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Bolivia: U.S. Plotting Latin American Military Intervention!

  • I have warned repeatedly that American military forces intend to invade South America. All the signs are there: 7-10 military bases in Colombia over the past few years, deployment of  46 warships to Costa Rica and reactivation of the 4th fleet to cover South America. I do not have any beef with ordinary Americans. They are good people, forthright and creative. However, they are being screwed big time by their Illuminist government and ruling class.
  • This coming World War 3 was planned over a century ago by Satanists. If you were to read relevant documents in the early 1990s, they were already fleshing out the details on how to attack Venezuela, North Korea, Iran…. a whole list of countries. This is world conquest we are talking about. It is not just American forces alone, but the entire western Illuminists military alliance against the world.
  • Latin America is pretty difficult to defend against American military might. The distance from Russia and China means that it is going to be impossible for them to support Latin America logistically successfully. I see Latin America as falling into the hands of the Illuminists completely. Please understand, they will not just seek a surrender but a total demolition of the current old order. The destruction of culture, society, languages, norms, local rules, national sovereignties….
  • They want to remake the entire world into a New World Order, One World Government, Global Fascist Police State… national boundaries will disappear, languages will be phased out, local rules, regulations, cultures, norms… will be replaced by their new set of ‘accepted’ world citizenry regulations. They will literally bomb the world into submission! This is the terrifying prophecy of:
    Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
    23 “Thus he said: 
     ‘ The fourth beast shall be
    A fourth kingdom on earth,
    Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
    And shall devour the whole earth,
    Trample it and break it in pieces.
  • Three fires are being stoked for the start of this World War 3: Latin America, Korean peninsula and Iran. Pakistan and India will become hot dragging China into it subsequently. In Eastern Europe, it looks like the western alliance will seek to contain Russia ie: ‘Don’t interfere or there will be war on your western front!’. Recent small events, that have not been picked up by the public, are indicating a likely nuclear false flag event (blaming Iran of course)!
    Bolivia: U.S. Plotting Latin American Military Intervention
    Bolivian President Evo Morales launched a new round of denunciations against the United States this week while also announcing he would offer military training to civilians in his country.
    Morales accused the U.S. government of linking illegal drug trafficking with terrorism in its public statements as a prelude to military intervention in Latin America. He was referring to a State Department investigation of possible links between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and al Qaeda.
    Morales said during a press conference that the “central objective” of the United States was to seize control of oil reserves and other natural resources in Latin American countries. U.S. military bases that the government of Colombia is allowing in its borders demonstrate the United States’ hostile intentions in the region, Morales said. The bases also have been the subject of harsh comments between the Colombian and Venezuelan governments in recent months.
    A day after the press conference, Morales’ government announced the Bolivian army would offer free military training to civilians. Bolivian General Ramiro Siles said that this week the military started “training activities with citizens for the defense of the country.” Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera said during a press conference that the military training was intended “to expand the base of civic training to citizens.”
    The announcement was immediately followed on Bolivian television by images of men and women undergoing military training. Morales’ opponents said the Bolivian president was organizing militias that put the country on too much of a war footing. The Civic Committee, a civil rights group based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, issued a statement saying military training for civilians violates Article 10 of the federal Constitution, which declares Bolivia to be a peaceful country that rejects all wars of aggression.
    A spokesman for the Episcopalian Conference of Bolivia said the military training provokes a climate of “war, distrust and instability that is not favorable or positive.” Part of Morales’ renewed criticism of the United States appears to result from Arizona’s new law against illegal immigration, called S.B. 1070.


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Project Blue Beam Documentary! EndTimes Grand Deception!

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UFOs, Alien Abduction, Fallen Angels, Nephilim And The EndTimes Strong Delusion! Days Of Noah !

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Snow in Brazil ! Millions of Dead Fish, Alligators, Turtles… Floating Down Bolivian Rivers! Argentina Has Colder Winter Than Antarctica!

  • The tropical part of South America seem to be experiencing a mini ice age. Who would have thought of that? Fishes, alligators, turtles, dolphins.. dying of freezing temperatures in Bolivia (see video). Could the breaking down of the Gulf Loop Current be the reason. The Gulf Loop Current regulates ocean temperature and thus atmospheric temperature by circulating warm water away from the Gulf of Mexico. My guess is that it is with some help by the Illuminists’ HAARP weapons that the world is experiencing freakish weather. Don’t forget the anomalous heat wave gripping Russia and much of Europe and the floods in Pakistan and China. (See: Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan?) Preparing the ground before the initiation of war I guess.
    Snow in Brazil, below zero Celsius in the River Plate and tropical fish frozen
    For a second day running it snowed Wednesday in Southern Brazil and in twelve of Argentina’s 24 provinces including parts of Buenos Aires as a consequence of the polar front covering most of the continent’s southern cone with zero and below zero temperatures.
    Light snow storms in Brazil were concentrated in areas of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. O Globo network aired snow flakes falling in early morning, cars covered with a thin white coating and some roads dangerously slippery because of ice.
    In Argentina the phenomenon extended to Northern provinces, geographically sub-tropical while in the Patagonia and along the Andes snow reached over a metre deep, isolating villages and causing yet undisclosed losses to crops and livestock. The extreme cold weather is expected to peak Thursday dawn with below zero temperatures and even lower with the wind chill factor.

    6 million dead fish, alligators, turtles and dolphins floating down Bolivian rivers
    Cruel aftermath of extreme cold in South America
    3 Aug 10 – “Over 1 million fish (now updated to 6 million) and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija.
    “The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures.
    “Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia. Inhabitants of riverside communities report the smell is nauseating and can be detected as far as a kilometer away from river banks.

    Argentina has colder winter than Antarctica, spurring record power imports
    Argentina is importing record amounts of energy as the coldest winter in 40 years drives up demand and causes natural-gas shortages, prompting Dow Chemical Co. and steelmaker Siderar SAIC to scale back production.
    Dow, Siderar and aluminum maker Aluar Aluminio Argentino SAIC are among companies closing plants, cutting output or seeking alternative energy sources after temperatures in parts of Argentina fell below those of Antarctica on July 15. Rising demand is exacerbating a shortage that began six years ago as economic growth accelerated and energy investment fell. The shortage is boosting costs as companies spend more to guarantee supplies.
    “The situation is getting worse, because the shortage period is growing every year,” Gerardo Rabinovich, a director at the General Mosconi Energy Institute in Buenos Aires and an adviser to the opposition Radical Party, said in a telephone interview. “When this started in 2004, it lasted for about a week, then it was two weeks and now it’s more than a month.”
    In July, temperatures in Buenos Aires were, on average, 1 degree Celsius below the usual low and high of 8 and 14 degrees (46 and 57 degrees Farenheit), with temperatures plummeting to about 2 degrees Celsius on July 15.
    Also on July 15, temperatures in Mendoza, the wine- producing region in western Argentina, fell as low as -8.9 degrees Celsius below the temperature registered that day in the Argentine-controlled area of the South Pole, according to a national weather institute report.
    Argentina is bracing for a renewed polar front this month. On Aug. 1, almost half of the country’s 23 provinces registered temperatures below zero, while the northern city of La Quiaca on the border with Bolivia fell to minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit.)


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Fidel Castro: Obama Can Avert Impending Nuclear Holocaust!

  • My opinion of Fidel Castro just improved alot. Yes, the western MSM make him out like an old megalomaniau, dictator, he has issues. But compared to the western Illuminist ruling elite, he’s a pussy cat. I don’t recall Cuba ever invading any country or planning false flag attacks to blame on their enemies. Fidel Castro obviously is in touch with what is going on. This threat of a coming nuclear World War 3 is not all smoke without fire.
    Fidel Castro: Obama can avert impending nuclear holocaust
    Cuba’s Fidel Castro took part in his first government function since he nearly died in 2006, repeating his apocalyptic warnings of a nuclear war that only President Barack Obama can avert as he spoke Saturday to a special session of parliament.
    Castro, who will turn 84 on Friday, appeared lucid and healthy during his 90-minute appearance before the National Assembly of People’s Power, though an aide helped him walk around the stage. It was the first time he participated in an official government act in four years and the latest in a string of recent public appearances that have fueled reports he wants to return to his leadership position.
    “It was clearly a command performance, and nothing about it will enhance Raúl’s legitimacy as Cuba’s president,” said Brian Latell, a former Cuba analyst at the CIA. MORE IN CONTROL Does it all mean that Fidel is now more in control than in the past four year? I think so,” said Andy Gomez, senior fellow at the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.
    “But it’s difficult to take him seriously,” added Miami radio commentator Ninoska Perez. “He talks about the risks of nuclear war, and his 50 years in power have been as catastrophic as a nuclear war.” As in all his recent appearances, Castro did not mention Cuba’s economic crisis or his brother’s efforts to ease it by adopting some reforms — a silence interpreted by analysts as reflecting the older brother’s steadfast adherence to the communist ideology.
    Castro stood at the podium and read from a prepared text on the threat of nuclear war over Iran and North Korea for 11 minutes, then took questions writen by lawmakers who were selected by Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón. He appeared to tire toward the end of the special Assembly session, held at this request though officially he does not have the authority to order it, and Alarcón quickly brought it to an end.
    But he seemed clear-minded as he urged Assembly members to consider the risks of nuclear war. …. Castro noted that after months of warning of the risks of nuclear war if the United States tries to inspect Iranian ships beginning in September, as part of U.N. sanctions, he’s now less pesimistic. “At first I thought that the imminent danger of war had no solution possible,” he said.
    “I am sure, however, that it will not happen that way and that, on the contrary, the conditions for a solution . . . are being created at this time.” “One man alone will have to make the decision: The president of the United States,” Castro said, because Iran will not bow to U.S. and Israeli demands to halt its nuclear program. If Obama approves an attack on Iran, he added, he will trigger a war that will spread through the Middle East and Asia and cause “the instantaneous death of hundreds of millions of people, among them an incalculable number of people in his own country.”
    The “established order of the planet . . . will inevitably collapse, the reigning social order will disappear abruptly” and all currencies will be worthless, he added. Castro noted that “as luck would have it,” Obama’s father was Muslim and his mother was Christian and added he hoped the U.S. president will become conscious of the threat to world peace.
    In comparison, he called Richard Nixon a “cynic,” branded Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman as “ignorant” and called Jimmy Carter “a decent person.”


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Former CIA And Military Officials Tell Obama Israel is Preparing To Attack Iran This Month!

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Jim Willie: LBMA Going Bust?!! Looming Gold And Silver Default?!

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9/11 World Trade Center Attack ‘Predicted’ in Movie ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)’ !

  • This is another example of Illuminist predictive programming. I am giving you hard evidence that 9/11 was an inside job done by the Illuminists who rule America and Zionist Israel. It was planned easily 1-2 decades before the event. We are about to see the execution of the Satanic World War 3 Plan that was worked out over a century ago. Such things do not happen by accident. They were planned and executed with controlled precision. See also: The Illuminati Card Game. 9/11 Predicted in X-Files Spin Off .


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Illuminist Predictive Programming for The Coming EndTimes Strong Delusion?

  • Watch the promo for the BBC documentary on the power of the internet. It has obvious shades of Project BlueBeam and the coming of the endtimes strong delusion. This is a massive return/invasion of the ET ‘gods’ who created mankind. This is the Grand Deception that the Illuminists have planned for decades. They will usher in the fallen angels and their Nephilim demigod children.
  • Watch the trailer (bottom of post) for the current remake of the 1980s scifi ‘V’ series. It is also selling the same message. ET gods are coming. The Illuminists have this policy of revealing their plans way before hand. They are like vampires who tell you what they are about to do before they kill you. It is probably a ‘open’ method of informing their minions their plans and an inside joke against the dumb brainwashed sheeple! ‘You sheeple are so stupid, you can never see what is happening right in front of you!’
  • ET ‘gods’ coming with ‘gifts’ to mankind, marvellous magical technology, ‘fire coming down from heaven’, a promise of eternal life via cloning and transference of the soul to the new body, eradication of diseases, promise of peace ….etc. Why believe in an invisible God when you can have it all right in front of you? I expect most religions to collapse!
  • The schedule for this Dark Deception seems to be some time during the coming World War 3. The world will be ravaged by wars, famine, economic collapse, diseases, earthquakes…. all of which engineered by the Illuminists, the sheeple will cry out for a savior that can lift them out of this hopeless state. The stage is set, the pieces are in place, we live in interesting times.
    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 (New King James Version)
    9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    Revelation 12:7-9 (New King James Version)
    Satan Thrown Out of Heaven   

    7 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them[a] in heaven any longer. 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 


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