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Former DEA Agent Michael Ruppert On CIA Drug Dealing!

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Former C.I.A. Agent Chip Tatum On George H. W. Bush & Bill Clinton’s Cocaine Smuggling Connection! The CIA Drugs Dealers Busted, Finally. Michael Ruppert. US Govt. Largest Illegal Drug Dealer In World Hstory?

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US And Colombia Plan To Attack Venezuela!

  • Americans must wake up to the fact that the Feds do not serve them. These snakes in the District of Criminals are Illuminists. They serve a secret Satanic cabal. This cabal controls most of the world’s fiat currencies via their privately owned central banks. Their intent is to destroy America and remake it into a New World Order, One World Government, Global Fascist Luciferian Police State. If you can accept it, this will be the Mystery Babylon Whore of Revelation 17. The neo Babylon city is very likely New York city, where the United Nations is located. Which city is the premier business and financial centre of the world? New York of course!
  • As many as 10 military bases have been built, in Colombia. Yes, pigs can fly and they are all for ‘controlling’ drug trafficking! The CIA is simply selling some drugs on the side to finance their war against the drug trade. They are also engaged in money laundering to flush out the ‘drug’ banks. BTW, I have sea front property on Mars I would like to sell you.
  • The Illuminists are using America, much like Nazi Germany was used, to initiate world war 3. Their plan is total war, depopulation, absolute chaos worldwide… This will create the setting for the arrival of the White Horseman of Revelation 6:1-2. This is the false Messiah, the Anti-Christ who will bring fake peace to the world. Of course, since all the wars are started and sustained by his minions, it is easy for him to stop them. The chess pieces are being setup for this coming world war: Korean Peninsula, Latin America, Venezuela, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, India, China….
    US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced this Saturday US plans to attack his country and overthrow his government. During a ceremony celebrating the 227th birthday of Independence hero Simon Bolivar, Chavez read from a secret memo he had been sent from an unnamed source inside the United States.
    “Old friend, I haven’t seen you in years. As I said to you in my three prior letters, the idea remains the generation of a conflict on your western border”, read Chavez from the secret missive. “The latest events confirm all, or almost all, of what those here discussed as well as other information that I have obtained from above”, the letter continued.
    “The preparation phase in the international community, with the help of Colombia, is in plain execution”, manifested the text, referring to last Thursday’s session in the Organization of American States (OAS), during which the Colombia government accused Venezuela of harboring “terrorists” and “terrorist training camps” and gave the Chavez government a “30-day ultimatum” to allow for international intervention.
    The letter continued with more details, “I told you before that the events wouldn’t begin before the 26th, but for some reason they have moved forward several actions that were supposed to be executed afterward”. “In the United States, the execution phase is accelerating, together with a contention force, as they call it, towards Costa Rica with the pretext of fighting drug trafficking”.
    On July 1, the Costan Rican government authorized 46 US war ships and 7,000 marines into their maritime and land territory. The true objective of this military mobilization, said the letter, is to “support military operations” against Venezuela.
    “There is an agreement between Colombia and the US with two objectives: one is Mauricio and the other is the overthrow of the government”, revealed the document. President Chavez explained that “Mauricio” is a pseudynom used in these communications. “The military operation is going to happen”, warned the text, “and those from the north will do it, but not directly in Caracas”.
    “They will hunt ‘Mauricio’ down outside Caracas, this is very important, I repeat, this is very important”. President Chavez revealed that he had received similar letters from the same source alerting him to dangerous threats. He received one right before the capture of more than 100 Colombian paramilitaries in the outskirts of Caracas that were part of an assassination plan against the Venezuelan head of state, and another in 2002, just days before the coup d’etat that briefly outsted him from power. “The letter warned of snipers and the coup”, explained Chavez, “and it was right, the information was true, but we were unable to act to prevent it”.
    This information comes on the heels of the decision last Thursday to break relations between Colombia and Venezuela, made by President Chavez after Colombia’s “show” in the OAS. “Uribe is capable of anything”, warned Chavez, announcing that the country was on maximum altert and the borders were being reinforced.
    Last October, Colombia and the US signed a military agreement permitting the US to occupy seven Colombian bases and to use all Colombian territory as needed to complete missions. One of the bases in the agreement, Palanquero, was cited in May 2009 US Air Force documents as necessary to “conduct full spectrum military operations” in South America and combat the threat of “anti-US governments” in the region.
    Palanquero was also signaled as critical to the Pentagon’s Global Mobility Strategy, as outlined in the February 2009 White Paper: Air Mobility Command Global En Route Strategy, “USSOUTHCOM has identified Palanquero, Colombia (German Olano Airfield SKPQ), as a cooperative security location (CSL). From this location nearly half of the continent can be covered by a C-17 without refueling”.
    The 2010 Pentagon budget included a $46 million USD request to improve the installations at Palanquero, in order to support the Command Combatant’s “Theater Posture Strategy” and “provide for a unique opportunity for full spectrum operations in a critical sub region of our hemisphere where security and stability is under constant threat from narcotics funded terrorist insurgencies, anti-US governments, endemic poverty and recurring natural disasters”.
    The May 2009 Air Force document further added that Palanquero would be used to “increase our capacity to conduct Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), improve global reach…and expand expeditionary warfare capability”.
    In February 2010, the US National Directorate of Intelligence (NDI) classified Venezuela as “Anti-US Leader” in the region in its annual threat assessment. The US also maintains forward operation locations (small military bases) in Aruba and Curazao, just miles off the Venezuelan coast. In recent months, the Venezuelan government has denounced unauthorized incursions of drone planes and other military aircraft into Venezuelan territory, originating from the US bases.
    These latest revelations evidence that a serious, and unjustified conflict is brewing fast against Venezuela, a country with a vibrant democracy and the largest oil reserves in the world.
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Ex-Malaysian Premier Still Says 9/11 Inside Job!

Ex. Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

  • Thank you Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for telling the truth, for having the gumption and balls to stick it to genocidal Luciferians! Thank you for putting a dam against all the propaganda BS these evil people have concocted. For the record Dr Mahathir is a staunch Muslim and I am a staunch Christian. Who says Christians and Muslims cannot live and work together, play soccer together, watch basketball together, live in harmony, protect each other’s children…. all the talk about Clash of Civilizations are total Luciferian bull crap. Jesus Christ never preached fear and hate against the Muslim people or any people.
  • The propaganda that Jews and Muslims cannot live together is also total bull crap. Historically, Muslims have always allowed Jews to live in peace in Muslims country. Even in Jerusalem, Jews and Muslims were living peacefully like 1 big family before the murderous Zionists came!
    Ex-Malaysian premier still says 9/11 inside job
    Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad has once again stated that the September 11 attacks were a staged event, rejecting claims that his comments are a publicity stunt. “What do I gain from a publicity stunt? I am merely going by a public statement. I am not going to be a Prime Minister anymore unless you (pointing to a journalist) want me to …” the former Malaysian prime minister told reporters on Friday.
    After watching a three-hour video of the attack on the World Trade Center buildings, Mohamad, had suggested earlier in his blog that the twin towers had collapsed “demolition style.” Later on Friday, Mahathir also called on local television stations to show the three-hour video.
    “It sounds logical to me. Until today, you cannot even find scraps of the plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre and there is no picture of the other plane, which was supposed to crash.” “The way the tower came crashing down was also funny. People who saw it were also not ordinary people. They were professional engineers and what they say is quite credible.”
    “I wish some television stations would consent to show the video as it is not long and only three hours. You can then see what I saw.” Mahathir also said some people were afraid of saying anything critical about the governments of powerful countries or accusing them of doing something wrong.
    “But the government of powerful countries said lies to go to war,” he added “I have great respect for the Arabs but for them to hijack four planes is not very Arab. Just imagine the amount of planning that would be involved.”
    Rejecting claims that he was being insensitive to the victims, Mahathir stressed that he was “being more sensitive to the victims” as he was saying the attacks were carried out “deliberately.” The former Malaysian prime minister also said that his views about how 9/11/2001 attacks were carried out would not affect Malaysia’s chances of attracting foreign investment.
    “I have said this many times even when I was the prime minister. But we still have the foreign direct investment. However, we cannot rely on foreign direct investments alone. We must build on our own system,” he said. Mahathir made the comments at a debut held for a book titled Civilizations, Nomadic Migrations, Empires and The Trail of Islam, at the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur. The book which entails the history of mankind, origin and commonality of major religions, is authored by Syed Salem Albukhary.


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People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water in California!

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Technocalyps: Transhumanism. Human Evolution Or Devolution?

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  • This is a good documentary on all the latest developments in genetic engineering, computer technology, human-computer interface…and the scientists who are using these new technologies to improve/re-engineer the human race. This is the trend towards the neo-human, transhuman, post human… are they still human?
  • You will be startled by what some of these scientists are doing: transplanting a severed monkey head to another monkey body. They are asking questions like: can the human spirit/soul be transplanted? Their answer it seems is: Yes, why not? Why not give a man who is neck down paralysed another body? Why not download your entire soul/spirit into computer memory and reload it into another younger human body of your choice. We will have eternal life. You will never die. This is the scary and startling world of transhumanism. It reminds me of :
    Revelation 18:11-13 (New King James Version)
    11 “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: 12 merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, …… cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.
  • Transhumanist: ‘We are all going to be gods! If you don’t like it get off…’
  • Video summary:
    Are we prepared for dealing with the prospect that humanity is not the end of evolution? Technocalyps is an intriguing three-part documentary on the notion of transhumanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The latest findings in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology appear in the media every day, but with no analysis of their common aim: that of exceeding human limitations. The director conducts his enquiry into the scientific, ethical and metaphysical dimensions of technological development. The film includes interviews by top experts and thinkers on the subject worldwide, including Marvin Minsky, Terence McKenna, Hans Moravec, Bruce Sterling, Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Seed, Margareth Wertheim, Kirkpatrick Sale, Ralph C. Merkle, Mark Pesce, Ray Kurzweil, Rabbi Youssouf Kazen, Rael and many others.
    Part 1: Transhuman
    Part 1 gives an overview of recent technological developments (biogenetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, implants, nanotechnology,…) and prognoses made by leading scientists about the impact of these developments in the near future.
    Part 2: Preparing for the Singularity
    In this part advocates and opponents of a transhuman future are weighed against each other; prognoses are done when we can expect the transhuman revolution and how people are preparing for it already now.
    Part 3: The Digital Messiah
    This part covers the metaphysical consequences of the new technological revolution. On the one hand scientist start to use metaphysical concepts to describe the impact of their research, on the other hand, a surprisingly large number of scientific projects is inspired by religious aspirations and more and more theologians from any religious or spiritual belief are getting interested in these aspirations of new technology, making the discussion inextricable complex. 


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CIA Admits Faking Osama Bin Laden 9/11 Confession Video! Private Central Banks Take Over!

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