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Revealed: How Israel Offered To Sell South Africa Nuclear Weapons!

The secret military agreement signed by Shimon Peres, now president of Israel, and P W Botha of South Africa. Photograph: Guardian

  • Should the world ignore the fact that Israel is the 4/5th largest nuclear weapon power? Should Israel continue to be allowed to escape the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty? Absolutely not! The Zionist controlled media make a big propaganda show to demonize Iran when Iran has complied with all requests of the NNPT. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, so why all the press coverage and attacks on Iran? The world should focus on Zionist Israel because they are a loose cannon. Do not forget the false flag Egyptian Lavon affair and the false flag USS Liberty attacks where many US marines were massacred in cold blood! Do not forget the Zionist involvement in 9/11 too! The Guardian UK reports:
    Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state’s possession of nuclear weapons.
    The “top secret” minutes of meetings between senior officials from the two countries in 1975 show that
    South Africa‘s defence minister, PW Botha, asked for the warheads and Shimon Peres, then Israel’s defence minister and now its president, responded by offering them “in three sizes”. The two men also signed a broad-ranging agreement governing military ties between the two countries that included a clause declaring that “the very existence of this agreement” was to remain secret.
    The documents, uncovered by an American academic, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, in research for a book on the close relationship between the two countries, provide evidence that Israel has nuclear weapons despite its policy of “ambiguity” in neither confirming nor denying their existence.
    The Israeli authorities tried to stop South Africa’s post-apartheid government declassifying the documents at Polakow-Suransky’s request and the revelations will be an embarrassment, particularly as this week’s nuclear non-proliferation talks in New York focus on the
    Middle East.
    They will also undermine Israel’s attempts to suggest that, if it has nuclear weapons, it is a “responsible” power that would not misuse them, whereas countries such as Iran cannot be trusted.
    South African documents show that the apartheid-era military wanted the missiles as a deterrent and for potential strikes against neighbouring states.
    The documents show both sides met on 31 March 1975. Polakow-Suransky writes in his book published in the US this week, The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s secret alliance with apartheid South Africa. At the talks Israeli officials “formally offered to sell South Africa some of the nuclear-capable Jericho missiles in its arsenal”.


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