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Decoupling Now, Currency Crisis Soon!

  • I have warned persistently of a coming global currency crisis triggered by the collapse of the USD. All fiat currencies will be under assault. The snakes will take the whole world down with them and thereafter introduce their One World Currency and Global Central Bank (BIS? with IMF as global treasury department?).
  • There is a worldwide bond bubble. 10 year US treasury yield is at 2.5% and 30 year bond yield is at 3.53%. Real inflation as reported by is at 4+%. Why would anyone continue putting money into bonds after such a massive rally? It is all about herd instinct/behavior. When the flight out of bonds and into commodities come, it will be spectacular. Such moves will stoke inflation and possibly hyper-inflation worldwide. The parabolic price rise in gold and silver is still ahead of us. Don’t be the last sheep out of the bond door into gold.
    Decoupling Now, Currency Crisis Soon
    NIA believes that the decoupling we have been predicting of precious metals from the Dow Jones has now officially taken place. A year ago we would consistently see precious metals and stock market prices rise and fall in parallel. We have now seen the Dow Jones decline by 6.1% from its high on August 9th, along with both gold and silver rising by about 3.3% during this same time period….. We expect silver to significantly outperform gold in the months to come.
    One year ago, almost all mainstream economists on CNBC were calling for either a “U” or a “V” shaped economic recovery. NIA said that prices were rising only due to inflation and there would be no economic recovery. NIA went into detail about how destructive government programs like the homebuyers tax credit were helping to artificially boost economic numbers, but as soon as these programs were over, economic activity would collapse to new lows. NIA was right. Now that the government has ended its homebuyers tax credit, we just saw sales of previously owned homes decline in July by 25.5% from one year ago, to their lowest level in a decade. We also saw new home sales in July based on the signing of new contracts decline by 32.4% from one year ago.
    The government will report their second estimate of second quarter GDP on Friday and we will likely see a revision from growth of 2.4% down to growth of less than 2%. Keep in mind, the White House budget is projecting a GDP growth rate of 5.58% over the next five years (along with permanently low interest rates) in order to get the budget deficit down to $752 billion in 2015. With a sharp contraction in GDP likely coming in the third quarter, NIA continues to believe that the Federal Reserve will unleash the mother of all quantitative easing this fall, along with a huge push by Congress for a new stimulus plan.
    U.S. mutual funds currently have about $10.5 trillion in assets, with $2.5 trillion being in bonds and $4.6 trillion being in equities. Although the amount of money invested in equities is still far greater than bonds, asset inflows into bonds have outpaced equities for 30 consecutive months. During these 30 months, $559 billion were invested into bond funds while $209.4 billion were pulled out of equity funds. It is a real shame that most retiring baby boomers who are looking for safety, are actually investing their savings into the riskiest assets of all…… When this bond bubble begins to burst, prices of commodities will explode to the upside like nothing you have ever seen before.
    NIA believes that there is a risk of the bond bubble beginning to burst as early as this fall. Smart money is now loading up on commodities. In the week ended August 17th, net long holdings in futures for 20 commodities rose 2.6% to 1.18 million contracts, with the biggest rises coming in agricultural commodities like wheat and corn. Commodity assets under management gained by about $8 billion in July to over $300 billion.
    The World Gold Council just announced today that gold demand surged in the second quarter of 2010 to 1,050.3 metric tons, up 36% from one year ago. This rise in demand came mostly from rising investment demand, with gold demand for backing ETFs climbing 414% and retail investment demand rising by 29%.
    Because the rest of the world still likes to follow and emulate the U.S., it might be Americans who initiate the upcoming stampede out of bonds, U.S. dollars and other dollar-denominated assets, and into precious metals. For the time being, the average American is still more likely to be a seller of gold. Recycling of gold increased 35% last quarter to 496 metric tons. Once Americans become educated about how gold isn’t expensive and is still trading for only 1/2 of its all time high adjusted to the CPI and 1/4 of its all time high adjusted to the real rate of price inflation, and that by recycling gold they are actually trading real money for fiat paper money, this recycling supply will diminish and the world will face a major gold shortage. The world already has a major silver shortage that will become apparent to all very soon.
    NIA’s co-founders still receive phone calls on a daily basis from non-NIA member friends asking for us to invest in Real Estate “short sales” and other foreclosure deals. By year 2012, NIA guarantees nobody is going to want to touch Real Estate and all of your friends will be calling you about the latest Krugerrand that they bought. Although NIA doesn’t project hyperinflation to occur until the years 2014-2015, there is a serious risk of hyperinflation occurring any day now. Hedge funds need to be where the momentum is and as soon as the momentum turns against the dollar, we could see the bond bubble burst and the currency crisis begin instantaneously.  


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Jeffrey Grupp: The Illuminati Are The Nephilim!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Food Crisis: An Impending Global Tsunami?

  • We have economic depression, a possible third world war and a coming global famine. What a mess we are in.
    Food Crisis – An Impending Global Tsunami
    The agriculture sector’s neglect is now leading to a food crisis that would change the very course of the global economy. The 1943 Bengal Famine of India is unforgettable, for it claimed four million lives. Nobel Laureate and well-known economist Amartya Sen argued that the famine was caused by the shortage rumors that resulted in hoarding and rapid price inflation leading to a disaster.
    Similarly, in 1989, China witnessed deadly protests in Tiananmen Square, the result of political unrest exacerbated by the high food prices (National Geographic 2008). But in 21st century, when mechanisms are dynamically inter-twined, the food crisis can change the very course of economic history.
    The 2007-08 food crisis sparked riots from Haiti to Bangladesh to Egypt. The skyrocketing food prices took the world by storm for it occurred in a year when the global farmers’ reaped a record grain crop
    Now in 2010, the crisis stands to repeat itself once again with greater intensity. Russia faces severe drought and wildfires throughout the region, especially, where wheat is grown. On the other hand, Pakistan’s devastating floods have damaged 600,000 tonne of wheat, an estimate that could be higher as agricultural lands have been wiped off.

    Food Crisis Threatens Bolivia Due to Climate Change
    Persistent drought, cold weather and flooding, all attributed to climate change, are threatening Bolivia with a food crisis, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and experts have recently warned. FAO coordinator Einstein Tejada said one fifth of Bolivia’s territory now suffer from the effects of climate change, causing food prices to rise.
    The most vulnerable zone is the Andean area, hit by a long-running drought, he added. According to the government, more than 16,000 head of cattle and over 24,000 hectares of wheat, bean, corn and other crops have been affected by the drought. “Bolivia is affected by all the climate phenomenon in the world” except the hurricanes, he said.
    Despite the government’s efforts to lessen these effects on agriculture and livestock, the impact on food security will be felt, as well as imbalances in the ecosystems, he said.
    Global demand outpaces crops
    Prices of flour, corn products could go up as Russian drought takes toll on stockpiles. The world’s appetite for meat, flour and ethanol is expanding faster than the supply of the crops needed to produce them, eroding inventories and increasing the chance of accelerating food prices.
    But in central Ohio, big buyers of flour aren’t doing more than keeping an eye on the situation. Wheat stockpiles are expected to slip to a two-year low as demand rises and a drought damages the crop in Russia, whose exports will plunge 84 percent, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said this month. Inventories of corn, used to feed livestock and make fuel, will be little changed from a year earlier, even as output rises to a record, the USDA said.
    Severe weather threatens world food supply
    (NaturalNews) Extreme weather conditions across the globe are destroying crops, cattle and land, as nations struggle through things like droughts, floods and other natural phenomena. And while some say that these occurrences are natural, cyclic effects from variations in solar activity, others point to climate change as the culprit.
    Russian wheat crop failures, Kansas cattle deaths and flooding in Pakistan are among the many struggles currently being faced by nations around the world, but why are these extreme
    weather conditions occurring in the first place? This is a question many are asking as they work to cope with the destruction and seek a solution.
    Weather extremes have put a heavy strain on
    food production, which could lead to skyrocketing food prices like the ones seen back in 2007 and 2008 when food was in short supply due to similar events. And according to a recent Reuters article, many are calling for further talks and agreements to be made about climate change legislation as a solution to the problem.


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Example of US Media Brainwashing You to Hate Muslims!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Freeman: FreeMason, Occult And The Ruling Elite. Satanic Kabbalistic Rituals In Music Videos. America The New Atlantis!


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Post-Apocalyptic Predictive Programming For The Whole Family!

  • The Illuminati owns Hollywood and most of the entertainment industry. Hollywood is a tool for education and re-education of the sheeple. The Illuminists are reality manufacturers. Rewriting history, behavioral psychology, mass programming and conditioning are their ‘hobby’. They believe in using symbols, stories, myths … via entertainment, Hollywood to program the sheeple.
  • In the occult world, spells are cast using signs, symbols and words/names. The sheeple are being initiated into a higher level of Illuminism/Satanism without realizing it. This is a subtle multi decades deception and mass programming. It seems to be accelerating. Through the music industry, many concert goers are participating in initiation rites and Satan worship without realizing it.
  • The sheeple are being dumbed down with trivial, tripe and all sorts of addictions. They are obsessed with how they look, clothes, food, sports, soaps, entertainment….etc. Take it away from them and they exhibit withdrawal symptoms. But you can’t tell them, otherwise their feelings will be hurt. What a bunch of narcissistic idiots we have become. If your feelings matter more than the truth, you will never find the truth.
  • Many times, it is almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with sheeple. All they talk about is Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, sports, food, entertainment, clothes…etc. Having a sobre, intelligent conversation is almost a sin. ‘Don’t be so serious’, is a frequent retort. Of course, you can’t tell them: they have been conditioned to reject knowledge, understanding and be seekers of pleasure. You can’t tell them that they have a mind of a 10-year-old. They will feel that you are odd, weird and wrong. They are the mainstream educated idiots.
  • The world has turned upside down. Wrong is right. Good is evil. Reality is an illusion. Truth is hidden in plain sight in Hollywood films. There are many brainwashed sheeple who will do this in the future:
    John 16:2 (New King James Version)
    2 ….. yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.
  • You need to peel through the layers in many Hollywood films to see the Illuminists’ plan for the future. Remember, the Illuminists embed truths in stories, myths, fictional accounts… while reality is a manufactured illusion. All these have to do with their upside down Satanic philosophy: black is white, Satan is god… evil is good, the blasphemous reality of the mentally ill.
    Post-Apocalyptic Predictive Programming For The Whole Family!
    Discovery Channel’s apocalyptic reality TV show, The Colony, enters its second season with what might be the most dire sign yet for where our civilization is headed.  It is the latest in a long-standing history of predictive programming from Hollywood.
    Predictive Programming 
    Hollywood is the magician’s wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda.   — Alan Watt
    The Colony is an “experiment” where people are forced to live in a world minus even the most basic necessities, while being harassed by their fellow suffering man.  In Season Two, colonists begin the ordeal with a 72-hour quarantine, followed by a government agency airlift to a “way station” that is the site of their rebuilding of society.  They are given enough supplies for one week, and basically told to have a nice day.
    Hollywood has a history of involvement with the New World Order as a visual think tank of future scenarios. Viewed through this lens, the “experiment” is not to test the orchestrated reality of the characters placed in a survival situation, but to test the viewing public about what reality they will accept after certain predetermined events take place. Predictive programming exists in
    all mediums, but it is Hollywood where the greatest numbers of people gather for passive entertainment.
    Hollywood history shows a disturbing connection with the
    themes that are introduced in movies and TV, and the world that is accepted by the masses thereafter. This is a list of the seminal thought experiments put to film which have been instrumental in offering an apparently dystopian world where one’s first, human, reaction is “no one would accept that.”  After the concept has been introduced, politicians and media-spin work in concert to say, “It won’t be like science fiction; it will benefit mankind.”  Look at the following movie themes, then look around at what has already been accepted as “normal.”
    THX 1138 (mandatory mind altering drugs to control a slave population -1971)
    Soylent Green (overpopulation and Elite control -1973)
    Wicker Man (Elite control over the population -1974)
    Logan’s Run (population control via computer – 1975)
    Network (Corporate Media control – 1976)
    Brainstorm (transmitting the mind across a computer network – 1983)
    Robocop (militarization of police – 1987)
    They Live (mind control and data collection – 1988)
    Johnny Mnemonic (data as a commodity – 1995)
    Gattaca (genetic code as a commodity – 1997)
    Devil’s Advocate (legislative control over society – 1997)
    Eyes Wide Shut (rituals of the Elite – 1999)
    Swordfish (government sanctioned crime to combat terrorism – 2001)
    24 (good guys use torture to get information from terrorists – 2001)
    Minority Report (high-tech police state using biometrics and “pre-crime” – 2002)
    The Experiment (dynamic of prison abuse – 2002)
    Control Factor (mind control through scientific dictatorship – 2003)
    Jericho (factions within U.S. government set of a nuke false flag – 2006)
    I Am Legend (benevolence of scientific intentions, martial law, and vaccines as the cure – 2007)
    These examples suggest that Hollywood is a marketing tool for the New World Order.  In the same way that news media was co-opted with psy-ops programs like
    Operation Mockingbird, the magic wand of Hollywood has been used to desensitize people to an impending reality.  The Colony is the next level of preparation for the Endgame.  And what might bring about this apocalypse?   Well-regarded physicist, Michio Kaku, went on MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show to announce that UFOs are worth serious inquiry.  This was done to support a new book release of generals, pilots, and government officials documenting decades of UFO encounters.  All of this while a new trailer for the movie Skyline depicts aliens arriving on blue beams.  What was the name of the NASA project that studied stage managing a fake rapture or alien invasion?  Project Blue Beam.
    Is this just the latest in our regularly scheduled programming? 
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    9/11 World Trade Center Attack ‘Predicted’ in Movie ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)’ !
    Lynn Marzulli: The Coming Great ‘UFO Alien Invasion’ Deception! Illuminist Hollywood Films Selling ET Delusion. New Generation of RFID Mark Of The Beast!
    Five Informed Opinions About The UFO / Alien Deception!
    Illuminist Predictive Programming for The Coming EndTimes Strong Delusion?
    The Illuminati Card Game. 9/11 Predicted in X-Files Spin Off 
    Illuminati Music Industry: 36 Pop Music Artists Exposed?
    Iron Mountain BluePrint For Global Tyranny! The Rise of The Mystery Babylon Whore! The EndTimes Grand Delusion Plan!


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Bank of Korea ‘Under Pressure’ to Boost Gold Holdings!

  • The wholesale change in attitude by central banks toward gold has started. It has begun in Russia and Asia. Only the western Illuminist central bank cartel is still driving the price of gold down. They have a hidden agenda and aren’t that dumb. Their goal is to collapse all fiat currencies and ‘persuade’ the world to accept their One World Currency and Global Central Bank. When this One World Currency is introduced, I am 90% sure they will back it with hard assets like gold and commodities: oil, wheat…etc.
  • What the western Illuminist cabal has done is: sell the gold belonging to the sheeple, thus depressing the price and quietly buy them up. This is simply the transferring of public wealth into private Illuminati hands. Do not be taken for a ride. Gold and silver are the real currencies of these Illuminists. You don’t seriously believe they are deceived by their own fiat currencies toilet paper machinations do you? When they are ready to pull the plug, you will see the sheeple holding the bag of useless fiat currencies and the Illuminati holding the gold. Remember the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!
    Bank of Korea `Under Pressure’ to Boost Gold Holdings, Shinhan’s Oh Says
    The Bank of Korea, which has shunned adding gold to foreign-exchange reserves, is “under pressure” to consider purchases as the global economy worsens and the price advances, Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co. said.
    “Given that central banks in India, Russia and China have bought gold for defense, the Bank of Korea can’t help but feel under pressure to consider purchases for diversification,” said Oh Kyu Chan, Seoul-based head of the overseas fund of funds team at Shinhan BNP, which operates Korea’s biggest gold fund.
    Kang Sung Kyung, a senior official at the bank’s reserve-management department, had no comment today on plans for gold purchases.
    Gold is trading close to a record as signs the global recovery is sputtering prompt investors to seek to preserve their wealth. Gold “offers little value” and “isn’t the trend,” Lee Eung Baek said last year when he was head of the bank’s reserve-management unit. The Bank of Korea’s holdings rank 56th worldwide, according to the
    World Gold Council.
    “The global economy is taking a turn for the worse,” Oh said yesterday in an interview. “The declining values of the dollar and the euro, coupled with an economic downturn, mean the Bank of Korea should find other alternatives to invest. There are not many options,” Oh said, without forecasting gold prices.
    Foreign-Exchange Reserves
    South Korea’s foreign-exchange reserves — the world’s sixth-largest after China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and India — rose to a record $286 billion in July. The Asian nation holds 14.4 metric tons of gold, equivalent to about 0.03 percent of total reserves, according to figures from the Bank of Korea.
    The World Gold Council, a producer-funded lobby group, estimates that as of June 2010, South Korea’s gold holdings were the smallest in percentage terms of any of the
    top 100 holders apart from Hong Kong’s and Canada’s.
    Russian Holdings
    Bank Rossii, Russia’s central bank, said on Aug. 20 that it added 500,000 ounces last month, increasing its stockpile to 23.3 million ounces. That followed last year’s purchases by India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. China, the world’s biggest gold producer, said on Aug. 3 it will relax bullion-trading rules.


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China Buys Euros as Fear of World Depression Grows!

  • The hidden financial war between the US snakes and the EU snakes over world domination is laying the groundwork for the fulfilment of this prophecy: (the harlot is US and 10 horn beast is EU)
    Revelation 17:16 (New King James Version)
    16 And the ten horns which you saw on[a] the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
  • The Illuminist system is Darwinian. It is based on survivor of the fittest and the weakest has to die to make way for the strong. It is duplicitous and exalts fear, power and control. Distrust is inbuilt. They only trust someone when they have something bad on him that they can use to blackmail him. This is the reason why only evil, compromised, mentally weak, psychologically narcissistic and probably insane people are elected. Amongst the favourite dirt are homosexuality and lesbianism. Good people seldom make it because they cannot be blackmailed and manipulated.
  • Something has to give soon and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Snakes are waiting for this chaos to begin. I encourage all to read the entire article by Webster Tarpley:
    China Buys Euros as Fear of World Depression Grows
    The US Treasury has just announced that China’s official holdings of U.S. Treasury securities declined by about $30 billion between April and May of this year, from about $900 billion to some $868 billion. According to the US authorities, this means that Chinese holdings of US government paper are now at the lowest level in the past year. A 2% to 3% decline in a month does not qualify as massive dumping, but simply means that China is in the process of diversification. It is also very likely that China has more U.S. Treasury bonds than this official count would indicate, quite possibly through proxy purchases via Hong Kong and other places.
    With the sales of existing homes in the United States falling by 27% this morning, together with disastrous statistics regarding unemployment and foreclosures, it ought to be obvious that the US economy is in depression. Even experts interviewed on CNBC are beginning to wake up to this obvious fact.
    World Bond Bubble
    On August 24, the Treasury’s two-year note reached its highest price in recorded history, meaning that the yield was at a record low. The entire world is piling into short-term U.S. Treasury paper, and many buyers cannot get enough. This makes a mockery out of the right wing reactionary refrain that the US equals Greece and soon will be unable to borrow. If, according to the crackpot Austrian theory, markets know things that individual humans cannot know, then surely the market is signaling a great desire for Treasury bills and Treasury notes at the short end. The main reason for this demand is of course fear and panic – coming from the growing awareness that the world is indeed experiencing the second wave of a world economic depression of colossal proportions.
    There is now a large-scale international bond bubble involving, among others, US treasuries and German Bunds. Since the flash crash of May 6, many investors have fled the stock markets entirely. It is still too soon to sound the alarm on deflation ahead, but deflation has now appeared over the horizon as a concrete possibility – partly because so many major financial players are now convinced that deflation is the wave of the future. If this were to come about, it would mean a depression looking much more like 1929-1933 than the relatively more mild situation we have experienced over the last two years. The depression may be taking a turn toward something far more excruciating for the masses of the population. One by-product of that would be vastly decreased popular gullibility for the anti-government recipes of the libertarian Austrian school, which are tailored for those who have money, and which have very little appeal to people who are unemployed, homeless, and starving.
    Also on August 24, the Japanese yen hit a 15-year high compared to the dollar, and a nine-year high compared to the euro. This kind of currency championship is a Pyrrhic victory which nobody wants, since it means the Japanese exports are in the process of being strangled. This is true currency chaos and world depression at the same time, pointing once again towards the urgent need to restore the fixed rate system of Bretton Woods, which was destroyed 39 years ago this month by Nixon and Kissinger, urged on by Milton Friedman and other snake oil economists.
    For the past year, the main thrust of the London and New York financial centers has been the effort to export the Depression into Europe by means of a speculative attack on the government bonds of Greece, Spain, Portugal, and some other countries, all designed to provoke a panicked flight out of the euro, which would in turn allow the Anglo-Americans to loot and asset strip the accumulated wealth of the old continent. This was not a market event, but it orchestrated strategic attack, inspired by such figures as Soros, Einhorn, and Paulson. During July and the first half of August, it became apparent that this Blitzkrieg as originally planned had failed to reach its objectives. But the Anglo-Americans, one-trick ponies as always, maybe persisting in the assault.
    China Blocks US-UK Attack On Euro
    The Anglo-American hedge fund attack, as we have documented here, employed credit default swaps as the primary weapon against Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish government bonds. The failure of London and New York to induce a panic flight out of the euro during the May-June timeframe was partly results of the German self-defense measures, involving bans on naked credit default swaps and bans on naked shorting of German equities. In addition to this, Chinese support for the euro has played a decisive role.
    There is every indication that the Chinese made a decision not to allow the destruction of the euro during the late spring and early summer. That decision was technical, commercial, and political at the same time. The technical part was the China sought to re-balance the basket of currencies it uses to maintain the international stability of the renminbi. As the euro looms larger in Chinese trade, purchases of euros and Eurobonds are in order. It is also worth pointing out that the Chinese have not delivered on their promise to radically raise the international value of the renminbi, as hysterically demanded by Tiny Tim Geithner and others.
    The commercial and political sides of Chinese support for the euro were reflected in the June visit of the Chinese vice prime minister to Greece, notably to the port of Piraeus. This Chinese envoy signed more than a dozen important economic cooperation deals, including shipping and shipbuilding, telecom, and container ports. The deputy Greek finance minister, Theodoros Pangalos, was quoted as saying: “The Chinese want a gateway into Europe. They are not like these Wall Street [blankety-blanks], pushing financial investments on paper. The Chinese deal in real things, in merchandise. And they will help the real economy in Greece.”1 The emphasis on the production of tangible physical commodities by the Chinese, in contrast to Wall Street’s reliance on a mass of toxic and kited derivatives, points to the real basis of Chinese economic ascendancy. If the Chinese are wise, they will not go overboard with short-term greed, but rather be ready for generous concessions to the Greek labor movement, so as to get the unions on their side. In any case, these euro-denominated Greek purchases are one obvious reason why Beijing is holding fewer greenbacks and more euros.
    …. to
    continue reading click here!


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Electromagnetic Pulse Can Be Used To Disrupt Morality In The Human Brain!

  • What is not stated in the BBC article is that such weapons are already available and have been used in the battlefield. The first Iraq war comes to mind. Thousands upon thousands of Iraqi soldiers simply surrendered without a fight.
  • The human brain works on specific frequencies. By manipulating these frequencies you can cause depression, joy, sense of well-being, fear, confusion…etc. HAARP is such a weapon. America is not the only country that has such weapons.
    In October 2000, the congresman Denis J. Kucinich introduced in the American Congress a bill, obliging the American president to get engaged in the negotiations aimed at the ban of space based weapons… the definition of a weapon system includes: any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)… through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations“(15). … with sound, light or electromagnetic stimulation of human brain. Psychotronic weapons remain, at least for a layman uninformed of secret military research, in the sphere of science fiction…..
    In the scientific literature technical feasibility of making a human being asleep by radio waves is confirmed in the book by English scientist carrying out research on the biological effects of electromagnetism (6). In the report by World Health Association on nonionizing radiation from 1991 we read “Many of biological effects observed in animals exposed to ELF fields appear to be associated, either directly or indirectly, with the nervous system…” (2).
    Several scientists warned that latest advances in neurophysiology could be used for the manipulation of human brain. In June 1995, Michael Persinger, who worked on the American Navy’s project of Non-lethal electromagnetic weapons, published, in a scientific magazine, an article where he states: „the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed… is now marginally feasible“ (11). In 1998, the French National Bioethics Committee warned that „neuroscience is being increasingly recognized as posing potential threat to human rights“ (12). In May 1999 the neuroscientists conference, sponsored by the UN, took place in Tokyo. In the declaration we read: “Today we have intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain itself, and to develop devices to touch the mind and even control or erase consciousness…We wish to profess our hope that such pursuit of knowledge serves peace and welfare” (13).
    Among the countries with the most advanced military technologies … are the USA which did not present any international initiative demanding the ban of technologies enabling the remote control of human mind. (The original version of the bill by Denis J. Kucinich was changed.) All the same, according to the study published by STOA, the USA are the major promoter of the use of those arms.
  • The beaming of ELF waves over large areas to say cause riots (10.80Hz), or depression (6.8Hz)… are the domain of HAARP and possibly GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) Towers installed across the United States. For specific targets, I still believe the snakes intend to use the next generation of RFID microchip with a few miles detectability. The current generation, as used in merchandising, has a short operating distance of about a couple of feet. We are heading towards the nightmarish Global Luciferian State, New World Order.
    BBC- Morality is modified in the lab
    Scientists have shown they can change people’s moral judgements by disrupting a specific area of the brain with magnetic pulses. They identified a region of the brain just above and behind the right ear which appears to control morality. And by using magnetic pulses to block cell activity they impaired volunteers’ notion of right and wrong.
    The small Massachusetts Institute of Technology study appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Lead researcher Dr Liane Young said: “You think of morality as being a really high-level behaviour. “To be able to apply a magnetic field to a specific brain region and change people’s moral judgments is really astonishing.”
    The key area of the brain is a knot of nerve cells known as the right temporo-parietal junction (RTPJ). The researchers subjected 20 volunteers to a number of tests designed to assess their notions of right and wrong. In one scenario participants were asked how acceptable it was for a man to let his girlfriend walk across a bridge he knew to be unsafe.
    After receiving a 500 millisecond magnetic pulse to the scalp, the volunteers delivered verdicts based on outcome rather than moral principle. If the girlfriend made it across the bridge safely, her boyfriend was not seen as having done anything wrong. In effect, they were unable to make moral judgments that require an understanding of other people’s intentions. Previous work has shown the RTPJ to be highly active when people think about the thoughts and beliefs of others.
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Grain Harvest in Germany May Slump 12% After Drought, Flooding Hits Crops!

  • It doesn’t look good for the world. We are rapidly heading towards global famine. Let us hope all these problems will be over in a month or two. Otherwise, it will make price increases ala 2007/8 look mild.
    Grain Harvest in Germany May Slump 12% After Drought, Flooding Hits Crops
    Germany, the European Union’s second-biggest wheat grower, will likely follow Russia in reporting a slump in grain harvests this year after crops were stricken by both drought and flooding, a farmers group said.
    Grain harvests will fall to 43.9 million tons in 2010 from 49.7 million tons last year, the DBV German Farmers Association said today in an e-mailed statement. Prices for some grains have increased, including wheat for making bread, which has risen to 181 euros ($230) a ton from 107 euros in March.
    Like many European countries, Germany experienced record temperatures of almost 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) accompanied by drought in June and July, followed by heavy rains in August, the DBV said. Russia declared a drought emergency in 32 crop-producing regions this month and slashed its grain crop forecast to 60 million to 65 million metric tons because of water scarcity.
    Showers are expected in Russia, Kazakhstan and East Ukraine up to Aug. 29, helping to replenish soil moisture for planting winter wheat in northern areas, Telvent DTN Inc. said in a forecast yesterday. Russia’s ban on shipments helped drive wheat to a 23-month high on Aug. 6.
    This year’s harvest in Germany is also affected by “losses in quality” because grains ripened too early and then were drenched by rains. Most farmers won’t benefit from the higher prices because they signed contracts before the price increases, Klaus Kliem, chairman of the DBV committee for grain, said in the statement.


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