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More Global Warming: When Summer Becomes Winter! Bitter Summer Freeze Bites Eastern States (of Australia) As Summer Gives Way To Snow And Cold !

Hikers at Charlotte Pass lookout in the NSW Snowy Mountains were greeted with 10cm of fresh snow as a cold snap hits the eastern coast of Australia. Picture: Steve Cuff Source: The Daily Telegraph

“We believe the picture painters of the mass media
are artfully creating landscapes for us
which deliberately hide the real picture.
In this book we will show you how to discover
the “hidden picture” in the landscapes presented
to us daily through newspapers, radio and television.”
Gary Allen, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, p. 7 (1972)

  • Wow, global warming is so strong it is even turning summer to winter. Global warming causes global cooling! Yeah right! Pigs can fly! If you believe in the man-made global hoax, you should go to planet Mars for a holiday. I hear the seaside resort is awesome! The world is probably entering a mini ice age. Give the global warming hoax a rest, you idiots!
    Bitter summer freeze bites eastern states as summer gives way to snow and cold
    THONGS and board shorts gave way to beanies and scarves yesterday as summer gave way to a wintry blast of snow and icy temperatures in the country’s southeast. While the bitter freeze in Europe continues, Victoria and NSW have had a cold snap of their own, with off-season ski slopes transformed into winter wonderlands.
    About 30cm of snow fell at Perisher in NSW yesterday, while Victoria’s Mount Hotham received a 10cm dusting on Sunday. Charlotte’s Pass in the NSW Snowy Mountains also received a 10cm sprinkling of snow, prompting would-be bushwalkers to don clothing more suitable for skiing.
    It was surprising to see the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel blanketed with snow at this time of year, resort manager Michelle Lovius told
    The Australian yesterday. “I’m sitting inside in my scarf and beanie,” she said. “When you walk in it, it’s up past your ankles and it’s just started snowing heavily again. ”
    In Sydney yesterday, there were blustery winds and unseasonably low temperatures of just 13C. The western suburb of Horsley Park recorded 9.8C and the Blue Mountains dropped to -2C. Victorian State Emergency Services yesterday attended to at least six lightning-damaged houses in Aspenville, south of Melbourne, which was hit by a storm on Sunday night.
    On the Gold Coast, a storm blacked out more than 10,000 homes and businesses over the weekend, while in Western Australia’s northern Gascoyne region scores of people remained isolated by the worst flooding in 50 years. Millions of dollars of damage was caused to crops, livestock and buildings in WA.
    But if you think we’ve got it tough spare a thought for our northern hemisphere friends, with much of Europe remaining paralysed by snow. Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded as flightsat Europe’s busiest airports in London, Paris, and Frankfurt were cancelled or delayed at one of the busiest times of the year.
    Australians trying to head home for Christmas have battled chaotic scenes at British airports as the freezing temperatures continue to wreak havoc on flight schedules. With temperatures dipping to minus 10 in the early hours of Monday at Heathrow Airport, airlines had no chance of clearing the enormous backlog of flights that followed Saturday’s heavy dump of snow in the capital.
    The Australian reported that about
    1000 Qantas passengers remain stranded and snowbound at London’s Heathrow airport, while several thousand have been grounded in Asia awaiting clearance to fly to the UK. Qantas continued to operate some flights out of London but the icy conditions forced many to be postponed to the frustration of passengers. Hundreds of travellers had to wait outside in the arctic conditions before entering Heathrow’s Terminal Three because it was jam-packed with stranded passengers.


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  1. Any global warming seems to be offset by ongoing shifting of the Great Ocean Conveyor system of currents. This is part of a natural cycle possibly related to Earth’s rotation affecting the currents in a cycle, or even due to Earth’s axis itself.

    In any event Abrupt Climate Change comes over a period of years vice hundreds of years. For example, a shutdown of the Gulf Stream off the coast of the Carolinas has caused Europe to be much colder and snowier than usual this time of year. In addition the main jet stream track has been pushed far to the south of normal and mostly stayed there. That has brought the storm track from Aleutians straight to California. Weather that normally goes over UK is over North Africa instead.

    If this stuff interests you and you want to be involved in a discussion on Abrupt Climate Change find that group on Yahoo groups or go to this link:

    chris in IN

    Comment by Chris Vaughn | December 24, 2010

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