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Niall Ferguson on America’s Death Spiral !

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U.S. Navy Evacuates Gulf of Mexico! 46 US Warships Plus 7,000 US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?

46 US Warships Plus 7,000 US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?

  • What is going on here? Is Costa Rica facing a humanitarian crisis? Has an earthquake hit them? Something like 46 warships and 7000 troops seem to be on route to Costa Rica. The official reason is they are going there to fight the drug war. Really? What about the drug war along the borders with Mexico that is raging daily? Nothing going on here people! Stop being a busy body, move along… the government don’t lie. They have your best interest at heart. Sure, sure, pigs can fly. Their only problem is landing… something to do with their fat distribution. Yeah right! Is war coming to Latin America? Are the Illuminists setting the chess pieces for World War 3?
    Under the guise of the “war on drugs” the U.S. Military is evacuating its ships and hardware from the Gulf of Mexico to safety off the sheltered coast of Costa Rica.
    The “war on drugs” cover story is laughable being that we can’t even get that level of engagement on our border with Mexico where all the drugs come through.
    The Navy is obviously worried about either poison from the methane/corexit 9500 mix or a massive methane explosion/tsunami. A tsunami fits with the
    NOAA blackout of the U.S. tsunami warning system. It also explains why BP is not actively cleaning up the oil on the beaches. Why clean them up if they are going to be gone.
    We are sending a war level force of 46 naval ships to stop drugs in Costa Rica which is roughly the size of Vermont with less coast line than Louisiana. Why has the mainstream media not mentioned this massive military buildup? Obviously it is not a buildup…it is an evacuation. If you are in the gulf coast region you should consider evacuating. Here is another
    article on the evacuation.
    46 US Warships Plus 7,000 US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?
    On the 2nd July 2010 the Costa Rica Congress authorized the entry of 46 U.S. warships capable of carrying 200 helicopters and warplanes, plus 7,000 U.S. Marines “who may circulate the country in uniform without any restrictions” , plus submarine killer ships to the Costa Rican coast for “anti-narcotics operations and humanitarian missions’ between 1st July 2010 until 31st December 2010.
    With this kind of nation destroying firepower, it gives real meaning to the expression “war on drugs”, but if this a real six month “war on drugs” we should expect to see some fantastic results, right?Politicians representing the Acción Ciudadana (PAC), the Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC) and the Frente Amplio (FA) political parties opposed the measure saying that the destructive force of the ships, helicopters and 7,000 US Marines is “disproportionate for the fight against drug trafficking.”
    On Sunday, the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla said that the government does not intend to militarize the fight against drugs and the Minister of Public Security Jose Maria Tijerino stressed that this huge, powerful military force would be under the command of the US Coast Guard and not the US Navy.
    Although I don’t suppose the Costa Ricans, the drug traffickers or we expats will notice the difference….. A few of the thoughts that raced through my mind?
    1. To my knowledge at the present time, Costa Rica is not suffering from any “humanitarian” crisis.
    2. The article did not make it clear what sort of “humanitarian missions” might take place.
    3. The article did not mention where any “humanitarian mission” might take place.
    4. Based on the truly horrific, drug crime related slaughters we have witnessed in Mexico, wouldn’t it be better conducting these kinds of heavy weapon “anti-narcotics operations” in northern Mexico?
    5. With what is probably the world’s worst environmental disaster going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico, surely it would be more appropriate to conduct “humanitarian missions” in the Gulf?
    6. Or, could these vital warships be fleeing from something far more dangerous that is about to happen in the Gulf of Mexico?
    7. The article did not make it clear whether these vessels would be patrolling off the Pacific or Atlantic coast but either way, is it possible they are on their way to Venezuela? Either as a show of force or something more serious?
    8. Does anyone know if any of these ships carry nuclear weapons?
    Another politician Francisco Chacón defended the arrival of the US forces saying that “they would give humanitarian support, build schools and fight against drug traffickers.”
    If these 7,000 US Marines, 200 helicopters, warplanes and submarine killers are coming to Costa Rica to “give humanitarian support, build schools and fight against drug traffickers,” perhaps we could ask them to repair the new highway to Caldera? With that kind of manpower they could have it finished in a week. But seriously, what do you think is going on? 


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Deadly Downpour At Columbus!

Kim Fundingsland/MDN -- A recent fish kill at Short Creek Dam north of Columbus appears to be quite extensive. Several species of fish began floating to the surface last Friday.

  • More evidence are coming in of toxic acid rain? Although, we cannot conclude absolutely the news below is related to the Gulf Oil disaster, it pays to be wary.
    COLUMBUS – Normally the Fourth of July weekend at Short Creek Dam is a joyous and festive occassion. It wasn’t this year. When local Columbus Sportsmen’s Club member Shannon Burau went to Short Creek last Friday morning to mow the campground in preparation for the big weekend, he discovered what he described as a sickening scene.
    “It just made me ill. The whole shoreline was pretty much solid with dead fish and it was stinking like a lagoon,” said Burau. “It was just a disaster, a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Short Creek Dam Recreation Area is located approximately seven miles north of Columbus. The reservoir covers 108 acres and entertains everything from fishermen to jet skiers. That wasn’t the case over the Fourth.
    “Nobody went swimming. Nobody,” said Burau. “We had 30 to 40 campers out here, and tents, and everybody stayed on shore. The water was the color of tea on Friday and now (Wednesday) is like black, black coffee and getting darker every day.”
    A heavy downpour hit the Columbus area late last week, causing rapid and extensive runoff into Short Creek. The reservoir rose quickly and topped the spillway. While it is believed the deluge triggered the fish kill, the precise cause has yet to be determined. The Water Quality Division of the State Health Department first learned of the problem late Wednesday and made arrangements to dispatch officials to the scene.
    Fred Ryckman, North Dakota Game & Fish Department fish biologist, visited Short Creek shortly after learning of the fish kill last Friday. Although unable to be reached for comment by The Minot Daily News on Wednesday, it was learned that Ryckman obtained water and fish samples from the reservoir.
    “It was disgusting to see, but nobody can do anything about it. It’s Mother Nature and the rain and too much water coming in too fast,” said Wiley Post, a charter member of the Columbus Sportsmen’s Club who was born and raised in the area. “The top water was too warm, 85 degrees. Too bad, too, the fishing was just picking up after about three years of being kind of slow.”
    An oily film could be seen floating on top of much of the reservoir Wednesday morning. Where the water had receded, shoreline vegetation was black in color. A sulfur-like smell was in the air. Water flowing over the spillway was dark brown in appearance and created a thick foam downstream, a situation not unusual when summer kills occur. Dying vegetation can quickly remove oxygen from water, particularly when still conditions persist during the overnight hours.
    Short Creek has its origin near shallow Beaver Lake south of Lignite, flowing through agricultural land and areas of oil development. When leaving Short Creek Reservoir, the water flows north across the Canadian border and then into the Souris River and, eventually, back into North Dakota. “We just don’t know what gets washed in here,” said Burau. “I don’t want to point the finger at anybody. There’s just no oxygen in the water.”
    According to Dennis Fewless of the Water Quality Division, tests will be conducted to determine the levels of nutrients, dissolved oxygen, dissolved solids and pesticides present in the water at Short Creek Dam. Some of the test results should be available in about one week. Other tests will take up to three weeks to complete.
    “Usually you get a rain and it’s wonderful. When you see perch swimming up onto the shore to get out of the water, you know something is wrong,” said Burau.


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AC Griffith: BP Oil Disaster Important Update 4 July 2010. Economic Collapse, Iran War …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Censored Gulf Evacuation News: Forced Evacuations Will Occur … They Are Going To Do A 4-5 State Evacuation With FEMA in Control !

  • Many whistleblowers are reporting that forced evacuations will occur. All the preparations are in placed. Even if they are incorrect, the fact of the matter is: deadly gases, neurotoxic Corexit dispersant, benzene, hydrogen sulphide, methane…acid rain are appearing all throughout the Gulf of Mexico region. They are at levels well exceeding safe levels. Gulf residents should take note and make preparations to evacuate at least 200 miles away from the shorelines.
  • Take a few weeks holidays. If everything blows over and I am proven to be an alarmist, you can go home safely. If what I am saying is proven true, you and your families are safe. I have no desire to be correct. I would much rather be totally wrong and everybody is safe and happy. You can write nasty remarks in the comments afterwards. I will be quite happy to accept insults for being wrong. Better to be wrong than see thousands die! Examiner reports:
    ….Emergency planners have called the transformed Gulf Region, “a deadly ‘toxic soup’ of oil,” and the air, with Corexit 9500 oil dispersants, “a dangerous mixture” of gases.” Most people find that US military and private army supported companies are using lethal chemicals to gas Americans too horrid to face. They cannot plan to leave. These are among reasons that Intel Hub Radio’s Shepard Ambellas interviewed Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact  and Dr. Mark Sircus of IMVA on July 7.
    Smith, a West Coast resident, established Project Gulf Impact due to U.S. government/media suppression of what is actually happening in the Gulf Coast area and to the people there since the explosion. He and his team of filmmakers and reporters are traveling the region, investigating and reporting through alternative media sources with a conviction that “the success in one’s life is not measured by status achieved, but by the impact on the lives of others.”
    Project Gulf Impact has been documenting economic, environmental, and human health impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion. It is providing a voice for the voiceless residents of the Gulf and capture the social, political, and environmental climate surrounding one of the greatest environmental disasters of our time.
    Smith explained that it is “really sad” to see people’s reaction to the crisis and compared it to the grief of death. People go through stages after a loved one dies, the first of which is denial. “These people are in denial.”
    According to Smith, government officials from various departments based along the Gulf Coast, all requiring anonymity due to suppression and subsequent persecution if they are named, have stated that forced evacuations will occur. This concurs with insider
    information Wayne Madsen provided related to the plans for all Gulf States to be evacuated, a matter withheld from the public in strictest national security secrecy mode.
    Smith said that numerous government workers, doctors, scientists and other agency workers from “all over the spectrum” have said that they hear that there will be forced evacuations. This is part of the Gulf military operation toward “Full Spectrum Dominance.” (See:
    Gassed in the Gulf: Toward Full Spectrum Dominance, Dupre, Examiner, June 15, 2010)
    “The problem these people are talking about is the the evacuation planned is not friendly. It is forced evacuation,” Smith stated. “They are going to do a 4-5 state evacuation with FEMA in control.” The UN buses in various locations along the Gulf Coast are worrying Smith according to his report.
    “Corexit is lethal. It is killing you if you’re living here. Its like being in a giant gas chamber. About 10% is landing on the oil and the rest is in the air.”
    Smith spoke about oil alone being toxic and causing serious illnesses and the The 2010 Hurricane Season forecast to be highly active and strong to the point New Orleans
    WWL urged residents to make evacuation plans 2 months ago, saying, “Get a game plan now.”
    “Water is up to 10 degrees hotter than usual, said Smith who believes Tropical Storm Bonnie could be what catapults chaos and misery of forced evacuations to a population unprepared mentally and physically.
    “There is acid rain, even as far up as North Carolina… There are pictures of yards burned, plants with holes in them, people with rashes, skin burning from being out in the rain. I was out for 1 minute in the rain and my hands were sticky.”
    Smith attributes the human and agricultural destruction to Corexit in rain. He reminded the listener about the lethal poison in rain seeping into the water table and drinking water. Asked about food crops poisoned the same way, he said, “This is a worry. People need to be thinking about that.” Dr. Mark Sircus (Ac., OMD), director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA), stated in the IntelHub Interview on July 7, “Nobody’s telling people what to do.”
    Noted for his intellectual honesty about vaccines and author of the books, Cry of the Heart and Terror of Paediatric Medicine, Sircus listed toxic chemical poisoning preventions Gulf Coast residents need to be using now such as baking soda, activated charcoal, clay tablets and magnesium, all easily available and easy to learn to use after poisoned.
    It takes months to eliminate poisons from the body, even after a person may feel better from the initial flu-like symptoms according to Sircus who emphasized: “After Chernobyl, the Russian government was airlifting poison remedies to the people. But not a word of airlifting to the Gulf Coast people.”
    “People are playing on the beach in Corexit. People are waiting for Big Brother to tell them to go. They will wait for the Commander in Chief to tell them to go. “
    Boyd Haley said one of the greatest tragedies in our civilization is failure to recognize low level toxicity. This is not low level! This is serious poisoning from the volcano. “People need to go into emergency type posture” from “chemical rape.”
    Sircus said, “Anyone who opens their eyes to see how huge this is can see this is watching the elites, oil companies and what they did to medicine, we are watching them in an apocalyptic scenario.”
    Smith explained that over the past few days, he and his team have noticed a rapid build-up of Amy, Coast Guard… “amount of the workers and the way they are being brought in, people in suits on the beaches on the 4th of July weekend; plots of private police – men in black controlling the beaches. Wackenhut has the contract. There are heaps of them.” “Heaps of people are being arrested,” according to Smith.
    “The whole situation from state to state is getting more bizarre every day. Nothing makes sense to the normal eye. Everyone is saying to get out now.” Asked if he thought forced evacuations would happened soon, Smith said, “Speaking for myself, yes.”


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Most of the Palestinians Are Jews! The Biological Descendents of The 12 Tribes Of Israel !

  • I have highlighted many times: many of the Palestinians are the biological descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel. Palestinians are Semitic in origin. Why are they being decimated, murdered, oppressed… genocide and ethnic cleansing? This is the same attack throughout history by Satan against the biological descendents of Jacob. The whole world has been turned upside down: black is white, good is evil, murder is celebrated as victory against terrorism, innocent victims are terrorists, evil genocide is promoted as self-defence. What a world we live in!


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Israeli Border Police Destroy Vegetable Fields in Al Baqa’a Valley!

Revelation 2:9 - .... and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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