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James Delingpole: UN Climate Summit – World Government Through The Backdoor!

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Gerald Celente: Biggest Bank Robbery Non-Stop!

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Feast in Time of Plague: Wall Street Art of Sucking Money While Unemployment And Poverty Rise!

  • Main Street is bailing out Wall Street banksters and going broke in the process. These banksters are giving themselves record bonuses! This is a strange world. The sheeple is getting financially ‘screwed’ and made to pay for it!


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Wall Street Gorges on Record Bonuses While Main Street Live on Food Stamps!

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H1N1 Vaccine Linked to 700 Percent Increase in Miscarriages!

  • Vaccines are not what they appear to be. Why did the US government support the hysteria over A/H1N1 last year when it was a very very mild flu? Its fatality rate was easily only 10% of normal seasonal flu. Why did the MSM promote the hysteria? The corporate MSM exists for the selling of goods and services (ie: vaccines,wars … ) for their clients (ie. Big Pharma, Pentagon, MIC … ). This is all a SCAM ! You are better off not taking any flu vaccines! 
    H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages
    (NaturalNews) Recent data presented to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Children’s Vaccines has revealed some shocking information about the effects of the H1N1 / swine flu vaccine on pregnant women. According to the report, the rate of miscarriage among pregnant women during the 2009 H1N1 / swine flu pandemic soared by over 700 percent compared to previous years, pointing directly to the vaccine as the culprit — but the CDC denies the truth and continues to insist nobody has been harmed.
    According to the
    CDC, nearly 50 percent of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine during the 2009 / 2010 influenza season. Those whose physicians instructed them to get a seasonal flu shot were three times more likely to get it, while those instructed specifically to get the H1N1 shot were ten times more likely to get it. And the numbers clearly show that along with the rise in vaccinations due to the H1N1 scare came the sharp increase in miscarriages, including a slew of actual reported adverse events.
    But the CDC does not seem to care about the facts, as numerous reports indicate the agency has failed to report any of this vital
    information to vaccine suppliers. In fact, when presented with the data for the third time, Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Vaccine Risk and Assessment Working Group, actually had the audacity to claim that there were no vaccine-related adverse events in pregnant women caused by the vaccine.
    “This baseless and fallacious assessment by the CDC assessment group has given the green light to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to continue their recommendation to give the 2010/11 flu shot to all people, including pregnant
    women,” explained Eileen Dannemann, director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, presenter of the information.
    “This upcoming 2010/11
    flu vaccine contains the same elements that are implicated in the killing of these fetuses, the H1N1 viral component and the neurotoxin mercury (Thimerosal). Additionally, it contains two other viral strains — a three-in-one shot for all people.”
    Overall, the number of vaccine-related “fetal demise” reports increased by 2,440 percent in 2009 compared to previous years, which is even more shocking than the
    miscarriage statistic. Meanwhile, the CDC continues to lie to the public about the vaccine, urging everyone, including pregnant women, to get it.
    To read the report for yourself, visit:


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William Engdahl: Wikileaks – A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job!

  • Wikileaks is psyop, psywar by the Illuminist intelligence agencies for the expressed purpose of censoring the internet. The corporate Illuminist owned MSM is losing their pants to the alternative media and bloggers worldwide. Many newspapers are going bust. Viewership is declining across the board for American TV channels.
  • What did Wikileaks sent out that is of top secret and of real importance? All that were leaked largely supports the war agenda and promotes the war against Iran. If Wikileaks is genuine, why did it struck a deal with Israel? Do you really believe that the CIA had no ability to take him out before the ‘leaks’ were released? Assange announced weeks if not months before he was going to release his latest misinformation!
    WikiLeaks ‘Struck A Deal With Israel’ Over Diplomatic Cable Leaks
    “Assange met with Israeli officials in Geneva earlier this year and struck the secret deal. The Israel government, it seems, had somehow found out or expected that the documents to be leaked contained a large number of documents about the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008-9 respectively. These documents, which are said to have originated mainly from the Israeli embassies in Tel Aviv and Beirut, were removed and possibly destroyed by Assange, who is the only person who knows the password that can open these documents, the sources added.”
    …But in the world of politics, sadly, things are never as innocent as they appear. According to new revelations, Assange had allegedly struck a deal with Israel before the recent ‘cable gate’, which may explain why the leaks “were good for Israel,” as the Israeli prime minister put it.
  • Wikileaks is a CIA, Mossad and Pentagon operation. Look at the BS charges of having consensual sex without using condom against Assange. This is just to give him publicity and ‘legitimacy’ in the eyes of the sheeple public. Nothing bad has been leaked about Zionist Israel. C’mon people!
    Wikileaks: a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job
    The story on the surface makes for a script for a new Oliver Stone Hollywood thriller. However, a closer look at the details of what has so far been carefully leaked by the most ultra-establishment of international media such as the New York Times reveals a clear agenda. That agenda coincidentally serves to buttress the agenda of US geopolitics around the world from Iran to North Korea. TheWikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job which will likely be used to police the Internet.
    It is almost too perfectly scripted to be true. A discontented 22-year old US Army soldier on duty in Baghdad, Bradley Manning, a low-grade US Army intelligence analyst, described as a loner, a gay in the military, a disgruntled “computer geek,” sifts through classified information at Forward Operating Base Hammer. He decides to secretly download US State Department email communications from the entire world over a period of eight months for hours a day, onto his blank CDs …. Manning then is supposed to have tracked down a notorious former US computer hacker to get his 250,000 pages of classified US State Department cables out in the Internet for the whole world to see. …
    Then the plot thickens. The 250,000 pages end up at the desk of Julian Assange, the 39-year-old Australian founder of a supposedly anti-establishment website with the cute name Wikileaks. Assange decides to selectively choose several of the world’s most ultra-establishment news media to exclusively handle the leaking job for him as he seems to be on the run from Interpol, not for leaking classified information, but for allegedly having consensual sex with two Swedish women who later decided it was rape.
    He selects as exclusive newspapers to decide what is to be leaked the New York Times which did such service in promoting faked propaganda against Saddam that led to the Iraqi war, the London Guardian and Der Spiegel. Assange claims he had no time to sift through so many pages so handed them to the trusted editors of the establishment media for them to decide what should be released. Very “anti-establishment” that.
    The New York Times even assigned one of its top people, David E. Sanger, to control the release of the Wikileaks material. Sanger is no establishment outsider. He sits as a member of the elite
    Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Aspen Institute Strategy Group together with the likes of Condi Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head John Deutch, former State Department Deputy Secretary and now World Bank head Robert Zoellick among others.
    Indeed a strange choice of media for a person who claims to be anti-establishment. But then Assange also says he believes the US Government version of 9/11 and calls the
    Bilderberg Group a normal meeting of people, a very establishment view.
    Not so secret cables…
    The latest sensational Wikileaks documents allegedly from the US State Department embassies around the world to Washington are definitely not as Hillary Clinton claimed “an attack on America’s foreign policy interests that have endangered innocent people.” And they do not amount to what the Italian foreign minister, called the “September 11 of world diplomacy.” The British government calls them a threat to national security and an aide to Canada’s Prime Minister calls on the CIA to assassinate Assange, as does kooky would-be US Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.
    Most important, the 250,000 cables are not “top secret” as we might have thought. Between two and three million US Government employees are cleared to see this level of “secret” document, [
    1] and some 500,000 people around the world have access to the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRnet) where the cables were stored. SIPRnet is not recommended for distribution of top-secret information. Only 6% or 15,000 pages of the documents have been classified as even secret, a level below top-secret. Another 40% were the lowest level, “confidential”, while the rest were unclassified. In brief, it was not all that secret. [2]
    Most of the revelations so far have been unspectacular. In Germany the revelations led to the removal of a prominent young FDP politician close to
    Guido Westerwelle who apparently liked to talk too much to his counterpart at the US Embassy. The revelations about Russian politics, that a US Embassy official refers to Putin and Medvedev as “Batman and Robin,” tells more about the cultural level of current US State Department personnel than it does about internal Russian politics.
    But for anyone who has studied the craft of intelligence and of disinformation, a clear pattern emerges in the Wikileaks drama. The focus is put on select US geopolitical targets, appearing as Hillary Clinton put it “to justify US sanctions against Iran.” They claim North Korea with China’s granting of free passage to Korean ships despite US State Department pleas, send dangerous missiles to Iran. Saudi Arabia’s ailing King Abdullah reportedly called Iran’s President a Hitler.
    Excuse to police the Internet?
    What is emerging from all the sound and Wikileaks fury in Washington is that the entire scandal is serving to advance a long-standing Obama and Bush agenda of policing the until-now free Internet. Already the US Government has shut the Wikileaks server in the United States though no identifiable US law has been broken.
    What is emerging from all the sound and Wikileaks fury in Washington is that the entire scandal is serving to advance a long-standing Obama and Bush agenda of policing the until-now free Internet. Already the US Government has shut the Wikileaks server in the United States though no identifiable US law has been broken.
    The process of policing the Web was well underway before the current leaks scandal. In 2009 Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller and Republican Olympia Snowe introduced the
    Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S.773). IIt would give the President unlimited power to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet. The bill “would allow the president to ’declare a cyber-security emergency’ relating to ’non-governmental’ computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat.” We can expect that now this controversial piece of legislation will get top priority when a new Republican House and the Senate convene in January.
    US Department of Homeland Security, an agency created in the political hysteria following 9/11 2001 that has been compared to the Gestapo, has already begun policing the Internet. They are quietly seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous “Department of Justice” logo on the web site. See an example at Over 75 websites were seized and shut in a recent week. Right now, their focus is websites that they claim “violate copyrights,” yet the website that was seized by DHS contained no copyrighted content whatsoever. It was merely a search engine website that linked to destinations where people could access copyrighted content. Step by careful step freedom of speech can be taken away. Then what?


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Heaviest Snowfall in 25 Years Leaves Paris Paralysed ! UK Big Freeze to Last at Least Another Month! Major US Snowstorm This Weekend! Life-Threatening Cold to Grip Dakotas to New York!

  • Global warming is here: believe, believe, believe! Right! Pigs can fly! Their only problem is landing. The usual propaganda BS is being spewed by the MSM to push through a global carbon tax at Cancun! Global warming is causing the Big Freeze throughout Europe and even the US this weekend ! The Illuminist social engineers are brainwashing the sheeple. The usual blasphemous reality of the mentally ill: good is evil, black is white, global warming causes Big Freeze, more wars for peace….! Global warming better get here fast or alot of people are going to freeze to death.
    Heaviest snowfall in 25 years leaves Paris paralysed
    The heaviest snowfall in almost 25 years left much of the Paris region paralysed, with drivers advised not to use their cars unless absolutely necessary. Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, asked drivers to leave their vehicles at home the day after more than four inches of snow fell on Paris, the most since 1987.
    Thousands of passengers spent the night at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport after their flights were cancelled, and thousands more stranded motorists were put up in municipal halls and school sports halls around the Paris region.
    UK Big freeze to last at least another month, forecasters warn
    Shivering Britain can expect at least another month of bitterly cold temperatures with many parts failing to get much above zero until the middle of January, forecasters have warned.
    So far December has seen some of the coldest temperatures and heaviest snowfalls since 1981, but with no let up on the horizon, it could end up being the worst winter since 1910. Parts of northern England and central Scotland have seen lows of (0F) -18C while the mercury has continued to drop in the south. But apart from a brief respite over the coming weekend, when temperatures are expected to climb slightly, the cold snap is likely to continue throughout Christmas and well into January.
    Life-Threatening Cold to Grip Dakotas to New York
    Dangerously cold air, perhaps the coldest of this entire winter season, is poised to invade the eastern half of the country over the next few days. In many places, if actual temperatures don’t fall below zero, brutal winds will make it feel that way with life-threatening conditions resulting.
    Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis and Minneapolis are all included in the zone where RealFeel® temperatures will be below zero at some point this weekend or early next week. RealFeel® temperatures provide a measure of how cold it will feel with the wind factored in.
    Across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, these values will be below zero for as long as 36 or 48 hours. In
    Minneapolis, the actual temperature will stay below zero for this long. Cold this extreme can quickly lead to frostbite and life-threatening hypothermia.
    Major Snowstorm This Weekend in the Midwest, Great Lakes
    A major storm will bring heavy snow and strong winds to the Great Lakes and parts of the Midwest northeastward into portions of neighboring Canada this weekend. Enough snow to shovel and plow will fall over this region, but the primary form of precipitation along the I-95 corridor will be drenching rain.
    Travel in much of the region will be extremely dangerous especially as strong winds develop on the backside of the storm producing widespread blowing and drifting snow. However, there are some forecast problems that remain with the storm, due to its complexity, track, dry air pockets, and changeover times in some locations from not only snow and ice to rain, but also back to snow and a freeze-up at the end.


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Jim Rogers: Britain is Bankrupt!

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Call of the Day: Silver to $50?

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