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Towards a United States of Europe! European Powerbrokers Present Proposal For New Economic And Political Order!

Euro Coins. Woman riding a beast!

  • The Illuminist money power is driving their plan forward frantically. This is much faster than I expect. National sovereignty is being destroyed in favour of a supra national European parliament. Their EU 2.o, the Revived Roman Empire, 10 Horn Beast is appearing right before our eyes. They use the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem–>Reaction–>Solution, to drive the sheeple to their New World Order. The crisis is pre-planned and engineered for their solution. Here are some facts to support this:
    Towards a United States of Europe
    Germany’s Merkel says we must address the root of the problem, that means consolidating budgets. Euro Germany’s Merkel says this package is necessary to guarantee future of Euro.
    Like the ERM crisis in the early 1990s spurred on political initiatives to bring about the long-planned monetary union in Europe, it seems that the sovereign debt crisis could be acting as a catalyst for an ever closer union of European countries.
    EU bids for power over national budgets
    Senior administrators of the European Union proposed on Wednesday that they be given unprecedented power to scrutinize the spending plans of countries before national parliaments vote on those budgets.
    The EU’s executive commission’s bid was a move to crack down on widespread government overspending and to begin to deal with the debt crisis that threatens the exchange value of the euro. The commission is the administrative arm of the European Parliament and is independent of national governments. It also proposed serious financial penalties for countries that break the rules — essentially forcing governments to pay a financial penalty ……
    Bankers, Economists: Mass Centralization At Heart Of Euro Bailout
    Huge Euro rescue is latest step on the road toward a monolithic globalist federal union
    The unprecedented €750bn EU bailout represents part of an ongoing program of mass centralization of governance in Europe according to the world’s leading bankers and economists.
    In other words, the sovereign nation state as viable economic entity is being jettisoned in favour of a vastly empowered European Central Bank and European Union. Of course, this has been the idea all along, we were presented with the problem, for the past 3 years we have witnessed a reaction of great destabilization and now we are being presented with the solution – more mass centralization in the name of stability. Americans should prepare for the same thing to happen to state independence as soon as the crisis really hits on their side of the pond.

    European Powerbrokers Present Proposal For New Economic And Political Order
    The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, has revealed a set of proposals to fully integrate the economies of the EU member states and centralize power under a federalized union.
    The new proposals centre on three main initiatives. Firstly the national budgets of member states would be opened up to supervision, scrutiny and pressure from all other EU nations operating under the central body. Secondly, there would be increased monitoring of macroeconomic imbalances and “competitiveness” between countries. …..
    Another Bilderberg kingpin, EU president Herman van Rompuy, reiterated Barroso’s statements, telling the media that “We can’t have a monetary union without some form of economic and – er – political union.”
    Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England echoed these sentiments yesterday, telling the media that he believes the European Union will not survive unless financial power is centralized and a federal fiscal union is formed.


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