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Chomsky Warns Of Risk Of Fascism In America!

  • I am not alone in warning about the rise of fascism in America. The PTB is deliberately driving the economy to the ground, much like Weimar Republic Germany and subsequently promote nationalism to lead the nation into World War! This is the ‘Nazification’ of America, the script is clearly pre WW2 Nazi Germany! Matthew Rothschild reports:
    Noam Chomsky, the leading leftwing intellectual, warned last week that fascism may be coming to the United States.
    “I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio,” he said, “and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering” here at home.
    Chomsky was speaking to more than 1,000 people at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, where he received the University of Wisconsin’s A.E. Havens Center’s award for lifetime contribution to critical scholarship. “The level of anger and fear is like nothing I can compare in my lifetime,” he said.
    He cited a statistic from a recent poll showing that half the unaffiliated voters say the average tea party member is closer to them than anyone else. “Ridiculing the tea party shenanigans is a serious error,” Chomsky said.
    Their attitudes “are understandable,” he said. “For over 30 years, real incomes have stagnated or declined. This is in large part the consequence of the decision in the 1970s to financialize the economy.”
    There is class resentment, he noted. “The bankers, who are primarily responsible for the crisis, are now reveling in record bonuses while official unemployment is around 10 percent and unemployment in the manufacturing sector is at Depression-era levels,” he said. And Obama is linked to the bankers, Chomsky explained.
    “The financial industry preferred Obama to McCain,” he said. “They expected to be rewarded and they were. Then Obama began to criticize greedy bankers and proposed measures to regulate them. And the punishment for this was very swift: They were going to shift their money to the Republicans. So Obama said bankers are “fine guys” and assured the business world: ‘I, like most of the American people, don’t begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free-market system.’
    People see that and are not happy about it.” He said “the colossal toll of the institutional crimes of state capitalism” is what is fueling “the indignation and rage of those cast aside.” “People want some answers,” Chomsky said. “They are hearing answers from only one place: Fox, talk radio, and Sarah Palin.”
    Chomsky invoked Germany during the Weimar Republic, and drew a parallel between it and the United States. “The Weimar Republic was the peak of Western civilization and was regarded as a model of democracy,” he said. And he stressed how quickly things deteriorated there.
    “In 1928 the Nazis had less than 2 percent of the vote,” he said. “Two years later, millions supported them. The public got tired of the incessant wrangling, and the service to the powerful, and the failure of those in power to deal with their grievances.”
    He said the German people were susceptible to appeals about “the greatness of the nation, and defending it against threats, and carrying out the will of eternal providence.” When farmers, the petit bourgeoisie, and Christian organizations joined forces with the Nazis, “the center very quickly collapsed,” Chomsky said. No analogy is perfect, he said, but the echoes of fascism are “reverberating” today, he said.
    “These are lessons to keep in mind.”


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  1. These are extraordinary comments coming from Chomsky. He actually links Obama, a radical leftist, to the bankers and suggests they caused the financial crisis that has wiped out the savings of millions of Americans and is now bankrupting the country.

    All he had to do was add in the fact that it was the Feds as a group that colluded with a few bankers and speculators and created the bubble and the crash. After all, it was Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve, and the House Banking Committee that all worked in tandem to have the government guarantee sub prime loans. That gave speculators and mortgage brokers a free pass to take advantage. Obama merely came in and threw away a few trillion that will make things worse.

    Chomsky even supports the Tea Party and states their anger is understandable! (Chomsky and Palin at tea–beautiful!) Hopefully, that voter anger can be satisfied in the ballot box and not by a fascist take-over as he predicts.

    Unfortunately, the advocates of massive government spending are so vehement, and their dependent constituency has gotten so large, it will be difficult to remove them from power. If that turns out to be the case, Chomsky’s allusion to a fascist rise to power could become reality. Of course, there are fascists and there are fascists. A benevolent and enlightened fascist might restore sanity and order to the country. It happened under the recurring Medici Princes in the Rennaissance, and though not attractive, could save the country from something worse–the total collapse we are headed for if deficits are not eliminated.

    Comment by bill greene | April 16, 2010

  2. Noam Chomsky:

    Controversial is putting it mildly speaking about Chomsky.
    His books and lectures have been nightmare for establishment
    His book on U.S Hegemony is a classic on imperialist tactics
    He also at You Tube has a lecture on class war.

    America and the west homes of democracy are in process of
    being fascist and this can be gaged by corporate rule,and law of Supreme Court.This is made clear in book The
    Theory of Social Revolution by Brooks Adams.

    America is fascist.The FED is mafia.The congress is one
    party system.Executive orders rule.House bills are not read
    but signed.Senate controlled by banking lobby as other
    lobbies control other branches of government.K Street rules.

    The FED was exposed to no avail.Michael Lewis book the Big
    Short gives the facts of the con job.The Iraq war is illegal,Afghanistan war is illegal,and is war of false
    pretense.Water boarding, and no logic, but cover up shows
    fascist character of government.

    The people are sheep.They have no memory.America as result
    of globalization,free trade,outsourcing,government
    encouragement of companies to leave U.S. with incentives
    has been going on with the tax brakes for many years prior
    to Bush.Service jobs replacing industrial base since 1960?

    The Fed and Defense Industry serve special interest in
    addition to corporations.They serve the states in jobs,etc.
    To blame the FED and Defense Industry,corporations,you must
    blame yourself, and your representatives.The blue collar
    workers knew jobs being lost to foreign sources long before
    it effected the middle class that thought it would not be subject to same rule.Hypocrisy is in order.Class war
    is what is destroying America,and failure to acknowledge
    that the classes are corrupt and can’t change philosophy.

    How can things remain the same and be different.Noam Chomsky
    has proven what intent of U.S. is in war,and class war,yet
    the reaction is hate and denial.Those who state the truth
    are rejected for the lie for profit.I am going to prove how deceitful the News Media and U.S. Government are.Israel
    is a racist nation with policies like Hitler.New Statesman
    Magazine June 25 1982 Menachem Begen speech Search Sharon the jews control America and the gentiles know it.Oct 3,2001.News media cover up.Governments lie.The New Jerusalem-Zionist Power in America by Michael
    Collins Piper American Free Press.

    No I do not accuse the Zionist and jews who support the outrage without the same accusations against gentiles
    who support the greatest lie in world history.America
    supports war crimes and commits them as Israel does.Is it the United States of Israel?What is U.S. position on Israel.
    High government official U.S. have Israel U.S duel citizen
    ship.Is this constitutional?What other nation does this?Tax
    payer pays for phony lies 3 billion a year plus. ++++++++
    War with Iran for what Israel and world Hegemony by U.S and
    allies at any cost including WW111.OIL,Opium,pipeline,etc.

    How stupid and uneducated the western people are through
    brainwashing and their own corruption.Tea Parties want to
    vote in same party with different name.They want all to
    THE FED AND DEFENSE INDUSTRY.They are fighting a losing game.This is the elite game of Hegel Dialectics.Ralph
    Nader knows all about the game.You Tube.The Case Against Free Trade by Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader,etc exposes
    globalization.Immigration and destruction serves the corporate fascist for NWO.The business sector wants no benefits for the people.No unions,no health care.They don’t want to be taxed,no regulations,illegal immigration is good.
    Investment international is good even if it destroy America.
    Why are there such low paying jobs and no jobs.Who hires
    illegals and issue work permits for foreigners.Who will not secure the borders?How stupid the sheep.Cheap Slave Labor is GOOD.Greed is god the beast.

    Tea Parties what do they represent chaos of illogical.
    Is there strategy and mandate.Is there the will to act.
    Have the illegal wars not been stop because of no draft.
    War is greatest profit,and is best means of changing reality
    also for financial crisis it is best solution with reduction in world population.21 Dec 2012 Iceland Volcano.
    Iran war.Clinton and other Neo Cons.Push for war with Iran.
    Benjiman Freedman speech WW 111 1961 You Tube.Congressman
    Mc Fadden Speech and indictment against FED.

    Withdrawal of U.S. forces from foreign nations and financial crisis with weather change 21 Dec 2012
    resulting in martial law and end of world as is known
    is it a fiction story.The elite have caves and forth generation technology,etc.WW 111 is probable outcome!
    The world economy will level out then crash???

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System
    3 Sept 09 search and 83 topic comments.also page 1-2 Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 17, 2010

  3. Prof. Chomsky is intellectually dishonest: it is well documented that Weimar Germany was totally occupied and corrupted by Zionists. There was no freedom of speech, no freedom of art. There was no need to “create” an enemy, it was present and robust. And today in equally occupied and corrupted America, Zionists, as they always do, put one group of people against another. They seduce Blacks with the promise of the “ultimate revenge” for the slavery, and they need illigals as another disruptive element in society. The planet would have been enjoying peace now, if not for Zionists, who apparently have no desires or volitions of second order (philosophers call such individuals Wantons). Prof. Chomsky, as a philosopher, among other things, knows this very well.

    Comment by Vovchik | May 1, 2010

  4. I like your post, since it is always easy to access them and me a lot of information. I’ve been impressed with what you do since I first heard of your site long ago. Keep it up!

    Comment by y3y3n.s | May 5, 2010

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