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AC Griffith & Henning Kemner: BP Oil Volcano, Corexit, Dispersants, Agenda-21… (1 Aug 2010)

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Dr. Russell Blaylock: Increased Vaccinations and Sterilization Through Food, Water Supply!

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Marc Faber: FedRes’ Printing Press to Create Final Crisis! Significantly More QE Coming!

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Obama: Master Orator Or Neuro Linguistic Programming, Covert Hypnosis Practitioner?

  • Obama is an Illuminist intelligence asset. His backer is Zbigniew Brzezinski. He is a very well-trained orator and is skilled in the art of mass conditioning/hypnosis. People with such skills often leave their audience in a ‘high’, an illusory state of well-being. But when you ask them what exactly did Obama said that made you feel good, what are Obama’s policies, what does Obama really believe in…? They usually cannot give you a clear answer. They were under a hypnotic spell. Obama is an engineered product, since his 20s, to play the role of his life now. The Illuminati plan everything decades ahead. Democracy is an illusion of participation for the sheeple.
    Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Oratory or hypnotic induction?
    Is Barack Obama a brilliant orator, captivating millions through his eloquence? Or is he deliberately using the techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a covert form of hypnosis developed by Milton Erickson, M.D.?
    A fundamental tool of “conversational hypnosis” is pacing and leading—a way for the hypnotist to bypass the listener’s critical faculty by associating repeated statements that are unquestionably accurate with the message he wants to convey.
    In his Denver acceptance speech, Obama used the phrases “that’s why I stand here tonight,” “now is the time,” and “this moment” 14 times. Paces are connected to the lead by words such as “and,” “as,” “because,” or “that is why.” For example, “we need change” (who could disagree?)…and…that is why I will be your next President.” 
    Techniques of trance induction include extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion. Hypnotists often have patients count. In a speech after the primaries closed, Obama said: “Sixteen months have passed (paused)…Thousands (pause) of miles…(pause)…Millions of voices….”
    Hypnotists call this a distraction technique: sending the dominant hemisphere on an assignment involving linguistic processes, thus opening the nondominant hemisphere to suggestion.
    Hand gestures can be used as hypnotic anchors, or to aid in hypnotic command implantation. They can be difficult to distinguish from innocent gestures used for emphasis. Obama, however, uses some gestures extraordinarily often and for very specific words such as “believe” and “chose.” His characteristic thumb-and-forefinger gesture looks like a hand holding a pencil—as if you were in a voting booth. The gesture of pointing sends the subconscious message that a person in authority is giving a command.
    Obama actually said at one time: “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack.’”
    You will not choose to vote for Barack: you will “have to.” It is not a logical choice, but rather one directed by a mystical (subconscious) force. What purpose would a politician have for making such a statement? Obama used it only once. Perhaps he stopped either because he realized it was too obvious or because Hillary Clinton and John McCain ridiculed him for it.
    Obama’s logo is noteworthy. It is always there, a small one in the middle of the podium, providing a point of visual fixation. Unlike other presidential logos, one looks through it, not at it. It might just be the letter “O,” but it also resembles a crystal ball, a favorite of hypnotists.
    Obama is clearly having a powerful effect on people, especially young people and highly educated people—both considered to be especially susceptible to hypnosis. It is also interesting that many Jews are supporting a candidate who is endorsed by Hamas, Farakhan, Khalidi, and Iran.
    While some believe that hypnosis is not real, others believe that it is very powerful, and very dangerous in the wrong hands. Dr. Erickson, father of modern hypnosis, was adamant that his techniques should only be used by physicians. In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Leyra v. Denno that a confession obtained using hypnosis could not be used against the suspect in court.
    A 66-page, extensively footnoted but unsigned article “An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches” is available at:
  • Quite obviously Obama is lying about his father serving in WW2. Unless, you believe that 5-9 year olds served during the war.
    Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (4 April 1936 − 24 November 1982) was a Kenyan senior governmental economist, and the father of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.
    Lolo Soetoro also known as Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo[1][2] or Mangundikardjo,[3] (EYD: Lolo Sutoro) (pronounced [ˈlɒlɒ suːˈtɒrɒː]; ca. 1935[4]– 2 March 1987) was the Indonesian stepfather of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.[5]


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Nielson: The End Game is Either Hyperinflation or Debt Implosion – Got Gold?

  • My view is that the endgame is definitely hyper-inflation, global currency collapse, economic collapse and war. This is essentially the Illuminist plan, Order Out of Chaos, the Hegelian Dialectic. They have built up 2 opposing sides (Zionist West vs Muslim World). You should not have doubts that even the Muslim world is controlled by Illuminists. People in key positions, positions of power are usually Illuminists.
  • Although, I see the Iranians as being in the moral high ground, their leaders are in my opinion Illuminists masquerading as Muslims. This is what is called controlled opposition.
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” – Lenin
  • Keep in mind this principle as you surf through the internet. Many so-called opposition sites are really owned by Illuminist intelligence agencies. They pit one sheeple against another, sowing discord to keep themselves safe. The simple principle is: if a web site promotes fear, hate leading to violence and war, it is not of God. Jesus Christ never preached fear and hate. All he asked us to do is preach the Gospel and make disciples. To always express God’s love to all our fellow men.  The endgame is the total destruction of this current old order to foist the Luciferian New World Order on the world. 
  • I have repeated many times: you should put your money in physical gold. Please do this immediately. What is the most effective method of stealing/destroying the wealth of the sheeple? It is via a global currency crisis leading to the destruction of all fiat currencies. This is a planned event to usher in a New Monetary/Financial System and the One World Currency –> 666. Gold will go into a parabolic leap astounding even the most optimistic. The Illuminists hold most of the gold in the world.
    Nielson: The End Game is Either Hyperinflation or Debt Implosion – Got Gold?
    “The collapse of the U.S. economy is a certainty – only the manner in which it will happen has yet to be determined. It is just a matter of time before the global derivatives bubble will produce the same result that has occurred to every other currency not backed by gold throughout history – those currencies, our ‘money’, will become worthless.”
    Those were the alarming words of Jeff Nielson of in a recent speech* which has been edited and reformatted below (with his permission) for the sake of brevity and clarity.
    Derivatives: An Unregulated One Quadrillion Dollar Market
    “Warren Buffett once described derivatives as ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ – and for a very good reason. While U.S. ‘unfunded liabilities’ are larger than the entire global economy, the derivatives market is 20 times larger than the entire global economy – at an astonishing $1 quadrillion. Yes, you heard me correctly – $1 quadrillion! And get this – this derivative market is totally unregulated. It is totally lacking in transparency, meaning that all we know about this $1 quadrillion mountain of banker-paper is what the bankers tell us.”
    Nielson pointed out that “During the 2008 U.S. financial crisis, the Wall Street banks required $10 trillion in loans, hand outs and guarantees just to temporarily prevent their bankruptcy – more than all other bail-outs for all the rest of the world, for all of history, combined – and the entire crisis was based upon settling the derivatives positions of just one Wall Street investment bank, namely, Lehman Brothers – and even that $10 trillion was not enough to prevent the collapse of the U.S. financial sector.”
    Furthermore, “The Wall Street banks also needed to have the U.S. accounting rules changed, so that they could assign their own ‘fantasy valuations’ to the debts/assets on their books, instead of the actual market value of those assets” said Nielson. “Without those most radical accounting changes in history the Wall Street banks would have been reporting their own bankruptcies rather than reporting their supposed ‘record’ profits.”
    All Is NOT As It Seems
    Nielson went on to say that “While the Wall Street banks brag about billions in supposed profits, there are still trillions of dollars of toxic assets being hidden off their balance sheets. We know there has been no increase in the real value of these ‘assets’ because, in just 2 years, the average amount of losses on their books has increased 5-fold relative to the value of their assets when the first bank failures occurred. Thus, if anything, these ‘toxic assets’ are even more worthless than they were when the collapse began.
    Despite this huge mountain of unstable debt, Wall Street has actually increased the size of the derivatives bubble by 30% since the U.S. housing-bubble first burst. This caused Neil Barofsky, the U.S. ‘watch-dog’ assigned to oversee the TARP bail-out, to exclaim recently that the risk of collapse of the entire U.S. financial sector has increased not decreased saying:
    “Even if TARP saved our financial system from driving off a cliff back in 2008, absent meaningful reform, we are still driving on the same winding road, but this time in a faster car.”
    A Serious Dilemma Faces Investors
    “As I see it,” said Nielson, “there is no solution for the U.S.’s economic problems. “With U.S. hyperinflation likely, but a deflationary collapse still possible, this not only creates a frightening scenario for us to face as individuals, but a serious dilemma for investors. Do we prepare for deflation, or hyperinflation – or, is it possible to prepare for both?”
    “Such a defensive investment philosophy is called wealth preservation and, in my opinion,’ said Nielson, “investors need precious metals components, i.e. ‘good money’, in their portfolios because they are ‘currencies’ that cannot be diluted through inflation or destroyed by imploding debt.”
    Why the Need for ‘Good Money’?
    Nielson pointed out that, while paper ‘money’ is both uniform and evenly divisible, it is neither rare nor precious and that the paper it is printed on has no intrinsic or aesthetic value compared to precious metals., reminding his audience that “In less than the 100 years that the Federal Reserve has existed, the U.S. dollar has lost approximately 97% of its purchasing power.”
    It important to understand the above properties of ‘good money’ said Nielson “because, contrary to the economic propaganda from the mainstream media, the events of today are unparalleled in history.” He then conveyed that:
    – more countries are carrying debts than at any time in history
    – the aggregate size of these debts are more than ten times greater than at any other time in history
    – the whole world is off a “gold standard” for the first time in history – meaning there is nothing backing all these mountains of debt.
    What Happens to Money During a Deflationary Implosion or a Hyperinflationary Scenario?
    a) Hyperinflationary Scenario
    “Gold and silver have always retained 100% of their value in past hyperinflationary environment while paper money has gone to zero” maintained Nielson.
    b) Deflationary Scenario
    Nielson believes the circumstances surrounding a potential deflationary collapse are unique this time round in that we are not talking about a “recession” or even a “depression” but, instead, about entire nations effectively going bankrupt and defaulting on their massive debts claiming that “with none of the world’s currencies backed by anything, paper “money” is now essentially nothing but the unsecured IOUs of the governments issuing those currencies. As such, he postulated that:
    1. were such governments to default then billions (trillions?) of dollars of government bonds would have very “questionable” value – if not become totally worthless
    2. were government bonds to become worthless, then the paper currencies of those governments would also become worthless
    3. were government bonds to become worthless, then the government would have no ability to borrow any money to fund government spending – and would have no choice but to simply print unlimited amounts of un-backed paper money that would be nothing more than unsecured IOUs. Nielson conclude the aforementioned with the question: “What is the value of an IOU from a debtor who has already defaulted on his debts? The answer is: zero.”
    Nielson explained that “Where a deflationary implosion differs from hyperinflation is that in such an implosion all asset-prices become severely depressed and most people are more likely to move to cash because of its supposed buying power. Eventually, however, in either scenario, paper currencies would go to zero.”
    He concluded his remarks with the following advice: “You need to hold ‘good money’ and the ultimate ‘stores of value’ – the only “good money” –  is gold and silver and thus the best protection from the events that lie ahead.”


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Venezuela’s Chavez Confirms Military Deployment Along Border With Colombia!

Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
23 “Thus he said: 
 ‘ The fourth beast shall be
A fourth kingdom on earth,
Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
And shall devour the whole earth,
Trample it and break it in pieces.

  • War is brewing in Latin America. It is probably just months away. This coming genocidal world war will be triggered after a massive false flag (nuclear?) attack against the Anglo-American-Zionist Satanic Axis. It is via deception that they engender wars. Too many sheeple are sucked into their massive propaganda because of the Illuminist MSM.
    Venezuela’s Chavez confirms military deployment along border with Colombia
    CARACAS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday troops had been deployed to defend its border against Colombia, which has claimed rebels are using Venezuela as a hideout. He told a national TV station the deployment of infantry and air force units was for defensive purposes, claiming a Colombian aircraft had violated Venezuela airspace for five minutes this week.
    Chavez did not give details about the deployments, but said he had been reviewing “war plans,” because Colombian President Alvaro Uribe “is capable of doing anything” before handing over the power on Aug. 7. “They aren’t going to lead us into a war through blackmail,” said Chavez, who had also threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States if it backed a military attack by Colombia.
    Venezuela cut ties with Colombia after Bogota accused Caracas of harboring its rebel militants. Since then, Chavez has accused Colombia of preparing a military attack, but the Colombian government denied the charge, saying it simply wanted cooperation from Venezuela in combating rebels.
    Chavez said he had sent Venezuelan troops to check the alleged Colombian rebel bases and found nothing but an abandoned house.
    Chavez also said he wanted peace and would contact the incoming Colombian government in an effort to heal relations between the two neighbors.  


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David Halpin: The Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Agenda, Murder of David Kelly And Propaganda of MSM ! Luciferians At Our Gates!

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Palestinian Boy Begs Israeli Soldiers Not To Take His Father!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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