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Brits Say Israel Staged 1976 Entebbe Hijacking! Did Israel Deliberately Allow 241 American Marines to Die?

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • Christian Americans are very confused who their friends and enemies are. Your enemies are the Anglo-American-Zionist Satanic cabal. Your enemies are those in your government who bow their knees to Satan. Zionist Israel is not your friend. It is your greatest enemy. It is the only country that files a ‘666’ flag. The Satanic Hex(agram), Star of David is used in Satanic rituals to call forth demons and Satan. What has Jesus Christ to do with the Synagogue of Satan? Nothing at all !
    Former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen (now born again Christian) 
    “A hexagram must be present to call forth a demon” and ” it is a very powerful tool to invoke Satan”.

    “To the sorcerer, the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke Satan.” In fact, the word “hex” — as to put a “hex” or “curse” on people — comes from this word.
    If you examine the so-called “Star of David,” or hexagram, closely, you will discover something astonishing. It has six points, forms six equilateral triangles, and in its interior forms a six sided hexagon — thus it reveals the number of Satan’ antichrist beast, — 6 points, 6 triangles, and the 6 sides of the hexagram — 666 !!!
  • Zionism is not of God. Just look at the Satanic Star of David on its flag. If a country flies a ‘666’ flag, is it of God or Satan? Obviously Satan! If a country plants a ‘666’ flag on land it has conquered, is the conquest for God or Satan? Obviously Satan! If an army goes to war flying a ‘666’ flag, is it an army of God or Satan? Obviously Satan! Do not be deceived ! Do not be a useful idiot serving the machinations of Satanists.
    Famed Israeli Raid on Entebbe Airport Culminated Shin Bet-Staged Hijacking Plot. Documents recently made public by the British government reveal that Israel played a direct role in the notorious hijacking of an Air France plane to Idi Amin�s Entebbe in 1976 and cooperated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in staging the event remembered today as �the Entebbe Incident.�
    In documents recently released and now sitting in the National Archives in London, D.H. Colvin�a British diplomat working in Paris�wrote that, according to sources he knew, �the hijacking was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet.�
    �The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO�s standing in France� and to prevent a �growing rapprochement between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Americans,� he said. �My contact said the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis. .. . Their [the Israelis�] nightmare is that after the November elections, one will witness the imposition in the Middle East of a Pax Americana, which will be to the advantage of the PLO, who will gain international respectability and perhaps the right to establish a state on evacuated territories and to the disadvantage of Israel, who will be forced to evacuate occupied territory.�
    The hijacking, or the �Entebbe Incident� as it is popularly known, gripped the attention of the world for nearly a week at that time. Hijackers seized an Air France plane bound for Paris via Athens shortly after it took off. The plane was diverted first to Benghazi, Libya, where it was refueled before going on to Entebbe, Uganda. In Entebbe, the hijackers released most of the hostages but kept 98 people, most of them Israeli citizens, and threatened to kill them unless Israel met their demands of releasing some 50 Palestinian prisoners held in Israel and in other places around the world.
    In a dramatic rescue that has been the subject of several books and at least 4 films, Israeli commandos flew to the airport where shortly thereafter a 36-minute battle was fought with the hijackers and Ugandan soldiers. In the end, six of the hijackers, 45 Ugandan soldiers, three hostages, and Col. Jonathan Netanyahu (commanding officer of the Israeli commandos and elder brother of Benjamin Netanyahu) were killed.
    In the recently released document, the British diplomat went further in his analysis of the event, saying that Israel wanted to poison French opinion with regard to the Palestinian cause, for which the French had traditionally held a certain amount of sympathy. According to his analysis of the situation, Israel wished to make the threat�implicit but nevertheless clear�that terrorism is something that can happen in Europe just as easily as it happens in the Middle East.
    The PFLP said to be responsible for this incident was founded by a Lebanese-educated Palestinian Christian named Dr. George Habash. Unlike the larger, centrist and more nationalistic Fatah movement of the PLO, the PFLP is a far left, Marxist-Leninist movement designated by several governments including that of the United States as a terrorist organization. Since the late 1960s it has been credited with dozens of high-profile events, including hijackings and bombings.
    Along with the United States and Britain, Israel has a long and well-established history of assisting individuals and groups said to be responsible for acts of terrorism since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. 
    British document: Israel initiated Entebbe hijack
    Official government file quotes unnamed source as claiming Shin Bet cooperated with Air France flight’s hijackers, PFLP group, in instigating crisis in bid to weaken PLO 
    The state of Israel was behind the hijacking of an Air France plane to Entebbe in 1976, and cooperated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in staging the affair, a UK government file compiled at the time of the occurrences and published by the BBC Friday revealed. 
    According to the file released by the National Archives, an unnamed contact told a British diplomat in Paris that the Shin Bet and the PFLP collaborated to seize the plane, which was hijacked in Athens and flown to Entebbe in Uganda, where 98, most of hem Israelis, were held hostage. 
    The crisis was brought to an end after Israeli commandos stormed the airport. Three Israeli hostages and one Israeli commander, Yonatan Netanyahu, were killed during the raid. In the document, written on 30 June 1976 when the crisis was still unresolved, DH Colvin of the Paris Embassy wrote that according to his source, “the hijack was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet.
    “The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans.” He added: “My contact said the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis.”

    Allies don’t let our soldiers die
    Did Israel deliberately allow 241 American Marines to die ?

    Yes, says Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli secret agent. In a new book, By Way of Deception: A Devastating Insider’s Portrait of the Mossad, Mr. Ostrovsky says the Israelis had advance notice of the suicide attack that killed 241 Marines in Beirut in October 1983 but withheld the information from the United States in the hope that the attack would poison American Arab relations.  
    The Israeli government is desperately trying to block publication of the book, which also says the Israelis are “actively spying, recruiting, organizing and carrying out covert activities mainly in New York and Washington, which they refer to as their playground.” Although it can hardly succeed and will probably backfire, the censorship attempt enjoyed initial success in both the U.S. and Canada. Obliging courts in both countries have ordered that the book be at least temporarily suppressed When it comes to Israel, freedom of speech and of the press is considerably less than total, even in America.
    Mr. Ostrovsky says Israeli agents heard he had written the book and tried to bribe and threaten him to dissuade him from going into print. He is now in hiding. More than 17,000 copies of By Way of Deception are in print, and many reviewers have already received copies. If the book divulges sensitive information, as the Israelis’ lawyers say, it’s too late to stop other governments from getting it. The only purpose of the censorship is to stop Americans from reading Mr. Ostrovsky’s account of how Israel allowed U.S. Marines to be slaughtered. 
    Books are rarely suppressed in America (at least not by direct government intervention), and by the time you read this, By Way of Deception will almost certainly be unshackled. Then the Israelis will have to either discredit the author or argue, as they did in the case of the spy Jonathan Pollard, that the decision to let the Marines be killed was a “rogue” action.
    Mr. Ostrovsky’s allegations should be shocking. Letting the troops of a benefactor nation be blown up in their own compound is hardly the act of a “reliable ally,” as Israel is said to be. But you have to wonder whether anyone will really be shocked. The act would be consistent with a long pattern of reprehensible Israeli behavior toward the U.S. Some of it has been widely publicized; no doubt the largest part of it has never been discovered.
    If anyone ought to be stunned, it’s the many pundits who echo Israeli propaganda to the effect that Israel is America’s only valuable and trustworthy ally in the Middle East. If they mean what they say, they should be publicly changing their minds, or at least demanding a thorough investigation into Israeli conduct toward this country. 
    Congress ought to be shocked, too, to the extent that its all-out support for Israel has been sincere rather than venal and cowardly. But how many of our elected representatives will dare, or care, to ask tough questions about whether our ties to Israel have done serious damage to this country’s interests? 
    Such questions are not only long overdue, they are especially urgent right now, when the United States may be on the verge of a full-scale war in the Middle East, and the Israel lobby is eager to see America launch hostilities against Israel’s chief enemy, Iraq. 
    The path of least resistance is to say nothing, to go on pretending that the interests of the U.S. and of Israel are virtually identical, to keep repeating that Israel is our “reliable ally” and “strategic asset.” Any politician or journalist who says otherwise, even for the good of America, does so at risk to his career. That’s why there is so little open debate on these matters. Even our press isn’t fully free. And now the Israeli government has mounted a direct attack on press freedom in America itself. It will be instructive to see whether the press corps goes on acting un shocked.


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