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72 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic To Between $2,500 and $15,000!


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Michael Cremo: Forbidden Archaeology And Cryptozoology.

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Safri Duo: The Bongo Song

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Steve Quayle & Tom Horn: Inter-Dimensional Stargates Opening, Fallen Angels, Demons, Djinn, Nephilim Coming…. (22 July 2010) ?!

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Depleted Uranium: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity! Iraqi Cancer Rates v. Hiroshima!

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Bob Chapman: Buy More Gold This Is Just A Correction!

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How Many Died At Auschwitz?

Do you really believe in all the Illuminist propaganda?

  • Even if only one Jew was brutally murdered at Auschwitz it will never be acceptable. I study history and deal with facts, not mythology and propaganda. We are being lied to constantly. Do you know that history as taught in schools and promoted in the MSM are largely a bunch of lies agreed upon? The Illuminists are constantly rewriting history to manipulate the sheeple into their agenda. Of course, if you question their doctrine/propaganda/’religion’, you will be crucified. You will be called an anti-Semite, a holocaust denier. I am not an anti-Semite nor a holocaust denier. Here are some facts, you draw your own conclusions!
    Data from the Auschwitz Death Certificates.
    In 1989, the Soviets released much of the German documentation, death certificates, roll-calls, cremation lists, etc, that they had found at Auschwitz, in January 1945. The Germans had simply left this documentation when they evacuated. The Soviets, came across it and conveniently “lost it” in their archives for some 45 years. In 1989, Gorbachev presented it to the Red Cross who then “lost it” in archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany. 
    The Red Cross (International Tracing Service) has never provided statistics to the public, at large. This is because their numbers, totally contradict the HolyCo$t (holocaust) myth.
    Charles Biedermann (Red Cross Delegate and Director of the International Tracing Service) testified (under oath) in a Canadian court case, that, as of December 31, 1976, the Red Cross had the names of only 357,190 individuals who died (of all causes) in the entire German concentration camp system.
    Biedermann also confirmed that, as of December 31, 1983, that number had increased to 373,468 deaths (again, from all causes) in all of the Nazi camps.  Of course the Red Cross records are not complete, but you can be sure these numbers are a good approximation, and that the estimates of about 500,000 dead in the entire German concentration camp system (from all causes) are realistic. 

    Four Million Victims?
    At the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal, the Allies charged that the Germans exterminated four million people at Auschwitz. This figure, which was invented by the Soviets, was uncritically accepted for many years, and often appeared in major American newspapers and magazines. [1] Today no reputable historian accepts it.
    Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said in 1989 that it is finally time to acknowledge that the familiar four million figure is a deliberate myth. In July 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, along with Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, announced that altogether perhaps one million people (both Jews and non-Jews) died there. Neither institution would say how many of these people were killed, and no estimates were given for the numbers of those supposedly gassed. [2]
    One prominent Holocaust historian, Gerald Reitlinger, estimated that perhaps 700,000 Jews perished at Auschwitz. [3] French Holocaust historian Jean-Claude Pressac estimated in 1993 that the number of those who perished there was about 800,000 – of whom 630,000 were Jewish. [4]
    Fritjof Meyer, a respected foreign policy analyst, author of several books, and managing editor of Germany’s foremost weekly news magazine, presented a still lower figure in 2002. Writing in the scholarly German journal Osteuropa, he estimated that altogether 500,000 or 510,000 persons — Jews and non-Jews — perished in Auschwitz. [5] While all such figures are conjectural, they show how the Auschwitz story has changed drastically over the years.
    Fake ‘Gas Chamber’
    Each year for decades, tens of thousands of visitors to Auschwitz have been shown an execution “gas chamber” in the main camp, supposedly in its “original state.” In January 1995 the prestigious French weekly magazine L’Express acknowledged that “everything” about this “gas chamber” is “false,” and that it is in fact a deceitful postwar reconstruction. [6]

    Deaths in German Concentration Camps
    …The orthodox Holocaust historians would generally accept the figures for Buchenwald and Dachau, since they do not claim exterminations at those camps, but they would hold that, beyond those I have taken into account for Auschwitz (i.e. the “ordinary” deaths that were recorded, even though some of the records are now lost), there were about a million additional deaths that were never recorded. Almost all of the latter were, the legend claims, Jews who went directly from trains to gas chambers with no corresponding records or documents created by the Germans.
    Ever-Diminishing Official Numbers Of Auschwitz Dead 
    Source: Cited by the French documentary, Night and Fog, which has been shown to millions of school students worldwide. 
    Source: The French War Crime Research Office, Doc. 31, 1945.
    Source: Also cited by the French War Crime Research Office. 
    Source: Cited in the book Auschwitz Doctor by Miklos Nyiszli. It has since been proven that this book is a fraud and the “doctor” was never even at Auschwitz, even though the book is often cited by historians.
    5,000,000 to 5,500,000
    Source: Cited in 1945 at the trial of Auschwitz commander Rudolf Höss, based on his confession which was written in English, a language he never spoke.
    Source: Cited on April 20, 1978 by the French daily, Le Monde. Also cited on January 23, 1995 by the German daily Die Welt. By September 1, 1989, Le Monde reduced the figure to 1,433,000.
    Source: In 1945 this figure was cited by another witness at the aforementioned Höss trial.
    Source: Cited by a Soviet document of May 6, 1945 and officially acknowledged by the Nuremberg War Crimes trial. This figure was also reported in The New York Times on April 18, 1945, although 50 years later on January 26, 1995, The New York Times and The Washington Post slashed the figure to 1,500,000 citing new findings by the Auschwitz Museum officials. In fact, the figure of 4,000,000 was later repudiated by the Auschwitz museum officials in 1990 but the figure of 1,500,000 victims was not formally announced by Polish President Lech Walesa until five years after the Auschwitz historians had first announced their discovery.
    Source: Cited in the 1991 edition of the Dictionary of the French Language and by Claude Lanzmann in 1980 in his introduction to Filip Muller’s book, Three Years in an Auschwitz Gas Chamber. 
    Source: Cited in a forced confession by Rudolf Höss, the Auschwitz commander who said this was the number of those who had died at Auschwitz prior to Dec. 1, 1943. Later cited in the June 7, 1993 issue of Heritage, the most widely read Jewish newspaper in California, even though three years previously the authorities at the Auschwitz museum had scaled down the figure to a minimum of 1,100,000 and a maximum of 1,500,000. (see below).
    Source: Cited by Rudolf Vrba (an author of various fraudulent accounts of events he claims to have witnessed at Auschwitz) when he testified on July 16, 1981 for the Israeli government’s war crimes trial of former SS official Adolf Eichmann.
    Source: Cited by Leon Poliakov (1951) writing in Harvest of Hate; Georges Wellers, writing in 1973 in The Yellow Star at the Time of Vichy; and Lucy Dawidowicz, writing in 1975 in The War Against the Jews.
    2,000,000 to 4,000,000
    Source: Cited by Yehuda Bauer in 1982 in his book, A History of the Holocaust. However, by 1989 Bauer revised his figure to 1,600,000.
    Source: This is a 1989 revision by Yehuda Bauer of his earlier figure in 1982 of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000, Bauer cited this new figure on September 22, 1989 in The Jerusalem Post, at which time he wrote “The larger figures have been dismissed for years, except that it hasn’t reached the public yet.”
    Source: In 1995 this was the number of Auschwitz deaths announced by Polish President Lech Walesa as determined by those at the Auschwitz museum. This number was inscribed on the monument at the Auschwitz camp at that time, thereby “replacing” the earlier 4,000,000 figure that had been formally repudiated (and withdrawn from the monument) five years earlier in 1990. At that time, on July 17, 1990 The Washington Times reprinted a brief article from The London Daily Telegraph citing the “new” figure of 1,500,000 that had been determined by the authorities at the Auschwitz museum. This new figure was reported two years later in a UPI report published in the New York Post on March 26, 1992. On January 26, 1995 both The Washington Post and The New York Times cited this 1,500,000 figure as the new “official” figure (citing the Auschwitz Museum authorities).
    Source: This is a 1983 figure cited by Georges Wellers who (as noted previously) had determined, writing in 1973, that some 2,000,000 had died.
    Source: This figure was cited on September 1, 1989 by the French daily, Le Monde, which earlier, on April 20, 1978, had cited the figure at 4,000,000.
    Source: In the book, The Destruction of the European Jews, by Raul Hilberg (1985).
    Jew puts Holocaust on trial
    What Is The One Subject We Are NOT Allowed To Discuss? ~ Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t
    ….We are not allowed to question the Holocaust and the 6 million Jews that were killed. NO Questions allowed. WE know the facts. OR do we?I was born a Jew. An Ashkenazi Jew, a Khazar. I had, as a child, very elderly relatives with numbers tattooed on their upper arms. A dozen of them. So I have EVERY RIGHT to ask questions and of course I was certain that I would confirm everything I had been taught in my very American schooling. I was wrong. I confirmed NOTHING and found a wealth of evidence that discredits the mainstream perspective so much so that it appears that at this point a Holocaust as it’s described historically just NEVER happened.
    I know, I can hear you, call me a Holocaust denier. It’s OK. I can handle it. I prefer exhaustive research and the truth as opposed to living a lie. I also realize it’s difficult, virtually impossible, to admit to oneself that you may have been deceived on such a grand scale. It hurts, quite frankly. I know. So, rather then go into great detail I’m going to leave it to you to investigate this yourself by providing many links described below. ….     


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Israel Refuses To Stop Using Internationally Banned Phosphorus Bombs!

  • Should white phosphorus be used against civilians, like what was done in Gaza 2009? The people who used white phosphorus in a highly populated civilian area are mentally ill! Do they even have a shred of humanity in them? Genocide is genocide regardless of who does it. Even if a Christian, Muslim or Jew does it, it is still genocide. Jesus Christ never taught Christians to hate Muslims (or Jews). You cannot convince me to support the genocidal Zionist Israel regime. 
    Israel refuses to stop using internationally banned phosphorus bombs
    The Israeli government has refused to provide the United Nations assurance to discontinue its illegal usage of internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, which it used heavily in its latest war on the Gaza Strip, causing hundreds of Palestinian deaths, in addition to serious environmental damage.
    Israel submitted an official report to the UN this week admitting its use of white phosphorus bombs in its war on Gaza after having previously denied such allegations, and assuring that it would use the bombs in a “restricted” manner, but refusing to assure complete discontinuation.
    The report said: “The army has taken measures to minimize civilian injuries and damage to their property in future military conflicts, including restricting the use of white phosphorus bombs in populated areas.”
    According to Hebrew mass media, the Israeli report was submitted in preparation for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s briefing of the Security Council on the results of the investigation which the UN had demanded from both Israel and the Hamas movement, following the Goldstone report, which documented Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip 17 months ago, which resulted in at least 1400 deaths and 5000 injuries on Palestinians, and total destruction of Gaza Strip’s infrastructure within 22 days.


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Alan Grayson Crushes GOP On Unemployment Benefits!

  • Thank you Alan Grayson for speaking up for Main Street. Giving trillions to banksters is ok but helping Main Street by extending unemployment benefit is a No No! The Feds is owned by banksters. Vote all the snakes out in November!


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