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Newspaper Ad Calls for Israel to Bomb Iran! Israel Obstructs Entry Of Medicine, Medical Equipment To Gaza!

  • The Illuminists in Zionist Israel are itching for this war. The Synagogue of Satan is getting impatient about fulfilling the Satanic World War 3 Plan. This is total genocidal madness. It does not look good for the world.
    Newspaper ad calls for Israel to bomb Iran
    Patience in some Israeli quarters seems to be running out with what they see as the world community’s lame efforts to persuade Iran not to join the nuclear weapons community. An advertisement on Israel’s Haaretz website is calling on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to make good on his (alleged?) promise to bomb Iran in two weeks’ time. If he doesn’t, says Israel Uncensored News, “the entire Middle East will be up in arms. In nuclear arms.”
    A draft resolution circulating the UN Security Council today calls for expanding punitive measures against Iran, targeting its banking and other industries. The resolution, which was agreed by the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, also calls for the establishment of an international inspection regime for ships suspected of containing cargo bound for Iran’s nuclear or missile programmes.
    Israel Obstructs Entry Of Medicine, Medical Equipment To Gaza
    Despite Israeli guarantees to the International Community, the Israeli Authorities are still obstructing the entry of medicine and medical equipment to the besieged Gaza Strip. The last time medicine was allowed into Gaza was mid October 2009. Raed Fattouh, who heads a committee in charge of the entry of good into the Gaza Strip, stated that since mid October 2009 until this day, Israel has been obstructing the entry of all medical equipment and medications transferred from the West Bank to Gaza.
    Some of the urgently needed equipment are CT scan machines, incubators and their equipment, heart machines, dialysis machines and other urgently needed equipment. Fattouh held Israel responsible for the lives of the patients in the Gaza Strip as the siege has already led to the death of hundreds of patients, including children and infants.


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Grotesque Global Financial System: Greece. Economic Theft on an Unprecedented Scale!

  • The Illuminist banksters are raping the world. Greece is a prelude to what will happen to the world eventually. It is the Satanic One World Government, Global Fascist Police State, New World Order. It calls for the destruction of national sovereignty by all means: economic collapse, social collapse, wars….etc.
    Greece is a microcosm of a modern class war rarely reported as such.
    ….. At 11 per cent, Greece’s budget deficit is no higher than America’s. However, when the Papandreou government tried to borrow on the international capital market, it was effectively blocked by the US corporate ratings agencies, which “downgraded” Greek debt to “junk”. These same agencies gave triple-A ratings to billions of dollars in so-called sub-prime mortgage securities and so precipitated the economic collapse in 2008.
    What has happened in Greece is theft on an epic, though not unfamiliar, scale. In Britain, the “rescue” of banks such as Northern Rock and the Royal Bank of Scotland has cost billions of pounds. Thanks to Gordon Brown and his passion for the avaricious instincts of the City, these gifts of public money were unconditional, and the bankers have continued to pay each other the booty they call bonuses and to spirit it away to tax havens. Under Britain’s political monoculture, they can do as they wish. In the US, the situation is even more remarkable. As the investigative journalist David DeGraw has reported, the principal Wall Street banks that “destroyed the economy pay zero in taxes and get $33bn in refunds”.
    In Greece, as in America and Britain, the ordinary people have been told they must repay the debts of the rich and powerful who incurred them. Jobs, pensions and public services are to be slashed and burned, with privateers put in charge. For the EU and the IMF, the opportunity presents to “change the culture” and to dismantle the social welfare of Greece, just as the IMF and the World Bank have “structurally adjusted” (impoverished and controlled) countries across the developing world.
    Greece is hated for the same reason Yugoslavia had to be destroyed physically behind a pretence of protecting the people of Kosovo. Most Greeks are employed by the state, and the young and the trade unions comprise a popular alliance that has not been pacified; the colonels’ tanks on the campus of Athens University in 1967 remain a political spectre. Such resistance is anathema to Europe’s central bankers and regarded as an obstruction to German capital’s need to capture markets in the aftermath of Germany’s troubled reunification.
    Shock therapy
    In Britain, such has been the 30-year propaganda of an extreme economic theory known first as monetarism, then as neoliberalism, that the new Prime Minister can, like his predecessor, describe his demands that ordinary people pay the debts of crooks as “fiscally responsible”. The unmentionables are poverty and class.
    Almost a third of British children remain below the breadline. In working-class Kentish Town in London, male life expectancy is 70. Two miles away, in Hampstead, it is 80. When Russia was subjected to similar “shock therapy” in the 1990s, life expectancy nosedived. In the United States, a record 40 million cannot afford to feed themselves.
    In the developing world, a system of triage imposed by the World Bank and the IMF has long determined whether people live or die. Whenever tariffs and food and fuel subsidies are eliminated by IMF diktat, small farmers know they have been declared expendable. The World Resources Institute estimates that the toll reaches between 13 and 18 million child deaths every year. This, wrote the economist Lester C Thurow, is “neither metaphor nor simile of war, but war itself”.
    The same imperial forces have used horrific weapons against stricken countries where children are the majority, and approved torture as an instrument of foreign policy. It is a phenomenon of denial that none of these assaults on humanity, in which Britain is actively engaged, was allowed to intrude on the British election.
    The people on the streets of Athens do not suffer this malaise. They are clear who the enemy is and regard themselves as once again under foreign occupation. And once again, they are rising up, with courage. When David Cameron begins to cleave £6bn from public services in Britain, he will be bargaining that Greece will not happen in Britain. We should prove him wrong.


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Salbuchi: Controlled Collapse of Euro And Dollar to Lead to One World Currency And World Government!

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Myron Fagan’s 1960s Lecture Exposing The Illuminati, CFR And The Satanic One World Government Plan!

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  • This is a great lecture on the history of the Illuminati exposing the Satanic One World Government Plot and the Council on Foreign Relations. The Illuminati plans to destroy America and merge it into the New World Order. This is a factual, historical lecture with names, dates, organizations, mode of operations… exposing the Satanic octopus gripping the world. It goes back 200-300 years exposing the Rothschild involvement, Zionism, Luciferian ideology, destruction of national sovereignty, destruction of religions, Protocols of the Elders of Sion, Free Masons, Illuminist banksters, Illuminist MSM, Satanic 3 World Wars Plan ….Satanic bloodlines. A Must Listen! Transcript here!


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Pan-European Bank Run Is Now On: Capital Flight From UK To Switzerland, As GBPCHF Intervention Strikes Next!

How long can the SNB, BOE, ECB, FedRes .... hold the fort?

  • Warning! Warning! All hell about to break loose! The PTB are losing control of the barely alive financial system! The world is about to crash and burn. Financial market earthquakes are getting larger. Trillions of dollars are sloshing around in Europe looking for safety. I do not believe any central bank (BOE-Bank of England, SNB-Swiss Nation Bank, ECB …etc) can handle this. Tsunami heading our way! Take cover in precious metals: gold and silver! If you are not afraid, you don’t know what is going on!  ZeroHedge reports:
    Yesterday we disclosed that the reason for numerous SNB interventions in the EURCHF was due to billions in deposits rushing out of Germany and seeking the relative stability of Swiss neutrality. A quick look at the trading pattern of the GBPCHF shows that it is now UK depositors who are panicking and shifting their money to unnamed (not so much anymore) Zurich bank vaults. The result: a 300 pip move in the GBPCHF as the SNB rushes to put out this particular capital flight fire. Too bad it only succeeded for about 12 hours. The run on the bank (to another bank) in Europe is now on.


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