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National Press Club UFO Disclosure Conference (27 Sep 2010): UFOs at Nuclear Weapon Bases !

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  • The pace is heating up. Not sure when they will make a full worldwide unveiling. This is the Illuminist snakes final gambit for their New World Order, Global Luciferian Police State, the 4th World Empire of Iron and Clay. A Nephilim empire of fallen angels and man. See also: Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots.
    Aliens ‘hit our nukes’: They even landed at a Suffolk base, claim airmen
    It may sound like a Spielberg movie plot, but if senior U.S. airmen are to be believed, this scenario is not science fiction. They claim that since 1948, aliens have been hovering over UK and U.S. nuclear missile sites and deactivating the weapons– once even landing in a British base. Furthermore, they warn, our governments are hushing the activity up.
    Captain Robert Salas, who, along with six others is to break his silence on the subject, said: ‘We’re talking about unidentified flying objects, as simple as that. ‘They’re often known as UFOs, you could call them that. The U.S. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it,’ he said. The former officer said he witnessed such an event first-hand on March 16, 1967, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.
    ‘I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site. ‘The missiles shut down – ten Minuteman [nuclear] missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There’s a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they’re not from planet Earth.’ Colonel Charles Halt claims to have seen a UFO at RAF Bentwaters, near Ipswich, one of the few bases in the UK to hold nuclear weapons.
    The sighting is said to have taken place 30 years ago. First he saw the object firing beams of light into the base then heard on the military radio that aliens had landed inside the nuclear storage area, he said. ‘I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted – both then and now – to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practised methods of disinformation.’
    The six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man, are to present declassified information which they claim backs up their findings. They have witness testimony from 120 former or retired military personnel which points to alien intervention at nuclear sites in the U.S. as recently as 2003. They will urge the authorities to confirm that alien beings have long been visiting Earth.
    A press conference today in Washington will also highlight testimony from retired U.S. Air Force Captain Bruce Fenstermacher, whose security team saw a cigar-shaped UFO hovering above FE Warren nuclear base in Wyoming in 1976. Researcher Robert Hastings, who has written on the subject, explained that so far the aliens appeared interested in ‘mere surveillance’ but warned they seemed to have gone further in some instances.
    ‘At long last, all of these witnesses are coming forward to say that, as unbelievable as it may seem to some, UFOs have long monitored and sometimes tampered with our nukes,’ he added.


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  1. nice share,,,

    thank’s for the information…

    excellent blog,,see you…

    Comment by finance | September 28, 2010

  2. education DOES need MAJOR change / math and science physics / so many issues … no more blindness to a very different future. our past youth jaw dropping intrested in space / in many advanced ( cheater sci fi writters via ooh.. disclosed info ) LET the YOUTH venture with better guides . this old style education is so over , even the basics within it is over,, please those scientists etc ,, please progress , help those that will need insite to the cautions within issue’s from obvious concerns.. ps new zealand announced just the other day of .. that ” neutral Atom ” caputure , gee a later news clip that georgia tech research a similiar news direction.. even a early human HAD an ENGINEERS MIND , they too did the best for their species….

    Comment by mary | September 29, 2010

  3. Thanx Man 🙂

    Comment by NegativeTurk | October 1, 2010

  4. The Secret behind Disclosure …..
    Three phases of planet exodus … 1 … at the very moment of a bright light flash … a small group of people will vanish from the earth, to be taken aboard many different Star ships and Star vessels …. only to return to an alternate reality associated with this planet …

    They will be seen in the approaching multitudes of the Christos Star Galactic Alliance … those in this matrix will not see the event but will hear of this event … for this alternant reality is cast in the light of Earth’s original sun … which has often been seen as a second sun in the skies …

    2… A dark rift sweeps over the planet … during this time …. many more will be shifted into a second alternant reality yet associated with this planet … these two worlds will be separated by gravity of two set alternant frequencies … not only from each other …. but from the reaming of Earth’s population who yet remain in the original reality of Earth‘s surface ….

    These will be enduring some pretty rough times as the Earth/core facility goes through unstoppable changes … but at any moment they reach a compatible Positive state of Karma … they will see a portal light generated by their own individual aura which they can simply step through into the alternate reality ….

    At the end of a calculated thousand year span of Earth/core completing her changes … All living consciousness who yet remain in their alternate realities … will be collected in dream stasis … Earth is ground zero for a New Creation …. For the event of the Big Bang Creation …

    This is my message sent to the people of this planet … both celestial and none celestial …
    I am Isis Seed of David … linage to that one known as Jesus of Nazareth … I am kindred seed to Allah … I am one with the Master Creator …. I am Messenger … I am Isis Osiris

    Comment by Isis | October 3, 2010

  5. Maybe a UFO may land …if there was a landing pad,

    Maybe they cant land on a flat surface~ has anyone made a landing pad for a UFO?

    Comment by Rick S | October 4, 2010

    • Hello Rick … you have the Positive and negative grays … the negative and Positive reptilian …. you even have the many different humanoid species existing in the inner earth/core as well as in time ascension point established of star colonies extending far out in distant space and their constellation of star colonies …

      Grays are not drones … they are deteriorating human avatars from the ancient of days … and for their protection they wear the metallic skin-like suits …

      Since the falling from place … grays have no way in rejuvenating new human avatars .. so many of them have been “unorthodoxly so”, conducting breeding and hybridization program …. for the begetting or consciousness transfer into these conceived new human bodies …

      And it would depend on what you mean by dimension … we ourselves are in an alternate reality to a celestial world just next door so to speak … one that was in place before this reality ….

      But those I previously mention in time line ascension points … they are of their own individual dimensional realities …

      Religion is a whole-other plan to the over all scheme of celestial events …

      Your experience have opened you up to celestial matters … but left you in the dark so to speak of the vast worlds of celestials …

      I so regret your experience was such a negative one … it appears your encounter have been with a few f the renegade celestials which are now being cleared from the matrix or form our world as you might know it …

      Comment by Isis | October 10, 2010

  6. Ok right?….. look Mr’ Isis I dont know where you get that info but the Aliens are here conducting a breeding and hybridization program there is only 1 race doing it those the guys that look like bugs.. the little grey people are sort of like drones for the bug guys, they’re not here from another dimension or reality, there here from another planet, they’ve been conducting the program for decades at least. They are now at the stage where they have successfully bred a hybrid people indistinguishable from regular humans, the main focus of the program at this point is either integration or assimilation. I don’t know which because they never give me any straight answers and if they did I don’t remember them. I don’t think they want to conquer us. But I don’t think their here to help us either. There’s nothing religious going on here. I think they want something that we have and they are taking it for whatever reason. They don’t care if its wrong

    Comment by abductee | October 7, 2010

  7. so, I guess the aliens must have been sleeping or on vacation while the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima. Military dudes say and do what they are told, especailly coming from that generation. Nope, something else is up. I wonder if we are all no longer to fear a nuclear strike cause the aliens will save us, so no need to worry about Iran having Nuclear weapons and threatening to blow Isreal off the map – no need to worry about Pakistan or Korea’s nuclear weapons either I guess. These guys are not stating why the info they have is no longer classified – they just skip over that bit, yet Roswell is still classified above top secret. I am highly suspicious, yet millions will buy in as usual.

    Comment by On2u2 | October 8, 2010

    • @On2u2. You are an idiot. You display the same ignorance as all those that claim to be science experts from the comfort of their armchair. Shut up and do your research.

      If God doesn’t interfere when horrendous events like Hiroshima happen, what makes you think an alien presence will? Who are you to claim that you know their motives?

      And of course you’re highly suspicious. If aliens were to come to your house and beat you over the head with a baseball bat you would probably still think they were figment of your imagination. Continue to be a mindless skeptic. The world will certainly change to fit your vision. Idiot.

      Comment by user1432 | November 3, 2010

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