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Bob Chapman: Engineered Collapse To Bring About World Government!

November 9, 2010 - Posted by | Economics | , , , , , , , , ,

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  1. Right on!

    What so many of the pundits are missing in this whole ‘fraudclosuregate’ issue is the fact that
    ALL mortgages are fraudulent because the banks can’t show the loan. Why? Because a loan was never made. The fraud starts at the inducement and some notes are sold up to 1000 times.

    A Maxim of Law is this: The money you make by defrauding me of money is MY money. The signature of the ‘borrower’ creates the funds for the ‘loan’. THEY (the banksters) need us. If they didn’t there would be no need for the ‘signature line ruse’ on a personal check. Oh yeah. Get one of your personal checks and a good magnifying glass and scrutinize the signature line. You’ll see that it’s not a line at all. Go ahead. Check it out.

    That alone proves that YOU are the creditor. You hold the Office of Executor of your JOHN D DOE Estate. Commerce and the legalese of the BARfly’s (Law Merchants) twist and turn (attorney – look it up) everything upside down and backwards (Alice In Wonderland) to make us think we are the debtors. Not true. Totally the opposite. Once you grasp that little nugget it’s checkmate. Game over!

    Maybe this is the week that the ‘Foreclosure/Mortgage Fraud Victim’s Compensation Fund Package’ will be announced. That’s what that QE2 should be used for.

    My idea of using the $600,000,000 QE 2 funds to fund a ‘’Foreclosure/Mortgage Fraud Victim’s Compensation Fund Package’ would compensate everyone who’s been damaged by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure and eviction dating retroactive from 1980 (for starters) allowing the victims to recoup their equity plus triple damages (total equity x 3) plus ALL the profits from the investment/selling of their note. $600,000,000 would easily cover that. Don’t let the banksters have it. AGAIN.

    With no mortgage to pay (because of the defrauding) the people will spend that money back into the economy every month. Now THAT would be an economic stimulus that would work because I guarantee that in 2 years, you’ll once again have Bernanke and the banksters in front congress (coitus; sexual intercourse) crying and whining: “We don’t know where half of it is or how much was paid out in bonuses.” Blah, blah, blah…

    Is everybody brain dead? Isn’t anyone seeing a pattern developing here? These usurpers (those who derive bogus livelihoods off the backs of the people) belong in prison and our recoupment and their convictions shouldn’t require tying everyone up in the courts for the next 20 years.

    If we don’t stop them now the banksters will once again get their record profits and bonuses while families (the true creditors) are being shown the “Underpass Hilton”.

    What is it? Is it the chemtrails? Is it the fluoride? Bozo cartoons? Cereal? What? Why are so many people not getting this?

    Criminal prosecutions and severe sentences for these lowlifes is the only thing that will prevent it from ever happening again. This is not about revenge. This is about sending a message. When these soul-less ghouls have the means and the balls to enforce foreclosures and evictions at gunpoint no punishment will be too severe. These people are recalcitrant, unrepentant and can no longer be allowed to occupy any station or office in our society.

    They’re all in on it right down to the court reporters. I have the transcripts from my foreclosure hearing and they are inaccurate and incomplete. By design…

    Comment by Randy Wayne Fricke | November 9, 2010

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