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Gerald Celente: Trends 2010-2012

  • Celente, of Trends Research, goes on the Jeff Rense show 10 Dec 2009 to discuss what America and the world will be facing.
    – Terrorism will strike again before the decade ends
    – Wars and more wars
    – Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize fraud
    – and many more trends and issues….


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Carbon Eugenics: Genocide in the Name of The Environment is Still Genocide!

  • What is Cap and Trade and Carbon credit/tax about? It is all a banksters scam to implement a world government via the backdoor and tax the sheeple to get them to pay for it. Third world countries will be oppressed and find it difficult to get on the bandwagon of wealth. Despite all the assurances of billions of dollars of aid, the money will mysteriously disappear into bankster pockets. Food prices will at least double. This alone will cause untold millions in the third world famine. For the developed west, the banksters are simply stealing the money of the sheeple. Transcript excerpts:
    The terrible injustice of our age has its roots in a most unlikely place: in the quaint villages and manicured gardens of the 19th century British gentry. Amongst that set lived one Francis Galton, a gentleman scientist who had investigated everything from meteorology to statistics. Shortly after his cousin, Charles Darwin, published his Origin of Species, Galton became fascinated with the idea that the “survival of the fittest” did not just take place between species, but within them. This idea became a pseudo-science, a study of the presumed racial characteristics of this group or that group with an aim to explaining why the various peoples of the world occupy the positions they do.
    In order to confirm their pre-conceived notions of their own self-worth, Galton and his friends started a new field of inquiry called
    eugenics. Unsurprisingly, it concluded that the rich and powerful were rich and powerful because they were genetically superior, and it offered a simple solution for improving the lot of humanity: make sure that the affluent upper classes breed as much as possible (preferably  within their own families, in order to preserve their superior stock), and make sure the lower classes breed as little as possible.
    This junk science, pandering as it did to the most rabid the most racist the most elitist interests of the moneyed class, became universally accepted in the Western world within a generation. Soon, country after country had  
    implemented laws to allow the government to sterilize those citizens it deemed to be “unfit.”
    The true horrors of this strain of thought came to light when the German eugenicists, based at the
    Rockefeller-funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute , gave the Nazi regime an ideological excuse to take the idea to its logical conclusion. Many of the Germans who went along with the holocaust did so because they genuinely believed the scientists who were telling them that the Jews and Gypsies, the communists and homosexuals were genetically inferior and needed to be eliminated from the gene pool.
    After World War II, when the full magnitude of the slaughter that had taken place in the name of eugenics began to become apparent, the eugenicist pseudoscientists scrambled to find a way to re-legitimize their racist and classist drivel. They wrote openly in the journals of their once-esteemed eugenics societies that they would now have to continue their studies and practices in a more covert fashion. Eugenics had to become
    This was accomplished in a number of ways. The British Eugenics Society, for one, merely changed its name to The Galton Institute. The American Eugenics Society morphed into the Population Council, a group set up by John D. Rockefeller III, where members continued to advocate the same policies for reducing the population of third world countries as they always had, only now they did so in the name of fighting “overpopulation” rather than fighting “bad genes.”
    Julian Huxley, brother of the famous writer, helped organize UNESCO in 1945. In the founding document of UNESCO entitled  
    UNESCO: its philosophy and its purpose, he argues that one of the key aims of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization would be the re-legitimization of eugenics so the idea would once again become thinkable. He also went on to co-found the World Wildlife Fund with Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
    Within a generation, science was once again ready to tell us why the only way to save humanity was to stop people from breeding: this time, the public was whipped into a furor not about Jews and Gypsies, but about carbon dioxide and environmental sustainability. The cover had changed, but the racist eugenicist text remained the same.
    In the logic of the eugenicists, the meaning of human life is itself transformed. Instead of something valuable, something precious, something to be desired and nurtured, fought for and celebrated, humanity is  
    re-imagined as a cancer, something inherently evil, the mere existence of which is a burden on the world. This, unsurprisingly, encapsulates the modern environmental movement’s position almost perfectly: human life is no longer something to be treasured, but something to be measured in carbon and then reduced.
    In the manmade global warming myth, humans are merely an obstacle to the proper functioning of nature. In the eugenicist fantasy, the earth is saved when people die. In both ideologies (if they really are separate) the ultimate genocide becomes thinkable.
    Now the “leaders of the world” are meeting in Copenhagen to decide on the future of your world, of my world, of the world of our children and grandchildren. They are proposing a
    reorganization of the world economy. Punishing austerity is being urged in all corners. Groups of population control eugenicists are now arguing for carbon offsets to be used to stop the developing world from having children. The choir of madness is growing by the day and everything seems set to reach an intolerable crescendo.
    And then, in the darkest hour, just as it seems the eugenicists are about to take over, along comes an insider—a hero—at the University of East Anglia to leak the
    emails and documents with which the entire manmade global warming myth is exposed and the carbon reduction agenda is deligitimized. It is not always popular to stand against great injustice, but it is always right.


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Kucinich – The Truth About Afghanistan!

  • Kucinich is right, all these wars are a racket. It is about oil, oil infrastructure, drug fields… wars for profits. America is ruled by a secret bankster cabal that controls all the major industrial corporations and the military industrial complex. It is all about the money!


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Jim Rogers Says Gold Not a Bubble, Silver a Better Buy !

  • Gold and silver have been taking a beating for the past week. Silver is particularly bashed up. It is below its 50MA. Will gold break through its 50MA at US$1104? I doubt it. The strength of the USD has meant that commodities have been taking a beating. How long will this USD strength last is anyone’s guess. I still see the FedRes and treasury bringing the USD much lower to solve their debt problems. Of course, they will always talk about a strong USD while undermining it. CNBC reports:
    Commodities are still a great place to invest, while some currencies also offer value and investors should stay away from US stocks and bonds, Jim Rogers, chairman of Jim Rogers Holding, told CNBC Thursday. Rogers has long been bullish on commodities, especially since central banks started to print money to combat the financial crisis.
    He is holding gold right now and despite the recent spike in the metal’s price, said he things the market is not experiencing a bubble. “I wouldn’t think of selling,” Rogers said. “If gold goes to $1,000 (per ounce) – or pick a number – I hope that I’m smart enough to buy more.”
    With central banks now buying gold and many people worried about paper money, gold will be a great investment over the next decade and relatively few people are invested in it, he said. At a speech in Prague Rogers surveyed about 300 people, including big money managers, and 76 percent had never owned gold, he said.


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Bob Chapman: A New World Currency Based Upon Carbon!

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