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Nick Begich: Mind Control Technology (Coast To Coast AM)

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Concept diagram, combined voice to skull and Silent Sound. Source:


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  1. September 30, 2010

    This HAARP mind control technology was used on the mass public in San Diego 2008-2009 by a man named Steve Martinez to persuade the mass public that they were hearing and receiving messages from God. These messages also came in a form of text messages that were coming from this Steve Martinez to convince the mass public he was a god, by convincing them that he knew everything about me and could prove it through SIGNS.

    These SIGNS were made up lies in text messages about me being ugly, a serial killer/bank robber from Fairfield Ca, (that doesn’t exist), but said he didn’t have any evidence, but that he could only prove these things through SIGNS, and that I am slandering the city (of San Diego) and trying to destroy it, and told the public to defend the city, to stir the public up against me.

    Steve also bribed the public with lies to get them to cooperate in a horrific invasion of my privacy daily in hopes for gain by their habitually checking up on the SIGNS (information he would text them about me as to where my whereabouts were at all times, the color of my clothing, and what I would buy at the store, etc), and this was supposed to confirm to them that they were better looking than me and were gods that Steve would feed them and to encourage them to join in a COINTELPRO assassination of my character and reputation by telling them terrible lies about me.

    Steve and San Diego Police and Firemen started this in San Diego because I reported Steve and corrupt police, sheriff and firemen stalking me that were involved in sex slavery trafficking, that I have been a target of for 16 years, that also took place in several cities and towns I have been in, and that Police and Steve’s were use of invasive illegal technology on me that sees and hears crystal clear through walls, clothing and skin, and can eaves drop into conversations on and off the phone, and hear a heart beat, that can also mind control large populations, that I later found out was called HAARP, that this Steve Martinez and law enforcement were using to enter peoples homes without a warrant and without their knowledge, spying on them, that they were also using on me to track, stalk and harass me with.

    I searched the web for years and did not find anything that resembled the description of this technology that police and Steve were using on me until I came a crossed HAARP. I also saw a video on Youtube about HAARP Weapon of Mass Deception, and there it was, a living person that you could see crystal clear through to their skeleton, moving and a male subject under HAARPS mind control power.




    This is when my perpetrator Steve and his cohorts started to use the torture weapon and invasive and sleep deprivation aspects of this technology on me because they also found out about HAARPS other abilities when I looked up HAARP up on the Internet. Thats when I think they found a new switch on the technology they didn’t know they had in their possession. The torture and the sleep deprivation started about 4 months ago that included 7 days straight of not sleeping at all and only 2 hours a day in between.

    (Very interesting, I have never had a sleep problem in my life, now I go days at a time without sleep and just a few hours in between. Simultaneously I am being tortured by this invasive mind technology attacking me while I attempting to sleep and also physically attacking me to keep me awake and at other times by causing pain some where in/on my body, and /or cramping in my legs, like Charley horses, and/or causing me to jerk, kick and reflex my limbs, forcing my eyes to stay open, and causing my throat to make choking sounds coming out of it without my initiating sound, stop breathing while still awake, causing my heart rate to speed up, and horrible dreams that you want to wake up from, all these things and more are used to keep me awake and torture me.

    I think Steve and they are trying to murder me. But no body will know that they have because this technology is undetectable and doesn’t leave any evidence behind, unless you have witnesses or have taped recorded it, like I have during the time I am being sleep deprived, which is every day.
    There is no way anybody stays awake for 7 days straight or would want to.

    Assaults on my body with this weapon used by (them) Steve occurs when he doesn’t want me obviously to move in a certain direction or go places. He will use this HAARP weapon to assault my face, head, hands and legs and the tops and bottoms of my feet and cause pain in it, like my foot is snapping in half, and I have to scream out in pain no matter where I am at, this is embarrassing, people wonder want is going on with me, but I cant tell them because he also uses this technology to keep me from talking about what is happening to me inside my home or elsewhere.

    He also uses this technology on others around me in dozens of various ways, from mind controlling them on the phone and keeping them from speaking and causing them to forget what they are saying, and causing them to be angry about an imaged act I am not doing, or stay complacent about my situation, and dozen of other things, or have complete strangers telling me uncanny things either no one knows that took place inside my home or in a conversation I had, I have actually seen this happen. And manipulating the public (and police and firemen) with this technology telling them what to say and do or lean towards his favor.

    These things have never happened I me before, and I have never peed my pants, even as a child, and he uses this technology to cause me to pee my pants badly so I cant make appointments I have to go to or meet with people or go to church, work, etc. He also causes me to spit, drool, when talking to people to turn them off, which I have never done. This spitting is not like regular spitting, it is like a sphere mystified of tiny particles that causes a cloud formation in front of my mouth, totally unnatural.

    Or Steve/they will cause my speech to be twisted and almost incomprehensible at times to keep me from exposing them and making me look totally stupid, like a moron, probably to taint my testimony against him/them or for just plain harassment, like we’ve got the power (tech) to do what ever we want and no one is going to hold us accountable.

    Then I started to find out that there were thousands and thousands of other victims of this HAARP technology and gang stalking, which I didn’t know it had a name or if there was even a name to call it. I used to think that some of the victims that were reporting being burnt through the walls with microwave ovens were crazy or making it up. I guess when we cant understand something we think it is crazy, but it is just really OUR paranoia or ignorance and unwillingness to understand something.

    Then after I watched a video that took place in Iran on YouTube about HAARP, and how HAARP was used to fry these beautiful sea animals and fish in the ocean. Then I understood how this was possible.
    But the individuals that report this stuff were saying that it was their neighbors doing this with a microwave oven through their wall. I though how silly, why don’t you just call the police on these people!

    I think that somebody made up that microwave contraption that some people see on the Internet to make them think this effect is being created by it, instead of HAARP, and that it is coming from their neighbors, because after all wouldn’t that be the most logical explanation, rather than it coming from a remote location by this HAARP technology? After you see the video you may know what I mean.

    HAARP: Persian Gulf Eyewitness

    I think little did they know that it is a microwave energy weapon that is being projected at them from some remote location, but in their thinking it has to be coming from a near by location like their neighbors.
    But it is coming from HAARP. Just like HAARP created all those earthquakes and a tornado and burnt all the fish in the ocean off the coast of Iran, all the way from ALASKA!

    Thees victims of this microwave energy weapon, HAARP, rationalize that it has to be coming from somewhere close, so they begin to think it is probably coming from their neighbor who is probably just cause stalking them and this is making them feel that way, and with this technology the victims are probably told this anyways by their perps, not realizing these thoughts and feelings are not their own but a tactic by the perps to direct away attention from them, who are the ones really doing this to add to the confusion, and to make people think the victim is crazy or something to discredit their accounts of these attacks on them and for the perps to get away with it!

    Because of this, this ends up being a vicious cycle of never ending torture for the victim, so the torture goes on, and no one stops it! Plus with the denial by our government about HAARP and what it really does and their unwillingness to do anything about it, ads to the torture and obscures the truth about it, which is what they want, so that the truth about HAARP wont get out, and so that they can continue to mind controlling the population and (some of) the victims undetectably, as an experiment for their eventual talking and controlling the world with the use of this technology HAARP, secretively and undetectably without any protesters, as they did when they use HAARP technology (little did you know) on the Iraqis in the Gulf War during Desert Storm, without a shot fired.

    I think this whole thing is about power and control that they DON’T have rather than the other way around, and about the devil who is operating through them to do his bidding, and blindly so. Ever heard of the Antichrist? Well I believe he is already here right under your noses. But only the elect will know, the rest of the world who are perishing wont even have a suspicion.

    Now after experiencing HAARP myself I KNOW it is the most powerful technology in the world and maybe in the universe that can completely control the human mind and without detection, unless you are a prophet like myself. This could be why I am a target because I am such a threat to these criminals!!

    San Diego Police and Firemen retaliated for reporting police, sheriff and firemen, and started to slander me to the mass public in San Diego, going through the streets of San Diego with loud speakers, telling the public I am slandering the city (of San Diego) and trying to destroy it and to defend the city, to deliberately stir up the public against me and to undermined my credibility and for my reporting them, and that I was FALSELY accusing police, and firemen of stalking me in big red firetrucks, that San Diego Firemen wined to the people I said about them, which was a set up to deliberately misrepresent of my reports to mislead the people to win them over to get empathy from them and provoke them to defend their (non) innocences because they and police know people worship the idea of firemen.

    In my complaint I reported corrupt Firemen stalking me in Ambulance, trying to abduct me under a pretense that I was either inebriated or bleeding, to help Steve and police obtain me for the sex slave trade that I was a target of.

    San Diego Firemen went through the streets of San Diego and slandering me daily to the public for nearly two years with things such as, I am heinously ugly and no man wants me, I am pretending to be good looking, I was sodomized by Steve and six other San Diego police officers and I didn’t like it and now I am slandering the city, and things like I am a serial killer / bank robber from Fairfield Ca, and I have an incurable STD, am super stupid, and nobody likes me or loves me, I’m crazy, never bathe, I am filthy dirty and stink, and the lists goes on, under the direction of Steve Martinez and the San Diego Chief of Police, a retaliation for reporting Steve and their crime, anything that Steve and they could make up about me that they knew the public will respond unfavorably too in a negative fashion they would accuse me of.

    (Note: I do not even know A police officers, sheriff or firemen or Steve Martinez. How is it I ask you that Steve, and they supposedly know reportedly everything about me and I don’t even know ANYONE in that city either, (because of all the slim holes that live there and you can tell by their charter what kind of persons they are), how Ironic. And why was it that Steve ONLY knows reportedly EVERYTHING about ME, but NO ONE ELSE?! It is because I am under constant 24 hr surveillance by him with this technology and have been for 11 years and 20 from the start.)

    (If you don’t believe this happened then ask ANYONE in San Diego esp in the Gaslamp area downtown San Diego if they know about a women with a head scarf and sunglasses, (Steve’s description of me to the public via text messages that the public was told to never expose that they were receiving about me or they would all be going to jail), that was reportedly slandering the city and trying to destroy it, and about a man named Steve Martinez who claims to have the ability to know everything about this women (me) and can prove this through SIGNS, and that he is a god.
    Contact the downtown Ralph’s and Albertson’s Grocery Stores employees who were slandering me all over the city also, that Steve Martinez and San Diego Firemen were in contact with to inform the public about the (casting lots) SIGNS that Steve would set up daily for me to meet.)

    (This stalking and slander actually originally started in Fairfield Ca about 16 years ago where Steve Martinez is originally from, a former police officer from that town that stalked me to San Diego and many other cities with a 7 man police team provided to him by the Fairfield Police Dept, using this technology to illegally surveillance and stalking me, for the purpose of obtaining me under a pretense of arrest, for a police ran sex slave trade that I had become of target of in Fairfield 16 years ago, before being stalked by Steve, (police, sheriff and FIREMEN) in every city and town I have been in for the past 16 years (about 30).

    This Steve Martinez had convinced the public in San Diego using mass text messages and individuals in the community to spread slander about me and to convince the public that he was a god, and that he had (supernatural) ability to know everything about me and could prove it through SIGNS.

    These SIGNS are actually information he would send to the public through mass text messages, and through individuals in the community, with information as to where my whereabouts were at all time, my location of my residence and the color of my clothing before/after I would leave my house, and what I would buying at the grocery store, etc, convince them of this and all the lies he and San Diego Firemen made up about me, were true, using casting lots (SIGNS) that I was expected to meet several times a day, that went like this: If she goes to the store, gets on the trolley or is seen at all, even inside her Apt window that faces the street, this is a SIGN that means she is guilty of being heinously ugly, slandering the city, being a serial killer, masturbating etc or anything that the casting lots were set up by Steve to convince them of about me.

    The selfish people of San Diego believed and trusted in them, because Steve convinced (conditioned) them to believe these things, through SIGNS (the text messages with faulty information about me that was set up by Steve to frame (slander) me to the public, and at the same time convince them it was god.

    After a brief time of this, the public began to be completely convinced of these lies (SIGNS) he would set up to falsely accuse me and that he had supernatural ability to know everything about me because of the exactness of the outward descriptions be would give about me, esp about were I was at all times, the color of my clothing and what I would buy at the grocery store that people would climb over themselves to find out about which was to convince them they were a god, which was invading my privacy 24 hours a day.

    He used a bribery tactic that police are trained in to know, that people want to be a god, good looking and also to feel like they are doing something of importance, even if it inst, like saving the city, that I am not slandering.

    Bribing them to participate in my character assassination, assault and illegal invasion of my privacy, greedily seeking out this information sent them about me in hopes for personal gain, in that they would acquire secret undiscovered knowledge about themselves, according to Steve Martinez and that, that God was lying to them about them not being a god and keeping them from knowing the truth, that they were really gods (better looking than they think they are), that this Steve kept on feeding them, telling them they were better looking than a really good looking women and he could prove this with the SIGNS, and that there was no God except for him which the public were convinced of because of the counterfeit SIGNS he was preforming and they were in awe of.

    He said that if there was a God then why didn’t He save her from all the slander that was taking place in San Diego everyday, (this went on for nearly 2 years), he said it is because there is no God and that HE was the only God that there is, and that the people could now sin up a storm because of this because there was no accountability for sin, and that they could rule and reign with him when he becomes sovereign, and the public believed him because of the SIGNS he was performing.

    He also told them that he was controlling me and the universe, and set up SIGNS with the public to convince them of this. The people became terrified of this Steve Martinez, and were also told by him and the San Diego Chief of Police that if anybody reported what was going on, the public would all go to jail for receiving what they knew to be criminally invasive text messages about me everyday, (and many other things I have not written about here),without complaint, that they hoped to benefit from, they would all go to jail!

    Steve also told them that there was a missile pointed towards San Diego and at his instructions, the city would be destroyed and their hope to becoming a society of gods that Steve promised them, would not come to pass, if anybody found out what was going on in that city.

    The public was told to never tell me about the content of those text messages, that were women degrading, disgustingly vulgar and pornographic and extremely invasive even if a fraction of it was true, that the entire public in San Diego were receiving and indulging in, and truly thought they were true about me, or they would all go to jail.

    Luckily people were coming up to me telling me that the entire public was receiving several very descriptive text messages about me every single day, and that EVERYBODY knows who I am!

    In those text messages Steve would tell the public detailed pornographic details, degrading to women that were very distasteful about me, telling the public he had sex with me backwards and to prove this he would describe to the public in minute details of reports about this complete fabrication and of descriptions of my reported body parts to prove this, (such as the reported color of my anus and it being hard and deep, etc, and other female body parts in as bad of a light as possible to them, including the reported color of my public hair, to try to convince them I am not a blond.

    He also told them about a completely fabricated story where he said he had sex with me, where said he reportedly discovered I was heinously ugly after having sex with him, where he said he ran a grabbed a camera and took a photograph of me, that he tells the public I am heinously ugly in.

    This fabricated story was made up to convince the public (and police and firemen) I am heinously ugly
    by using another fabricated story to try to back up the first fabricated story about me.
    He would do this with everything he said about me, to try to convince them I am ugly and also to convince the San Diego public he had a right to sodomize me for pretending to be good looking, but according to Steve Martinez I am not, and that I told him I was better looking than he was. (I have never had any conversation with Steve Martinez, and beside this, I am better looking than he is, and this complete stranger is jealous of me!)

    Then he fabricated another story about me, that after discovering I was ugly, he claims he sodomized me as punishment and that I didn’t like it, so I reportedly sold money from him, but Steve says he can not prove this either, but can only prove this through SIGNS that he had convinced the public to believe in, in a conspiracy along with San Diego Police and Firemen working in Steve Martinez behalf to help their friend get sex from me, to set me up to have me framed for sex, the very thing I had reported about them previously, that they were going about the city of San Diego claiming I slandered them with.

    Everyday I was verbally assaulted and slandered by the San Diego public because of the lies the San Diego Fire Dept, Police, and Steve were saying about me, telling them i am ugly and slandering and trying to destroy it.
    There were even several murder (and rape) conspiracies against me in that city, ordered by the San Diego Chief of Police and Steve Martinez.

    The public ate this all up. Steve had them all eating out of his hands and at his service, because of the flattery (bribery) lies he was tempting them with. Which is a fabrication as everything else he says about me is.
    (This actually happened in the county/city of San Diego from early 2008 to late 2009.)

    After being stalked out of that city a year ago, the stalking and the slander and invasion of privacy continues on, where I now live in Las Vegas NV.


    If anyone has any information about this crime that took place in San Diego please come forward. You can contact The Police Compliant Center Online, under “file a complaint” if you don’t feel comfortable talking to me about it, and tell them it is pertaining to the Steve Martinez case and they will know what you are talking about. You can also refer to this post also.

    You can also contact me at my private email address at
    Thank you.

    And sorry this was so long.

    Other references
    A very good website that covers almost every aspects of this weapon can be found at
    Please scroll down to headers: Energy-beam weapons still missing from action, and ‘Matador’ With a Radio Stops Wired Bull.

    Z Backscatter Van

    Police have technology you don’t know about, this tech in this video is declassified. The other classified police surveillance technology that Steve/police have, can see directly through walls,(buildings) clothing and skin, crystal clear, and can eaves drop into conversations and on and off land line and cell phones. It can also hear a heart beat and even a pin drop, all without wiretapping, bugs and pin hole cameras, from miles and even hundreds of miles away, undetected. It also have the ability to mind control and has been use in crowd control and in hostage situations, able to single out individuals in a crowd or room for target of this weapon.
    This Z BackScatter Van is just an example of the technology Police have in their possession that they just came out with to the public, but they have been in use for decades on unsuspecting innocent victims, and spying on you inside your home.

    Comment by Daphne | October 1, 2010

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