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HEALTH ALERT: Toxic Rain In Miami From Gulf Oil Leak, Plants & Trees Dying ?!

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Dream Academy: Life in A Northern Town

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Wayne Madsen: US Coast Guard Dispatching Ships And Personnel to Costa Rica to Threaten Nicaragua!

  • 46 warships and 7,000 troops are now poised to enter Costa Rica. The America military have free movement in the country, officially to fight drug trafficking. This quite obviously has nothing to do with drug trafficking. If anything, corrupt American intelligence agencies and Illuminist banksters are the organizations behind drug smuggling and drug money laundering! Is war coming to Latin America? My answer is: Yes!
  • It is very hard for Russia and China to support and defend South American against American forces. They simply do not have the naval power to support the logistic requirements and project military might. Latin America will fall into America’s hegemony easily. Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) is the obvious target. 
    US Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua
    (WMR) — After conducting its successful coup d’etat in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya, the imperialistic Barack Obama administration is now bent on ousting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega by massing a huge U.S. Coast Guard and Marine Corps presence in neighboring Costa Rica, a base of operations for Reagan administration-backed CIA operations in the 1980s in support of the Nicaraguan contras.
    Costa Rican government officials, including President Laura Chinchilla, Vice President Luis Lieberman Ginsburg, Security Minister Jose Maria Tijerino, counter-narcotics Commissioner Mauricio Boraschi, and the Costa Rican Congress agreed to Operation Joint Patrol, which will see 7,000 US Marines, 46 mainly U.S. Coast Guard vessels, and 200 helicopters and 10 combat aircraft descend on Costa Rica, which does not have a military force, from July 1 to December 31.
    At a time when the Coast Guard vessels could be used to assist in the clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, they will be used in an operation widely believed to be targeting the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, which incurred the ire of Israel and its Zionist ally in San Jose, Costa Rica, Vice President Lieberman, by severing relations with the Tel Aviv regime over the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla.
    The official reason for Operation Joint Patrol is to combat drug trafficking but few in the Costa Rican opposition and in Nicaragua believe that to be the sole reason. The Joint Patrol operation is being likened to Plan Colombia, which has targeted the governments of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa from Colombian territory. The Costa Rican opposition has denounced Chinchilla’s government for militarizing Costa Rica.
    It is also believed by WMR’s sources in Costa Rica that Costa Rican Vice President Lieberman, a noted Zionist, has arranged for Israeli special forces to enter Costa Rica in order to participate in operations directed against the government of Nicaragua.

(PS: I am always having difficulty accessing Wayne Madsen’s website. Here is an alternate link to the article, if you face the same problem.)


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Professor (Retired) Rozeff: The IMF Wants to Take Over the World, Banking Colossus in the Making!

  • The Illuminist are executing their take over of the world by stealth. This coming New World Order, Global Fascist Police State is unlike all other kingdoms in the past. It is a corporate fascist state. It is a corporate takeover of the government.
  • These Satanists are moving rapidly to establish their One World Currency and Global Central Bank. The real rulers of the world are these Illuminists banksters who owned governments, MSM and large industrial corporations. They have infiltrated all religions and worked to subvert society morally, economically, religiously…etc.
  • My understanding is that 2 organizations are lined up to play the role of the Global Central Bank: the IMF and the BIS (ultra secretive privately owned Bank of International Settlements). Of the 2, the IMF plays the publicly visible role of international ‘loan shark’ bank. It is much detested in developing countries. The BIS, in my opinion, is the more powerful of the 2. It is the central bank to central banks of the world. Almost totally opaque in its operations. Should the IMF fails in achieving the role of global central bank, the BIS will undoubtedly step in. Both are Illuminist organizations.
  • The plan calls for the destabilization of all fiat currencies: A Global Monetary Crisis. And thereafter the introduction of the One World Currency. At the moment, the IMF has been pushing their Special Drawing Rights (SDR) as the world reserve currency. This SDR is just another dubious fiat currency backed by nothing. I do not think it will succeed. Eventually, they will have to introduce a currency backed by gold or a basket of commodities like oil, wheat…etc. The endgame is the micro-chipping of everyone with ‘666’ to control all buying and selling!
  • I do not believe they have the power to force the entire world to accept their New Financial Order. Much of Asia will resist, Russia, Latin America …. will reject it. Accepting this One World Currency and Global Central bank means the subjugation of countries to this Illuminist beast. Countries will have to surrender their sovereignty to this Global Government. I see world war as inevitable. Yes, the prophecy of Daniel 7:23 is coming true:
    Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
    23 “Thus he said: 
     ‘ The fourth beast shall be
    A fourth kingdom on earth,
    Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
    And shall devour the whole earth,
    Trample it and break it in pieces.
  • Here is what Professor Rozeff has to say about the IMF:
    The IMF Wants to Take Over the World, Banking Colossus in the Making 
    What’s the next Federal Reserve? What’s the next Medicare? It’s an international central bank: the IMF reborn. The IMF is the International Monetary Fund. This article, reprinted from the Washington Post, provides the details. For further details, see also here.
    The creation process for this new Colossus has been going on now for eighteen years. The Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress has been considering
    studies and proposals since at least 1998. The catalyst was the 1997 Asian Crisis.
    The interest groups and powers that create these institutions often pull and haul for years on end before the process culminates. They debate in plain view. Once key persons sign on and negotiate a specific form and proposal, the process comes to a conclusion. A new power structure is born.
    The development of an institution with a central banking capacity to lend to sovereign states is at least as important as creating the Fed and Medicare were. It is a key building block in world government, and world government is extremely dangerous to freedom. The IMF is a bank funded by States and patronized by States. It gets its funds from contributing States.
    It makes subprime sovereign loans to the world’s States. It “rescues” States in trouble. It makes bailouts. The IMF’s initial charge, dating from 1945, was to stabilize fixed-exchange rates. When exchange rates mostly started to float in 1971 and after, the IMF changed course. It started to make loans to governments for other purposes. The U.S. is the prime mover and controller of the IMF’s bailouts, loans, and rescues. The world’s States cooperate, compete, and sometimes make war against each other.
    In the modern age, their cooperation through such institutions as the United Nations and the IMF is a form of political cartelization. It enhances each State’s control over its own people. It removes the peoples of the world from the loop of power and control over their governments.
    The IMF bails out profligate governments that are spending more than their taxes permit and that are running inflationary monetary policies. Just as bailouts and deposit guarantees of U.S. banks permit the banks to overextend loans, so does the IMF create moral hazard at the country level.
    The “deep troubles” and “currency crises” and “banking crises” that the IMF patches up are wounds that countries inflict upon themselves by State control of economies. The IMF reinforces State economic control. These crises are products of State control over economies and fiat currencies. They are products of central banks in conjunction with fractional-reserve banking systems.
    The IMF supplies bandages. It tapes up the wounds so as to keep the overall State-controlled economies and fiat money system going. When economic difficulties surface due to the State-controlled economies, they often show up in currency, banking, and balance of payments difficulties. Frequently, there is a flight of capital and asset prices decline. The IMF is an international reflation (inflation) institution. It can become the focal institution for arranging swap lines emanating from central banks or financial commitments emanating from State treasuries in order to shore up a country in trouble.
    The IMF is an institution of the States, by the States, and for the States. As such, it is basically anti-people and anti-liberty. At the latest G20 summit, the members moved forward to build up the IMF:
    “The world’s top economic powers and the International Monetary Fund are studying creation of a global financial safety net that would give countries quick access to large amounts of cash as a way to stave off crises and discourage emerging-market nations from hoarding foreign reserves.
    “In what would be a significant reordering of IMF operations, the proposals would change the agency from a solely reactive one – waiting for countries in trouble to ask for help – to a more activist organization that tries to anticipate where a crisis will spread and move in with enough money to calm markets and prevent broader problems.
    “The idea may require a substantial increase in the amount of money that countries pledge to the IMF and a significant liberalization of its lending rules, potentially controversial changes.”
    The fiat-money financial and banking system of the world, combined with the extensive control over economies of the world’s States, have run aground on a massive reef. The rescue efforts to move the ship off the reef have been going on for several years. Now government sovereign debt problems are coming to the fore.
    The G20 is seeking a patch to keep the system running. It has been patching it up for years with Basle requirements and other measures. Enhancements to the IMF have been in the works for years. Now they are much closer to realization.
    If the IMF and the States had their way, they would completely control exchange rates and interest rates. They would control capital markets. They would prevent investors from enforcing any kind of discipline on sovereign borrowing and government spending.
    Add this alarm bell to a long list of others. Add this grievance to a long list of others. What do they add up to? They add up to the necessity for very great political change. Large political change demands large changes in political ideas. What most people accept as a normal relation between the individual and government has to change if a dire totalitarian outcome is not to eventuate. Most people defer to government and accept government as their master. This has to change if civilization is to survive. There is simply no alternative but to go to minimalist government and/or self-government. Heart and soul, people have to repudiate the corporative fascist and socialist structures that now dominate their lives.
    The established government structures grind on inexorably in directions that have been immune to deflection. There is no option to resisting these developments in toto if one is to avoid degrading slavery. They cannot be fought on a case-by-case basis. The system has to be shattered.
    Michael S. Rozeff [
    send him mail] is a retired Professor of Finance living in East Amherst, New York. He is the author of the free e-book Essays on American Empire.


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When History Repeats… Nazi Germany vs America …

  • NufffRespect2 YouTube:
    On February 27, 1933, after Hitler came to power, the Nazis burned down the Berlin Reichstag (Parliament) building and blamed it on Communist terrorists to justify a “temporary” suspension of civil liberties to cope with the terrorist threat. This is how Hitler became an absolute dictator. The “temporary” suspension of freedom lasted until Germany was in ruins.
    The Reichstag fire was the key event in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship. On Feb. 28, 1933, the day after the fire, Hitler’s dictatorship began with the enactment of a decree “for the Protection of the People and the State,” which dispensed with all constitutional protection of political, personal, and property rights.
    The Reichstag fire was a disaster for Communists because they received the blame for starting it, but it was a dream come true for Hitler and his cohorts as it allowed them to turn Germany into a dictatorship and mobilize support for the invasion of neighbouring countries.
    Did the Bush administration try the same trick on September 11, 2001? If they didn’t, you have to admit that the similarities are uncanny.


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Nazification of America: USA Crushes Children’s Testicles In Front Of Muslim Parents To Gather ‘Any’ Information !

  • Yes, torture is now ok although it is against the Constitution. Assassinating anyone is ok, so long as the President declares him a terrorist. No habeas corpus, no need for due process, throw out the innocent until proven guilty law…. America is fallen. It is quite clear for those who study history that Homeland Security and the Patriot Act are about terrorizing Americans. They originate from Nazi Germany. It was what Hitler did. Adolph Hitler, writing about creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany:
    “An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation,” the leader of another country once wrote. “We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”
  • How did a virtually unknown corporal become Führer in the 1920s-1930s? Hitler and Mussolini were financed by Wall Street banksters. Obama, the virtual unknown, is also a tool of the Zionist Synagogue of Satan Wall Street banksters. These Illuminists are using the Weimar Republic… Nazi Germany script to destroy America. America will be transformed, much like Germany was, into a militaristic state to start World War 3. When America is no longer useful, she will be destroyed. Similarly, Zionist Israel is being used as an ally of America in the middle east, for fascist militaristic aggression against the Muslim world. Zionist Israel is being setup for another horrific fall/holocaust. A Satanic blood sacrifice, burnt offering to fallen angelic beings/demons. Please wake up! Please wake up!
  • Nazification of Germany vs. Nazification of America
    Phase 2
    An Atrocity to Subdue the People
    February 27, 1933
    The Reichstag Fire
    On the night the German Parliament Building–the Reichstag– burned down, Hitler was at Goebbels’s apartment having dinner. They rushed to the scene where they met Göring who was already screaming false charges and making threats against the Communists. At first glance, Hitler described the fire as a beacon from heaven. “You are now witnessing the beginning of a great epoch in German history. . .  This fire is the beginning,” Hitler told a news reporter at the scene.
    While not all historians agree on who actually perpetrated the Reichstag Fire, writers such as Klaus P. Fischer feel that most likely the Nazis were responsible. A dazed Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe was found at the scene and charged with arson. He was later found guilty and executed.
    On February 28, 1933–the day after the Reichstag fire–President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which permitted the suspension of civil liberties in time of national emergency. A Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State abrogated the following German constitutional protections:
    Free expression of opinion
    Freedom of the press
    Right of assembly and association
    Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications
    Protection against unlawful searches and seizures
    Individual property rights
    States’ right of self-government
    A supplemental decree created the SA (Storm Troops) and SS (Special Security) Federal police agencies.
    Phase 2
    An Atrocity to Subdue the People
    September 11, 2001
    The Terrorist Attacks
    When the Word Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, Bush was reading to grade school children in Florida. When informed of the attack by his associates , he continued reading. He then flew to a security bunker in Nebraska before finally returning to the White House. No military aircraft had been scrambled to intercept the four hijacked planes, though there was plenty of time to do so. The fact that there has been no genuine investigation into the 9/11 terrorist attack on American citizens creates the odor of a cover-up of gigantic proportions. Some news analysts point to the possibility that the Bush administration could have been complicit.
    Hundreds of suspects were immediately jailed, without benefit of habeas corpus or other rights. Some of these suspects have already been found guilty of the crime. The Bush junta forced the Patriot Act bill through Congress, suspending essential civil liberties. Excusing oppression as essential to the “war on terrorism,” and maintaining that dissent was treason. The Patriot Act abrogated the following American constitutional protections:
    Free expression of opinion
    Freedom of the press
    Right of assembly and association
    Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications
    Protection against unlawful searches and seizures
    Individual property rights
    States’ right of self-government
    Presidential decrees make it possible for military forces to be used to monitor and control the civilian population, in abrogation of the posse comitatus act. The Reichstag Fire Syndrome occurs whenever a democracy is destroyed by creating a law-and-order crisis and offering as a “solution” the abdication of civil liberties and state’s rights to a powerful but unaccountable central dictator. The men of wealth who put the tyrant into power are then able to reap obscene war profits.


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US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking!

  • I do not accept the official US and South Korean explanation that the warship Cheonan was sunk by a North Korean torpedo. It was a false flag incident to set a pretext to attack North Korea, to start World War 3 in Asia. The Illuminist cabal ruling America have consistently used faked/false attacks on their own and blamed it on their targeted enemies. The Gulf of Tonkin, Maine, 9/11… come to mind. They are  manipulating the sheeple via the Illuminist owned MSM to sell the coming war. Never trust the appointed official investigators. These are usually corrupt shills, intelligence operatives.. who will sell the official lie.
    US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking
    A new study by U.S. researchers raises questions about the investigation into the sinking of a South Korean navy ship. International investigators blamed a North Korean torpedo, raising tensions on the Korean peninsula.
    Researchers J.J. Suh and Seung-Hun Lee say the South Korean Joint Investigation Group made a weak case when it concluded that North Korea was responsible for sinking the Cheonan.
    Speaking in Tokyo Friday, the two said the investigation was riddled with inconsistencies and cast “profound doubt” on the integrity of the investigation.  “The only conclusion one can draw on the basis of the evidence is that there was no outside explosion,” Suh said. “The JIG completely failed to produce evidence that backs up its claims that there was an outside explosion.”
    Suh is an associate professor in international relations at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, where he runs the Korean studies program. International investigators said in May that an external explosion caused the South Korean ship to sink last March, killing 46 sailors. The report said a North Korean-made torpedo caused the explosion.
    Suh and Lee the cracked portion of the bottom of the ship does not show the signs of a large shock that are usually associated with outside explosions. They add that all the ship’s internal parts remained intact and few fragments were recovered outside the ship.
    “Almost all parts and fragments should’ve been recovered within about three to six meters within where the torpedo part was discovered,” Lee says, “The fact that only the propeller and the propulsion part was discovered doesn’t make any sense to me.”
    Lee is a professor of physics at the University of Virginia in the United States. Lee also points to a blue mark on a fragment of the torpedo to question the validity of the study. South Korean scientists say that part of the torpedo was marked “number one” in Korean, with a blue marker.
    Suh and Lee say the writing would not have survived the intense heat of an explosion.  “This can not be taken as evidence. Because any Korean, North and South, can write this mark,” Suh said. “Also, it does not make sense that this blue ink mark could survive so freshly when the paint all around was all burned at the explosion.”
    Both researchers say their findings do not prove that North Korea did not sink the Cheonan. But they say it is irresponsible for the South Korean government to reach its conclusions based on an inconclusive study.
    They are calling for a new international investigation to re-examine the Cheonan’s sinking. They also want the United Nations Security Council to pressure the South Korean government and request an “objective and scientific” report before the council deliberates on the incident.


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Gulf Toxicologist: Shrimpers Exposed To Corexit “Bleeding From The Rectum”!

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