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Censorship Alert: Obama Deception Illegally Removed from YouTube!

July 19, 2010 - Posted by | GeoPolitics, Social Trends | , , , ,


  1. It was probably hacked by the CIA. you can’t trust the government. they want to control what we know.

    Comment by nemo235 | July 19, 2010

  2. History is replete with such examples of the totalitarian power of those who would rule from above. America has been under their thumb for almost 100 years since Woodrow Wilson became President.

    The government today is controlled by intellectuals, mostly from the top colleges. They ignore the common people, have lost all common sense, and want to re-engineer the population into obedient serfs. America was free of such people for 300 years after 1620, but, with the affluence and comfort created by ordinary workers this new class of intelligentsias have taken over — and like parasites they are living off the accumulated accomplishments of our parents and grandparents.

    The Obamas of this world have no practical skills, no useful knowledge or experience, and yet they believe their big brains and verbal virtuosity will let them control the people. But their ideas are dangerous, and their know-how non-existent. We must learn to reject the siren song of these experts and their over-educated thugs. Instead, always rely on simple established principles. And we must be constantly on guard because as this video erasure shows, they will never stop deceiving us as long as we allow them the opportunity.

    Comment by bill greene | July 20, 2010

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