story … The debtor does not have the wherewithal to service the debt. Therefore, additional credit can only aggravate the situation — it’s throwing good money after bad.
    The Government Debt Crises
    Are Solvency Crises
    The current government debt crises are clearly solvency crises. And many governments will finally have to acknowledge that their debt mountains are too large to service. Bailouts do not improve the situation of these countries. Nor do they help the countries making bailouts. In fact, they too are up to their eyeballs in debt.
    That’s true for Germany, that’s true for Japan, that’s true for the U.K., and that’s true for the U.S. The longer these relatively stronger countries finance the weaker ones — either directly or via international organizations like the IMF — the faster they’ll face ruin themselves. At the same time, they’re almost guaranteeing that the sovereign debt crisis will spread like wildfire. What does this mean for you?
    Well, scores of government bonds, once considered safe investments, aren’t safe anymore! That’s because investors now realize that many industrial countries will sooner or later have to make a tough choice: Either outright default or surging inflation.


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Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since World War II !

 Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
23 “Thus he said: 
 ‘ The fourth beast shall be
A fourth kingdom on earth,
Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
And shall devour the whole earth,
Trample it and break it in pieces.

  • The Feds do not have money for social security, unemployment benefits, education, municipal services…. but they have money for wars! America is a military state and a war economy. The strongest part of its economy is its military industrial complex (MIC). Americans are merely cannon fodder to serve the war agenda of the MIC. In the coming year, there is a high probability of new wars: Iran, North Korea, China ….etc. This is all a SCAM, the financial raping of the sheeple to further global conquest for the Illuminist’s New World Luciferian Order! See also: War Sending The US To Ruin! The Military Industrial Complex!
    Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since World War II
    On December 22 both houses of the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill authorizing $725 billion for next year’s Defense Department budget. The bill, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011, was approved by all 100 senators as required and by a voice vote in the House. The House had approved the bill, now sent to President Barack Obama to sign into law, five days earlier in a 341-48 roll call, but needed to vote on it again after the Senate altered it in the interim.
    The proposed figure for the Pentagon’s 2011 war chest includes, in addition to the base budget, $158.7 billion for what are now euphemistically referred to as overseas contingency operations: The military occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. The $725 billion figure, although $17 billion more than the White House had requested, is not the final word on the subject, however, as supplements could be demanded as early as the beginning of next year, especially in regard to the Afghan war that will then be in its eleventh calendar year.
    Even as it currently is, the amount is the highest in constant dollars (pegged at any given year’s dollar and adjusted for inflation) since 1945, the final year of the Second World War. With recent U.S. census figures at 308 million, next year the Pentagon will spend $2,354 for every citizen of the country at the $725 billion price tag alone.
    Last year’s Pentagon budget, by way of comparison, was $680 billion, a base budget of $533.8 billion and the remainder for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In July of this year Congress approved the 2010 Supplemental Appropriations Act which contained an additional $37 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Next year’s defense authorization of $725 billion compares to, according to the Center for Defense Information, a Pentagon budget of $444.6 billion in 1946; $460.4 billion in 1968, the highest yearly amount during the Vietnam War; and $443.4 billion in 1988, the highest during the eight years of the Ronald Reagan administration’s massive military buildup. (Numbers in 2004 constant dollars.) [1]
    The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates American military spending for 2009 to have accounted for 43 percent of the world total. Carl Conetta, co-director of the Project on Defense Alternatives, earlier this year estimated the 2010 U.S. defense budget to constitute 47 percent of total worldwide military expenditures and to amount to 19 percent of all American federal spending.
    In addition, Pentagon spending has increased by 100 percent since 1998 and “the Obama budget plans to spend more on the Pentagon over eight years than any administration has since World War II.” [2] With 2.25 million full-time civilian and military personnel, excluding part-time National Guard and Reserve members, the Defense Department is the U.S.’s largest employer, outstripping Walmart with 1.4 million employees and the U.S Post Office with 599,000. [3]
    “Add in what Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, and the Energy departments spend on defense and total US military spending will reach $861 billion in fiscal 2011, exceeding that of all other nations combined,” according to Todd Harrison, senior fellow for Defense Budget Studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. [4]
    In April Robert Higgs of The Independent Institute advocated that the budgets – in part or in whole – of the departments of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Energy, State and Treasury and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) should be calculated in the real military budget, which would in 2009 would have increased it to $901.5 billion.
    “Adding [the] interest component to the previous all-agency total, the grand total comes to $1,027.8 billion, which is 61.5 percent greater than the Pentagon’s outlays alone.” His numbers are:
    National Security Outlays in Fiscal Year 2009
    (billions of dollars)
    Department of Defense 636.5
    Department of Energy (nuclear weapons and environmental cleanup) 16.7
    Department of State (plus international assistance) 36.3
    Department of Veterans Affairs 95.5
    Department of Homeland Security 51.7
    Department of the Treasury (for the Military Retirement Fund) 54.9
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1/2 of total) 9.6
    Net interest attributable to past debt-financed defense outlays 126.3
    Total 1,027.5 [5]

Daniel 11:37-39 (New King James Version)
37 He shall regard neither the God[a] of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things. 39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.


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9/11: AE911Truther – No Way Planes Took Down 3 WTC Towers! Controlled Demolition ‘NanoThermite’ Used !

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Police State: Woman (Rape Victim) Arrested for Refusing To Be Groped By TSA at Austin Airport!

  • Americans are all terrorism suspects now. You can publicly molest Americans without due cause or process. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent! I cannot believe that this is happening in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free. Unfortunately, too many sheeple are brainwashed into accepting this 1984 George Orwell nightmare police state. They do not understand that this has nothing to do with terrorism. It is to train the sheeple to accept the police state prison, more draconian laws and eventually microchipping with ‘666’! All to protect the sheeple from terrorism! Yeah right! Pigs can fly! The Global War on Terrorism is a HOAX!


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Keiser Report: Banking Insolvency Not Illiquidity Is The Problem! Gold And Silver To Explode!

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JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained – Part 2! Backwardation in LBMA! No More Physical Silver Left??!

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