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Afro American Freemasonary and Barack Obama!

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Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi: ‘John Bolton is Full of Hogwash’ ! US Pressured to Attack Iran by Zionist Israeli Lobby Groups!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Kobe Bryant And LeBron James Illuminati Members?


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U.S. Heading for Currency Destruction, Debt Default And Great Depression!

  • This is an excellent interview of Doug Casey. What he says is sound. He is correct in his conclusions. My question is whether the Illuminists will go for a sudden collapse or a gradual ‘boiling the frog’ scenario. Not sure yet though, I think a sudden collapse is more probable.
    U.S. Heading for Currency Destruction Debt Default Great Depression
    As the world sinks deeper into what he calls the Greater Depression, Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey sees default on the U.S. national debt as inevitable—albeit probably in the guise of currency destruction. He anticipates further contraction in real estate, particularly on the commercial front. As long as stocks remain overpriced, he’ll shy away from equities—except perhaps in favored sectors such as gold. In fact, in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Doug posits that gold juniors might “go up by an order of magnitude or more, even while most other stocks are going down.”
    The Gold Report: Doug, at a recent conference you said that the U.S. ought to default on its national debt now. Why that rather than letting it play out? 
    Doug Casey: Several other things almost equally radical should be done besides defaulting on the debt. I recognize that an outright default is most unlikely, but the national debt should be defaulted on for several reasons.
    To start with, once the U.S. government defaults on its debt, people will think twice before lending it any more money; giving politicians the ability to borrow is like giving a teenager a bottle of whisky and the keys to a Corvette. A second reason is that the debt is an albatross around the necks of the next several generations; it’s criminal to make indentured servants out of people who aren’t even born yet. A third reason would be to overtly punish those who have been lending money to the government, enabling it to do all the stupid and destructive things that the government does with that money.
    The debt will be defaulted on one way or another. The trouble is they’re almost certainly going to default on it through inflation, by destroying the currency, which is much worse than defaulting on it overtly. That’s because inflation will wipe out the relatively few people who are prudent in this country, those who are actually saving money. Because they generally save in the form of dollars, they’re going to wipe them out financially.
    It’s just horrible. Runaway inflation will reward the profligates who are in debt—people who’ve been living above their means. And punish the producers who’ve been saving and trying to build capital. That’s in addition to the fact it will destroy millions of productive enterprises. A runaway inflation is the worst thing that can happen to a society, short of a major war. They just should default on it honestly, as it were.
    TGR: But your belief is we’ll try to inflate our way out of it to pay for it.
    DC: Don’t say “we.” Say the U.S. government. I don’t consider myself part of the problem. Americans have to learn that the government isn’t “us.” It’s an entity that has its own interests, its own life, its own agenda. It views citizens as milk cows—or perhaps even beef cows—strictly as a means to its ends.
    TGR: Whether it’s overt or by default, doesn’t that end up in the same place down the line?
    DC: There are two ways they can default—one by saying, “We don’t have the money and we’re not going to pay you,” and the other by continuing to print up money and giving people the number of dollars that they’re owed, except the dollars are worthless. The first alternative is by far better, for many reasons we can’t fully explore now. But it’s going to be traumatic either way.
    TGR: But the assumption that we could actually just print more dollars and pay off the debt implies that somewhere the debt will stabilize.
    DC: Oh no. It doesn’t have to stabilize. To pay interest on the national debt, and to pay for additional spending, all the Federal Reserve has to do is buy bonds from the U.S. government. It doesn’t have to stabilize at all. The government is most unlikely to cut back on its spending, most of which has become part of the social fabric—Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, food stamps, corporate bailouts, continuing foreign wars, domestic “security”…These people are crazy enough that it could get like Germany in the ’20s or Zimbabwe a few years ago.
    TGR: At what point do we tip over and turn into a situation such as Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic?
    DC: At the moment we’re in an economic twilight zone or, if you wish, the eye of a hurricane. There is apparent stability in the economy. The stock market’s high. The bond market’s high. Only the real estate market is in visible trouble. Retail prices are level; they’re not going up and maybe they’re even going down in some cases. This is a temporary situation. We will inevitably—and soon—hit the other side of the storm. At some point those trillions of dollars created by the U.S. government—and many other governments around the world have created trillions of currency units—are going to have an effect. When will that be? The timing is uncertain. But I think it’s going to be soon.
    TGR: Will it be rapid?
    DC: If these things were perfectly predictable, it would be easier to dodge the bullet. This is an almost unique time in world economic history, and I think we’re not only going to have economic consequences, but social and political consequences, and very likely military consequences. So hold on to your hat.
    TGR: To protect what individual wealth we may have, you’ve recommended selling real estate and renting, holding assets outside the United States, owning gold, etc. When we’re out of the eye and in the thick of this economic hurricane, what types of equity investments should people be holding?
    DC: Now is a very bad time to have most kinds of equities; stocks in general are very overpriced, by almost every parameter. I’m not looking to sell my gold until I can buy solid blue chip stocks for dividend yields in the 8% to 10% area. That’s after they cut their current dividends. Although it’s certainly not the bargain it was 10 years ago. Nonetheless gold will go higher. Stocks will go lower. I don’t know exactly when I’ll sell my gold and buy stocks, but it will be when there’s a panic into gold and when stocks are bargains. I’m sure I’ll be afraid to make the trade when the time comes—but good trades almost always run counter to your emotions. Perhaps the tip-off will be when Newsweek or Time—if either still exists then—run a front cover with a golden bear tearing apart the New York Stock Exchange.
    I think it will be a generation before American real estate is a solid buy again. And the world at large will likely have quite a different character then.
    TGR: I take your point about equities in general, but are you also staying away from gold equities? Or do you maybe see an opportunity there?
    DC: They’re a special situation; on the one hand they are a play on gold, but on the other hand they’re stocks. There’s an excellent chance that with the trillions of currency units being created, the government inevitably will wind up inflating other bubbles. There’s a very good chance for a bubble in gold and a very big bubble in gold stocks. So I would say that they are an exception to other equities. We could see these juniors go up by an order of magnitude or more, even while most other stocks are going down. Historically, junior resource stocks are the most volatile class of securities in existence.
    As to what’s going to happen over the next few years, I feel confident that we’ve entered upon the Greater Depression in earnest. It will be an extended period of time when most people’s standard of living drops significantly. But as I said, I think there’s an excellent chance of a bubble igniting in resource stocks. That will build on the bubble that’s going to come in gold.
    TGR: What’s your definition of resource stocks? For some, it’s very broad and includes metals, agricultural commodities and such. Are you referring specifically to gold?
    DC: I’m most friendly toward gold; it’s the only financial asset that’s not simultaneously someone else’s liability. I’m friendly toward silver, too, because silver is kind of poor man’s gold. I’m very friendly toward oil because I do believe a good, solid argument can be made for what was first defined by M. King Hubbert as “peak oil.” Also, oil is likely to be a major player in the next major Mideast conflict. I like uranium; nuclear is certainly the safest, cheapest and cleanest form of mass power generation.
    There’s an excellent case to be made for agricultural commodities in general, and live cattle in particular. I’m not very friendly toward base metals such as lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, iron and so forth. Usage of industrial metals could drop considerably in the ongoing depression.
    TGR: We spoke earlier about inflation and the likelihood of the U.S. government printing its way out of debt. Do you see a point in time where the United States or even other governments will go back to the gold standard?
    DC: It’s both essential, and inevitable. That’s because they have no reason to trust one another. They need a medium of exchange and a store of value that’s not faith-based.
    All the other governments of the world know that the U.S. is bankrupt and the dollar is nothing but a floating abstraction. Why should they hold billions or in some cases trillions of these things on their balance sheets? They’re going to go back to gold because it’s the only financial asset that’s not simultaneously somebody else’s liability.
    It’s not because gold is magic in any way. It’s just because it has characteristics that among the 92 naturally occurring elements make it uniquely well suited for use as money. It’s durable. It’s divisible. It’s convenient. It’s consistent. It has use value in and of itself. And it can’t be created out of thin air by some government. It’s a better combination of those things than any of the 92 elements. It’s infinitely better than paper. So yes, I think they’ll go back to gold within this generation.
     TGR: The Chinese recently announced that they will start selling gold coins through their banking system. What do you make of that? Is it really big news?
    DC: I think it is. The Chinese know that one of the reasons Mao took over is because the government of Chiang Kai-shek destroyed the national currency. The Chinese can see the problems with the U.S. dollar. That it could blow up in their hands. They also see the problems they’re creating for themselves by creating trillions of new renminbi. So I think that they’re encouraging the average guy in the street to do some saving with gold so that if things go sideways with these paper currencies, the average guy isn’t left too destitute and too angry. At least he’ll have some gold coins. I think they’re being quite intelligent about encouraging their people to buy gold.
    TGR: What do you make of the fact that a country with a communist orientation encourages its citizens to buy gold, while the world’s supposedly premier democracy does not?
    DC: First of all, let’s recognize that communism was a very short-term aberration in the 5,000-year grand screen of Chinese history. Mao only ruled the country for about 30 years. Since the late ’70s, China’s been returning to its old ways. Everybody knows that the Communist Party in China is nothing but a scam for its members to cream something off the top of everything. It’s ludicrous to say China is a communist country. It’s easier to do business in China than it is in the U.S.—lower taxes, less regulation, less legal hassles.
    In point of fact, the Chinese are reverting to the mean. For many centuries, up until the Industrial Revolution, China was much wealthier than the West. Now it’s rising again. As far as the United States is concerned, unfortunately it’s going the other way. The issue has nothing to do with democracy. Democracy is just mob rule dressed up in a sports coat. It’s much overrated. The U.S. government is becoming more powerful, and the U.S. is radically departing from the economic philosophy of free markets that made it great. It’s simultaneously becoming more politically repressive. The Chinese are just reverting to their traditional economic philosophy, which is not communism, it’s capitalist trade and production.


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Cover Your Ass Statements In Preparation For A Nuclear False Flag Attack?

  • Why is Russia’s Foreign Ministry making these statements?
    Russia’s Foreign Ministry is accusing the U.S. of failing to comply with key arms control and non-proliferation requirements. According to the new report, published on the ministry’s website, Washington has lost over a thousand nuclear materials, on its own soil…. and claims Washington has actually been selling weapons to Iran!
  • Nothing happens by chance! Why now? This is very likely a CYA (cover your ass) statement by the Russians. In the event of a false flag nuclear attack, they have already denied any involvement. The nuclear material is from America and since America has been selling weapons to Iran ie they are not involved !
  • I am not suggesting that the Russians are plotting against America. No, I don’t believe they are. I believe that the Russian Illuminati already know the plan ie a false flag nuclear attack initiated by the western Illuminati against America. The Illuminist government will blame Pakistan, Iran, Al CIAda, North Korea, Myanmar ….. The Russians do not want to be dragged into any conflict when it happens. Have the Russian Illuminati OKed the plan?
  • I am not trying to spread fear. I have held this post back for some time. But it is wiser to sound the alarm now. Keep in mind: there are about 100 warships and submarines, thousands of aircrafts all loaded up and ready to bomb Iran till kingdom come, in the Persian Gulf. I doubt they are there for a summer Persian holiday. Remember also the US armada in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Korea and China.
    ‘October Surprise’ World War 3?
    It’s almost ludicrous watching John Bolton repeatedly prod the Israelis to strike Iran . The more propaganda they spew, the more inclined I am to believe they’re not getting the consensus they think they need for another war. Which doesn’t bode well. That means another false flag will have to be utilized to rouse the war weary Americans into another ‘patriotic’ frenzy. I fear the next one will be very, very ugly, but so drastic there will be no stopping whatever Big Brother wants to throw at us. Let’s hope that’s not the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Many believe WW3 already began with the invasion of Iraq and so many nations participating. All we need to know is that an inevitable global conflagration is on the agenda–they will move on Iran, and  most likely roll into Pakistan, and deliberately antagonize China to bait them along the way. From the
    writings of Freemason Albert Pike to the warnings of Werhner Von Braun and today’s lucid writings by people such as Webster Tarpley and others and the events transpiring before our eyes, everything points clearly to this coming conflict.
  • Recently, the National Research Council said that America was no longer able to track nukes threatening our shores. This looks like another CYA statement, to lay the groundwork for the cover up, after a false flag attack.
    3 Aug 2010
    This week, the last piece fell into place.  The National Research Council, part of the National Academy of Science, heavy on politics and light on science, announced that America was no longer able to track nukes threatening our shores.  Their report titled Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk, released last week, outlines the details of a secret study requested by the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and Energy, specifically the National Nuclear Security Administration.   The gist of the story is easy, if a nuke goes off in America, dirty nuke in Times Square, one in a container at a port, anywhere, America won’t be able to tell who made it.  Not a word of the report is true.  It is wild speculation and disinformation written in broad language with no hard science, written for a reason.
    A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been “tasked” with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack on America, one using nuclear material.  This report, unneeded, and highly inaccurate was printed in the New York Times to provide “cover.”  It isn’t just this report, the pieces are falling together around the world.  The
    Wiki-Leaks story, pre staging Pakistan’s ISI as a terrorist organization, a story built out of almost no information but fleshed out with massive speculation by “operatives” in the press is part of the process.
    The Defense Authorization Act of 2006 allows, “in case of a terrorist attack” for the president to declare martial law, disband congress and rule by executive decree.  With the suspension of habeas corpus by the Military Commissions act, also in 2006, America as we know it officially comes to an end the second a weapon of mass destruction in used.  Only then will America learn who has been pulling the strings all along, who is scripting Wolf Blitzer and Glen Beck.
  • See also:
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    Alex Jones: Next False Flag in USA Maybe Nuclear!
    Steve Quayle: Global Flashpoints And Apocalypse! False Flag Terrorism, World War, Depopulation, Return of the Nephilim Giants And More ….
    Gerald Celente: Terror 2010 ! Another False Flag Terror Attack To Start World War 3 !


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Jeff Rense And Gerald Celente: Prepare For The Worst!

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Explosive Court Case: Secretly Forced RFID Brain Implants. Mind Control !

Mind Control Technology.


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Ground Zero Mosque Imam Is Globalist Stooge!

  • I have warned repeatedly what the Illuminist snakes are doing. They are building up Islamophobia in America. Their intention is to use the Christian and Jewish sheeple to kill Muslim sheeple and vice versa. Do not succumb to their propaganda BS. They are experts in behavioral psychology and mass conditioning! Messages of fear, hate, violence, war and death are not of God.
  • The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission (and their associated organizations) are 3 poisonous heads of the Illuminati Hydra. They are simply laying the groundwork for the upcoming Satanic World War 3 Plan: Zionist West vs Muslim World. 
    Ground Zero Mosque Imam Is Globalist Stooge
    The Imam of the now infamous “ground zero mosque” is a member of the ultra elitist Council On Foreign Relations and receives financial backing from powerful globalist sources including the Rockefellers, the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation.
    This information provides a compelling backdrop to the theory that the move to establish the mosque is a deliberate attempt to further stoke religious tensions and divert attention away from the real enemy of free humanity, the corporate globalist elite who continue to profit from global war and division.
    The proposed mosque, to be known as Cordoba House is the project of the Cordoba Initiative, an organisation founded by ‘Imam’ Feisal Abdul Rauf (pictured above), who, in addition to being a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council of 100, is an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Religious Advisory Committee.
    The Cordoba Initiative’s website cites “Christian support for the Cordoba House” in the form of Christian publication, “Sojourners”, which is owned by evangelical Christian writer and political activist Jim Wallis, also coincidentally a sitting member of the CFR’s Religious Advisory Committee.
    The CFR, as regular readers know, is populated exclusively by major players with the biggest corporations, banks and defence contractors in the world – all of whom are making vast profits and securing more power from continued global conflict. The CFR also exerts far reaching influence over the U.S. government.
    Tony Cartalucci at landdestroyer blog breaks down the fact that every single leading player in both the neocon infested Bush administration and the “change” gang under Barrack Obama is a CFR luminary. Cartalucci also provides further stunning research relating to Cordoba House and its CFR Imam, which breaks down as follows.
    Feisal Abdul Rauf also heads up the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) which enjoys a partnership with the Cordoba Initiative and provided $100 million to secure the site close to ground zero for the mosque to be built. That $100 million came directly from the back pockets of ASMA’s financial backers.
    According to ASMA’s website they include the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund – essentially the tip of the pyramid of the international globalist elite.
    This story is a perfect microcosm of the new world order agenda.
    The mainstream media continues to push the mosque story hour after hour, day after day, from the perspective of both the left and the right, manufacturing a controversy that plays on a now indentured fear of Islam that has been cooked up over the last nine years via endless phony “muslim” terror plots and concocted “al qaeda” threats.
    Real muslims are witnesses to a vicious backlash, stirred up and served from this corporate media cauldron, creating the impression they are under attack by non-muslims and forcing them to have to defend their religion, and the whole thing snowballs onwards.
    The connections to 9/11 are clear, and also serve to enforce the mythical notion that 19 radical muslims controlled by some guys in a cave in Afghanistan were able to direct military precision attacks on America with devastating consequences.
    Meanwhile behind all of this are the global elite, rubbing their hands in glee as a manufactured “clash of civilizations” unfolds and the whole of humanity lunges at each other’s throats.


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Gerald Celente: And Now We’re Headed For The GREATEST Depression!

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  • Gerald Celente is right on the money again:
    The fake “recovery” was nice while it lasted, says famous apocalyptic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute. But now the fun’s over, and we’re headed for what Celente describes as the “Greatest Depression.”
    Specifically, the always startling Celente says the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.
    The crux of the problem, Celente argues, is that the middle class has been wiped out. America used to be a land of opportunity for all, where hard-working people could build their own small businesses in their own communities and live prosperous and fulfilling lives. But now a collusion of state and corporate interests that Celente describes as “fascism” have conspired to help only the biggest companies and the richest Americans. This has put a shocking amount of the country’s wealth in the hands of a privileged few and left the rest of the country to subsist on chicken-feed wages and low job satisfaction as Wal-Mart “associates” — or worse.
    The answer, Celente says, is to bring back the laws that prevented huge companies from getting so big and powerful, and put some opportunity back in the hands of ordinary people.  But doing that is going to take a while.  And in the meantime, we’re headed for trouble.
    (Celente’s dead right about U.S. wealth inequality, by the way.  It’s shocking.  And it’s getting worse.  For a quick overview, see “
    15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America)


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